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reason of the oppressions of the ene- of light. I attempted to lay open my, and the feelings of her mind before her view the boundless blessanswered to the Psalmist, when he ings treasured up in him, and the

Bring my soul out of prison freeness with which every conscious that I may praise thy name for ever." sinner is invited to partake of But I desire ever to speak it to the the provision of everlasting love, praise and glory of my covenant and to drink freely of the river of keeping God; my first visit proved God's pleasure. I felt I a time of refreshing from the presence warranted to tell out, as far as of the Lord, and from the glory of they had been manifested to my own his power; I could easily perceive soul the wonders of redeeming love, the doubting and distressed state of and to assure this afflicted and perher soul, arising out of the legality of plexed saint, that all power in heaven her feelings, and the incorrect views and in earth was given into the hands she formed of God's method of sal- of Christ, that he might give eternal vation ; but, as it was evident the life to as many as the Father had Lord the Spirit had convinced her of given him ; whereby every saint is sin, of righteousness, and of judgment kept through faith unto eternal sa:to come, and crying out, Lord save, vation. I perceived upon this stateor I perish, I felt assured the pro- ment, a visible alteration in her counvidence of God had brought us to- tenance; joy and gladness could now gether, that I might speak on the be read in every look; the penitenbehalf of my dear Saviour, and to tial tear that ran down her cheeks set before her despairing spirit, the was expressive of mingled grief, sorriches of redemption, as they glo- row and of joy, which caused her riously shine forth in the person of again to rejoice in believing there the Lord Jesus, who is able to save was still hope for such an one as herto the uttermost all that come unto self, and immediately began to speak God by him, seeing he ever liveth of him, “In whom all the families of to make intercession for us. You the earth are blessed ;" she listened remember it is said, “ Out of the with deep attention while I attempted abundance of the heart the mouth to describe the love of the Saviour's speaketh," and truly in her case it heart, the virtue of his precious was exemplified, for in great bitter- blood, the freeness of his grace, and ness of spirit she told nie, the fears the boundless nature of his mercy, that distressed her, the darkness that as displayed in every case, when a overwhelmed her soul, and the fear- sinner is delivered from the power

of ful consequences that seemed to darkness, and translated into God's await her on account of her nume- marvellous light. She appeared to rous sing and transgressions, so that clasp with inexpressible delight the in the midst of all unbelieving con- promises of the everlasting gospel; clusions, I felt it my happiness to and as I knew her former anxiety and speak of him, who hath said, " The distress was occasioned by supposing whole need not the physician but some qualification were necessary, in they that are sick ; I came not to order to secure a favourable recepcall the righteous but sinners to re- tion, I felt it my business to declare, pentance.' I endeavoured to set that inercy's provision was not to be before her the sacred person of the purchased by any act of the creature, Lord Jezus Christ, whose precious but should be regarded as the free blood cleanseth from all sin, and by gift of God, without money and withthe imputation of his spotless righ- out price ; that apart from any conteousness, makes a sin-smitten and sideration of the creature, salvation despairing saner fairer than an angel with all its numberless blessings, is

complete and entire, wanting nothing. fested in the sufferings of Christ, his That Christ is the pearl of great price, death and resurrection unto eternal the gift of the Father, in whom. all glory. I desire to be thankful that the spiritual Israel shall be justified, this work of faith in which I was then and shall glory. My sister, I do as- engaged, and labour of love, was not sure you, I felt quite happy in the in vain. We mutually felt the enLord while speaking of the wonders joyment of the presence of the Lord, of redemption, as they shine most and could say with the enquiring gloriously in the cross, and whilst en- disciples, “ Did not our heart burn deavouring to lead the mind of my within us, whilst Jesus talked with disconsolate sister, into clear and us by the way,"and opened our underScriptural apprehensions of the way standings to receive the truth in the of access to the Father, and the means love of it: truly we could say, “ There by which a poor ruined sinner might is a river, the streams thereof make escape the wrath to come, the Lord glad the city of God, the holy place was pleased to own his own word, and of the tabernacle of the Most High." in some happy degree to bless her Until th sacred hour, we were en-' with the joy of his great salvation. tire strangers to each other: but the It was no difficutly to perceive by her grace of the Lord Jesus, and the love altered countenance the inward com- of the Spirit, made us one in heart posure and calmness that existed and soul, under the influence of within, and the holy confidence she which, we spake of the wonders of felt in committing to the hands of Je- dying love, and were blest with the sus the interest of her immortal spirit, enjoyment of a hope full of immor“who came to seek and to save that tality and eternal glory. During the which was lost." I saw fulfilled in day that I visited her in the evening, her experience that precious promise, Satan had been very busy in setting “They shall look on Him whom they before her eyes the sins of her past have pierced, and shall mourn and life, by which her mind was filled be in bitterness, as one that is in bit- with fear, which hath torment. Here, terness for her first-bora." Yes, in- again I found it my happiness to point. deed, her joys were mingled with out the completeness of the Saviour's tears, and the sweets of covenant righteousness, and the efficacy of his mercy accompanied with a sense of precious atonement, as sufficient to her numberless transgressions ; she justify the sinner from all things, bitterly complained of her base in- from which he never could have been gratitude to the Father of mercies, justified by the law of Moses, and I for want of improvement of the many am happy to say the Holy Spirit was privileges with which she had been pleased to own the testimony of Jefavoured, the waste of precious time, sus, and to fill her heart with all joy the abuse of the means of grace, as and peace in believing. My dear well as her ignorance of divine things sister, fear I shall exhaust your pain the midst of showers of spiritual tience by this lengthened account, I blessings, seemed to humble her in will then only say, in visiting this the very dust, and constrained her to afflicted saint, I experienced the acknowledge, she was the chief of reality of that Scripture, " It is betsinners. I freely confess it proved ter to go to the house of mourning, to me a season of spiritual enjoyment. than to the house of feasting." InI felt an unusual degree of pleasure in deed it was a time of spiritual enholding up to her view the uncreated joyment, and free communication beglories of the man of sorrows, and in tween God and my soul, in pointing pointing out to this afilicted saint the to the “ Lamb of God, which taketh way of life and salvation, as mani. a vay the sin of the world.” Fresha

