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Are they Israelites? so am I. || 32 In Damascus the governor Are they the seed of Abraham? | under Aretas the king kept the so am 1.

city of the Damascenes with a 23 Are they ministers of || garrison, desirous to apprehend Christ? (I speak as a fool,) I || me; am more : in labours more | 33 And through a window, in abundant, in stripes above mea- a basket, was I let down by the sure, in prisons more frequent, wall, and escaped his hands. in deaths oft. 24 Of the Jews five times re

CHAP. XII. ceived I forty stripes save one;

PAUL'S REVELATIONS. 25 Thrice was I beaten with rods; once was I stoned; thrice IT is not expedient for me, I suffered shipwreck; a night doubtless, to glory; I will come and a day I have been in the to visions and revelations of the deep;

Lord. 26 In journeyings often, in 2 I knew a man in Christ, perils of waters, in perils of rob- | about fourteen years ago, (whebers, in perils by mine own coun- | ther in the body, I cannot tell ; trymen, in perils by the heathen, or whether out of the body, I in perils in the city, in perils in cannot tell: God knoweth,) the wilderness, in perils in the such an one caught up to the sea, in perils among false breth third heaven. ren;

3 And I knew such a man, 27 In weariness and painful. || (whether in the body, or out of ness, in watchings often, in || the body, I cannot tell : God hunger and thirst, in fastings I knoweth,) often, in cold and nakedness. || 4 How that he was caught up

28 Besides those things that || into paradise, and heard unare without, that which cometh |speakable words, which it is not upon me daily, the care of all || lawful for a man to utter. the churches.

5 Of such an one will I glory: 29 Who is weak, and I am not Il yet of myself I will not glory, weak? who is offended, and I but in mine infirmities. burn not?

6 For though I would desire • 30 If I must needs glory, 1 to glory, I shall not be a fool : will glory of the things which for I will say the truth: but now concern mine infirmities. I forbear, lest any man should

31 The God and Father of our | think of me above that which Lord Jesus Christ, which is he seeth me to be, or that he blessed for evermore, knoweth | heareth of me. that I lie not.

II 7 And lest I should be exalted

above measure through the lay up for the parents, but the abundance of the revelations, parents for the children. there was given to me a thorn 15 And I will very gladly in the flesh, the messenger of spend and be spent for you: Satan to buffet me, lest I should though the more abundantly I be exalted above measure. love you, the less I be loved.

8 For this thing I besought 16 But be it so, I did not burthe Lord thrice, that it might den you: nevertheless, being depart from me.

crafty, I caught you with guile. 9 And he said unto me, My 17 Did I make a gain of you grace is sufficient for thee: for | by any of them whom I sent my strength is made perfect in | unto you? weakness. Most gladly there- 18 I desired Titus, and with fore will I rather glory in my in- him I sent a brother. Did Titus firmities, that the power of make a gain of you? walked we Christ may rest upon me. not in the same spirit? walked

10 Therefore I take pleasure | we not in the same steps? in infirmities, in reproaches, in 19 Again, think ye that we necessities, in persecutions, in excuse ourselves unto you? we distresses for Christ's sake: for speak before God in Christ; when I am weak, then am I but we do all things, dearly bestrong.

| loved, for your edifying. 11 I am become a fool in glo- 20 For I fear, lest when I rying; ye have compelled me: come, I shall not find you such for I ought to have been com as I would, and that I shall be mended of you; for in nothing found unto you such as ye am I behind the very chiefest would not: lest there be debates, apostles, though I be nothing. I envyings, wraths, strifes, back.

12 Truly the signs of an apos bitings, whisperings, swellings, tle were wrought among you in tumults; all patience, in signs, and won 21 And lest, when I come ders, and mighty deeds. again, my God will humble me

13 For what is it wherein ye among you, and that I shall bewere inferior to other churches, wail many which have sinned except it be that I myself was already, and have not repented not burdensome to you? forgive of the uncleanness and fornicame this wrong.

tion, and lasciviousness, which 14 Behold, the third time I am they have committed. ready to come to you: and I

CHAP. XIII. will not be burdensome to you; for I seek not yours, but you ;

PAUL'S CHARCE. ( for the children ought not to THIS is the third time I am

13 For mighty deen and won.

coming to you. In the mouth | though we be as reprobates. of two or three witnesses shall 8 For we can do nothing every word be established. against the truth, but for the

2 I told you before, and fore. truth. tel you, as if I were present the 9 For we are glad when we are second time: and being absent, weak, and ye are strong: and now I write to them which here- this also we wish, even your tofore have sinned, and to all || perfection. other, that, if I come again, I 10 Therefore I write these will not spare;

things being absent, lest being 3 Since ye seek a proof of present I should use sharpChrist speaking in me, which to ness, according to the power you-ward is not weak, but is which the Lord hath given mighty in you.

me to edification, and not to 4 For though he was crucified destruction. through weakness, yet he liveth 11 Finally brethren, farewell: by the power of God. For we be perfect, be of good comfort, also are weak in him, but we be of one mind, live in peace; shall live with him by the power and the God of love and peace of God toward you.

shall be with you. 5 Examine yourselves, whe- || 12 Greet one another with an ther ye be in the faith; prove holy kiss. your ownselves: know ye not 13 All the saints salute you. your ownselves, how that Jesus 14 The grace of the Lord Christ is in you, except ye be Jesus Christ, and the love of reprobates?

