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HE Introduction.
A Collation of the Thirty nine Articles.

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An Esay on the Thirty nine Articles. Chap. I. F the several Sorts of Variations in the

163 Chap. ii. Of the Transcript from the Records produced by

Archbishop Laud in the Starchamber ; of the Register

of the Upper Hurse of the Convocation in 1862, publish'd : by Dr. Gibson in bus Synodus Anglicana ; of the

MS. Copy of that Register; and of Dr. Heylyn's MS.

Abstract of some Records of Convocation, 165 Chap. iii. The Proceedings of the Convocation with relas

tion to the Articles dawn to Jan. 29. 1562. 175 Chap. iv. An Account of the Latin Ms. in Bennet Colm

lege Library, which was Sign'd by the Bishops on Jan. 1.29. 1562,2

176 Chap. v. Of the Subscription of the Bishops. 182 Chap. vi. Of tbe Subfcriptions of the Inferior Clergy: 191 Chạp, vii. That the Ariicles passed by the Convocation, on were recorded in the Registry of the Archbishop of Can- terbury. sy39 Chap. viii. That the Bennet College Lacin MS of 1562 is no Record.

217 Chap.


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Chap. ix. That the Record of the Articles in the See of

Canterbury was not subscrib'd, nor had the broad Seal

affixed to it.

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Chap. x. Of the Queen's Approbation of the Articles. 219

Chap. xi. That the Articles were passed, recorded, and

ratified in 1562, in Latin only.

Chap. xii, Of the Differences between the Bennet College


* in

Obserów. Wolf's Edition, and of the Correčtions and

Chap. xiii. That Bod. 2. does probably express the Record

of the Articles in the Registry of the See of Canterbury.


Chap. xiv. The Differences between the Bennet College

Latin MS. and Wolf's Edition, particularly with
respect to the Controverted Clause of the Twentieth Ar-

ticle, and the whole Twenty ninth Article, accounted



Chap. xv. Of the Postscript of Wolf's Edition.


Chap. xvi. Of the first English Editions of the Articles.

Chap. xvii. Whether any Edition of the Articles was pub-

lish'd before March 25. 1563.


Chap. xviji. Some Påffages relating to the Articles in the

* Tear 1586.


Chap. xix. Proceedings of the Convocation in 1971. reb

lating to the Articles.


Chap. xx. Of that Copy of Wolf's Edition of the Artis

cles, which was subscribed by the lower House of Convo-

cation in 1571, and is now lodg’d in the Bodleyan

Library, and which I have called Bod. 1.

Chap. xxi. The Differences between the Latin and En

glish Editions printed before, and in, the Year 1571;

and the Agreement's or Disagreements of the Bennet

College English MS. of the same Year, with the respe-
{tive English Editions.


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Chap. xxxiv. An Objection from fome Passages of Arcb

bishop Laud, Mr. Chillingworth, Archbishop Bram

hall, and. Bishop Stillingfleet, answered. 424 Chap. xxxv. What Liberty the Church allows to the Subfcribers of the Articles.


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1. line 23. read 35. p. 164. 1. 24. read MS. A. p. 1734

1.4. blot out intire. . p. 209. 1. 22. read Chefton.,-26. read Cottrell. l. 34. read Fluyd. p. 210. 1. 22. read Mevrick. P: 214 , 1. 7. read of injured. p. 216.1. 9. read Bishop of Ely. p. 222. 1. 12. Tead Pointings, the manifest Miftake of et for est in Art. 2. Numb. 20. and. p. 288. 1. 21. read 4to. P. 307. 1. 34. read 64,66,67. p. 326. 1. 11. for write read Copy. p. 410. 1. 32. read Editor ; because.

The Errata of the Collation are printed at the

End of the Book.

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Shall prepare the way for my intended Elay, by exhibiting a Collation of all the ancient Copies of the Articles, both Printed and Ma

nufcript. Now there are two MS. Copies of the Articles, the one in Latin, the other in English, which were both given, with a vast Quantity of other MSS. to Corpus Cbristi (commonly call'd Bennet) College in Cambridge, by Archbishop Parker. The Latin Copy was figned Jan. 29. 1562. and the English Copy was signed May 11. 1571. Each of these Copies is denoted in the following Collation by the Letters MS. But the Distinction is apparent notwithstanding. For when the Reference belongs to the Latin Text, the Letters MS. betoken the Latin Copy ; but when the Reference belongs to the English Text, those Letters betoken the English one.

The Printed Copies are numerous. They are partly Latin, and partly English.

One Latin Copy is printed in O&avo by Reginald Wolf. It conțains 36 Pages (reckoning the Title, and the Blank on the back side of it, for two) but the Pages are not numbred. It bears Date 1563. In the Title Page there is a Fruit Tree describ'd in a sort of a Target, under which are two Boys; the one seems climbing, the other gathers the Fruit fallen to the Ground; and between the Limbs of the Tree there is a Label with Charitas in it. The Articles are printed in Roman, but the Titles in



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