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To all devout Christians.
E pleased to observe, that the preference, which

the truly pious and judicious have given to this New Week's Preparation, has lately tempted several Booksellers to reprint Keble's Old Week's Preparation, with an Engraved Title-page, and a New Print before it, so as to make that Old Book somewhat refemble this New Week's Preparation to the eye of the purchaser: and therefore the public are desired to be careful, that they have not that Old Book imposed upon them for the future, instead of this New Week's Preparation, which is published by the King's Authority, and is, by Assignment from the Executors of the late Mr. Wicksteed, printed ONLY

for John Hinton, at the King's Arms, in Newgate in Street, LONDON.

Beware also of a Book intitled, The New Week's Preparation for the woriby receiving of the Lord's Supper, IMPROVED, &*c. (pretended to be printed at GLASGOW, LONDON, and several other Places) which for some Time past has been fold in and abeidt MANCHESTER, and has been published, as it is presuniec, with the same lucrative Views, as that above mentionedo

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