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Paul goeth to Macedonia. Chap. XX. Eutychus raised to life.

40 For we are in danger to leavened bread,a and came un. be called in question for this to them to Troas in five days; day's uproar, there being no where we abode seven days. cause whereby we may give 7 9 And upon the first day an account of this concourse. of the week, when the disci

41 And when he had thus ples came together to break spoken, he dismissed the as- bread, Paul preached unto sembly.

them, ready to depart on the morrow ;

and continued his CHAP. XX.

speech until midnight. 1 Paul gaeth to Macedonia : 17

8. And there were many he celebrateth the Lord's sup- lights in the upper chamber per, and preacheth. 9 Eu- where they were gathered totychus falleth down dead, 10 gether. is raised to life. 28 Paul 9 And there sat in the wincommitteth the flock to the dow

a certain young man namelders, 36 and prayeth. ed Eutychus, being fallen into

AND after the uproar was a deep sleep; and, as Paul ceased, Paul called unto him was long preaching, he sunk the disciples, and embraced down with sleep, and fell them, and departed for to go down from the third loft, and into Macedonia.


dead. 2 And when he had gone 10 And Paul went down,and over those parts, and had giv- fell on him, and, embracing en them much exhortation, he him, said, Trouble not yourcame into Greece,

selves; for his life is in him. 3 And there abode three 11 When he therefore was months; and when the Jews come up again, and had broklaid wait for him, as he was en bread, and eaten, and talkabout to sail into Syria, he ed a long while, even till break purposed to return through of day, so he departed. Macedonia.

12 And they brought the 4 And there accompanied young man alive, and were not him into Asia, Sopater of Ber- a little comforted. ea; and of the Thessalonians, 13 TAnd we went before to Aristarchus and Secundus; ship, and sailed unto Assos, and Gaius of Derbe, and Tim- there intending to take in Paul; otheus; and of Asia, Tychi- for so had he appointed, mindeus and Trophimus.

ing himself to go afeot. 5 These, going before, tar 14 And when he met with ried for us at Troas.

us at Assos, we took him in, 6 And we sailed away from and came to Mitylene. Philippi, after the days of un

Days of unleavened bread, the passover,

was taken

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The elders calied, and Acts. commended to God.

15 And we sailed thence, .23 Saved that the Holy and came the next day over Ghost witnesseth in every city, against Chios; and the next saying, That bonds and afday we arrived at Samos, and fictions abide me. tarried at Trogyllium; and the 24 But none of these things pext day we came to Miletus. move me; neither count I

my 16 For Paul had determin. life dear unto myself, so that ed to sail by Ephesus, because I might finish my course with he would not spend the time in joy,e

and the ministry which I Asia ; for he hasted, if it were have received of the Lord Je. possible for him, to be at sus, to testify the Gospel of the Jerusalem the day of Pente- grace of God. cost.b

25 And now, behold, I know 17 4 And from Miletus he that ye all, among whom I sent to Ephesus, and called have gone preaching the king. the elders of the church.c dom of God, shall see my

18 And, when they were face no more. come to him, he said unto them, 26 Wherefore I take


to Ye know, from the first day, record this day, f that I am that I came into Asia, after pure from the blood of all mien, what manner I have been with 27 For I have not shunned you at all seasons,

to declare unto you all the 19 Serving the Lord with counsel of God. all humility of mind, and with 28 Take heed, therefore, many tears, and temptations, unto yourselves, and to all the which befel me by the lying in Aock over the which the Holy wait of the Jews;

Ghost hath made you over20 And how I kept back seers, to feed the church of nothing, that was profitable God, which he hath purchasunto you, but have shewed you, ed with his own blood. and have taught you publicly, 29 For I know this, that and from house to house,

after my departing shall griev. 21 Testifying both to the

ous wolves enter in among you, Jews, and also to the Greeks, not sparing the flock. repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus d. Save, Except. Christ.

e Finish my course, &c. that I may 22 And now, behold, I joyfully discharge my duty as a bound in the Spirit unto Jeru

Christian and apostle. salem, not knowing the things I this day call upon you to bear evi

of Take

to record this day, &c. that shall befal ne there:

dence that I have so discharged my b Pentecost, see Acts Chap. ii. 1. duty among you as a preacher of the

c Elders of the Church, rulers or Gospel, that should any of you per. directors.

ish, I am clear of the guilt of it.


Paul commends

Chap. xxi.

the elders to God. .. 30 Also of your own selves

CHAP. XXI. shall men arise, speaking per- 1 Paul will not be dissuadea verse things, to draw away from going to Jerusalem. 9 disciples after them.

Philip's daughters prophet31 Therefore watch, and esses. 17 Paul at Jerusalem, remember, that by the space 27 is apprehended, 31 but is of three years, I ceased not to rescued by the chief captain. warn every one night and day AND it came to pass, that, with tears.

after we were gotten from them, 32 And now, brethren, I and had launched, we came commend

you to God, and to with a straight course unto the word of his grace, which Coos, & the day following unto is able to build you up, and to Rhodes, and from thence unto give you an inheritance among Patara: all them, which are sanctified. 2 And finding a ship sailing

33 I have coveted no man's 'over unto Phenicia, we went silver, or gold, or apparel. aboard, and set forth.

34 Yea, ye yourselves know 3 Now, when we had disthat these hands have minis covered Cyprus, we left it on tered unto my necessities,gand, the left hand, and sailed into to them that were with me. Syria, and landed at Tyre; for

35 I have shewed you all there the ship was to unlade things,how that sc labouring ye her burden. ought to support the weak & to 4 And finding disciples, we remember the words of the Lord tarried there seven days; who Jesus, how he said, It is more said to Paul, through the Spiblessed to give than to receive. rit, that he should not go up

36' And, when he had thus to Jerusalem. spoken, he kneeled down, and 5 And when we had accomprayed with them all.

plished those days, we depart37 And they all wept sore, ed, and went our way; and and fell on Paul's neck, and they all brought us on our way,

with wives and children, till 38 Sorrowing most of all we were out of the city, and for the words which he spake, we kneeled down on the shore that they should see his face and prayed.

