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Answer. And make thy chofen in, as upon this Day, fewed people joyful.

unto us, and to offer unto thee Priest. Give peace in our time, our sacrifice of praise for the O Lord;

same; humbly beleeching thee to Answer. Because there is none accept this our unfeigned, though other that fighteth for us, but only unworthy, oblation of ourselves; thou, O God.

vowing all holy obedience, in Priest. Be unto us, O Lord, a thought, word, and work, unto strong tower ;

thy divine Majestyy. and promisAniwer. From the face of our ing all loyal and dutiful allegienemies.

ance to thine anointed Servant Priest. O Lord, hear our prayer; now set over us, and to his

Answer. And let our cry come Heirs after him: whom into thee.

befeech thee to bless with all Instead of the first collect af happiness in this world, and to

increase of grace, honour, and Morning Prayer, hall thefe two which follow be used.

crown him with immortality

and glory in the world to come, ALMIGHTY God, who art for Jesus Christ his fake, our only O unto thy servants against the face of their enemies; We yield In the end of the Litany (which thee praise and thanksgiving for Jhall always this Day be used) the wonderful deliverance of after the Colle Et [We humbly there Kingdoms from THE beseech thee, &c.] Thall this GREAT Ř EBELLION, and all the Miseries and Oppressions

be said which next followeth: consequent thereupon, which they had to long groaned. A MIGHTY God, who haft

in all ages Thewed forth thy We acknowledge it thy goodness, power and mercy in the mira. that we were not utterly deli- culous and gracious deliverances vered over as a prey unto them; of thy Church, and in the probeseeching thee ftill to continue tection of righteous and religisuch thy mercies towards us, ous Kings and States, profefling that all the world may know, thy holy and eternal truth, that thou art our Saviour and from the malicious Conspiracies, mighty Deliverer, through Jesus and wicked Practices of all their Christ our Lord. Amen.

enemies; We yield unto thee O

LORD God of our salvation, our unfeigned thanks and praile,

who haft been exceedingly as for thy many other great gracious unto this land, and by and public mercíes, so especi. ihy miraculous providence didit ally for that signal and wonderful deliver us out of our miserable Deliverance, by thy wife and confufions, by restoring to us, good providence, as upon this and to his own juft andundoubted Day completed, and vouchsafed rights, our then most gracious to our then most gracious Sove. Sovereign Lord King CHARLES reign KingCHARLES the Second, the Second, notwithsanding all and all the Royal family, and the power and malice of his in them to this whole Church enemies; and by placing hiin on and State, and all Orders and the Throne of these Kingdoms, Degrees of men in both, from didit restore also unto us the the unnatural Rebellion, Ufurpapublic and free profession of tion, and Tyranny of ungodly iny true Religion and Worship, and cruel men, and from the fad together with our former peace confufions and ruin thereupon and prosperity,

to the great com- ensuing. from all these, o gra. fort and joy of our hearts: We cious and merciful Lord God, are here now before thee, with all not our merit, but thy mercy, due thankfulness to acknowledge not our foresight, but thy provi ibine unspeakable goodness here. dence, not our own arın, but

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thy right hand and thine arm, careft thou for any man: for thou did rescue and deliver us. And regardeft not the person of men. therefore not unto us, O Lord, Tell us therefore, What thinkeft not unto us, but unto thy Name thou? Is it lawful to give tribute be ascribed all honour, and glory, unto Cefar, or not? But Jefuş and praise, with most humble and perceived their wickedness, and hearty thanks, in all Churches said, Why tempt ye me, ye hy. of the Saints: Even so, bleffed pocrites ? Shew me the tribute be the Lord our God, who alone money. And they brought unto doeth wondrous things; and him a penny: And he saith unto blessed be the Name of his Ma- them, Whofe is this image and jefly for ever, through Jelus fuperscription? They say unto Christ our Lord and only Saviour. him, Cetar's. Then faith he unto Amen.

them, Render therefore unto

Cefar the things which are CeIn the Communion Service, imme- far's, and unto God the things

diately before the reading of the that are God's. When they had
Epiftle, shall these two Colects heard these words, they mar.
be used, instead of the Collect for velled, and left him, and went
the King, and the Colle&t of the their way.

O Almighty God, &c.

