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Jesus comes into his own country .
Teaches in a synagogue .
1 Whence hath this man this wisdom?
'Is not this the carpenter ?* .
Where a prophet is without honour
The cause of Jesus doing no mighty work
there —58 — 5,6 [Mk. 3. 5.]

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Herod's desire to see Jesus 9. 9

Conjectures respecting Jesus .... [16. U] 6. 15 [—8 ]

Herod's savins;, • It is John' . . . .14.2 — 16

Herod had laid hold on John . . . . — 3 17

Why John was apprehended . . . — 4 — 18, .9 [3. 19, 20]

Why his death had been delayed , . . — 5 — 20

The occasion on which John was slain . . — 6 — 21

The dancing girl — 6 — 22

The rash oath —7 — 23

The girl instructed by her mother . — 8 — 24, .5

The danger of evil company . . . . — 9 — 26

John beheaded — 10 — 27

His head presented to Herodias . . .—11 — 28

John's disciples bury him, and tell Jesus . — 12 — 29

Upon the return of the apostles, they are taken by Jesus apart to {he desert of Bethsaida; the multitudes follow them thither; five thousand men, besides women and children, are fed with five loaves of bread and two fishes. Matt. xiv. 13—21. Mark vi. 30—44. Luke ix. 10—.7. John vi. I—13. Desert of Bethsaida in Decapolis. p. 309—.16.

(6.13, .4.

First calledApostles,L\i,
[Mk. 3.».]

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The apostles return from their mission
Jesus invites them to a desert place
They go by ship, many follow on foot .
Jesus compassionates the multitudes .
■ speaks to Philip of providing bread

• is advised to send the people away

says, * Give ye them to eat *

Their stock of provisions
Arrangements for feeding the people
They all eat, and are filled
Twelve baskets of fragments taken up
The number fed 5,000, Sec.

SECTION XLI.—Jesus Dismisses His Disciples To Capernaum. Avoids The Multitude. Walks Upon The Water. Matthew xiv. 22—33. Mark vi. 45—52. John vi. 14—21. p. 317—.21.

No. 41. Jesus dismisses his disciples. Matt. xiv. 22—.4. Mk. vi. 45—.7. Jno. vi. 14—.7.

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Jesus walks upon the water, and empowers Peter to do the same: the ship in which the disciples were is miraculously transported across the lake. Matthew xiv. 25—33. Mark vi. 48—52. John vi. 18—21. p. 319—.21.

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SECTION XLII. — Jesus Returns Through The Region Op Gennesaret To Capernaum: The Multitude, Which Had Been Left On The Other Side Of The Lake, Also Return To Capernaum In Quest Of Jesus.

No. 41, continued. Matt. xiv. 34—.6. Mark vi. 53—.6. John vi. 22—.4. p. 322, .3.

3 [5. 1 6. 17]

Jesus and disciples come into land of Genn. 14.34

The people know him — 35

They gather to him all who are diseased — 35

These, by touching his garment, are healed — 36

The people who had been fed follow him

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SECTION XLIII.—Discourse Which Ensued With The Multitude In The SynaGogue Of Capernaum: Many Of The Disciples Being Offended Thereby, Jesus Tries The Faith Of The Twelve; And A Year Before The Event, Foretells His Own Betrayal By One Of Them. John vi. 25—71. p. 325—.35.

No. 42. Jesus discourses of the bread of life.
— — — 6. 25,

Those who had been fed find Jesus
Their worldly motives . . •

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For what men should labour

The sealed of the Father

They ask, * What shall we do ? * .

Jesus points out the work of God .

They ask, ' What sign shewest thou P ' .

Our fathers were given bread from heaven

He who gave manna now gives the true bread

'Life unto the world'

'Lord, evermore give us this bread'

Jesus is 'the bread of life'

The Jews saw, jet believed not
Who they are that come to Jesus .

Whence and wherefore Jesus had come

Of such as are given to Christ

They will be raised up at the last day .

The'Jews, being disappointed, murmur

Their Ignorance of whence Jesus came

Jesus alludes to bis words, ver. 39, 40

Those taught of God come to Christ .

Who hath seen the Father

The bread of life and the manna contrasted

The Jews cannot understand

Christ the true passover ....

Such as have eter. life [ver. 27, 40,63, ch. 4.14'

Excellence of the bread of lite [Juo. 14. 21'

Not as their fathers ate .
'An hard saying; who can bear it ? * .
Jesus' pro-existence and future ascension
Feeding on Jesus' words we have life ,
Jesus* foreknowledge as to Judas—comp

ver. 71, and Jno. 2. 24, .5
Those given of the Father come, &c. .
Man v forsake Jesus ....

