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Of speaking with

Cliap. xiv.

different tongues. ye utter by the tongue words with tongues more than you easy to be understood, how all : shall it be known what is spok 19 Yet in the church I had en? for ye shall speak into rather speak five words with the air.

my understanding, that by my 10 There are, it may be, voice I might teach others also many kinds of other voices so, than ten thousand words in in the world, and none of them an unknown tongue. is without signification.

20 Brethren, be not chil. 11 Therefore, if I know dren in understanding; hownot the meaning of the voice, beit, in malice be ye children; I shall be unto him that speaks but in understanding be men. eth a barbarian, and he that 21 In the law it is written, speaketh shall be a barbarian With men of other tongues and unto me.

other lips will I speak unto 12 Even so ye, forasmuch this people; and yet for all as ye are zealous of spiritual that will they not hear me, gifts, seek that ye may excel saith the Lord. to the edifying of the church. 22 Wherefore tongues are

13 Wherefore let him that for a sign, not to them that speaketh in unknown believe, but to them that betongue, pray that he may in- lieve not ; but prophesying terpret.

serveth not for them that be14 For if I pray in an un- lieve not, but for them which known tongue, my spirit pray. believe. eth, but my understanding is 23 If, therefore, the whole unfruitful.

church be come together into 15 What is it then ? I will one place, and all speak with pray with the spirit, and I will tongues, and there come in pray with the understanding those that are unlearned, or also ? I will sing with the unbelievers, will they not say spirit, and I will sing with the that ye are mad ? understanding also.

24 But if all prophesy, and 16 Else, when thou shalt there come in one that believe bless with the spirit, how shall eth not, or one unlearned, he he that occupieth the room of is convinced of all, he is judg. the unlearned say Amen, at ed of all : thy giving of thanks, seeing 25 And thus are the secrets he understandeth not what of his heart made manifest; thou sayest ?

and so, falling down on his 17 For thou, verily, givest face, he will worship. God, thanks well, but the other is and report that God is in you not edified.

of a truth. 18 I thank my God, I speak 26 How is it then, brethren?



Women not to I. Corinthians. speak at church. when ye come together, every bands at home; for it is a one of yon hath a psalm, hath shame for women to 'speak in a doctrine, hath a tongue, hath the church.

5 a revelation, hath an inter 36 What! came the word Ce pretation. Let all things be of God out from you ? or came done unto edifying. it unto you only?

of a 27 If any man speak in an . 37 If'any man think

himself unknown tongue, let it be by to be a prophet, or spiritual, par two, or at the most by three, let him aeknowledge that the and that by course; and let things that I write unto you one interpret.

are the commandments of the oli 28 But if there be no inter- Lord. preter, let him keep silence in 38 But if any man be ignothe church; and let him speak rapt, let him be ignorant. to himself, and to God.

39 Wherefore, brethren, 29 Let the prophets speak covet to prophesy, and forbid two or three, and let the other not to speak with tongues

.. ap judge.

40 Let all things be done 30 If any thing be revealed decently, and in order. to another that sitteth by, let the first hold his peace.


1 31 For ye may all prophesy i By Christ's resurrection, 12 one by one, that all inay learn, he proveth the necessity of and all may be comforted. our resurrection :

bon 32 And the spirits of the

fruits, 35 end, manner of the prophets are subject to the them ; 52 and of the change prophets.

of them that shall be alive 33 For God is not the author then. of confusion, but of peace, as

MOREOVER, brethren, I in all churches of the saints. declare unto you the Gospel

, 34 Let your women keep which I preached unto you, silence in the churches; for it which 'also ye have received, ed is not permitted unto them to land wherein ye stand ; speak; but they are command 2 By which also ye are the ed to be under obedience, as saved, if ye keep in memory also saith the law.b

what I preached unto you, un$35 And if they will learn any less ye have believed in vain. thing, let them ask their hus 3 For I delivered unto you, 0)

first of all, that which I also b Saith the law, Gen. iii. 16. In chapter xi. Paul reproved women for for our sins, according to the

received, how that Christ died the manner of their praying and prophesying in the church; in this chap.

scriptures; he wholly disapproves the act, as it

4 And that he was buried, is unbecoming

and that he rose again the


21 the

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Of the

Chap. xv.

resurrection. third day, according to the false witnesses of God; bescriptures;

eause we have testified of God, 5 And that he was seen of that he raised


Christ; Cephas,a then of the twelve. whom he raised not up, if so

6 After that, he was seen be that the dead rise not. of above five hundred brethren 16 For if the dead rise not, at once; of whom the greater then is not Christ raised. part remain unto this present, 17 And if Christ be not but some are fallen asleep. , raised, your faith is vain; ye

7 After that he was seen are yet in your sins. of James; then of all the a 18 Then they also which postles.

are fallen asleep in Christ are 8 And last of all he was perished. seen of me also, as of one born 19 If in this life only we out of due time.

have hope in Christ, we are of 9 For I am the least of the all men inost miserable. apostles, that am not meet to 20 But now is Christ risen be called an apostle, because I from the dead, and become the persecuted the church of God. first-fruits of there that slept.

10 But by the grace of God 21 For since by man came I am what I am; and his death, by man came also the grace which was bestowed upon resurrection of the dead. me, was not in vain; but I la 22 Foræ in Adam all die, boured more abundantly than even so in Christ shall all be they all; yet not I, but the made alive. grace of God which was with 23 But every man in his

own order; Christ the first11 Therefore, whether it fruits; afterward they that were I or they, so we preach, are Christ's at his coming. and so ye believed.

