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babitations, that is, into their suc. as this year, being now sixty-three cour, first upon earth, 28 Cain of old years of age! So that in filial reverwas succoured, and all to Judas, and ence, love, joy, and peace in the Holy to this day, and will be unto the end Ghost, I say unto the Father, in and of time, by Gog and Magog, and then, through Christ, “ Thou hast magniall be received into everlasting habi. fied thy word above all thy name," or I tations in hell. See Matt. xxv. 41 ; could not have known thee as my Luke xvi. 9; Rev. xx. 8, 10. And Father, reconciled in and through the further proof that my interpreta- Christ; or have known thee as my tion of your query is true, the Lord spiritual Father that begat me, thine says, ye cannot serve God and offspring. James i. 17, 18; or known mammon.” Luke xvi. 13. This brings Christ my Husband, Saviour, and me to notice your secood query, viz. Lord, or the Holy Ghost my Comfor" For thou hast magnified thy ter and guide. To God Three-One, word above all thy name," Prov. be praise for ever,

" who has cxxxviii. 2. In making my remarks magnified his word above all his


I pray you first to be name," Ps. cxxxviii. 2. I am enabled assured, David in the Holy Ghost, as in this knowledge of my God, and an elect regenerate man, in the bless. blessings by his word, to notice and ing of grace, through faith, in hope, write remarks on your third query. and love, in uttering his words unto “ And turned not aside from any the Father, in and through Christ, thing, that he commanded him all the was assured that his word as far as then days of his life,” i Kings xv. 5. written, as we are assured now the en. But mark ye, my brethren, you tire Bible is finished, was, and is “the should as the Holy Ghost our God wisdom of God in a mystery, even the did, unite the following words, Save hidden wisdom, which God ordained only in the matter of Uriah the Hitbefore the world for our glory." 1 tite,” read 1 Kings xv. 5. Cor. ii. 7. The word of God, there- We must not sever for queries, fore is magnified above all his name! what God has united. To do so de. Which name is holy! the high and signedly, is a high trespass; a great lofty one, that inhabiteth eternity, evil. Know ye, respecting your query. whose name is holy. Isa. lvii. 15. that never since Adam sinned, and all

Know ye, moreover, that God could sinned and fell in Adam; all so connot be known by the human race, ceived in sin and shapen in iniquity ; especially after the sin and fall, only there never was, or will be, through by his word! Therefore, we testify, time, one regenerate person, perfect this is the true interpretation of your in the flesh, or free from sinful carsecond query.

Thus David, in filial nality in this life. No, no, that will gratitude and praise, commencing be our burden and distress, until our with God, as revealed, and known in souls are separated from our bodies. and through his word, said, “thou hast The Holy Ghost says by Solomon, magnified thy word above all thy “ There is not a just man upon earth name.The further proof is, by these that doeth good and sinneth not.” words, All scripture is given by Eccles. vii. 20; 1 John i. 8. Oh inspiration of God, and is profitable the words, "Save only in the matter for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, of Uriah the Hittite." They are for instruction in righteousness, that wonderful words, to shew us our sins, the man of God may be perfect, although in that particular sin, I thoroughly furnished unto all good never fell. Observe then that the works, 2 Tim. iii. 16, 17. Never, right interpretation of this query is, my brethren, have I so known, and that all things which the Father enjoyed God, in and through his word, in God, and the Godhead, com

July, 1845.


