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Dr. Lardner's Plan of the Times and Places of writing the Four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. Supplement to The Credibility, &c. vol. i. page iv.

Gospels. St. Matthew's.

St. Mark's.

St. Luke's.

St. John's.

The Acts of the Apostles.


1 Thessalonians.

2 Thessalonians.


1 Corinthians.

1 Timothy. Titus.

2 Corinthians. Romans.

Ephesians. 2 Timothy. Philippians. Colossians.

A Table of St. Paul's Epistles in the Order of Time; with the Places where, and the Times when, they were written. From Lardner's Supplement to The Credibility, &c. vol. ii. page iv.



Judea, or near it.




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A. D. About 64


63 or 64

68 63 or 64

Epistles, &c.

The Epistle of St. James.
The two Epistles of St. Peter.
St. John's first Epistle.
His second and third Epistles.
The Epistle of St. Jude.
The Revelation of St. John.

A Table of the Seven Catholic Epistles, and the Revelation; with the Places where, and the Times when, they were written. From Lardner's Supplement to The Credibility, &c. vol. iii. page iv.

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A Scheme of the Times, Places, and Occasions of writing the Gospels. Subjoined to page 114 of Dr. Henry Owen's Observations on the Four Gospels. London. T. Payne. 1764.

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Dr. Townson's Opinion concerning the Evangelists. From his Discourses on the Four Gospels. 4to. Oxford. 1778.

THAT St. Matthew was the first writer of a Gospel; that he composed it early for the instruction of the Jewish people, and published it in Judea; and that he was not only anterior to St. Mark and St. Luke, but wrote several years before either of them. Pages 23. 101.

That St. Mark was the second Evangelist; that his Gospel was revised or even dictated by St. Peter; that it was compiled for a mixt society of Jewish and Gentile converts, and according to all appearances published at Rome or in Italy: and that it was published about the end of the year 56 or 60. Pages 23. 168.

That the next Evangelist, St. Luke, wrote with a more peculiar view to the converted Gentiles, and, as it seems likely, in Achaia.

Page 24.

That St. John had seen the three former Gospels, and bore testimony to the truth of them; and wrote his own, probably after the destruction of Jerusalem, in Asia Minor.

Page 24.


Mss. or Gb. m. express the readings of Griesbach's inner margin, supported by good manuscripts, and which in the judgement of that eminent critic are commonly preferable to the text.

The words which in the judgement of Griesbach should probably, though not certainly, be expunged, are included in brackets.

R. T. signifies the received text: viz. that of the Elzevir edition 1624.

N. t. the text of archbishop Newcome.

N. n. Newcome's notes.

N. m. the reading of the Primate's margin.

'W. Mr. Wakefield's translation.

S. Professor Symonds's Observations on the Expediency of revising the present Version.

Sn. Notes from a manuscript of the late Reverend John Simpson of Bath, author of the Essays on the Language of Scripture.

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