Inthe Offertory fhall this Sentence
O Lord God of our salvation, &c.

be read. as in the Morning Prayer.

me, Lord, Lord, shall enter The Epiftle. 1 Pet. ii. ll.

into the kingdom of heaven;

but he that doeth the will of D EARLY beloved, I beseech you as fi rangers and pil- Matt. vii. 21.

my Father which is in heaven. grims, abstain from Aethly loits, which war again, the soul: After the Prayer (For the whole having your conversation honeft

State of Christ's Church, &c.] among the Gentiles: that, where

this ColleEz following Jhall be as they speak againit you as evil

doers, they may by your good

, which they shall behinta: A venly Father, who, of thine
glorify God in the day of visita.
tion. Submit yourselves to every

infinite and unspeakable goodness ordinance of man for the Lord's towards us, didft in a moft exfake : whether it be to the King, traordinary and wonderful manas supreme or unto governors, ner disappoint and overthrow as unto them that are sent by the wicked designs of those trai. him for the punishment of evil terous, heady, and high-minded doess, and for the praise of them men, who, ánder the pretence that do well. For so is the will of Religion, and thy moti holy of God, that with well doing ye Name, had contrived, and well. may put to silence the ignorance nigh effected, the utter deftruc. of foolish men: as free, and not tion of this Church and Kingdom; using your liberty for a cloke of As we do this day moft heartily malicioutuess, but as the fer. and devoutly adore and magnify vants of God. Honour ail men, thy glorious Name for this thine Love the brotherhood. Fear God, in inite goodness already vouchHonour the King.

safed to us; fo do we noti hum.

bly beseech thee to continue thy The Gospel, Matt. xxii. 16.

grace and favour towards us, ND they fent out unto him that noluich diłmal calamity may rodians, saying, Master, we know and defeat all the secret counsels that thou art true, and teachest of deceitful and wicked mer the way of God in truth, neither against us: Abate their pride,

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afswage their malice, and con- helmet of salvation, and a strong found their devices. Strengthen tower of defence againft the face the hands of our gracious Sove- of all his enemies : Clothe them reign King GEORGE, and all with thame and confufion; but that are put in authority under upon himself and his posterity him, with judgement and juliice, let the Crown for ever flourish, to cut off all such workers of So we thy people, and the theep iniquity, as turn Religion into of thy pasture, will give thee Rebellion, and Faith into Faction; thanks for ever, and will always that they may never again pre- be thewing forth thy praise, vail against us, nor triumpli in from generation to generation, the ruin of the Monarchy and through Jesus Chritt our only thy Church among us.

Protect Saviour and Redeemer; to whom, and defend our Sovereign Lord with thee, O Father, and the the King, with the whole Royal Holy Ghost, be glory in the Family, from all Treasons and

Church throughout all ages, Conspiracies. Be into him an world without end. Amen,

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I máy

A Form of Prayer with Thanksgiving to Almighty God, to be used
in al! Churches and Chapels within this Realm, every Year, upon
the Twenty-fifth Day of 0 Etober ; being the Day on which his

Majetiy began his happy Reign.
The Service shall be the same with the usual Ofice for Holy-Days in

all things ; except where it is in this Office otherwise appointea,
If this Day shall happen to be Sunday, this while Office thall be used,

as it folioweth, entirely. Morning Prayer Thall begin with Let him dwell before thee for thelé Sentences.

ever : 0 prepare thy loving mercy plications, prayers, intercef- prefer ve him. Pfalm. Ixi. 7. fions, and giving of thanks, be In his time let the righteous made for all men; for Kings, fionrih : and let peace be in all and for all that are in authority; our borders. Psalm 1xxii. 7. & that we may lead a quiet and cxlvii. 14. peaceable life in all godlines As for his enemies, clothe them and honesty : for this is good with jhame : but upon himself let and acceptable unto God our Sa. his crown flourish. Psalm cxxxii. viour. 1 Tim. ii. 1, 2, 3.

19. If we say that we have no fin, Bleffed be the Lord God, even we deceive ourselves, and the the God of Israel : which only *truth is not in us: But if we doetb wondrous things. Pjalin confess our fins, He is faithful Ixxii 18. and juli to forgive 11s our fins, Ant bleed be the Name his

the righteousness. 1 John i. 8, 9. eurih Hall be filled with his Injiead of Venite exultemus, the Mujelty. Amen, Amen. ver. 13.

Hymn following jhallbe said or Glory be to the Father, &c. fung; one verje by the Priest,and As it was in the beginning, &c. another by the Cierk and People. Proper Psalms. xx, xxi, ci. LORD :

Proper Lesions O excellent is thy Name in aly The end of the world! Psalm viii, 1.

the ninth verse. Te Deum. Lord, what is man, that thou The second. Rom. xiii. kajt foch respect unto him : or the

Jubilate Deo. Con of man, that thou fo regardejt The Suffrages next after the Creed kim! Psalm cxliv, S.