manded David to do, as his spiritual terpt the Lord's own children to do begotten, regenerated, inspired son, it, though blessed be God, he cannot in and through Christ, by and in prevail in his attempts, either before the power, grace, and blessing. of called, or after, yet I cannot but bethe Holy Ghost, for his praise, honour lieve he prevails over the wicked, and and glory, as for bruising devils, and many do commit this awful sin. I human wicked unions, in their unholy shall try to prove on scripture prem ways, idolatries, blasphemies, and ises, Ist, what I conceive to be the murderous deeds, against God, his sin, 2nd, the characters who do com. cause and people, and his destroying mit it, 3rd, the state they are left in. thousands by and in wars, and in set- Ist, The sin as it stands revealed in ting up right, national, family, and in- the Bible, Ps. xix. 13, it is called the dividual worship of God; order, dis- great transgression, as the bighest cipline, and ordinances, according to insult to the allwise and holy majesty God's word, for the benefit of God's of heaven, from the worst of all church and state, of nations; writing principles, pride and envy, the most psalms, hymns and spiritual songs awfully presumptuous, as against the for all saints, to sound forth the clearest light and the great root from praises of the Holy Ghost and the whence all rebellion against God Father and Christ, one God; abiding springs. It is called, 1 John V. in holiness and righteousness, until 16, a sin unto death, that is, eternal he died; that was and is the right death, because it is a total rejection signification, of the mystery of god. of the way of eternal life, which only liness, of which David 'was eminent is by the active and passive obedience in the Spirit and blessiiig. Isal i xliv. of the Son of God in our nature. 3; and which is the true interpreta. It is called the sin against the tion of your third and last propounded Holy Ghost, Matt. xi. 22, and is query ; “ He turned not aside from any from a spirit of envy, either 'a denial thing that God commanded him, all of his person, or influence, and is a the days of his life ;” 1 Kings xv. 5. dreadful insult to him, indeed it is May God in rich mercy and great an insult to all the persons in the love, render my remarks a blessing to one blessed Trinity, for they are but you my brethren, and to his elect

one in essence, 1 John v. 7, so one sons and daughters in all places, cannot be insulted, and not the other. where his blessed means, The Spi- — 2nd, the characters who commit ritual Magazine, and Zion's Casket” this sin ; the first appears to me to shall enter: prays An Old Watch- be Lucifer, in heaven'; what discoveries Amen, and Amen.

might be revealed to him of the Son Sussex.

of God, taking a nature below the

nature of angels, and he Lucifer rePRESUMPTUOUS SINS, fusing to worsbip bim, in a nature

below his own, as Macgowan speaks

of, I leave as conjectural; but I believe There seems quite a contention, it was pride and envy that moved about the sin against the Holy Ghost, him to rebel agaiust God, and in his but leaving those contenders, I will immediate presence, who had made try to shew my opinion, about the sin. him such a noble spirit, for he is calI am fully persuaded it can, and is led, son of ibe morning, Isa. xiv. 12, committed by some in our day, and and gave him such endowments of how any God-fearing man dare at- mind as to fill that station, which tempt to prove to the contrary, I he Jebovah had allotted for him, that must leave to better judges than my- he might behold his glory and adore self. If the devil is permitted, to

his infinite majesty in all those per.

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fections as they might be made known which God sent Israel to fight with to him, enough for the highest crea

Moab for this sin. Here was preture to behold to all eternity, and fill sumption, covetousnesss and hatred his mind with holy pleasure; now to

to God: so it was with the Pharisees turn rebel, in such a state as this of old; they professed to be Moses' must be the highest treason that pos- disciples but hated him of whom sibly could be committed, and against Moses said, A prophet shall the the highest authority, and the most Lord your God raise up like unto me, lawful claims, must consequently be and him that will not hear that pro. the greatest transgression, and being phet shall be cut off from his people. in the clearest light, must be most but pride so reigned in their bearts, presumptuous : nor did he act any and his doctrine and manner of life less presumputous, or spiteful against was so opposed to their fleshly relithe Son of God when on earth, for gion, they could not tell how to bear he said, I know thee who thou art, him and said, we will not have this the Holy One of God, Mark i. 24, man to reign over us, Luke xix. 14. art thou come to destroy us, &c, yet And Jesus said, they have both seen tempted him to the most awful pre- and hated both me and my Father." sumption and from the keenest batred · But they hated without a to him, and his father, through tbe cause,” John xy. 24, 25, and said, wilderness, and in his public minis- contrary to the light they had of God try; so when the Holy Ghost descended and his truth, that he performed his on the apostles, to enable them to miracles by the spirit of Beelzebub, declare the wonderful works of God, we say, by witchcraft, which in he tempted the people to say, these their own judgments, they knew was men are full of new wine, Acts impossible; and he put this question ii. 13, and this he knew was a lie. to them, which they never answered, Cain committed this sin, for he was "If I hy Beelzebub cast out devils, by filled with malice against his brother, whom do your children cast them out? not because his brother had done him therefore they shall be your judges;" any injury, but because God had re

