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Of faith
Chap. ii. :

in Christ. 15 Moreover, I will endeav. 21 For the prophecy came our that ye may be able, after not in old time by the will of my decease, to have these man ; but holy men of God things always in remembrance. spake as they were moved by

16 For we have not follow the Holy Ghost.' ed cunningly-devised fables,

CHAP. II. when we made known untó 1 He foretelleth them of false you the power and coming of teachers, shewing the impieour Lord Jesus Christ, but ty & punishment both of them were eye-witnesses of his ma and their followers ; from jesty.

which the godly shall be de17 For he received from livered, as Lot out of Sodom; God the Father honour & glo · 10 and more fully describeth ry, when there came such a the manners of those profane voice to him from the excel and blasphemous seducers, lent glory, This is my helov. BUT there were false ed Son, in whom I am well prophets also among the peoa pleased.

ple, even as there shall be 18 And this voice, which false teachers among you, who came from heaven we heard, privily shall bring in damnawhen we were with him in the ble heresies, even denying the holy mount.b .

Lord that bought them, and 19 We have also a more sure bring upon themselves swift word of prophecy ;c where- destruction. unto ye do well that ye take2 And many shall follow heed, as unto a light that their pernicious ways; by shineth in a dark place, until reason of whom the way of the day dawn, and the day. truth shall be evil spoken of. star arise in your hearts ;d 3 And through covetous

20 Knowing this first, that ness shall they with feigned no prophecy of the scripture is words make merchandise of of any private interpretation. you ;a" whose judgment now of

a Make merchandise of you. This 6 Tbe holy mount. See. Matt. xvii. 5. is supposed to be a prediction of the cWe have also the word of proo iniquitous practices of the Roman phecy, concerning Jesus Christ and Catholic clergy, who have rated all his appearing to raise the dead and crimes, even the most atrocious, at a. judge the world, made more sure by fixed price for the sake of gain; so the transfiguration, which we be that he, who would pay the price,

might commit the crime, without d Until the day of judgment dawn, hazarding his salvation. This and Christ, the morning star of ce- practice, so dangerous to the souls lestial day, arise in your hearts, pro- of men, and so disgraceful to the ducing full conviction of the truth of Christian religion, is, we believe, now all his promises.

wholly discontinued.


False teachers and II. Peter. seducers punished: a long time lingereth not, and sation against them before the their damnation slumbereth Lord.b not.

12 But these, as natural 4 For if God spared not the brute beasts, made to be taken angels that sinned, but cast and destroyed, speak evil of them down to hell, and deliv- the things that they underered them into chains of dark stand not, and shall utterly ness, to be reserved unto judg- perish in their own corrupment;

tion; 5 And spared not the old 13 And shall receive the re. world, but saved Noah, the ward of unrighteousness, as eighth person, a preacher of they that count it pleasure to righteousness, bringing in the riot in the day time. Spots food upon the world of the they are & blemishes, sporting ungodly;

themselves with their own de6 And turning the cities of ceiyings, while they feast with Sodom and Gomorrha into you; ashes, condemned them with 14 Having eyes full of adul. an overthrow, making them tery, and that cannot cease an ensample unto 'those, that from sin ; beguiling unstable after should live ungodly ;. souls; an heart they have ex

y And delivered just Lot, ercised with covetous pracvexed with the filthy conver- tices; cursed children: sation of the wicked:

15 Which have forsaken 8 (For that righteous man the right way, and are gone dwelling among them, in see- astray, following the way of ing and hearing, vexed his Balaam the son of Bosor, who righteous soul from day to day loved the wages of unrightwith their unlawful deeds :) eousness;

9 The Lord knoweth how 16 But was rebuked for his to deliver the godly out of iniquity; the dumb ass, speaktemptations, and to reserve ing with man's voice, forbade the unjust unto the day of the madness of the prophet. judgment to be punished; 17 These are wells without

10 But chiefly them, that water, clouds that are carried walk after the flesh in the lust with a tempest; to whom the of uncleanness, and despise mist of darkness is reserved government. Presumptuous forever. are they, self-willed, they are 18 For when they speak not afraid to speak evil of dig. nities :

6 Bring not railing accusation, &c. 11 Whereas angels, which are greater in power and accuse them before the Lord, they might, bring not railing accu- do it not with bitter railing

Signs of Christ's

Chap. iii. coming to judgment. great swelling words of vani- ken before by the holy proty, they allure through the phets, and of the commandlusts of the flesh, through ment of us the apostles of the much wantonness, those that Lord and Saviour: were clean escaped from them, 3 Knowing this first, that: who live in error.

there shall come in the last 19 While they promise them days a scoffers, walking after liberty, they themselves are their own lusts, the servants of corruption; 4 And saying, where is the for of whom a man is over- promise of his coming : for come, of the same is he brought since the fathers fell asleep, in bondage.

all things continue as they were 20 For if after they have from the beginning of the creescaped the pollutions of the ation. world, through the knowledge 5 For this they willingly of the Lord and Saviour Jesus are ignorant of, that by the Christ, they are again entan- word of God the heavens were gled therein, and overcome, of old, and the earth standing the latter end is worse with out of the water and in the them than the beginning water:b

