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The order followed has been generally that of the texts : in one or two instances this has been, for obvious reasons, disregarded. The three Sermons, on “ Christ's Miracles,” “ Christ's Parables,” and “Death and Salvation," have, from an oversight, been placed before those on “John the Baptist,” “ Zaccheus,” and “ The Second Birth.” Of the Sermon on “Death and Salvation,” it may be necessary to explain, that it was preached on the occasion of the death of a pupil, whose last illness is the subject of several letters in July, September, and October 1835, in the first volume of the “Life and Correspondence.”

It is not, of course, possible, that sermons preached often at long intervals of time, and upon no preconceived plan, should present his views as a whole, or on every part of Scripture in due proportion. In some instances, also, this want of proportion has been accidentally increased. For instance, several Sermons on Prophecy, which I have reason to think he had selected for future publication, are missing : and the two printed Sermons on Prophecy, which would otherwise have appeared here in their proper place, have been accidentally reprinted in the fourth edition of the first volume of Sermons.

The Note on Prophecy, which appears at the end of the volume, is extracted from the original work on that subject, of which the general sub

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ing the principles there laid down.

The seven Sermons on the Epistle to the Ro-
mans, which follow, were preached at Laleham in
1827. The difference of style, and, in some re-
spects, of thought, from the later Sermons, seemed
to require their transference to another part of
the volume. But I have ventured to publish them,
both in fulfilment of an intention which was once
expressed by my husband himself, and as the most
continuous exposition of any large portion of the
Scriptures which remains among his writings.

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