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works with the word, but never con.

trary to it, and now needful this is in MR. T., ON SPIRITUAL SUBJECTS.

contending for the faith. Stephen, he

brought forth God's word, and he Continued from page 128.

was a partaker of God's Spirit, nei.

ther could they resist the Spirit by Heace you read, with favour wilt which he spake, but gnashed with thou compass bim as with a shield; their teeth, and then stoned him to again the Holy Spirit guides us into death. Well, Christ calls this sword all truth, which truth makes us free, his, hence he tells the pharisees, that and in searching God's word, we are his ord hath no place in them, and led to see, that God is on our side, Pand call this Spirit, the Spirit of and if God be for us, who can be Christ, for he was anointed with the against us ? Truth is to be our shield Holy Ghost abuve his fellows; lastly and buckler, and truth says, praying always with all prayer &c,' shall not be tempted, above that we but every petition must go up in his are able, and that he knoweth how all prevailing name; now these young to succour them that are tempted, men understood this armour, and and to deliver the godly out of temp- also what it was to lay their hand of tation,” and, take the helmet of sale faith upon Satan, and to remember vation ; an helmet is a steel or iron the battle that our Lord had with cap, to guard the head. Peter says, Satan, and in this way, and no other and for an helmet, the hope of salva. they overcome the wicked one; but tion; I remember once hearing Mr. take notice of this, a complete victory Huntington make this remark, 'why we never shall have in this world, is this helmet, which guards the head for although Sacan is conquered by called the hope of salvation, which the Son of God, and although by hope is in the heart? I will tell you, faith we are enabled to resist him, suppose you have got the truth never yet Satan is suffered to go on to disso clear in your head, yet if you have tress, torment, vex, and do his ut. it not in your heart, an heretic will most until death, and in the great baffle you out of it all, but if in the day he will be well rewarded, for this head you believe election, and have destruction is not annihilation, o no, made your calling, and election sure ; this Satan would like, but it is ever. if in the head, you believe in the lasting destruction, and this destrucatonement of Christ, and this blood tion is prepared for the devil and his hath cleansed you, and so on with angels, hence he said to Christ, the other doctrines, this good hope in know thee who thou art, the Holy the heart, is the helmet that no devil, One of God, art thou come to toror heretic can baffle you out of, ment us before the time ?" although they may throw you into T.-What a dreadful being Satan confusion;" but Christ Jesus, is this must be, and how fast he holds all helmet, hence he is called that bles. the human race, as Paul says, " the sed hope, and he is God's salvation, spirit that now worketh in the chil. to the end of the earth, and the dren of disobedience.” What a mercy, sword of the Spirit, which is the friend O, to be translated out of the word of God; we do well to notice kingdom of Satan, into the kingdom of two things, and that is this, the word God's dear Son, and seeing there are and the Spirit must always go to- 80 few (comparatively) that know gether, so that, let any man bring what this is, what debtors are we. forth what doctrine he may, if it is 0.-I will now come to the last, not in God's word, he is not guided and highest stage, in the school of by God's Spirit, for the Spirit always Christ, and that is to treat a little

July, 1845,]



