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And though thou in her bounty stand,
And thy own pride to burst,
And alter so, though thou dost know
The strength in her doth stand,
Thy labours now for to go through,
And could'st thou so command,
Thy pride to shew it should not go
As she had plac'd it there? :
For thou to say another way,
Thy honour can't appear,
Because the first by thee was plac'd,
Thou sayest by thy command;
And though the love in her doth burst,
Thou would'st not let her stand,
Though she oboy'd in what thou say'st,
And wish'd it to appear
Unto the world as it was laid,
To prove her honour clear,
And thou by pride thrown all aside,
Ingratitude must come:
And from the ponderings of thy heart,
I now will answer man;
Ungrateful love thine now must prove,
And thou thyself should'st hate,
If thou by pride throwd her's aside,
That shewd her love so great;
What monster here must thou appear,
Her boundless love to scorn ;
Because in pride thou would'st appear
To shew the power thy own,
When thou hast none, to me 'tis known,
For friends do thee support:
And would'st thou swell thy pride so high
Thy faithful friends to hurt?
Thou answerest no, the truth is so, ,
For thou would'st sooner die,
That empty way thy pride to shew,
Thy faithful friend deny
Her justice here to shew it clear,
That she did ME obey;
And in the front far to appear,
Thy honour stands that way.
If you could see the mystery,
How every thing is plac'd :
Because that she did theę obey,
So empty pride must burst,
I say, in thee for to deny,
And this thou dost discern,
No honour in thee could there be,
But pride and empty scorn:
This thou see'st plain, I'll answer men,
That just the same, they mock my Name,
By pride and empty scorn :
But I'll no further answer here,
The Blind-Man next must come.




Now from thy Parable I'll answer here:
If men don't come thy every Truth to clear,
Then such Impostors they must surely be
As in the Blind-Man mentioned there by thee,
And much more strong shall the words appear
Than in the Parable is mention'd there;
For now unto the Blind-Man I will come:
He form'd his judgment and he formd his plan .
As in the dark to him all things appear,
And in the dark he'll find his judgment there.
To his own judgment, as he cannot see
Whether it is right or wrong, as formd by he;
Because the man is mentioned to be blind,
And so he gropeth and may another find
Just like himself and equally blind to be;
Perhaps in judgment these two might agree
In all one judgment as the first did form,
For of the colour neither could discern;
So black for white may unto both appear.
But now comes on the thing I mean to clear:
Suppose a man encompass'd with these two,
Whose eyes were open plain before his view
Should tell them they draw'd theirjudgment wrong,
For by his sight he could the thing discern,
And tell them plain they draw'd their judgment wrong;
Suppose the Blind-Man then should boldly swear,
If you condemn our judgment, now we'll tear
You all in pieces : impotence must be
To say its wrong the judgment drawn by we;
So now together, though we're blind we're strong,
And out your eyes, like ours, shall surely come;
For why should Heaven give to you more light
Than we have got? No, now we will fight,
I say, together, till we have made you blind;
No greater favour you from God shall find
Than we have got; for if you do see
We are resolved to make you blind as we,
Unless unto us now you firm will swear
You'll join with us, and prove our judgment clear,
That we did surely draw ourjudgment right;
We boldly now tell you that we will fight,
Unless you'll swear that you are blind as we,
And with your eyes the thing the same do see.
This you shall do, if you your eyes will save
Perjure your soul before we'll let you live,
Because that in our power now you are come,
And though we're blind, yet know we two are strong;