light seemed to shed its glory over his own energy to her soul, the snare the sacred page, which testified of was instantly broke, the temptation him, the employment was profitable, was taken away, and shereturned blesand I felt an inexpressible delight in sing him who had given her the victory. speaking of the freeness and power

The relation of this circumstance, of the everlasting love of God, in was blest to the conversion of a man snatching sinners as brands from and his wife then present, and to the the everlasting burnings; in one word, completing a similar deliverance. this sweet and blessed Scripture was These persons, it appeared, previous evidently fulfilled in her experience, to this, had lived in an almost con“Instead of the thorn shall come up tinued state of enmity, their habitathe fir tree, and instead of the briar tion had exhibited a scene of discord shall come up the myrtle tree, it shall and confusion, and often their quarbe to the Lord fora name, for an ever- rels would end in a total silence. Some lasting sign that shall not be cut off.” considerable time would elapse before

We parted at the throne of grace, a single word would be changed by mutually praising the God of salva- them ; in one of these unhappy seation, that we had been favoured to sons, the wife came to the dreadful spend an hour together, in which the determination of drowning herself. Lord had commanded the blessing, She accordingly left her house for the even life for evermore.

purpose, and came near the river, This is the spouse of Christ our God,

but it being too light, she feared on Bought with the treasure of his blood ;

that account, she should be detected. And her request, and her complaint, She therefore knew not where to go Is but the voice of every saint.

till it grew darker.

She at length Yours' affectionately, espied a place of worship open; she Chathate.

thought she would go in, and when it was over it would be sufficiently dark. She went in, Mr. Wills was preaching, and as before observed, re

lated the before mentioned circumPREACHING in the course of one stance. She heard with attention, and of his long journies at lady H—'s the Lord blest what she heard to her chapel in Bristol, he was led to the conversion, and the devil lost his ends. following passage for his text, “My She returned home another person, grace is sufficient for thee.” In the and when she arrived at home, her huscourse of the sermon he took occa- band looked at her with surprise-her sion to relate the circumstance of a countenance which before was the inyoung woman who knew and loved dex of a malevolent disposition, now the Lord, but was labouring under a indicated the temper of the Lamb. strong temptation to put a period to Struck with her appearance, her husher life by drowning herself: the band asked her where she had been ? enemy so far succeeded as to prevail she told him. He immediately interon her to go to the river, in order to rogates, and, Did you see me there, she put the dreadful plan in execution; replied, No. He added, But I was, and but as she was adjusting her clothes blessed be God, I found his grace sufto prevent her from floating, she felt ficient for me also. something in her pocket, it was her The reality of the change evidenced Bible, she thought she would take it itself in their future lives and converout and look in it again for the sation, which were such as became the last time, she did so, and the above gospel of Christ, the grace of whom mentioned text immediately caught was sufficient to renew their hearts and

The Lord applied it with save their souls.

J. M.



her eye.



One common result the Lord doth intend,

The trial and proof of our glorious triend, SPARROW ALONE.

