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A lottery, a lottery .... - 250

Arrayed in clouds of golden light - 279

A spirit there is, whose fragrant sigh - - 252

Can I again that look recall - 253

Cease, oh cease, to tempt .... 216

Come hither, come hither by night or by day - 254

Couldst thou look as dear as when - - 233

Dear aunt, in the olden time of love - - 255

Fanny was in the grove - 219

Farewell—farewell to thee, Araby's daughter 260

Fly to the desert, fly with me ... 256

From Chindara's warbling fount I come - 253

From life without freedom .... 220

Girl, dost thou know me - 262

Hark, the vesper hymn is stealing - - 281

Here is the bower she lov'd so much - - 221

Here is the lip that betray'd .... 264

Holy be the Pilgrim's sleep .... 222

Hush'd is the voice of Judab's mirth - - 280

I can no lenger stifle ..... 223

I know where the wing'd visions dwell - - 262

I saw the moon rise clear ... - 224

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Joys, that pass away like this ... 225

Light sounds the harp when the combat is o'er 226

Little Mary's eye ----- 227

Love, my Mary, dwells with thee - 230

Love, wand'ring through the golden maze - 232

Merrily ev'ry bosom boundeth ... 232

Mr. Orator Puff had two tones in his voice - 264

My heart is united to Chloe's for ever - - 243

Now let the warrior plume his steed - - 233

Oh, had I leisure to sigh and mourn - - 218

Oh, Lady fair, where art thou roaming - - 234

Oh, remember the time in La Mancha's shades 235

Oh, see those cherries, once so glowing - - 235

Oh, yes! so well, so tenderly ... 237 Oh, yes! when the bloom of young boyhood is over 238

One morn a Peri at the gate ... - 265

Pain and sorrow shall vanish before us - - 231

Poh, Dermot! go along with your goster - 239

Robert Rumble, a poet of lyric renown - 266

Says Sammy, the tailor, to me
Send the bowl round merrily
She has beauty, but still you must keep
Spirit of joy! thy altar lies

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Go where glory waits thee.

Mr—MiU of the Valley.

Go where glory waits thee;
But, while fame elates thee,

Oh! still remember me.
When the praise thou meetest
To thine ear is sweetest,

Oh! then remember me.
Other arms may press thee,
Dearer friends caress thee,
All the joys that bless thee

Sweeter far may be;
But when friends are nearest,
And when joys are dearest,

Oh! then remember me.

When, at eve, thou rovest,
By the star thou lovest,

Oh! then remember me.
Think, when home returning,
Bright we've seen it burning,

Oh! then remember me.


Oft, as summer closes,
When thine eye reposes
On its lingering roses,

Once so lov'd by thee,
Think of her who wove them;
Her who made thee love them;

Oh! then remember me.

When, around thee, dying,
Autumn leaves are lying,

Oh! then remember me:
And, at night, when gazing
On the gay hearth blazing,

Oh! still remember me.
Then should music stealing
All the soul of feeling,
To thy heart appealing,

Draw one tear from thee;
Then let mem'ry bring thee
Strains I us'd to sing thee;

Oh! then remember me.

War Song.

Air—Molly Macalpin.

Remember the glories of Brien the brave,1
Though the days of the hero are o'er;

Though, lost to Mononia, and cold in the grave,2
He returns to Kinkora no more!3

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