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thee, give me that dụe fenfe of all thy mercies, that my heart may be unfeignedly thankful, and that I may shew forth thy praise, not only with my lips, but in my life, by giving up myself to thy service, and by walking before thee in holiness and righteousness all my days, thro' Jesus Christ our Lord; to whom with thee and the holy ghost, be all honour and glory world without end. Amen.

The END. is

For preferring the NEW Whole Duty of Man, which

treats of the Faith as well as PRACTICE of a Chris ftian, to the OLD.Whole Duty of Man, which treats of

the moral DUTIES only. By the following Specimen of 150 Defeats in the Old Whole Duty of Man, and which are supplied in the New Wbole Duty of Man; It may be observed, that those with a [*] before them, the Church of England bas declared, and maintains to be esentially necessary to salvation ; and of these Defects, there are no less than severteen in the following specimen only.

For farther satisfaction, see the PREFACE to the New Whole Duty of Man; and at the end of it the TESTIMONI ES from Scripture, the Liturgy, Articles, Homilies, ard Writings of several of the moff learned and pią ous Biskops, and eminent DIVINES of the CHURCH OF ENGLAND,

PROVING, That the Old Whole Duty of Man was very improperly : so called, and dangerously received under that title; because the ArtiCLes of the christian faith are entirely omitted in that Book; and without faith in those Articles, the most diligent practice of the Duties there treat, d of, is not sufficient to secure to a christian his eternal salvation.

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Heads Wanting in the OLD Whole Duty of Man,
In our duty to GOD. necefsity of believing a divine reve

of a divine revelationi.

2. Of the truth and excellency of the reasonableness, cer- christianity. How it may be pro. tainty, excellency, and ved from history, prophecy, mi




racles, and by internal and exter-125: Of the communion of saints.

Of its infallibility and members, aal evidences.

27. * Of fin; and when its forgive. of faitb, &c.

ness is effectual thro' Chrift. 3. * Of the christian faith in one God 28. * Of the resurrection of our bo

and three persons, the father, son, dies, proved by reason and factsin and holy ghoft.

the Old and New Testament. The necessity of this belief, in 29. * Of its certainty, univerfality, order to obtain salvation.

of the reward to the good, and pus. Of the creation of the world, and nishment to the wicked, God's providence.

30. Of the folly of atheism; and the 6. Why God is called father and al- case of atheists. mighty.

31. * Of the life everlasting. 7. Why Jesus Christ is called our 32. Of the self-condemnation of the • Lord,

wicked; and of their eternal pu. 8. Of the reasonableness of the be- nishment. lief in the trinity.

33. God's justice vindicated in pu9. * Of faith in Jesus Christ, as God nishing the wicked eternally. and man.

34. There can be no excuse for fin. 20. * Of his incarnation and birth. 35. Of the truth and excellency of 11.

* Of his sufferings and cruci- the doctrines of christianity. fixion,

36. The truth of the christian reli* Of his human nature,

gion not affected by religious dif. 13. Of the benefit, use, and neceffi- putes. ty of this faith.

37. Religion, originally, neither the 14. * Of his death, burial, and de- effect of fear, education, or state fcent into hell.

policy 15.

* Of his resurrection from the 38. Why the Lord's fupper was ordead.

dained by Chrift. 16. * Of his ascension; thewing 39: Of the satisfaction that is necel

why it was in the fight of his dir. sary to find acceptance of our re

ciples, and not of all the Jews. pentance before God. 17. * Of his being our advocate and 40. The obligation of an oath. interceffor.

41. Of cursing. 18. * Of his coming again, and ap- 42. Of making vows.

pointment by the father to be the 43. Of the object of our prayers ;

judge of both men and angels. and of their power and efficacy. 19. Of a particular and general 44. The common objections against judgment.

prayer answered. xo. of the reasonableness of a last 45. of repentance, and when it is judgment.

effectual. 21. Of the degrees of rewards and 46. The danger of delaying repenpunishments.

tance, 22. * Of faith in the holy ghost. 47. Of purgatory. 23. Of his peculiar office, and man- 48. Of works of supererogation, ner of working in us.

149. Of the fast of lent,'. · 24. * Of the holy catholic, or uni- 50. Of a sacrament,

versal church, and its being a state 51. The case of unbaptized personsa of salvation.

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In'our duty to our Neighbour.[74. The duty of a friend; and of

partaking of other men's fins.

HE duty of princes.

75. Of the qualifications requisite in

The duty to civil magi- friendship.