this was

not speaking or acting jected him and accepted Abel, and against him, merely as a man, through the Holy Ghostsaith by Joha, "he was ignorance, as many of his own childr .n of that wicked one and slew his brother, did, and for whom he prayed, when because his own works were evil, and he cried, Father, forgive them, for his brother's righteous," and though they know not what they do,” Luke God expostulated with him, yet his en-. xxiii. 24, as he explains, Matt. xii. mity was not removed, butraged against 32, where he says.“ whosoever speakhis innocent brother and slew him, eth a word against the Son of man, This was not through ignorance, but it shall be forgiven him," but it was out of hatred and against light: so against the Spirit, by whom he per. it was with Balaam, he had his eyes formed his miracles, and he said, such open, knew the knowledge of the shall not be forgiven; this is the sin Most High, saw the vision of the against the Holy Ghost, it is sinning Almighty, Numb. xxiv. 16, beheld Is. wilfully or spitefully against the light, rael's safety, and his own ruin, and and out of hatred to the Holy Spirit though God so held him by restraint, of God; and what Paul means, Heb. that he dare not pronounce Israel x. 26. But these are only a sample of accursed, yet out of hatred to them, the lump of these despiteful sinners, he taught Balik to lay a stumbling that might be produced from the block before them, to bring them to word of God, to show the nature of idolatry, and to commit fornication, the sin. The , word presumptuous and himself was slain in the battle

seems to stagger us, but the scripture is the best interpreter, and shows us than those that die in ignorance of it is sinning out of hatred, see Exod. these things : better they had never xxi. 14. Joab sinned this sin, and known the way of righteousness, 2 found no shelter, though he fled to Peter ii, 21. the horns of the altar, 1 Kings ii. 3rd. The state such

are left, Again it is going against a positive in under the curse of God, past feelcommand of God presumptuously, ing any real soi row for sin, given up Numb. xiv. 44, It is a refusing to to a hard heart, and a reprobate mind, hear God's word, see Deut. xvii. 12. filled with all unrighteousness, full of It is acting from self will, 2 Peter ii. 10. envy, baters of God, Rom. i. 29, 30.

Presumptuous are they, self willed, As the disciples were filled with the they are not afraid to speak evil of Huly Ghost, the Spirit of love, dignities;”and Jude says, " when they so those, like Judas, are filled with the feast with you, feeding themselves spirit of the devil, which is envy, for without fear.And how many of after he received the sop, Satan entered these presumptuous fear-nothings into him, took full possession of him, there are in one day, the Lord only and he went out and betrayed Jesus, knows. How many rage against the out of envy, because he had marked real truth, and them who preach it, out or told him the truth, and when and cry them up as bad characters, God sent his wrath iato bis conscience, and preaching in a bad spirit, and he brought back the money to the call the doctrines of the gospel dan- high priest, confessed his sin, and gerous, as leading to licentiousness, said, I have betrayed innocent blood; when they know better, nor can they but he never went to Jesus the great prove any of these things in those High Priest, the only sacrifice for sin, they charge with them. What dignities this he rejected, and there remained are there in Jesus and who so digni- no other : so he went to his own fied as his elect? clothed in his righ- place ; like Cain they may see their teousness and led into the mysteries end, and say in a fit of rebellion, my of his grace, and yet these pious punishment is greater than I can bear, people are not afraid to speak all or greater than I ought to bear; as manner of evil against them, and many do charge God with injustice call the doctrines they hold damnable. for sending men to hell for ever, for a

