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"." Because it hath pleased discoveries of his wondrous. love, stuthe Father, that in him all fulness pendous grace, rich and great mercy, should dwell.” He is the church's with a opening up of his own blessed store-house. How he was set forth person, fulness, sweetness, suitability, by Joseph in this point; Joseph was eternity, and glory; sometimes causmaster of the treasures of Egypt. ing them to cry and long, and say, Gen. xli. 40, “ Thou shalt be over Oh, that thou wouldst give me to my house.” The keys of the treas. . drink of the water of the well of ury were intrusted to him.. Who Bethlehem, which is by the gate ; was it that could relieve the poor, ne- the spiritual Bethlebemites being so cessitous, indigent, and perishing? taken with his person, cry out, Joseph. So spiritually with Jesus, Tell me, oh, thou whom my soul he hath the keys, and out of his ful.' loveth, where thou feedest.” Sul. ness he supplies all our needs, " He Song. i 7. Jesus feeds them on the shall feed his flock like a shepherd," great transactions of an everlasting Isa. xl. 11.

covenant; the development of the The manner, like a shepherd, with glorious purposes of the great Three all tenderness, care, watchfulness, One Jehovah; he feeds them on the wisdom, and patience.

eternal realities of his own kingdom, The pre-eminence of his office, the and says, “ Because I live, ye shall good shepherd, “I am the good shep- live also.” Unless there is a feasting herd;" how did be make known his upon Jesus, it matters not how goodness ? in a word, in giving his life, glaring our profession, it is but form for whom? his sheep, in contradistinc. without the power; we are still souf. tion from the goats.

fing up the wind, eating nothing but His position,

" And he shall stand hueks, feeding upon dust and ashes. and feed in the strength of the 3. His Birth place, “Bethlehem Lord.” Micah. v. 4.

Denoting Judab.” attention, inspection, care, also un

"But thou, Bethlehem Ephra. flinching firmness in his regard for tah, though thou. be little among them. The place where he feeds the thousands of Judah, get out of them, Bethlehem, a place of commu.

thee shall be come forth unto me, nication and revelation, the house of that is to be ruler in Israel ; whose bread; the provision, bread of life, goings forth have been from of old, bread that gives life and supports it from everlasting.” Micah v. 2. bread of the golden table, the good Bethlehem was formerly called old corn. He feeds them with his own Epbratah, which signifies abundflesli, and causes them to drink hy apce, fruitfulness. This city, alprecious faith his blood, The bread though never celebrated for its exthat I will give is my flesh,” John vi. tent or riches, yet it is a place of

Then Jesus said unto them, verily, considerable note in the Scriptures, verily, I say

unto you, except being the birth-place of 'Ibzad, ye eat the flesh of the Son of Judges xii. 8. Ibzan signifies one man, and drink bis blood, ye have no who judges, also weapons of war, or

Whoso eateth my flesh, armour; judges, or one who rules or and drinketh my blood. hath eternal goveros; Jesus Cbrist, the great life, and I will raise him up at the Captain of our salvation, will judge last day,” John vi. 53, 54. He feeds the world ; judgment fell upon him them with the milk of the promises, for his mystic bride, the church ; and sweet communion and fellow. he shall rule all nations with a rod ship with himself, with the fatted of iron, and in the hearts of his calf, the paschal lamb; this is to be dear people by sovereign grace ; eaten with bitter herbs (soul trouble, governs, or one who bas the governtribulation); he feeds them with mighty ment : Jesus Christ has the govern

life in you.



ment of our persons, trials, afflictions, into the parts of Galilee; and he and enemies; he is also the great came and dwelt in a city called Naz. warrior, and his people are warriors areth ;" why not somewhere else? too. What is their armour? The This is the secret,

“ That it might be eternal truths of the everlasting fulfilled, which was spoken by the gospel. What are their banners ? prophet, He shall be called a NaElection, predestinacion, imputed zarene,” Matt. ii. 22, 24. So that righteousness, everlasting security in David was typical of Christ in the Christ. The weapons ? they are not place in which he was born. carnal; • For the weapons of our 4. He was a warrior, of no ordi. warfare are not carnal, but mighty nary prowess. See David meeting through God, to the pulling down of the lion and the bear. The stripling strong holds.". 2 Cor. x. 4,5. lad unclad with armour, entering in.

