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Dissolution of the combined Armies—Washington at Eltham-

Death of John Parke Custis—Washington at Mount Vernon-

Correspondence about the next Campaign-Lafayette sails for

France-Washington stimulates Congress to Military Prepara-

tions Project to surprise and carry off Prince William Henry

from New York—The Case of Captain Asgill

- 1351


Washington continues his Precautions—Sir Guy Carleton brings

pacific News Discontents of the Army-Extraordinary Letter

from Colonel Nicola—Indignant Reply of Washington-Joint

Letter of Sir Guy Carleton and Admiral Digby-Junction of the

allied Armies on the Hudson-Contemplated Reduction of the


- 1360


Discontents of the Army at Newburg—Memorial of the Officers

to Congress—Anonymous Papers circulated in the Camp—Meet-

ing of Officers called “Address of Washington-Resolutions in

consequence-Letters of Washington to the President-His

Opinion of the Anonymous Addresses and their Author - 1365


News of Peace-Letter of Washington in behalf of the Army-

Cessation of Hostilities proclaimed-Order of the Cincinnati
formed-Letter of Washington to the State Governors—Mutiny
in the Pennsylvania Line-Letter of Washington on the Subject
--Tour to the Northern Posts

- 1374

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Washington talked of for the Presidency–His Letters on the Sub-

ject expressing his Reluctance-His Election--His Progress to
the Seat of Government-- His Reception at New York—The In-

- 1431



Page The new Government — Domestic and Foreign Relations — Washington's anxious Position — Its difficulties - Without Cabinet or Constitutional Advisers John Jay – Hamilton - His efficient Support of the Constitution and Theoretic Doubts. James Madison — Knox — His Characteristics

- 1445


Washington's Privacy beset with Visits of Compliment — Queries

as to the proper Line of Conduct in his Presidential Intercourse – Opinions of Adams and Hamilton — Jefferson as to the Authors of the minor Forms and Ceremonies His whimsical Anecdote of the first Levee — Inaugural Ball

- 1449


Journey of Mrs. Washington to New York — Honours paid her

in her Progress — Receptions at the Seat of Govertiment — The President's Equipage

- 1454


Alarming Illness of the President - The Senate rejects one of his

Nominations - His sensitive Vindication of it - Death of his Mother — Her Character - The Executive Departments instituted — Selection of Officers for the Treasury and War Departments - Hamilton instructed to report a Financial Plan at the next Session of Congress — Arrangement of the Judiciary Department — Edmund Randolph — Adjournment of Congress

Its Character, by Fisher Ames

- 1458


The Department of State still without a Head – Sketch of Jeffer

son's Character and Opinions — Deeply immersed in French Politics at Paris — Gouverneur Morris abroad Contrast of his and Jefferson's Views on the French Crisis - News of the French Revolution in America - Popular Excitement — Washington's cautious Opinion on the Subject — Hamilton's apprehensive View – Jefferson offered a Place in the Cabinet as Secretary of State

- 1464

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