Jhallfland í hus: The merciful and gracious Priest. o Lord, thew thy mercy Lord liath so done his marvel- upon us; lous works : that they ought to Answer. And grant us thy sal. be had in remembrance. Psalm vation. cxi. 4.

Priest. O Lord, save the King;
o that men would therefore Antwer. Who putteth his trukt
praise the Lord for his goodnejs : in thee,
and declare the wonders chat he Priest. Send him help from thy
doeth for the children of men ! boly place;
Plaim cvii. 21.

Answer. And evermore mightily
Behold, O God our defender : defend him.
and look upon the face of thine Priest. Let his enemies have
Anointed. Pfalm lxxxiv. 9. no advantage against him,

o hold thou up his goings in thy Answer. Let not the wicked
taths : that his fooisteps pip not. approach to hurt him.
Pfalm xvii. 5.

Priest. Endle thy minifters Grant the King a long life : with righteousness; and make him glad with the joy Antwer. And make thy chofer of thy countenance, Psalm lxi. people joyful. 6. & xxi. 6.

Priel. O Lord, save thy people;

Answer. And bless thine inhe- ceive our humble prayers, with ritance.

our hearty thank givings for our Priest. Give peace in our time, Sovereign Lord GEORGE, as on O Lord;

this Day, fet over us by thy grace Answer. Because there is none and providence to be our King; other that fighteth for us, but only and so together with him bleis thou, O God.

our gracious Queen Charlotte, ! Priest. Be unto us, O Lord, a their koyal Highnefles George strong tower;

Prince of Wales, the Princess Antwer. From the face of our of Wales, and all the Royal enemies.

Family; that they all ever trull. Priefl. O Lord, hear our prayer; ing in thy goodness, protected

Answer. And let our cry come by thy power, and crowned unto thee.

with thy gracious and endless Inftead of the first Colleet at favour, may continue before thee Morning Prayer, Jhall be used in health, peace, joy, and honour, this following Colleet of Thanks- and may live long and happy giving for his Majesty's Acceffion lives upon earth, and after death to the Throne.

obtain everlasting life and glory A

over all the kingdoms of the merits and mediation of the world, and disposeit of them Christ Jesus our Saviour, who, according to thay good pleasure; with the Father and the Holy We yield thee unteigred thanks Spirit, liveth and reigneth ever for that thou wast pleased, as on one God, world without end. this Day, to place thy servant,our Amen. Sovereign Lord King, GEORGE Then shall follow this Collect fer upon the Throne of this Realm. Let thy wisdom be his guide,

God's protection of the King and let thine arın strengthen him;

against all his Enemies. let justice, truth, and holinels. Mos Te gracious, God, who peace, and ,

haft virtues, that adorn the Christian our King upon the throne of his profeffion, flourish in his days: Ancestors, we mo! humbly be Direct all his counsels and en- leech thee to protect him on the deavours to thy glory, and the fame from all the dangers, 10 welfare of his people; and give which he may be exposed; Hid us grace to obey bini cheerfully bim from the gathering toand willingly for confcience fake; gether of the froward, and from that neither our finful paffions, the insurrection of wicked doers nor our private interests, may Do thou weaken the hands, blai disappoint his cares for the pub- the designs, and defeat the enter lic good: let him always poffefs prizes of all his enemies; that n the hearts of his people, that secret conspiracies, nor open vie they may never be wanting in lences, may difquiet his reign honour to his perfon, and dutiful but that being safely kept unde fubmission to his autixority: let the thadow of thy wings; an his reign be long and prosperous, supported by thy power, he ma and crown him with immortality triumph over all oppofition; tha in the life to come, through Jesus fo the world may acknowledge Christ our Lord. Amen.

thee to be his defender and In the end of the Liiany (which and adversities, through Jefu

mighty deliverer in all difficulties "shall atways be used upon this Chrifi our Lord. Amen. Day) after the Collect (We humbly beseech thee, O Paiher, Then the Prayer for the Higi &c.], shall the following Prayer,

Court of Parliament, if fitting for the King and Royal Family, In the Communion Service, imme be used.

diately before the reading of the LORD our God, who up- Epistle, infead of the collel,

holdest and governest all for the King, and that of things in heaven and earth re. Day, Thall be used this Pruyo

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