as be

about these fathers. John speaks it counsel &c,” and then the Holy Ghost twice, I write unto you fathers, be- for “ the Spirit of God moved upon cause ye have known him that is from the face of the waters.” Again, the beginning, now by the beginning the beginning particularly alludes you and I are not to understand that to the first manifestation of Christ ever God had a beginning, no, he is to first parents, for from everlasting," from everlasting to fore observed " in the beginning was everlasting thou art God,” Psalm xc. 2. the Word,” and the promise was after but by the beginning, we are to under- the fall, the seed of the woman stand, when time first took place, shall bruise the sei pent's head," that when God created all things, and is “ a virgin shall conceive, and bear therefore you read as follows, ia the a son, and his name shall be called beginning God created the heaven Immanuel, God with us," that holy and the earth,” an Arian may be thing shall be united to the Word, ready to say, ah, that was God the and bruise the serpent or Satan's Father, but I say that it was a trinity bead, hence John says, " that which of persons in God, Father, Son and was from the beginning, which we Holy Ghost, or else what propriety is bave heard, (that is, heard bis voice, there in these words, “ let us make for he has spoken life to our souls,) man &c.” If there was but one per- which we have seen with our eyes, son in the Godhead, it would be in (that is, the eyes of our underthe singular, and not in the plural, standings have been enlightened,) and then it would be read, I will make which we have looked upon, (as Israel man, but John settles this point, looked on the brazen serpent, so have hence he says, " in the beginning was we looked upon the Son of man when the Word, and the Word was with God, lifted up, and felt virtue in thus lookand the Word was God, the same was ing) and our hands have handled of in the beginning with God;" John i. the word of life, (that is, our faith bas 1, 2. and this Word was the Son of held him fast as the church did : I God, or God the Son, “ for there are held him fast, and would not let him three that bear record in heaven, the go &c, Fight the good fight of faith, Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost, lay hold on eternal life &c,) for the and these three are one,” and the life was manifested and we have seen it, Holy Ghost also was at the creation, (as Moses did, although it is invisible) bence you read, “ by his Spirit be and bear witness (agreeable to what hath garnished the heavens, &c,” this God says by Isaiah, (ye are my witthen is what we are to understand, by nesses,) and shew upto you that the beginning ; again it appears that eternal life, which was with the Fa. angels were made before man, but all ther, and was manifested unto us," in six days, “ for in six days, God 1 John i. 1, 2. Once more, as it made heaven, and earth, the sea, and respects this beginning; all our all that in them is,” and the devil is experimental knowledge altogether said to sin from the beginning, and he depends upon the Holy Ghost, who certainly did, when he tempted our moved upon the face of the waters," first parents ; thus the Arian is proved “ let that therefore abide in you, to be a fool, for we have proved a which ye heard from the beginning, trinity of persons, hence John says, if that which re have heard from the the Word was with God, that is, with beginning shall remain in you, ye

also God the Father, what, a demi-God, or shall continue in the Son and in the a human soul ? away with such blas. Father,” and then John tells us a bat plemy, no, the Word was God, a dic he means, " but the anointing which vine person equal with the Father, for ye have received of him, abideth in as Isaiah saith, " with whom took he you, &c., and even as it kath taugh:

