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Disputes about the word hypostasis

State of Arianism after Constantine

The faults on both sides

Constantine variable in his conduct towards the

contending parties

The creed of Arius

The death of Arius, and the various opinions

about it

Supposed to have been obtained by the prayers of

Alexander of Constantinople

Controversy concerning the Holy Ghost

The creed of the Semiarians

The Nicene creed as it stood originally

Institution of Christian holy days
An unreasonable canon relating to marriage
Constantine assisted by pretended angels
Said to have had a divine revelation to build Con-

Appoints chaplains for the army
State of literature in his reign
Builds many churches, palaces, &c.
His superstition
Is buried in a church
His clemency and character
Works miracles after his death
Character of the fourth century
Conversion of some Indian nations
Wonderful conversion of the Iberi
History of Theophilus, the Arian missionary to

the Homeritæ, and of his miracles
Spyridon and Agapetus, supposed to have been

workers of miracles
The story of the discovery of the cross
Du Pin, remarks on him and his Bibliotheque
Paulinus, a bad witness for miracles
Paphnutius, an instance of his prudence concern-

ing the married clergy
Council of Illiberis. Its canons about usury, vir-

ginity, and against the Jews
An account of the ecclesiastical historians, and of

Valesius their editor
Eusebius. His character, and notions concerning

the Arian controversy, the nature of the Son

and Holy Spirit, miracles, images, &c.
Some passages in his works corrected or explained
Second council of Nice establishes the worship of


Socrates the historian

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ing them

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Cruel decree of a council of Toledo
Jews confuted by pretended miracles
Constantine's decrees against them
Their rebellion under Constantius
Laws made in their favour by Valentinian I., &c.
Considerations on Julian's attempt to rebuild the

Tacitus, his account of fire issuing from the earth
A remarkable fountain in Poland
Subterraneous fires
The fires which have accompanied earthquakes
Earthquakes in Palæstine
Story of Herod, and of Barsanuph the monk
God usually manifested his presence by fire
Sufferings of the Jews, and lies invented concern-
Pretended miracles to expose the Jews
Ambrose defends the burning of a synagogue
A Jew wonderfully healed
Symeon Stylites defends the seizing upon


Remarks on his miracles
The confessors who spake when their tongues

were cut out
Lying miracles in the Chronicon Saxonicum
Agobard, his complaints against the Jews
Popes favourable to them
The council of Basil, its decrees concerning them
Improbable account of the Jews assembling in the

plain of Ageda
Conjectures concerning the calling of the Jews,

and remarks on the difficulties which attend the
conversion of that people, of the Mohamme-

dans, and of the Pagans
Limborch, his method of disputing with Orobius
Remarks on the Præparatio Evangelica of Euse-

bius, and on some authors who are cited in it
Antient oracles corrected and explained
Ezechiel Tragicus
Plato supposed to have borrowed some things from

Timon Phliasius

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