76. Of the choice of company, and
54: The duty of civil magiftrates its importance to youth.

hoth to king and people. 77. The duty of servants, shewing
55. In wbat manner the civil magi- that servitude is of God's apo
ftrate is to be punished.

pointment for the public good.
56. Ofthe christian priesthood, and 78. The advantages of servitude.

the clergy's great service to man-79. There is no such distinction in

57. Why it was ordained.

80. Of duelling.
58. Is of God's appointment ; ho- 81. Of murder that may be com-

nourable, and must not be con- mitted in word and thought.

82. The case of Abrabam offering his
59. What is required of those that son Isaac, not to be imitated,
enter into holy orders.

83. In what case killing is not mur.
bo. Of the superior education of the


84. Of self-murder by melancholy
61. Of the behaviour due to thote persons, and by condemned pri-
that set a bad example.

62. The reasons of the contempt of 8s. Self-murder is infamous, and to
the clergy

be abhorred.
63. The advantage of doing our du- 86. Its causes, danger, and means to
ty to the ministers of God's word prevent it.
and sacraments,

87. The deceit and fin of borrowing
64. Of the king's supremacy in ec- on bad securities; of putting off
'clesiastical affairs, and power to bad money; of engrossing, and of
punish evil ministers.

trading in evil-gotten goods.
65. The king cannot invade the 88. Ol vexatious law-luits, and of
priest's office.

defrauding creditors by protecti-
66, The duty of children in regard ons and frauds.

to quarrels or contention between 89. Of the advantages of fair dealing.
their parents,

90. The method to prevent censo.
67. When they may go to law with riousness.

a parent; and in what manner. 91. The folly of promising what is
68. The duty of parents in regard to not in our power to perform.

the portioning their children. 92. Of avoiding fattery.
69. Whether they may difinherit 93. Of equivocation.

their children ; and in what cases. 94. Of repeating a lye.
70. The duty of a wife in regard to 95. Of jocose jests.

96. Of admonition and reproof, how
71. How the may secure her hus- to be given to an obstinate finner,
band's affections.

in the case of intemperance, in
72, How to behave to an adulter- time of sickness, and imprisonment

ous husband; and how to reclaim and persecution,

97. How to prosecute an offender,
73. The advantage of her meekness and a debtor,
to herfelf,

98, Whe

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98. Who is an unmerciful creditor. 124. Of innocent appetites, and their
99. We are not to be charitable by great advantage.
unjust gain, nor to the prejudice 125. Of good and bad zeal.
of our creditors.

126. Of christian zeal, how to be

practised, and when it is abused.
In our duty to Ourselves. 127. Of the certainty and uncertain.

ty of death,
100. F the government of our 128. It is advantageous to man,

and a token of God's wisdom and
101. In what their liberty and mo- goodness,
rality confift.

129. What influence a meditation
102. The various methods of go- on death Mould have upon us,
verning them.

130. How to number our days.
103. Of self-conceit, its bad confe-

131. Of repentancc before death.
quences, and how it may be 132. Of habitual preparation for

104. Of passionate people.

133. Of the best preparation for it.
jog. Of idleness.
106. It is the fountain of poverty.

134, How this preparation is hine

107. It is the root of all evil,
108. It is dangerous to servants, and

135. Of a just disposal of our world-
to tradesmen in particular.

ly affairs.

136. Of a difregard of the world; of
109. It is the parent of enthusiasm.

patience in sickness; and of súb-
110. It is the bane of religion and mission to the will of God.

137. Of the advice and assistance of
111. Of the blessings of industry. a minister.
112. How far the devil has a power 138. In what the death of the righe
to tempt man.

teous consists.
113. How to guard against tempta- 139. Of the shortnefs of human life.

140. In what the life of man con.
114. Of drinking spirituous liquors.

115. How they are destructive to our 141. Of the advantage of piety,

142. Of the disadvantages of a long
116. Of spending our time.

117. Of refreshments and recreati. 143. Of.a middle state.,
118. Of chearfulness and melan- 144. Of the danger and folly of a

mir-fpent life.

145. Directions for a holy life.
119. Of the danger and finfulness of 146. Why death is so dreadful to hu,
excess in apparel.

man nature.
120. Of christian fortitude and pa- 147. How the fear of death may be

121. "It is necessary in all states and 148. Why men desire to live long.

Of the height of christian per-
122. Of impatienco, its consequen-


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ces, and means to overcome it.

150. Its comfort to the soul of a dy.
123. Of self-denial or mortification.

ing person,


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