And now we have got you we'll not let you go Unless you'll swear that our blind eyes are true. This you shall do, or else we'll make you blind, And pullout both your eyes, you soon shall find. Now, in this manner, I'll suppose a man Who is in power, and in power strong, To work the miracles that were wrought by ME: I tell you friends, if you will but agree To let me put some eye-salve to you here, And then you both with me, shall now see clear; But if the trial do not make you sce, Then unto your proposals I'll agréé. But now their answer if it thus should coine: We want no eye-sight; 'tis your's we condemn; Because by begging we get for to be blind, And though we grope we still a path oan find To make our way men's pity to implore; We want po eye-sight for to labour here: No, no, vain man, we chuse for to be blind, Because by it our Livings we do find With much more ease than those who have eyes to see And so in blindness now we chuse to be. Then now I'll answer for the man that's strong : You bold Impostors, from my sight be gone! And of your begging I will now take care, You shall not get your bread by begging here. You said that Heaven should not give to me The light of sight that was not given ye, Unless I turn'd my blessings to a curse, That all alike, in suffering, might be lost; But now that blessing I did offer here, That you with me in sight might now see clear, Your infamy was soon discover d here, You bold Impostors, impudent you are come, You thought me weak, for to hold out so long Your subtle arts in all for to find out: I knew the reason that your eyes were shut; And why my eyes you wish'd to shut the same, And say, by blindness you could judgment form Because in Blindness you wish'd for to appear, And boast of judgment that some merit were To place within you, though you both were blind, That in the world you might some honour find: And force the world your merit to believe, Yourselves and others you thought to deceive; But when I offer'd you should judge aright, And told you both I would restore your sight, Then back the curtains they were quickly drawn, And your impotency you soon did own; And then the Strong Man, he may answer here, You must have eye-sight ere you can appear Ever to have Me in your power more, For now I tell you plain, I've boltd the door

with blackness: and now they are writing to warn the bishops and clergy.

« Here is a type stands deep for all:
This funcral will bring on the call
To make the shepherds to appear
Therefore the shadow I plac'd there *
'To have the likeness at the first.
But now the substance it is plac'd :
A PERFECT FUNERAL now is come;
And so the substance will go on
To have thy Trial to appear--
They'll find these shadows first were there:
But now the substance it is come,
And every substance will be known,
In perfect likeness to appear:
They'll find the substance now is near;
For all as shadows I plac'd first,
But now the substance I place last,
To bring thy awful trial on
And Townley's trembling will be known,
That strony in thec it will appear,
As in thy stead I've now plac'd her,
And in thy stead she bold may stand-
The heavens with blackness now command,
And now my blackness will appear,
If men don't hasty waken here,
As she so early did a wake,
I say, my clouds on them shall break;
Because, from shadows all shall see,
Such things were ne'er brought round by thee,
To place the shadows at the first,
That like a funeral this should burst.
And now the funeral doth appear,
From innocence no sin was here
Ever committed by the child
And here the learned men åre foild ;
As I compared with my own:
Then here the child must sure be know
In innocence, I sav, to die-
And mark the words were said to thee,
When that the shadow did appear,
Thou know'st, the child I told thee there:
To shew my Birth, the child must come;
And so my Death a shadow then.
But now the shadows in the child,
To shew my death, to reconcile
The world to God-like him I died
In strong convulsions then for man.

* That is, the writings put in a vault at Paddington, a shadow then of the burial now.

The Garden first you must discern,
What Agonies I then did bear!
And how the midnight hour drew near,
As my Convulsions were within.
My feelings were unknown to Men
What for their sakes I then did bear;
As well I knew my chosen were
To suffer then the like for ME-
And then the Jews I knew were cast,
To prove the mysteries at the last,
That dead to knowledge man was come,
As I at first pronounced him;
And so their knowledge it was dead;
And by their death my Blood was shed;
Because that ME they did not know,
From all the wonders I did show,
As never could be work'd by man.
And now in SPIRIT I am come
To work by Wisdom now the same,
And man knows not from whence it came
To see these mysteries so brought round;
They cannot tell from whence the sound,
Before some others do appear
To make these mysteries out more clear;
And then they'll own their knowledge dead
To every thing before thein laid;
That they did vever understand
It was a Work by my Command;
Because they judg'd I could not go
To stoop to man in things so low.
From types and shadows to appear
In language low, no man could clear,
To see the depth, how all is plac'd.
You ne'er discern'd, ye fallen race,
How I from shadows plac'd all first,
Nor how the likeness it did burst.
The type of Isaac plac'd before,
And so my death it did appear.
And then the Brazen Serpent sce;
For as I say they look'd on me,
Nought but a Serpent to appear,
As from the Jews, they judg’d me there.
So from these shadows none do see
How deep they're plac'd as types of NE;
And let my Gospel to appear;
From Parables I told them there,
How I had liken'd every 1 hing.
Now all to your remembrance bring,
Then all these shadow's you'd see clear
Doth with my Bible all compare.
From types and shadows I began,
From types I now shall make an end;
So from this type I now do say *,
Here is a shadow plac'd this day,

• Child's convulsions, death, and burial.

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