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Manner* ^a-tanjf ordinary Gi$aei$ t»a# be enabj^ijtof ^ppfehfed the D$ift;<arid Dd&gn of the Holy ScripUstesJ.* tipon jaH-OceaiiQns; either w#i§n they peruse them at home* ophety others read them by small P#t*|afc>ns; at a time, in the Pialms a«d Lesions appointed for the daily Service of the Temple.

For whatever Dangers and Difficulties may have been furmis'd, as attending the Study of them, the whole Scope of the lacred Writings, from the Beginning to the End, ap-* pears evidently to be but this one, ThrS^dvatim^of, Mankind througM


//r#-s Christ. f' IVhich bein^atf $M|t^o»1f fey'sl }*r©]per Fafehy and ^g^is^ral li&;'the '£#/« courts nothing fcut what - re^ fefoo otte or -the Other of thefe} nothing but Genealogies, Types, Predictions, and Demonstrations, eba^ cerning the M E S S I A H; and Institutions, Precepts, Exhortations, and Examples, for living righteously.

Therefore, that I might not burden, either the Reader or my felf, with more than was necessary, and perhaps safe upon this Occasion, I be omitted consulting any of those roy learned Authors who have written professedly upon the fame Sub'' a I ject,

jcct, except Sigonius; and him, more for Method than any thing'else; keeping as close as possible to the express Sense and Meaning of the Scriptures; which I take to be the best, if not the only allowable Interpreters of what themselves contain*

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Sect. I. The Origin of the People of Gcd. page i

II. Whence called Hebrews. ^ 6

III. Whence called Israelites. 11

IV. Whence called Jews. 20
V. The Rise of the Samaritans. 22


Sect. I. The Law. 2?

II. The Ten Commandments. 28

III. Further Particulars of the Law. 3d

IV. How the Law was to be taught. 33

V. How the Law came to le neglecled 36 VI. The Observance of the Law revived 39

VII. The Law in a languishing State, at

Christ's coming into the World. 41

VIII. The Law fulfill'd by Christ. 43


Sect. I. Their Form of Government. 46

II. First, an Aristocracy. 47

III. Afterwards, a Monarchy. 50

IV. Other Partiadarsof their Government. 55
V. Of the Strangers, or Proselytes. 58


Sect. I. The Holy-Land. 62

II. The Metropolis of the Holy-Land. 64.

III. Erst Shiloh. 66

IV. Afterwards, Jerusalem. 68

V. The Babylonish Captivity. 75
VI. Their Return to their own Land. j6


Sect.. I. Their Religious Affairs. jy

H. rlaces of 'Worship. 78
a III. Tht

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