To the twelve—' Will ye also go away?'
Peter's answer and confession . [Bit. 14. 3!
Jesus speaks of Judas Iscariot the betrayer

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{Grestcell, Vol. IV. Part II. pp. 744—-6.)

Vision of the angel to Zacharias, Thursday, Oct. 5 6 Birth of John Baptist, Saturday, October b ; Circumcision, October 12 &

Birth of Christ, Saturday, April i,Nisan 10 .... 4

Circumcision of Jesus, Saturday, April 12 ih.

Presentation in the Temple, Friday, Hay 16 •••• lb.

Arrival of the Magi, about August 2 lb.

Flight of the Holy Family to Egypt, about Aug. 9 ib. Return from Egypt, about March 31 3

Visit of Jesus to Jerusalem, in his twelfth year Passover, April t* 8

Beginning of the ministry of Jobo, Monday .Oct. 5 26

Baptism of Jesus Christ, end of January 37

Beginning of the ministry of Jesus Christ, and first cleanslug of the Temple, Monday, April 5, Nisan 10 ib.

First Passover, Friday, April 9 ib.

Arrival of Jesus at Sychar, Thursday, May 13 .. lb.

Imprisonment of John, Sunday, May 16 ib.

First (bast of Pentecost, Sunday, Mxy 30 lb.

Call of the four disciples, Friday. June 4 ........ ib.

Beginning of the ministry at Capernaum, Saturday, June & lb.

Commencement of the first circuit of Galilee, Sunday, June 6 ib.

First feast of Tabernacles, Monday, October 4 .. ib.

Two hundred and twentieth sabbatic year, seedtime or autumn ib.

First feast of EncamUt, Sunday, December 13 .. ib.

M trade at the Pool of Bethesda, Sat urday, March 3d, Nisan 10 +2S;

Second Passover, Wednesday, March 39 Ih.

WaUting through the corn-fields, Saturday,April 1 ib. j

First partial circuit of Galilee ib.

Second Feast of Pentecost, Friday, May 19 ib. |

Ordination of the Twelve Ib.

Second general cireuit of Galilee ib.

Second feast of Tabernacles, Saturday, Sept. 33. ib. I

Death of John Baptist 28

Third general circuit of Galilee ib.

Second feast of Dedication, Friday, December 1. lb.

Mission of the Twelve, February 29

Second partial cireuit of Galilee ib.

First miracle of feeding, Thursday, April S .... ib. Discourse in the synagogue at Capernaum, Saturday, April 7 • ib.

Third Passover, Monday, April 16 ib.

Confession of Peter, Sunday, May 20 lb.

Transfiguration, Sunday, May 27 ib.

Thirdfeastof Pentecost, Wednesday, June6.... ib. Third feast of Tabernacles, Thursday, Oct. 11.. ib. Appearance of Jesus at the feast, Monday, Oct. lb ib. Miracle on the blind man, Thursday, October 18 ib. Third feast of Dedication, Wednesday, Dec. 19.. ib. Raising of Lazarus, and retreat to Ephraim, Jan. 30 Return to Capernaum, and mission of the

Seventy, February ib.

Fourth general circuit of Galilee, March ib.

Passage through Jericho, Friday, March 29 ib.

Arrival at Bethany, Nisan 8, Saturday, March 30 ib.

Unction at Bethany, Saturday, March 30 ib.

Resort of the Jews to Bethany, Sunday, Nisan 9,

March 31 ft

Procession to the Temple, afternoon of Monday,

Nisan 10, April 1 ft.

Second cleansing of the Temple, morning of

Tuesday, Nisan It, April 3 ft.

Close of our Lord's public ministry, evening* of

Wednesday, Nisan 12, Aprils ft.

Prophecy on the Mount of Olives ft.

Compact of Judas with the Sanhedrim ft.

Celebration of the last supper, nightofThursday,

Nisan 14, April 4 ft.

Fourth Passover, and Passion of Jesus, Friday,

Nisan It, April & ft.

Resurrection of Jesus, Sunday, Nisan 16, April 7 ft. Ascension into heaven, Thursday, Z if or Jar 26,

May 16 _ a


Hebrew Gospel of St. Matthew

Greek Gospel of St. Matthew Rome ...

Gospel of St. Mark Rome ...

Gospel of St. Luke Roeae ...

Gospel of St. John Ephesus .

• "The date adopted in the margin of the authorised English version of the Script ores fixes the creation of the world at 4004 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. The chronology of that version was settled bv Dr. Williams Lloyd. Bishop of St. Asaph; it is a modification of Archbishop Usher's chronology, w ho follows the computation of the Hebrew Bible, and fixes the creation of the world at 4000 years bcfSre the birth of Christ. The chronology followed here is that of Bishop Uojd, which is that most generally received.

t This year was intercalated one day.

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