It was also the birth place of Elime to a combat with Goliah, and meetlech, Ruth i. 2., which signifies, mying in him, the whole army of the God is king. Blessed Jesus, thou Philistines; his brethren despised his art the king of the Jews, the spirit attempt, but oh what confidence, in ual Jews. Oh, what a very impor. battling the battles of the Lord, he tant momentous truth was it, that goes fortis

with the language of trihis enemies wrote upon the cross, umph, “ The battle is the Lord's." "This is the king of the Jews.” Are So the dear Lord meets the lion, the we under bis laws, protection; in his arch-fiend of the bottomless pit and spiritual domains; have

all his emissaries and overcame bim hearts been subjected by divine, pow. that had the power of death, that is erful, sovereign, invincible grace? If the devil. He also goes on and con80 be: we are part of his spiritual quers him in the hearts of his dear empire.

blood-bought people, conquers evea Again Boaz and Ruth. It signifies the strong man armed with all ma. strength, “The Lord is my strength.” lice and fleshly schemes. “ He comes David which we have already said also against the bear, the world, and signifies beloved. It was renowned tells his followers to be of good cheer, for being the birth place of the great for he hath overcome the world. The antitype, Christ the Messiab. “ Now bear hugs its prey to death, so would when Jesus was born in Bethlehem the world were it not that our blessed of Judea.” Matt. ii. 1. 6. See the Lord reigneth," he is God over all;" wonderful manner scripture met its all enemies, sins, doubts, fears, trials, accomplishment. Herod being en- afflictions are under his controul. flamed: with malice against the free- The great Goliath also-our old grace king, or the babe Jesus, man of sin—and all the sought to destroy him; what did this our sins; listen to the children that do? This was the means of sending are oppressed, Psa. xliii. 1. “ Judge them into Egypt; what was the sea me, O God, and plead my cause cret in all this, there is something against ungodly nations, oh, deliver bebind, what is it? that at the death me from the deceitful and unjust of Herod the scriptures might be fule

The sins of our hearts are filled," out of Egypt have I called like a formidable nation, their characmy Son. The prediction, Hosea xi. ter ungodly, for God bateth sin. Je. 1; the fulfilment of it, Matt. ii. 15. sus Christ the captain of our salva19, 20, 21. Now we are making our tion, went forth as a mighty, fearless way home; but stop, who reigned in- warrior, conquered all foes, drank stead of Herod? Why, Archelaus, the cup of God's fury," blotted out Herod's son, just as cruel I dare say; the hand-writing that was against well, what then, “ He being warned us." “ He was made sin for us, who of God in a dream, he turned aside knew no sin that we might be made the righteousness of God in him." mand of infinite, inflexible justice was It is true he was buried, but was it met by him; he suffered in his cha. not for the good of his saints, the racter, in his person, by the cruelty of magnifying of his own eternal power men, from his professed friends, from and Godhead, for the fulfilment of his the sword of infinite justice. But word, " Truth shall spring out of what did he say in prospect of it all ? the earth, righteousness shall look “I have a baptism to be baptized with, down from heaven.” When he arose and how am I straitened until it from the tomb, his people arose with be accomplished ;” or how ardently ! him, but there must be also a resur- long till it be effected. What did rection within us spiritually; observe he say on the cross ? “I thirst." the language of Ps. lxviii. 18.“ Thou For what~human applause ? No; hast led captivity;" also Isa. Ixiii. for the accomplishment of heaven's “ Who is this that cometh from Edom designs. with dyed garments from Bozrah.” 6. In his office or position, King of


Mark the interrogation, " Who is Israel. And he sent and brought this ;" see the description, “This him in. Now he was ruddy, and withal that is glorious in his apparel, travelof a beautiful countenance, and gooding in the greatness of his strength, ly to look to, and the Lord said, I that speak in righteousness, mighty anoint him, for this is he. Then save."