That all by his wisdom compounded might To the lonely sparrow may a sparrow now

flow, write,

For good to each chosen regenerate soul. Hoping God's Spirit will teach and indite, And bring us though distant with nearness No mind hut his can such opposites blend, to join,

Make such a mixture result in one end, The song of salvation in praises divine. To fill us with blessing, and goodness, and

love, I think of you often though wholly unknown By living on Jesus, our portion above. Save in the rich love and grace of his Son, And more in that knowledge to increase I On the way I know great sorrow is felt, scroll,

But is it not good to weep and to melt. That you in relating might comfort my soul. 'Neath the sanctifying power and presence

of Godt 'Twas a dear Christian friend gave me the

Who gives us with tears the joy of his word ? request, Where often I've seen your letters address'd, Often better far than plausible means, And read their contents so freely made known Without the rich life and heat of his beams, In the light of Jehovah and grace of his Because with his presence be gives us the Son.


Of the sacred glory in the world to come. Have pitied your case bereft of the means, Where Jesus oft sheds his bright beams, Believe me of all I count the great prize, And borne you I trust, to the throne of free

Of having the gospel with all its dear ties, grace,

And pastors made faithful, in love to pro. Beseeching our God to remember your ease.


The grace of their Lord, and truth of his He knows right well where his members are

found, And how to make dear the gospel's rich But this wäl not my spirit suffice, sound,

Without the dear Lamb presides at the feast ; That near to himself with truth we may I want him in all my life and my food, come,

Then the means are dainties, rich, precious And supplicate earnest for grace at his

and good. throne.

But is my dear sister of companions bereft? Beloved, he tries us that we may more try, The nearest and dearest your soul hath not How great is his goodness, his mercy how bigh!

Oh! prize him, beloved, and tell him your And prove him through life ever constant

grief, and true,

For the clouds are the wings to bring you To his promise and word, the Scriptures all

relief. through.

Swifter than light'ning he flies on the wing, Each trial and care our souls shall soon see, With chariots of glory your needs will he, Was wisely ordained by wisdom's decree,

bring, To bring us more near, more longing for And soon to his bosom, bis loving embrace, home,

He'll take you and give the triumphs of And waiting for Jesus, our Saviour's return.




As man be suffer'd, bled and died,
That justice might be satisfied :
But see him rise, the mighiy Grd,
And thus outride the dreadful floud.

In heaven the Conqu'ror takes his seat,
And death lies vauquish'd at his feet;
And like a servant now attends,
To bring to heaven his much-loy'd friends.

Lord, let thy grace my soul renew,
And sin, and guilt, and fears subdue;
That when death comes, I may be found,
Possess'd of life that can't be drown'd.



TELL me not of the rich and great,

The mighty of the land,
For fleeting is their best estate,

And brief is their command ; But tell me of the pilgrims grey,

The freehorn sons of God, Ard tell me of the desert way

To their divine abode.

Tell me not of the surry lands.

Where flowers perennial grow, Tell me not of the golden sands

Where shining rivers flow, Bul tell me of the sea of glass,

And life's all fragrant tree, The pearly gates, the walls of brags,

The city of the free.

Tell me not of the laurel wreath

Fame garlands round her son, Proficient in the work of death,

By numerous slaughters done; But tell me of the crown of thorn

And the accursed wood, Where men suspended in their scorn

The incarnate Son of God,

Tell me nought of the present world,

Though fair and green it be, Another sovereign hath unfurled

His banner over me.
He beckons upwards, onwards still,

His willing subject I,
And climbing difficulty's bill

My world is 'bove the sky.

Then will the lone sparrow from secrecy fly,
And dove-like ascend with Jesus on high ;
In the sweets of communion for ever be found,
And sing all is well on heavenly ground.

Bear this on your mind, tis a stranger's re

quest, Who knows bv thus thinking your grief will

be lees, The end to remember keeps glory in vier, And belps us though sinking and fainc to


May 'he Lord of his mercv abondantly give, And help you on Jesus, his fullness to live, Thit o'er the great evils of sip you may rise, And go on your way in league with the skies.

Bless'd of his goodness, his grace and his

love, Yous rest is reserved in the mansion above; And t'en to God's glory you'll surely attain, The Lord hath declar'd it, so be it, Axen.

J. B.


Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the flods drown it.-Cant. viii. 7.

ARISe my soul, and try to sing,
The love of Zion's faithful King :
Though angel's notes and seraph's lays,
Are all too mean to speak his praise.

Almighty love, unbounded grace,
Provides the saints a hijing place;
Nor all rebellions' dreadfal flood,
Could quench the sovereign love of God.

The Father's lore was tried indeed,
Who gave his only Son to bleed ;
Bu: here we view that grace profound,
Which floods of sin could never drown.

The Saviour's matchless love we see,
When hanging on the accursed tree;
And all our guilt was on him found,
'Twas not enough this love to drown.

Here all the rage of earth and bell,
Conspired to make his surron's swell;
Yet love did over all abound,
Which floods of wrath could never drown.


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