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OST of the following Pieces relate to Sub

jects that have been controverted in the Course of our Magazine, but could not be conveniently inserted, for the Reasons mention'd in Yol. x. p. 250. We thought it therefore our Duty to'make a Publication in this manner, which we hope our Correspondents will accept as an Instance of our Gratitude and Willingness to oblige them. We' ought indeed to ask their Pardon for fo longa Delay, it being not less than two Years fince we gave them Expectations of seeing their Letters appear. But after several Sheets were printed off, 1ome Differtations which we mention'd in Vol. X. p. 297. were unluckily mislaid. However, Thould this Undertaking meet with a kind Reception, we intend a fecond in a convenient Time, and if the Authors of those Dissertations will favour us with new Gopies, we, fhall not fail to infert them... .. Besides those formerly mention'd, we have, towards the next Number, been favour'd with feveral Manuscripts too prolix for the Magazine, viz. Elays on Biograp-On Etrecation- A Comparison between Buchanan and Johnson, 6c. Eco

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Of Bugenhagius's Succession to Luther, and Dipping of

Sential to Baptism, by Thomas Crosby:


Upon the Deatb of Chrif, by Antifofter.


Upon Prescience, by a Curate of Salop.


--Sentiments of Mr Bayle, on Predeftinatiox. 27

Obfervations on R. Y's Account of peopling the Earth.


R., Y, justifies bis Notions.


Asa and Offarsiphus different Perfoms.


The fame.


-Sefac and Sefoftris, the same.


---Number of the Philistines Army.

29, 34

--Senacherib's Army, bow destroy'd.


R. Y's. Answer to Philo Hiftoricus, concerning tbe Num-

ber of Inbabitants on the Earth at the Time of the



Upon the Right of the Magistrate to infliet Capital Punish-
ments, by C. C.

35, 37

A Serious Address to the Clergy and Laity of the Church

of England.

Rusticus's Letter against Tytbes.

J. O's Answer to the Consistent Dissenter's Observations on

bis Reasons why the Disenters should not pusa for a Re-

peal of the Test Act.


Trutb asserted; or, a Demonstration that the Relations in

Captain Gulliver's Voyages are no Fictions, by J. Wage

staffe. I be Second Edition.


- Compliments sent to the Author.


- The Dedication to Lord Dermat Macahoony of Ire-


The Objections to Mr Gulliver's Veracity, started by a

goung Oxonian.


...Dr Wagstaffe's Anfwers to tbese Objections. 50

A Letter concerning the new Preachers, or Methodists in


...Their Entbufiaftick Behaviour at their Meetings. 59

Mr Facio's Answer to tbe Objection taken from the Moo

tion of Coméisof ibeir Bigness, and of tbeir Num.

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