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What Paul's gospel is.

Romans. The sins of the Gentiles. from faith to faith ; as it is four-footed beasts, and creepwritten, The just shall live by ing things. faith.

24 Wherefore, God also 18 For the wrath of God is gave them up to uncleanness, revealed from heaven against through the lusts of their own all ungodliness and unrigh- hearts, to dishonour their own teousness of men, who hold the bodies between themselves; truth in unrighteousness ;d 25 Who changed the truth

19 Because that which may of God into a lie,g and worbe known of God is manifest shipped and served the creain them; for God hath shewed ture more than the Creator, it unto them.

who is blessed for ever. Amen. 20 For the invisible things e 26 For this cause God gave of him from the creation of them up unto vile affections the world are clearly seen, be- for even their women did ing understood by the things change the natural use into that are made, even his eter- that, which is against nature: nal power and Godhead; so 27 And likewise also the that they are without exeuse ; men, leaving the natural use

21 Because that, when they of the women, burned in their knew God, they glorified him lust one toward another; men not as God, neither were thank- with men, working that which ful; but became vain in their is unseemly, and receiving in imaginations, and their foolish themselves that recompence of heart was darkened.

their error, which was meet. 22 Professing themselves to 28 And even as they did not be wise, they became fools ; like to retain God in their

23 And changed the glory knowledge, God gave them of the incorruptible God into over to a reprobate mind, to do an image made like to corrup: those things which are not contible man, f and to birds, and venient :

29 Being filled with all d Who hold the truth in unrighteous- unrighteousness, fornication, ness, who acknowledge the truth, but wickedness, covetousness, madisobey it. e The invisible things of God, even

liciousness; full of envy, murhis eternal power and Godhead, are der, debate, deceit, malignity; and ever have been clearly seen even whisperers, from the foundation of the world, 30 Backbiters, haters of God, being understood by the things that despiteful, proud, boasters, inare made, the heavens, the earth, and

ventors of evil things, disobeall they contain of An image made like to corruptible

dient to parents ; man, &c. i.e. e. they represented God

31 Without understanding, by images or idols, which they made & The truth of God into a lie; the in likeness to all kinds of animals. true idea of God into an idol.

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Who are justified.

Chap. ii. Of keeping the law. covenant-breakers,without na- 7 To them who, by patient tural affection, implacable, un continuance in weil-doing, , merciful :

seek for glory, and honour, 32 Who, knowing the judg. and immortality, eternal life za ment of God, that they which 8 But unto them that are commit such things are worthy contentious, and do not obey of death, not only do the same, the truth, but obey unrigh, but have pleasure in them that teousness,b indignation and do them.

wrath, CHAP. II.

9 Tribulation and anguish, They that condemn sin in upon every soul of man that

others, and yet sin, are in- doeth evil; of the Jew first, excusable, whether Jews or and also of the Gentile : Gentiles.

10 But glory, honour, and THEREFORE thou art in peace, to every man that workexcusable, O man, whosoever eth good; to the Jew first, thou art that judgest ; for and also to the Gentile: wherein thou judgest another, 11 For there is no respect thou condemnest thyself; for of persons with God. thou that judgest, doest the 12 For as many as have same things.

sinned without law, shall also 2 But we are sure that the perish without law; and as judgment of God is according many as have sinned in the to truth against them which law, shall be judged by the commit such things.

law; 3 And thinkest thou this, 0 13 (For not the hearers of man, that judgest them which the law are just before God, do such things, and doest the but the doers of the law shall same, that thou shalt escape be justified : the judgment of God?

14 For when the Gentiles, 4 Or despisest thou the which have not the law, do by riches of his goodness, and nature the things contained in forbearance, and long-suffer- the law, these, having not the ing; not knowing that the law, are a law unto themgoodness of God leadeth thee selves : to repentance ?

15 Which shew the work 5 But, after thy hardness of the law written in their and impenitent heart, trea- hearts, their conscience also surest up unto thyself wrath bearing witness, and their against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous eternal life on them, who by patient How circumcision Romans.

a Eternal life, i. e. he will bestow judgment of God;

continuance, &c. 6. Who will render to every b But obey unrighteousness, he will man aocording to his deeds; render indignation and wrath, &c.

profiteth. thoughts the mean while ac- 25 For circumcisione verily cusing, or else excusing, one profiteth if thou keep the law; another ;)

but if thou be a breaker of 16 In the day when God the law thy circumcision is shall judge the secrets of men made uncircumcision. by Jesus Christ, according to 26 Therefore, if the uneirmy Gospel.

cumcision keep the righteous17 Behold, thou art called ness of the law, shall not his a Jew, and restest in the law, uncircumcision be counted for and makest thy boast of God, circumcision ?

18 And knowest his will, 27 And shall not uncircumand approvest the things that cision which is by nature, if it are more excellent, being in- fulfil the law, judge thee, who structed out of the law; by the letter and circumcisionf

19 And art confident that dost transgress the law? thou thyself art a guide of the 28 For he is not a Jew blind, a light of them, which which is one outwardly; neiare in darkness,

ther is that circumcision which 20 An instructor of the is outward in the flesh: foolish, a teacher of babes, 29 But he is a Jew which which hast the form of know- is one inwardly; and circumledge, and of the truth in the cision is that of the heart, in law.

the spirit, and not in the letter; 21 Thou, therefore, which whose praise is not of men, but teachest another, teachest thou of God. not thyself? thou that preach

CHAP. III. est a man should not steal,

1 The Jews' prerogative. 20 dost thou steal ? 22 Thou that sayest a man

None justified by the law, should not commit adultery,

but all by faith. dost thou commit adultery ?