And they accom 6 And when we had taken panied him unto the ship. our leave one of another, we

took ship; and they returned & These bands have ministered, i.

home again. I have laboured with my own hands

hy And when we had finishboth to support myself, and those ed our course from Tyre, we that were with me.

came to Ptolemais, and salut.

kissed him;

no more.


Paul goeth to


Jerusalem, ed the brethren, and abode with 16 There went with us also them one day.

certain of the disciples of Ce8 And the next day we that sarea, and brought with them were of Paul's company de- one Mnason of Cyprus, an old parted, and came unto Cesa- disciple, with whom we should rea; and we entered into the lodge. house of Philip the evangelist,

17 And when we were which was one of the seven,a come to Jerusalem, the brethand abode with him.

ren received us gladly. 9 And the same man had 18 And the day following, four daughters, virgins, which Paul went in with us unto did prophecy.

James; and all the elders 10 And as we tarried there were present. many days, there came down 19 And when he had safrom Judea a certain prophet luted them, he declared par: wamed Agabus.

ticularly what things God had 11 And when he was come wrought among the Gentiles auto is, he took Paul's girdle, by his ministry. and bound his own hands and 20 And when they heard it, feet, and said, Thus saith the they glorified the Lord, and Iloly Ghost, So shall the Jews said unto hinn, Thou seest, at Jerusalem bind the man that brother, how many thousands owneth this girdle, and shall of Jews there are which bedeliver him into the hands of lieve; and they are all zealthe Gentiles.

ous of the law : 12 And, when we heard 21 And they are informed these things, both we and they of thee, that thou teachest all of that place besought him not the Jews, which are among the to go up to Jerusalem.

Gentiles, to forsake Moses, 13 Then Paul answered, saying, That they ought not What mean ye to weep and tó to circumcise their children, break mine heart? for I am neither to walk after the cusreally not to be bound only, but toms. also to die at Jerusalem, for 22 What is it therefore ? the pame of the Lord Jesus. the multitude must needs come

14 And when he would not together ; for they will hear be persuaded, we ceased, say that thou art come. ing, The will of the Lord be 23 Do, therefore, this that dona.

we say to thee; We have 13 And after those days we four men which have a vow on took up our carriages, and them: b went up to Jerusalem.

6 A vow, &c. It was customary a One of the seven : probably one with the Jews in sickness or distress, of the seven deacons, for whose ap to make vows, and to spend at least pointment 6e Acts VI.

thirty days in extraordinary devo

and is

Chap. xxi.

apprehended. 24 Them take, and purify ple, stirred up all the people, thyself with them, and be at and laid hands on him, charges with them, that they 28 Crying out, Men of Ismay shave their heads: and all rael, help; This is the man may know that those things, that teacheth all men every whereof they were informed where against the people, and concerning thee, are nothing; the law, and this place; and but that thou thyself walkest further, brought Greeks also orderly, and keepest the law. into the temple, and hath pol

25 As touching the Gentiles luted this holy place. which believe, we have writ. 29 (For they had seen before ten and concluded, that they with him in the city Trophiobserve no such thing, save mus an Ephesian, whom they only that they keep themselves supposed thatPaul had brought from things offered to idols, & into the temple.) from blood, and from strang

30 And all the city was led, and from fornication.. moved, and the people ran to

26 Then Paul took the men, gether, and they took Paul,and and the next day, purifying drew him out of the temple ; & himself with them, entered in- forthwith the doors were shut. to the temple, to signify the 31 And, as they went about accomplishment of the days of to kill him, tidings came unto purification, until that an of- the chief captain of the band,c fering should be offered for that all Jerusalem was in an every one of them.

uproar; 27 4 And when the seven 32 Who immediately took days were almost ended, the soldiers and centurions, and Jews which were of Asia, . ran down unto them; and when when they saw him in the tem- they saw the chief captain and

the soldiers they lefi beating tions. Those, who were under the of Paul. obligation of these vows, were called 33 Then the chief captain Nazarites. During their vow, they never cut their hair, nor drank any commanded him to be bound

came near, and took him, and wine or strong drink. On the seventh day of their devotions they shaved with two chains; and de. their heads, and uffered various of- manded wl:o he was, and what ferings to the Lord. As it was re he had done? ported, that Paul taught to forsake 34 And some cried one thing, the laws of Moses, the apostles advised him to attend to these cere

some another, among the mulmonies to pacify the Jews, and to c Chief captain of the band ; Lyshow his willingness to comply with sias the commander of the Roman their customs, although under the garrison. Christian dispensation, it was not ne d Centurion, a Roman officer comcessary to observe them.

manding 100 men.

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