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proud in the conceit of their heart. He hath pui
down the mighty from their seat, and hath esalted
the humble. He bath filled the hungry with good
things: and the rich he hath sent away empty. He
hath received Israel his servant, being mindfulof his
mercy. As he spoke to our fathers, to Abraham and
to his seed for ever.
At the Magnificat the altar is fumed with incense as

the spirit of thy love; and those whom thou bast
filled with the paschal sacrament, may, by the goods
ness live in perfect concord. Thro.
Then all concludes as at Mass, except that Aleluia

, Alleluia, is added to Ite, missa est, and Deo gratias : and these Alleluias are continued till Lom Sunday.

PRAYER. Spiritum. Pour forth on us, O Lord, he

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IN Nomine Patris,

O God,

The Priest at the Foot of the Altar, beginning, saith,

IN the Name of the at Fili, et Spiritus Sanc- Father, and of the Son, ti. Amen.

and of the Holy Ghost.

Amen. Ant. Introibo ad al- Anth. I will go unto tare Dei.

the Altar of God. R. Ad Deum, qui læti- R. To God, who reficat juventutem meam. joiceth my youth.

Psalm xlii.
JUDICA me Deus,


me, et discerne causam me- and distinguish my cause am de gente non sancta:

from the nation that is ab homine iniquo et do- not holy: deliver me

from the unjust and de

ceitful man. R. Quia tu es Deus,

R. For thou art God fortitudo mea, quare me

my strength, why hast repulisti? et quare tris- thou cast me off? and tis incedo, dum afHigit why do I go sorrowful me inimicus ?

whilst the



eth me? P.Emitte lucem tuam,

P. Send forth thy light et veritatem tuam : ipsa and thy truth : they me deduxerunt, et ad- have conducted me, and duxerunt in Montem brought me unto the ho

loso erue me.

my youth.

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sanctum tuum, et in Ta- ly Hill, and intu bernacula tua.

Tabernacles. R. Et introibo ad al- R. And I will go tare Dei: ad Deum qui the Altar of Go lætificat juventutem me- God who giveth am.

P. Confitebor tibi in P. To thee, cithara Deus Deus me- my God I will us : quare tristis es, ani- praise upon the ma mea, et quare con- why art thou sad, turbas me?

soul; and why do

disquiet me R. Spera in Deo, quo

R. Hope in C niam adhuc confitebor I will still give illi: salutare vultus mei, him, the salvation et Deus meus.


P. Gloria Patri, et

P. Glory be Filio, et Spiritui Sancto. Father, and to

R. Sicut erat in prin R. As it wa cipio, et nunc, et sem- beginning, is ng per, et in sæcula sæcu- ever shall be lorum. Amen.

without end. P. Introibo ad altare

P. I will go Dei.

altar of God. R. Ad Deum qui læ- R. To God tificat juventutem me- joiceth my you an.

P. Adjutorium nosa P. Our help trum in nomine Domini. name of the L R. Qui fecit cælum

R. Who ma et terram.

and earth. P. Confiteor Deo om- P. I confes nipotenti, &c.

mighty God, R. Misereatur tui om

R. May

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nipotens Deus, et dimis- God be merciful to thee, sis peccatis tuis, perdu- and forgiving thee thy cat te ad vitam æter- sins, bring thee to ever

lasting life. P. Amen.

P. Amen,
R. Confiteor Deo om- R. I confess to Al-
To let hipotenti, beatæ Mariæ mighty God, to blessed

semper Virgini, beato Mary, ever a Virgin,
Michaeli Archangelo, to blessed Michael the
beato, Joanni Baptistæ, Archangel, to blessed
sanctis Apostolis Petro John Baptist, to the holy
et Paulo, omnibus sanc- A posties Peter andPaul,
tis, et tibi Pater, quia to all the saints, and to
peccavi nimis cogita- you, Father, that I have
tione, verbo et opere, sinned exceedingly in
mea culpa, mea culpa, thought, word and deed,
mea maxima culpa. l- through my fault,

beatam Ma- through my fault, riam semper Virginem, through my most grievbeatum Michaelem ous fault. Therefore I Archangelum, beatum beseech the blessed MaJoannem Baptistam, ry, ever a Virgin, blesssanctos, Apostolos Pe- ed Michael the Archantruin et Paulum, omnes gel, blessed John Bapsanctos, et te Pater, ora- tist, the holy Apostles re pro me ad Dominum Peter and Paul, and all Deum nostrum.

the saints, and you, O Father, to pray to the

Lord our God for me. P. Misereatur vestri P. May Almighty God ornnipotens Deus, et di- be merciful unto you, missis peccatis vestris, and, forgiving you your perducat vos ad vitam sias, bring you to life æternam. R. Amen. everlasting. R. Amen. P. Indulgentian, ab

P. May the Almighli

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R. And grant

solutionem, et remissio- ty and merciful I nem peccatorum nostro- grant us pardon, ahi rum, tribuat nobis om- tion, and remissio nipotens et misericors our sios. R. Ame Dominus. R. Amen.

P. Deus tu conversus P. Thou, O Goi vivificabis pos.

ing turned toward

wilt enliven us. R. Et plebs tua læta

R. And thy p bitur in te.

will rejoice in the P. Ostende nobis, P. Shew


0 Domine, misericordiam thy mercy. tuam.

R. Et Salutare tuum da nobis.

salvation. P. Domine, exaudi P. O Lord he orationem meam. prayer.

R. Et clamor meus R. And let ad te veniat.

come unto thee P. Dominus vobis- P. The Lord

you. R. Et cum spiritu tuo. R. And with th

The Priest going up to the Allar, says, Aufer a nobis quæsumus Domine, iniquita- our iniquities, tes nostras : ut ad Sanc- seech thee, O LO ta Sanctorum, puris me- we may be wo reamur mentibus introi- enter with pure

Per Christum Do- into the Holy of minum nostrum. Amen. Thro'.

Amen. When come up to the Alter, boving down, tui Oramus te Domine

We beseech per merita sanctorum Lord, by the m tuorum, quorum reli- thy saints, who


Take away


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