WHAT advantage then thou that abhorrest idols, dost

hath the Jew? or what profit thou commit sacrilege Pc

is there of circumcision ? 23 Thou that makest thy boast of the law, through the ceremonial law, considered of so

e Circumcision, was an ordinance of breaking the law dishonourest great importance, that the Jews imthou God

agined it alone entitled them to the 24 For the name of God is favour of God; but in the last verses blasphemed among the Gen- of this chapter Paul assures them, tiles through you, as it is writ

that neither being a Jew outwardly, ten.d

nor any external ceremony would

avail any thing in securing their c Sacrilege, robbery of temples.

salvation. d As it is written, Isa. lii. 5. Ezek. of By the letter and circumcision, by

external circumcision.

XXXVI, 20.


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The Jews' prerogative, &c. Chap iii. Of justification, &c.

2 Much every way; chiefly, none that doeth good, no, not because that unto them were committed the oracles of God. 13 Their throat is an open

3 For what if some did not sepulchre; with their tongues believe ? shall their unbelief they have used deceit; the make the faith of God without poison of asps is under their effect ?

lips : 4 God forbid; yea, let God 14 Whose mouth is full of be true, but every man a liar; cursing and bitterness : as it is written, That thou 15 Their feet are swift to mightest be justified in thy shed blood : sayings, and mightest over- 16 Destruction and misery come when thou art judged. are in their

ways: 5 But if our unrighteous

17 And the way


peace ness commend the righteous- have they not known: ness of God, what shall we 18 There is no fear of God say? Is God unrighteous who before their eyes. taketh vengeance? (I speak 19 Now we know, that what as a man,)

things soever the law saith, it 6 God forbid; for then how saith to them who are under shall God judge the world ? the law; that every

mouth For if the truth of God may be stopped, and all the hath more abounded through world may become guilty bemy lie unto his glory, why yet fore God. am I also judged as a sinner ? 20 Therefore by the deeds

8 And not rather, (as we be of the law there shall no flesh slanderously reported, and as be justified in his sight; for by some affirm that we say,) the law is the knowledge of Let us do evil, that good may sin. come? whose damnation is 21 But now the righteousjust.

ness of God without the law is 9 What then i are we bet- manifested, being witnessed by ter than they? No, in no wise; the law and the prophets ; for we have before proved 22 Even the righteousness both Jews and Gentiles, that of God, which is by faith of they are all under sin ; Jesus Christ unto all and

upon 10 As it is written, There all them that believe : is none righteous, no, not one; 23 For all have sinned and

11 There is none that un- come short of the glory of derstandeth, there is none that God; seeketh after God.

24 Being justified freely by 12 They are all gone out of his grace, through the redempthe way,

they are together be- tion that is in Clirist Jesus: come unprofitable; there is 25 Whom God hath set

Justification not by the law, Romans. but by faith only. forth to be a propitiation a 30 Seeing it is one God through faith in his blood,b to which shall justify the circumdeclare his righteousness for cision by faith, and uncircumthe remission of sins that are cision through faith.e past, through the forbearance 31 Do we then make void of God;

the law through faith? God for26 To declare, I say, at this bid; yea, we establish the law. time his righteousness; that he might be just, and the justifier

CHAP. IV. of him which believeth in 1 Abraham's faith was imputed Jesus.

to him for righteousness : 27 Where is boasting then? 24 And so shall ours be. It is excluded. By what law ?

WHAT shall we then say of works ? Nay; but by the that Abraham our father as law of faith.

pertaining to the flesh, hath 28 Therefore we conclude, found ? that a man is justified by faithc

2 For if Abraham were juswithout the deeds of the law.d tified by works, he hath where

29 Is he the God of the Jews of to glory, but not before God. only? is he not also of the 3 For what saith the scripGentiles? Yes, of the Gentiles ture ? Abraham believed God, also:

and it was counted unto him

for righteousness. a By a propitiation is meant, that 4 Now to him that worketh by the appointment of God Christ is the reward not reckoned of died as a sacrifice for sin, & that God


but of debt. pardoned sin through the merits of

5 But to him that worketh that sacrifice.

6 Through faith in bis blood as shed not, but believeth on him that for the remission of sins.

justifieth the ungodly, his faith Justified by faith ; that faith by is counted for righteousness. which men are justified, consists in 6 Even as David also dea sincere disposition to believe every scribeth the blessedness of the thing made known by God and by Christ, and to do every thing, which e In verse 30 circumcision means the they have enjoined.

Jews, and uncircumcision, the Gend Without the deeds of the law; this tiles. The apostle in this verse does not mean, that we are under shows, that seeing there is one God no obligation to obey the law; the of the Jews and Gentiles, he will fiscriptures every where enjoin obe- nally treat both by the same rule ; dience as necessary to salvation; but he will justify the Jews by faith in the phrase means, that, since the obe- the scriptures, which he has given dience of the law is

less than pere them, and the Ge tiles, by the law fect obedience, which no man can per. of faith ; which consists in a sincere form, he may through the grace of disposition to know and do the will God be justified without it, by a sin- of God so far, as it is taught by the cere obedience accompanying faith. light of nature.

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