21 For it had been better 6 Whereby the world that for them not to have known then was, being overflowed the way of righteousness, than, with water, perished : after they have known it, to by But the heavens and the turn from the holy command- earth, which are now, by the ment delivered unto them. same word are kept in store,

22 But it is happened unto reserved unto fire against the them according to the true day of judgment and perdition proverb, The dog is turned to of ungodly men. his own vomit again; and, 8 But, beloved, be not igno. The sow that was washed to rant of this one thing, that one her.wallowing in the mire. day is with the Lord as a thou

sand years, and a thousand CHAP. III.

years as one day. 1 The certainty of Christ's

coming to judgment. 11 An The last days. See I Tim. iv. I. exhortation to godliness.

Some have thought, that the THIS second epistle, be meaning of verse 5th would be better loved, I now write unto you; conveyed, if rendered as follows : in both which I stir up your

These scoffers willingly forget, that

according to Moses, the heavens, that pure minds by way of remem

is, the atmosphere, and the earth brance;

were, by the word of God, originally 2 That ye may be mindful of made of water, and through water the words, which were spo. the earth consists

Caution against seduction. II. Peter. Of growth in grace.

9 The Lord is not slack 14 Wherefore, beloved, seeconcerning his promise, as ing that ye look for such things, some men count slackness; be diligent that ye may be but is longsuffering to us- found of him in peace, without ward,c not willing that any spot, and blameless. should perish, but that au *15 And account that the should come to repentance. long suffering of our Lord is

10 But the day of the Lord salvation ; even as our belovwill come as a thief in the ed brother Paul also accord. night; in the which the hea- ing to the wisdom given unto vens shall pass away with a him, hath written unto you; great noise, and the elements 16 As also in all his episshall melt with fervent heat, tles, speaking in them of these the earth also and the works things; in which are some that are therein shall be burn- things hard to be understood, ed up.

which they that are unlearned 11 Seeing then that all these and unstable wrest, as they do things shall be dissolved, what also the other scriptures, unmanner of persons ought ye to to their own destruction. be in all holy conversation and 1 7 Ye therefore, beloved, godliness,

seeing ye know these things 12 Looking for and hasting before, beware lest ge also, beunto the coming of the day of ing led away with the error God, wherein the heavens be- of the wicked, fall from your ing on fire shall be dissolved, own steadfastness. and the elements shall melt 18 But grow in grace, with fervent heat ?

and in the knowledge of our 13 Nevertheless, we accord- Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. ing to his promise, look for new To him be glory both now and heavens & a new earth, where- forever. Amen. in dwelleth righteousness.

c To us-ward, toward us.



St. John, who wrote this. Epistle, and the Gospel which bears his name, was the son of Zebedee and Salome, and the brother of James. He was the disciple whom Jesus loved, and on whom he bestowed particular marks of favour and friendship. For a sketch of his life, see Prefatory Remarles to John's Gospel,

John describeth the Chap. i. person of Christ.

At the time this Epistle was written, the church was infested by numerous false teachers, whose doctrines were, as well inconsistent with each other, as they were subversive of more als and the religion of the Gospel. The person and offices of Christ were the subject of various and opposite opinions. Some, following the Jewish high priests, elders, and seribes, condemned Jesus as a blasphemer, because he called himself the Son of God. Some denied the humanity, others the divinity of our Lord; not believing it possible, that the same person could be both human and divine. And because Paul had taught the doctrine of justification by faith without the works of the law, some believed, and taught, that all works were useless; that Christ had set men free from all moral obligations, and that the knowledge and profession of the Gospel were alone necessary to salvation. Wherefore, to oppose these pernicious errors, which were the source of great corruption and licentious. ness of manners, and to establish the truths concerning the person and offices of Christ, John wrote this Epistle, which every where breathes the gentle spirit of its author, and of that religion, which is peace and love. It is supposed to have been written in Judea, a short time before the destruction of Jerusalem, which took place A. D. 69. It was designed for believers generally, but more particularly for the Christians in Judea.


СНАР. І. :

2 (For the Life was mani. 1 He describeth the person of fested, and we have seen it,

Christ, in whom we have and bear witness, and shew eternal life, by a communion unto you that eternal Life with God, 5 to which we which was with the Father, must adjoin holiness.

and was manifested unto us ;) THAT which was from 3 That which we have seen

the beginning,a which and heard declare we unto we have heard, which we have you, that ye also may have seen with our eyes, which we fellowship with us; and truhave looked upon, and our ly our fellowship is with the hands have handled, of the Father, and with his Son Jea word of life;

sus Christ.

4 And these things write a That which was from the beginning of the Gospel, which we apostles

we unto you, that your joy have heard, seen, and handled, con

may be full. cerning the Word of Life or the life

5 This then is the message of the Word, that is, of Jesus Christ. which we have heard of him, declare we unto you, &c.

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