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chefe errors are few, and probably not more numerous than in Dictionaries of a larger size, and greater price. The accents on the foreign words, on the names of heathen deities, &c. are more exact. On the whole, we think this an useful and elegant compilation. Baron Munchausen's Narrative of his marvellous Travels and Cam

paigns in Ruffia. Small 8vo. Is. Smith. This is a satirical production, calculated to throw ridicule on the bold assertions of some parliamentary declaimers. If rant may be best foiled at its own weapons, the author's design is not ill-founded; for the marvellous has never been carried to a more whimsical and ludicrous extent,

The Case of Major John Savage. Svo: 25. Nicholls. In this pamphlet, major Savage gives an account of his employment under government, during lord North's administration, in the recruiting fervice in Germany. He claims a reimbursement of his expences, and a compensation for his services, which, it seems, he never has received. On what account a requisition so reasonable should be denied, we do not know; but humanity induces us to wish, that a case which is represented as fo unjust and oppreslive, should meet with a fair investigation. New Annals of Gallantry. 8vo.

Randall. A collection from the General Advertiser relative to the unfortunate incident in captain 1's family. It is entirely foreign to the province of criticism, and merits only our sym: pathy for the captain's domestic unhappiness.


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CORRESPOND E N C Ė. IN our review of Mr. Moss's Medical Survey of Liverpool, we aimed at giving a candid and impartial account; nor at this moment are we aware that we have misunderstood his design, unless there be


hinted at. We cannot follow him through all his animadversions ; but shall select those which militate against our conduct. He seems averse to allowing the utility and importance of mechanical asistance,' in measuring the heat or the weight of the air. He has great authorities on bis fide, and we are not without them on our's. It must not, however, be decided by these, but by experiment; and, as the attention of physicians have been lately directed to this point, we may have an opportunity of enlarging on it.

We might amuse ourselves by one passage in his Letter, where he says, our bills of mortality take not in the births (which I suppose you mean for deaths) and give only the num. ber of burials. We never knew of any other meaning for bills of MORTALITY, but what we have given. We hope the copperworks are more diftant than the opposite island, otherwise there


may be ftill danger from infection. The size of the town, and the fluctuating number of inhabitants, can be no objection to a calculation of its population ; and this may be easily made from the number of deaths, though not with the nicest accuracy.

Though we alledged that no circum itances, actually confidered independent of their effects, could explain the salubrity of any place, yet we meant not to cart a damp' on similar en: quiries. If Mr. Moss' will compare the first part of his Letter with the middle, he will find, that he has contended for the position, which he afterwards fears may, when we more clearly explained it, impede medical enquiries. · We cannot enter on the subject of ale, diet, or sheumatisms; as we spoke, on mature consideration, and without the slightest influence, we are not disposed to retract our.censure. At the fame time, we must allow Mr. Moss both good temper and candour. We regret only that, at our distance, and in our fituation, it is not easy to enter into a friendly examination of these very doubtful subjects, on which it is no disgrace to our author that we differ froin him. He cannot think it any imputation, that remarks of fu little extent, on subjects of such magnitude, Thould be necessarily • imperfect.'

WE are obliged to the gentleman who, fearing that we may be too busy, or distrusting our impartiality, has kindly reviewed his own work. We must beg leave to inform him, that every attempt of this kind we reject with indignation : if it be again Tepeated, we shall mention the name of the person who appears meanly to thrink from a fair examination.

OUR • Anonymous' Friend seems a little hypercritical in his language. If we deduct errors, 'what must remain? We prefume, merit.

We do not believe Mr. Hume a sophist, who was not him. self a convert; but we know that he did not aim at making disciples among the forward and ignorant; and that he pure posely kept his writings from their view, by the intricacy of fome of his disquisitions. The confusion in his definitions, we own, could not be designed for this purpose; but the errors in these preliminary steps may have mified himself. The attention of such candid correspondents we shall always consider as a favour, and their approbation as our greatest reward.

WE fully agree with our correspondent who styles himself • Neither a Parlon nor a Methodist. Must he be either, to countenance profaneness? The play alluded to is, however, the • Critic, not the School for Scandal.'


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treatise on,


Bannister's view of the arts and sci-

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death of,

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stranger, narrative of facts re-
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of Devon,


Cbaracter of the late lord viscount
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of, 221-Oracle concerning, 314 Chauncy's (Dr.) benevolence of the
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the fall,

ence of the moon in fevers, 287 Cheltenbam waters, enquiry into the
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VOL. LX. Dec. 1785.








matus, 126


159 Discourse on suicide, 312- Upon re-
Choleric fathers, the,
393 pentance,

Coristianity, dissertations on the evi. Difertations on the internal evidences
dences of,

of christianity,

Clronicle of the times, oriental, 309 Dobson's medical commentary on fixed
Claims of the Britiih feamen to a more

equal distribution of prize-money, Dream, the royal,

ibid. Drinkwater's history of the fiege of
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Dictionary (a general) of the English of Cheltenham water,


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Directions for impregnating Buxton amending the reprefentation in par-
water with gaffes,

468 liament, 152--Of the propofal for
Disbanded subaltern, 2d. ed.

142 liquidating the national debt, 226

n to






1 F.

Glandular disease of Barbadoes, re. Fables, moral,

230 marks on Dr. Hendy's description Falconer's edition of Dobson's com

of the,

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393 Great Britain, retrospective view of Favourites of felicity,

233 of the increasing number of the Female aeronaut, the, 313-Monitor, standing army of, 389- Collection


of treaties between, and other pow. Fever (low contagious), observations

390 on the.,

223 Gregory's essays historical and moral, 37 Fevers, on the influence of the moon Guardian, the duped,

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H. Flea, memoirs of a,

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236 Fléchere's la grace & la nature, 334 Hampshire (New), history of, 238 Force of love, the,

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lutions, 78—Reply to Mr. Pitt, on air in mortifications of the extrethe fourth proposition of the Irish mities, system,

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103 G.

History of the English larv, vol II. 83. Gaelic proverbs, collection of,


Of the practice of trepanning the Gallantry, new annals of,


skull, 158_Of New Hampshire, Gardening, planting and ornamental, 238–Of the Westminster election,

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-Dictionary of the English lan- siege of Gibraltar, 350 – Of the guage,

wars in Scotland,

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477 ---'s (Wn.) reply to fir Lucius

1. J. O‘Brien,

389 Impartial sketch of the debate in the Gibraltar, history of the fiege of, 350 house of commons in Ireland, 306 Gilpin's (Wm.) life of archbishop Incendiaries, the pious, Cranmer,

130 Inchbald's (Mrs.) appearance is against (1.) translation of Fletcher's them,

393 ode on the peace of 1783, 469

li 2



small pox,

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