The place from whence he Samuel took the horn of oil, and came, Edom, signifies red, bloody, anointed him in the midst of his breshowing the sharpness of the engage. thren, and the Spirit of the Lord ment. Bozrah-tribulation or dis- came upon David from that day for: tress; his work—treading the wine ward.” 1 Sam. xvi. 12, 13. Ist. press alone, bringing in salvation. The description.—" He was ruddy,

Mine own arm brought salvation and with a beautiful countenance." unto me, and my fury (or zeal) it What says the spiritual church, the upbeld me.” The blessing, salvation; living in Jerusalem My be loved is the efficiency, mine own arm ; the white and ruddy, the chiefest among locality of it, unto me. He is mighty ten thousands."

2nd. The sepato save, even to the very uttermost. ration.—He was anointed with the " The Lord my God, in the midst of oil, which set forth Christ being set tbee is mighty."

apart or anointed, having the Spirit 5. In his sufferings.

“ He was

poured out upon him without meaa man of sorrows, and acquaint- sure. What saith the scriptures, ed with grief;" but how little “ Yet bave I set my king upon my did David suffer when compared holy hill of Zion,” Ps. ii. 6; " My with the great antitype ? What God hath apointed thee with the oil must have been his sufferings when of gladness above thy fellows,” Ps. in the garden, “ Father, if it be pos. xlv. 7. For this anointing refer also sible, let this cup pass; Nevertheless to Isa. Ixi. 3rd. The dignity-King. (oh, what a word) not my will, but This kingdom is a spiritual one, a thine be done.Deep calleth unto righteous one, because its subjects deep at the noise of thy waterspouts, are everlastingly, and vitally, and all thy waves and billows are gone experimentally united to the Just over me." See Isa. liii.

One ; he is the Prince of peace, despised of men, a man of sorrows, therefore it is a peaceable one, alinward piercing sorrows, passing con- though it is tempestuous within, yet ception; the whole guilt and sins of he is their peace ; his kingdom of the whole elect body were laid on grace is established in the heart, him, “ And the Lord hath laid on him and this is a kingdom that cannot be the iniquity of us all.” Every de. moved; the duration of his reign is


" He was

for ever.

4th. The relationship.- up in the settlement, purposes, and Brethren. 5th. The continuance.- establishments of heaven ; but as The Spirit of the Lord came upon what? As the husband of his chosen; David from that day forward.

hence by this glorious act of love, she II. The people, Israel, Having ob- is called by his name; as the Surety of served David as a type of Christ, we his bride, his partner ; as their Rewould notice, Israel of old as typical deemer, the man made strong for Jehoof God's spiritual Israel. lst, Israel vah's ownself, I was set up from was a chosen people, Deut. vi. 6. everlasting,” Prov. viii. 23. We read The Lord my. God hath chosen thee of an everlasting covenant, founded to be a special people unto himself.” upon everlasting equity and faithfulAmos iii. 2. "You only have I known ness, conducted by everlasting wisof all the families of the earth.” dom and love. The great everlastElection, the bible is full of it, it is the ing end of it, was the declarative marrow of christianity, the nether glory of our God in the salvation, prespring of Christ's empire ; election servation, and glorification of his experienced in the soul, hata a hea.

chosen ones. There is a great blessvenly tendency, it buoys up the mind; ing connected with the ancientness ob, ye deniers of it, ye are not deniers of this act, because nothing in time of men merely, but of God's inviolable can ever alter it, “he is of one mind, truth. Election is heaven's grappling none can turn him.” Sin took place iron, it grasps with an invincible in time. The roaring lion, he was power all its objects; it put them into created an angel of light ; trouble, Christ,“ Chosen in Christ before the affliction, temporal death, all flow as foundation of the world.” “ The elec. consequences of sin ; none of these tion have obtained it, and the rest are can then separate us from this great blinded,” so saith the word of God, and ancient act; sin bu rdens the Rom. xi. 7. “You only have I known,' mind, blasts our prospects, our sins with a knowledge of love, relationship, are murderers as to comfort and enjoyas the peculiar people of my choice, ment. Ob, keep us from evil that it Amos iii. 2.

may not grieve us : say the living in Let us notice the antiquity of this Zion, who know the power of this truth, “According as he hath chosen us truth in the soul, and they oftentimes in him before the foundation of the feel such depths of infidelity, lepravity, world,” 2 Thess. ii. 13.