you, ye shall abide in him;" thus

are among you, I exhort, who am you see something of that knowledge also an elder and a witness of the which John as a father or elder had sufferings of Christ, and also a arrived to; namely to know bim that partaker of the glory that shall is from the beginning, and it is a be revealed,” and if you read his most blessed thing to have our souls epistles, you will find how he treats well established in the glorious doc. of the trial of faith, enforces gospel trine of the ever-blessed Trinity ; not obedience, speaks of Christ as the merely as a creed, which thousands only foundation, of God's calling his have, but a saving knowledge of these people in consequence of their electruths as John had. But I will, as the tion, then of the sufferings of Christ, Lord shall enable me, treat about these then of resisting Satan, after this of fathers, and remember this one thing, false prophets and their awful end, that they never arrive in this world and then of the day of judgment, and to fleshly perfection, neither are they the thousand years reign. Now I without changes, let that be rensem- have mentioned three, but at the bered once for all; hence John, who same time I believe that all the prowas a father, says, “ if our hearts phets and apostles that were true, I condemn us, God is greater than our say, that all these were fathers. hearts,” &c. First then, a father is T.-1 wonder, that you bring in one that can go before all the rest in Jabal and Jubal, for what has that experience of God's truth, he has to do with experimental christians, travelled the road and is well ac- who are taught by God's Spirit. quainted with it, and therefore he is 0.-I only mention them to shew able to instruct others; this term, fa- who the application of father is apther, is like the founder of a thing, plied to; namely, such as have wis. the inventor, as Jabal was the father dom, and can go before, able to inof such as dwell in tents, and such as struct others; but I will proceed to have cattle, and Jubal was the father the second thing, which belongs to a of such as handle the harp and organ, father, and that is, he is one that has and I believe, that John was one that a family of children, consequently he had a rich experience, and was made is a married man, and this is true very useful in writing to God's family, respecting these fathers, for they are first, to little children, to encourage married to the Lord Jesus Christ, them, telling them tbat their sins Rom. vii. 3, ye also are become were forgiven them, for Christ's sake, dead to the law by the body of Christ, and he had great discernment in de- that ye should be married to another tecting error, hence he speaks of false even to him, that is raised from the prophets, antichrist, &c., and shews dead, that we should bring forth fruit in what way they are to be known; unto God.” Christ is called by Isaiah, he writes to the young men, and tells the Everlasting Father, and such as them not to love the world, &c., he are married to him, he is pleased well knew the craft of Satan, and to take some of them, and make them therefore tells them, “ All that is in eminently useful in bis church, in bethe world, the lust of the flesh, the getting others to a knowledge of the lust of the eye, and the pride of life,” truth, and Paul was one of these : &c., cautioning them against what hence he tells the Church at Corinth, they must expect. Paul was another for though ye have ten thousand of these fathers, and if you read his instructors, yet have ye not many fa. epistles, you will find what a large thers, for in Christ Jesus, (mark that), experience he had of God's truth, and in Christ Jesus, (there the marriage what he suffered. Peter was another, union) I have begotten you through hence Peter says, " the elders wbich the gospel." Timothy he calls, " his

" but are

own son in the faith,” and, many and what hard work he found at the others. Thus you see, that a father strait gate, after this he can tell how in Christ is one of large experience, happy he was in his first love, and is united to Christ Jesus, is blessed that he expected that it would con. with a great share of spiritual wis. tinue, then he can tell of his being dom and understanding and instru- weaned from the milk, then of going mental in begetting others. But into the field of battle, and of the thirdly, a father, literally should be cruel treatment he had from the one that loves, and is tender over his world the flesh and the devil, and the children ; hence Paul, when writing worst of all, his own heart, well after to the Thessalonians says,

all this he gets more and more estabgentle among you, even as a nurse lished, his hopes stand firmer and these cherisheth her children, so being af- storms do not shake him as formerly. fectionately desirous of you, we were His faith groweth and his love to the willing to have imparted unto you, Lord, and he tells what he feels to not the gospel of God only, but also others. God gives him a door of utterour own souls, because ye were dear ance and makes him useful to the unto us.” And this is no easy thing souls of men, in communicating the except when love is in exercise : same Spirit, and thus he is a father, hence, Moses complains of the Lord's and is never more at home than when laying the burden of all the children he is telling others what God has of Israel, upon bim, saying, “ have I done for his soul, and the Holy Spiconceived all this people, have I rit furnishes him continually, leads begotten them, that thou shouldest his mind to the ancient settlements, say unto me, carry them in thy bo- when the covenant was made, leads som, as a nursing father heareth the him to see and feel bis eternal elecsucking child,” &c. Numb. xi. 12. tion, the righteousness of Christ, the you see wbat a different influence atonement, leads him into all the Moses was under at that time to what office and covenant characters of Paul was ; thus a father, spiritually, Christ, step by step, and constantly when under the sweet influence of leads him out of self to live wholly grace, is very tender and full of love upon Christ, so that as one of these to his children in the faith. Fourth. fathers said, “ Out of his fulness be ly, a father literally, should see to the receives grace for grace,” and such feeding and clothing of his children ; are well established in several things. tbis is a natural cause : now Paul was First, in the fall of man, by a con. one of these fathers, in a spiritual stant feeling the plague of their own sense, and therefore be feeds his chil. hearts, as Paul did, “ O wretched dren, some with milk, " I have fed man that I am." Secondly, in grace, you with milk, and not with strong that they never will be any better, meat, for ye were not able to bear it, but that all they have they are in. neither are ye now able.