Others are brought to profess the few sins, as they term it; so like the same truth for a time, and seem Balaam they may see their distance great advocates for the pure doctrines and say, " I shall behold him, but not of the gospel, join the church of nigh," and may want to die the death Christ, and bid fair for usefulness, but of the righteous, but not desire 10 live turn out in a few years most profane his life, so with the Pharisees of old, characters; we have of late had a they were left in a state of hardness proof of this by one who joined a and hatred, and Jesus said, Fill ye up particular baptist church, and wanted the measure of your fathers, ye ser. to be sent out to preach, but since pents, ye generation of vipers, how then has led a most profligate life, can ye escape the damnation of hell, spent his time, and money at the pub- Matt. xxiii. 32. seeing ye reject me, lic house, ruined bimself and family; the only way of escape, so when they said religion was all a delusion, and were charged by Stephen, with rea few weeks ago cut his throat, and sisting the Holy Ghost, they were cut died from the wound. If this is not to the heart, and yet gnashed on him, doing despite to the Spirit, or sinning with their teeth, Acts vii. 51, 54, and against the Holy Ghost, I ask what were left as despisers of the gospel, is? How much sorer punishment shall to wonder and perish, Acts xiii. 44; such characters be thought worthy of, so many sin wilfully or despitefully after they have received some know. Hannah said, " God is a God of ledge of the truth, and like the stony knowledge, and by him actions are ground hearers, have felt some emo. weighed,” and they are weighed by tions of joy from the word, and after the motive, 1 Sam. ii. 3. Abraham wards hate the people they professed sinned against light in denying his to love; and pour contempt on wife, yet it was not maliciously, nei. all spiritual religion and them ther from ill will to God or his belothat are led by the Spirit, and the ved wife, but for fear of being put to more they are reproved by them, the death for ler sake. Aaron also, for more they hate them. I will now try fear of offending the people, who to prove that the children of God said, “ Make us gods, to go before cannot commit this sin, either be us,” but it was not out of ill will to fore regeneration or after, God for- God, and this was his reply to Mobid I should speak lightly of sin, but ses, when he expostulated with him it every sin committed against the “ Thou knowest the people that they light of conscience, is presumption are set in mischief,” Éxod. xxxii. 22. in a scripture point of view, the Truly this was a grievous sin in psalmist need not have said, " Keep God's high preist, and the Lord was back thy servant from presumptuous angry with him, to have destroyed sins,” but, pardon them, or deliver him, had not Moses prayed for bim, me out of them ; but it is plain to Deut. ix. 20. But Moses had no me the scripture term, presumptous scriptural authority to pray for any sin, is committing it out of hatred to a who sinned presumptuously. Peter holy God and his holy word, and also sinned very basely, but not out his Spirit. Now the children of God of enmity to God or Christ, but Sacannot commit this sin before rege- tan got him in his sieve and fear of nerated, for want of light, though death prevailed and caused his fall : their natural enmity maj be so stir- had he possessed the malice of Judas, red up as to act very cruel to the his would have been the sin unto death, children of God, and they may feel but Jesus's look brake his heart, and a hatred to them. See Saul of Tar. he went out and wept bitterly, fled sus, what he did, and Jesus took it to him in confession, and for pardon, as done against himself, though he and not like Judas to the high priest; did not know who he was striving and it is to him every poor child of against, but thought he was doing God flees in guilt and distress for God service, Acts xxiv. 9; and when pardon, though he may be dreadfully the Lord appeared to him and shewed afraid he has sinned beyond the him whom he was singing against, be reach of mercy, and through Satan's dropped the weapons of rebellion, and temptations, think his the unparıloncried, “ Who art thou, Lord,” fled to able sin, for this is his grand aim, him for shelter, and found a refuge to inject awful thoughts into the poor from the storm, and tells Timothy, he soul, and then try to persuade it, obtained mercy, because he did it ig- they are its own, when the poor norantly in unbelief; now if he had struggling creature can say at the had the light Judas had, his would very time, “ I hate vain thoughts,” have been the unpardonable sin. yet cannot get rid of them. This I Neither can a child of God commit have found, times without number, this sin, after called, because the seed particularly at the beginning of my which is incorruptible, that is, the christian life. When quite a youth, word of God, abides in him. It is I was reading of this sin against the true many of the saints sinned griev. Holy Ghost, an aged person said, ously and against light, that is, they That can never be forgiven. I won. knew they were doing wrong; but as dered what the sin could be, and

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