God, and the communion of 6 But I trust that ye shall the Holy Ghost, be with you know that we are not reprobates. || all. Amen.

7 Now I pray to God that ye | The second epistle to the Codo no evil; not that we should I rinthians was written from appear approved, but that ye | Philippi, a city of Macedoshould do that which is honest, ll nia, by Titus and Lucas.




19 As we said before, so say I

now again, If any man preach OF THEIR LEAVING THE GOSPEL.

any other gospel unto you, than

that ye have received, let him PAUL, an apostle, (not of be accursed. men, neither by man, but by 10 For do I now persuade Jesus Christ, and God the men, or God? or do I seek to Father, who raised him from please men? for if I yet pleased the dead,)

men, I should not be the ser2 And all the brethren which vant of Christ. are with me, unto the churches 11 But I certify you, brethof Galatia:

ren, that the gospel which was 3 Grace be to you, and peace preached of me, is not after from God the Father, and from i man: our Lord Jesus Christ,

12 For I neither received it 4 Who gave himself for our of man, neither was I taught sins, that he might deliver us it, but by the revelation of Jesus from this present evil world, Christ. according to the will of God, 13 For ye have heard of my and our Father;

conversation in time past in the 5 To whom be glory for ever Jews' religion, how that beyond and ever. Amen.

measure I persecuted the church 6 I marvel, that ye are so soon of God, and wasted it; removed from him that called 14 And profited in the Jews' you into the grace of Christ, religion above many my equals unto another gospel;

in mine own nation, being more 7 Which is not another: but exceedingly zealous of the tra. there be some that trouble you, li ditions of my fathers. and would pervert the gospel of 15 But when it pleased God, Christ..

who separated me from my 8 But though we, or an angel | mother's womb, and called me from heaven, preach any other li by his grace, gospel unto you than that which il 16 To reveal his Son in me, we have preached unto you, let that I might preach him among him be accursed.

the heathen; immediately I conVOL. IV.


Here apos.

4. And that wares brough

ferred not with flesh and blood : || 3 But neither Titus, who was

17 Neither went I up to Jeru- with me, being a Greek, was salcm to them which were apos- compelled to be circumcised : tles before me : but I went into 4 And that because of false Arabia, and returned again un- | brethren unawares brought in, to Damascus.

who came in privily to spy 18 Then after three years I out our liberty which we have went up to Jerusalem to see Pe- in Christ Jesus, that they might ter, and abode with him fifteen || bring us into bondage; days.

5 To whom we gave place by 19 But other of the apostles subjection, no, not for an hour; saw I none, save James the that the truth of the gospel Lord's brother.

might continue with you, 20 Now, the things which I | 6 But of those who seemed to write unto you, behold, before be somewhat: (whatsoever they God, I lie not.

were, it maketh no matter to 21 Afterwards I came into the me: God accepteth no man's regions of Syria and Cilicia : person :) for they who seemed

22 And was unknown by face to be somewhat, in conference unto the churches of Judea, || added nothing to me; which were in Christ :

| 7 But contrariwise, when they 23 But they had heard only, I saw that the gospel of the unThat he which persecuted us in circumcision was committed times past, now preacheth the unto me, as the gospel of the faith which once he destroyed. | circumcision was unto Peter :

24 And they glorified God in 8 (For he that wrought effecme.

tually in Peter to the apostle.

ship of the circumcision, the CHAP. II.

same was mighty in me toward

the Gentiles ;) PETER REPROVED.

9 And when James, Cephas, THEN fourteen years after, and John, who seemed to be pile I went up again to Jerusalem | lars, perceived the grace that with Barnabas, and took Titus was given unto me, they gave with me also.

to me and Barnabas the right 2 And I went up by revelation, hands of fellowship ; that we and communicated unto them should go unto the heathen, and that gospel which I preach a. they unto the circumcision. mong the Gentiles, but private. 10 Only they would that we ly to them which were of repu. should remember the poor; the tation, lest by any means I same which I also was forward should run, or had run, in vain. I to do.

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