24 Then cometh the end, 12 Now, if Christ he preach- when he shall have delivered ed that he rose from the dead, up the kingdom to God, even how say some among you, that the Father; when he shall there is no resurrection of the have put down all rule, and dead ?

all authority and power. 13 But if there be no resur 25 For he must reign, till rection of the dead, then is he hath put all enemies under Christ not risen.

his feet. 14 And if Christ be not ris 26 The last enemy thet shall en, then is our preaching vain, be destroyed is death. and your

faith is also vain. 27 For he hath put all 15 Yea, and we are found things under his feet. But Cephas, Peter.

when he saith, All things are * This present time.

put upder him, it is manifest


The fruit and manner I. Corinthians. of our resurrection. that he is excepted, which did eth it me if the dead rise not? put all things ander him. let us eat and drink; for to

28 And when all things morrow we die. shall be subdued unto him, 33 Be not deceived; evil then shall the Son also him: communications corrupt good self be subject unto him, that manners. put all things under him, that 34 Awake to righteousness, God may be all in all.

and sin not; for some have not 29 Else what shall they do the knowledge of God; I speak which are baptized for the this to your shame. dead,c if the dead rise not at 35 But some man will say, all ? why are they then bap- How are the dead raised up? tized for the dead?

and with what body do they 30 And why stand we in come ? jeopardy every houred

36 Thou fool, that which 31 ! protest by your rejoic- thou sowest is not quickened, ing which I have in Christ except it die. Jesus our Lord, I die daily.e 37 And that which thou

32 If after the manner of sowest, thou sowest not that men I have fought with beasts body, that shall be, but bare at Ephesus,f what advantag- grain, g it may chance of

wheat, or of some other grain: c Being baptized for the dead, it is supposed may signify, immersed in,

38 But God giveth it a body · or exposed to, sufferings, & to death, as it håth pleased him, and to for believing and testifying the rese every seed his own body. urrection of the dead. Our Lord calls 39 All flesh is not the same his sufferings and death, a baptism, flesh ; but there is one kind of see Luke xii. 5o. and Matt. XI. 23. flesh of men, another flesh of The apostle's reasoning here seems to be this; What benefit can they ever

beasts, another of tishes, and receive, who are baptized for the dead, another of birds. or who suffer death, for believing 40 There are also celestial and testifying the resurrection of the bodies, and bodies terrestrial; dead, if there be no resurrection, af- but the glory of the celestialis ter which they may be rewarded ? d Jeopardy, danger. Why do we

one, and the glory of the ter

restrial is another. expose ourselves to death every hour by preaching this doctrine ? 41 There is one glory of the

e By my boasting concerning you, for your faith in Christ Jesus, I am ther acquitted, or reserved for anin danger of death daily.

other trial, as the nature of the of of Fought with beasts, &c. Un- fence might be. It is probable that der the Roman emperors one mode Paul here alludes to a contest of this of punishing condemned criminals, kind, in which he had been obliged was, to expose them to fight for their

to engage. lives with ferocious wild beasts. If

8. Bare grain, naked, without stalk, they killed the beast, they were ei- blade, or ear.

Our victory
Chap. xv.

over death. sun, and another glory of the 49 And as we have borne moon, and another

glory of the the image of the earthy, we stars; for one star differeth shall also bear the image of from another star in glory.

the heavenly. 42 So also is the resurrec 50 Now this I say, brethtion of the dead; it is sown in ren, that flesh aud blood cancorruption, it is raised in in- not inherit the kingdom of corruption :

God; neither doth corruption 43 It is sown in dishonour, inherit incorruption. it is raised in glory; it is sown

51 Behold, I shew you a in weakness, it is raised in mystery ; We shall not all power :

sleep, k but we shall all be 44 It is sown a natural changed, body, it is raised a spiritual 52 In a moment, in the body. There is a natural body, twinkling of an eye, at the and there is a spiritual body. last trump; (for the trumpet

45 And so it is written,h shall sound ;) and the dead The first man Adam was inade shall be raised incorruptible, a living soul, the last Adami and we shall be changed. was made a quickening spirit.

53 For this corruptible : 46 Howbeit, that was not must put on incorruption, and first which is spiritual, but this mortal must put on imthat which is natural; and af- mortality. terward that which is spiritual. 54 So when this corrupti

47 The first man is of the ble shall have put on incorearthearthy; the second man ruption, and this mortal shall is the Lord from heaven. have put on immortality, then

48 As is the earthy, such shall be brought to pass the are they also that are earthy; saying that is written, l Death and as is the heavenly, such is swallowed up in victory, are they also that are heaven 55 0 deathwhere is thy ly.j

sting? O grave! where is thy b It is written Gen. ii. 7.

victory ? m i Christ is called the last Adam, because believers receive their sanctifi

k We, the righteous, shall not all die ; ed, spiritual nature, & their immor. but such of us, as shall be alive at the tal bodies from him, as mankind have coming of Christ, shall be changed; derived their corrupt nature, & mortal that is, our earthy, corruptible body bodies from the first Adam.

shall be changed into a spiritual, in-, j As the earthy man Adam was

corruptible body. after the fall, such also earthy men,

| That is written, Isa. xxv. 8. the wicked, shall be at the resurrec m Here the apostle, in joyful antion; and as the heavenly man Christ ticipation of the release of the righJesus is at present, such also heavenly teous from the power of death and men, the righteous, shall be.

the grave, triumphantly exclaims,

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