But we are

awful rebellion ; such blasphemous bound to give thanks.always to God thoughts against God, that they oftenfor you, brethren, beloved of the Lord,” times fear, lest after all they have why, “because God hath from the talked and professed to enjoy, that beginning, chosen you to salvation they are out of the secret. Bless God for through the sanctification of the Spirit his fear-nots ; when they are brought and belief of the truth;” yes, this glori. home to the soul, God smiles, I am ous truth was an immanent act of his, election shines forth then as a preJehovab's own mind, therefore, had an ous truth divine, as heaven's sunexistence in his mind

beam. This is an act of God's will,

therefore, sure, irrevocable,everlasting, “ Before the ponderous earthly globe, Who shall separate us from the In fluid air was stay'd;

love of Christ ?” Look at the apostle's Before the ocean's mighty springs, Their liquid stores displayed.”

full, yea wonderful enumeration, ia

Rom.vii. There is a great blessing He bath loved his people from connected with this point, "blessed, everlasting, but it was in Christ, so is the man whom thou choosest and that they must have been chosen in causest to approach unto thee that him from everlasting. Christ was set they may dwell in thy courts.”

The blessedness consist in this, it whom I will shew mercy ; they shall brings a man into indissoluble union be my people, and I will be their with the Lord ; and a living soul is God." They sball, and I will, that caused by the Spirit's powerful tuition, is the way. God goes to work. Ab, to cry unto God to make it known but supposing, they should not be unto him, that he may dwell experi. willing, “ I will make them willing in mentally in his courts of everlasting the day of my power." The object love, choice and security,

of the Lord's work is glory, the de. Again. The nature of it. It is velopment of it, the rule by which he equitable. The equitableness of does his work is his own unfettered election is founded upon God's right will, his own, unbiassed mind; the to do as he pleases. What saith the benefit of his sovereignty rests upon Psalmist, But our God is in the them that are sovereignis his. heavens, he hath done whatsoever be It is precious. The preciousness hath pleased.” Ps. cxv. 3. Mark of election is to be seen in its locality, the blessed affinity, our God, we in Christi " chosen in Christ before being made his by electing love, sove. the foundation of the world." The reign grace, adopting mercy ; this fixation of Jehovah's mind is in brought home.. to the soul by the Christ, be loved his people in him, unctuous power, by the holy oil of the blessed bis church in him, Eph. j. 3, heavenly Recorder ; by the melting, It is Christ that holdeth our souls celestial breezes from the everlasting in life, our life is hid in him, all the hills ; by God the Spirit to the soul treasures of wisdom and knowledge that hath been weeping in the are in him for us, all the depths of dust, it causeth him to break out in Jehovah's love are in him, in him the sweet language of the psalmist, God the Father loved and chose the and say, Qur God. The position, church. God the eternal Spirit in the heavens, denoting his majesty, brings all his people whom he teaches, sovereignty, and omnific,

to love God in the very same place trovlable power and dominion. he hath made them complete, in him,

Again, The sovereignty.He bath so they are favoured to bear some. done whatsoever he hath pleased, in times, to help them on their way. the choosing of his people from ever- "Behold thou art fair, my love, there lasting, causing them to pass through is no spot in thee,” and then they the water, and through fire into the are favoured to experience : though wealthy place. Man claims for him. black, yet comely. In him they are self what he is not willing God accepted, “ to the praise of the glory should have; man claims creature of his grace. wherein he hath made suvereignty, and denies the right of us accepted in the beloved," Eph. i. God to do as he pleases with his own. 6. In him they are sheltered from Yes, even those who are the objects the storms, for he is the true ark of sovereign grace - spurn at it, till God shut Noah and his family in, God brings them to the acknow. and so the church, God sbut them in ledgment of it. According to the by everlasting love, choice, purposes, good pleasure of his will,” Eph. i. 5. and establishments. When the mighty He acts according to his own mind in cataracts of water came down, why the army ot heaven, and among the did it not drown Noah as well as the inhabitants of the earth, and none others ; he was in the ark, and the can stay his hand, or say unto him, waters came upon the ark; so Christ What doest thou ? Listen to accents is the ark of the church. of divine sovereignty to Moses," I will be merciful to whom I will be

(To be concluded in our next.) merciful, and I will shew mercy to


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