debted to God's grace for. Thirdly, how tenderly he acted towards them, in righteousness: that all Christ's and what wisdom God gave him, as becomes theirs by imputation, and Christ told Peter, who was another of they are quite at a point, that this is the these fathers, “ feed my lambs, feed one and only way, and they rejoice in my sheep,” bu c how can any man do it. Lastly, God blesses them with this, that has n ot travelled the road much wisdom and knowledge, so that himself, all suche can do, is to bring they well understand the way he has forth the letter o truth, but the let led them, and feel a growing delight ter killetb, but if a man is sent of in it, and if they do not in this, they God, and a father in Christ, he can cannot in any thing else.

Wisdom tell about his first seeking the Lord, and knowlege is the stability of their

You see

times, &c. But I would mention may receive you into everlasting habanother sort of food, not only milk, itations."-Luke xvi. 9. or all comfort, which the babes have, In order to arrive at a right unsucklings and children, but there is derstanding, in any measure of the strong meat also, hence he says, above sentence, your first query, we

Strong meat is for them of full must be assured, by and in the Holy age, which by reason of use, have Ghost, that the person who spake the their senses exercised to discern good words, was our Lord and Saviour, and evil ;" you know as well as I, that God the Son, Incarnate, Immanuel ; it will not not do literally to give to the Man Christ Jesus ; and know the a baby, what you give to a grown same was and is, a parable, spoken to person ; no, each have their proper his disciples, the twelve apostles, with food; now bere are some that have others assembled, together with enehad their senses exercised, and here mies, especially the scoffing pharisees. are sharp trials and conflicts from


Moreover we must be assured that quarter, all that former comfort which the parable now speaks, and will they once had, seems lost, and only speak, to peoples through time, in like a dream ; well, they come to hear judgment, and mercy, for a blessing the word, and God is pleased to lead to his ransomed peoples, especially the preacher to describe: God's, work, bis pulvlic witnesses, pastors, minisand be first shews how God begins, ters, and missionaries, called stewards, and he leads the soul on to his first See Gen. iii. ; xv. 2; Titus i. love.

7; 1 Cor. iv. 2; Rev. xxii. 14. 21. (To be concluded in our next.)

Furthermore it is necessary in order to properly understand the parable,

and to interpret the same, as your WATCHMAN'S

propounded query, to be assured that in the multitude of stewards, there

are some, unto whom the Lord gives To the Querists, with remarks on their pro- qualifications for stewardship, to pounded Queries, in June number of the Spiritual Magazine.- Page 128.

endure for a time only, and those

stewards, not being regenerated, BRETHREN, I am one of the favour.

enter into Satan's temptations, ed readers of “the Spiritual Maga- and fall into mischief, that is, zide,” among many thousands of unboly, unjust acts and deeds, christians, with yourselves, and against the Lord, against his word being continually instructed, comfor- and ways upon earth; proving themted, and strengthened through it, by selves to be designedly mischievous, the Holy Ghost’s various ministra- and unjust, and in consequence, as tions, I am constrained in his bless. the Lord says, “ May be no longer ings at times, to write a few lines for stewards.Luke xvi. 2. insertion, in gratitude, humility, self- Therefore let us, wbo in the divine denial, christian charity, and filial re- blessing, are faithful, regenerated verence, before the Holy Ghost, and stewards with our households and the Father, and Christ

, one God; congregations, look upon and hear praying the same may be rendered a our blessed Lord, addressing his blessing to bis elect family on earth. disciples by parables, at In these enjoyments, I am inclined to length, before he uttered the parable present remarks, as requested, which is your


query. your " Three Queries.”

We observe, " He said unto his The first is, “ Make to yourselves disciples, There was a certain rich friends of the mammon of unrigh- man, which had a steward, and the teousness, that when ye, fail, they same was accused unto him, that he







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