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Art. I.-1. Digest of the Minutes, Institutions, Doctrines,

and Ordinances of the Methodist New Connexion.

By Rev. Wm. Baggaly. 2nd edition. London:


2. The General Minutes of the Primitive Methodist

Connexion. Consolidated by Order of the Fifty-

first Conference, 1870. London.

3. The Foundation Deed of the United Methodist Free

Churches, Minutes of the Annual Assembly of the

Representatives of United Methodist Free Churches.

London : 1880.

4. The History of Methodism. By Abel Stevens, LL.D.

3 vols. New York : 1866

5. The History of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the

United States of America. By Abel Stevens, LL.D.

2 vols. New York: 1866,


11.-1. The Invasion of Britain by Julius Cæsar, with replies

to the remarks of the Astronomer Royal and of the

late Camden Professor of Ancient History at Oxford.

By Thomas Lewin, Esq., M.A. 2nd edition. Lon-

don : 1862.

2. Caius Julius Cæsar's British Expeditions from Bou-

logne to the Bay of Appledore, and subsequent

Formation geologically of Romney Marsh. Ву

Francis Hobson Appach, M.A. London : 1868, 37

III.—Gustave III. et la Cour de France. Par A. Geffroy. 2

vols. 8vo. Paris: 1867,


IV.-Archæologia ; or, Miscellaneous Tracts relating to An-

tiquity. Published by the Society of Antiquaries

of London. Vols. XLV., XLVI. . 1880–81,- 101

V.-1. Unbeaten Tracks in Japan. An Account of Travels

in the Interior, including Visits to the Aborigines

of Yezo and the Shrines of Nikko and Isé. By

Isabella L. Bird. 2 vols., illustrated. London:


2. Japan: its History, Traditions, and Religions; with

the Narrative of a Visit in 1879. By Sir E. J.

Reed. 2 vols., illustrated. London: 1880, . 122


Art. I.— Christian Institutions. Essays on Ecclesiastical Sub-

jects. By Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, D.D., Dean of

Westminster. London: 1881,


II.-1. Albanesische Studien. Von Dr. jur. Johann Georg

von Hahn. Jena: 1854.

2. Analyse de la Langue Albanaise. Par Louis Ben-

loew. Paris : 1879.

3. Histoire de Scanderbeg, ou Turcs et Chrétiens au

XVe Siècle. Par M. Camille Paganel. Paris: 1855.

4. Chroniques Gréco-Romaines. Publiées avec notes et

tables généalogiques par C. Hopf. Berlin: 1873.

5. Κριτικαί "Ερευναι περί της Καταγωγής και Εθνικότητος

Γεωργίου Καστριώτου του Σκενδέρμπεη. προ Μαργα-

ρίτου Γ. Δήμιτσα. Athens: 1877.

6. Histoire et Description de la Haute-Albanie. Par

Hyacinthe Hecquard. Paris: 1858.

7. Oberalbanien und seine Liga. Von Spiridion

Gopčević. Leipzig : 1881,


III.-1. The Qur'ân, translated by E. H. Palmer (vols. vi.

and ix. of the Sacred Books of the East, edited by F.

Max Müller). Oxford (Clarendon Press): 1880.

2. El-Kor'ân, or The Korân, translated from the Arabic,

the Suras arranged in chronological order, with Notes

and Index, by J. M. Rodwell, M.A. 2nd edition.

London : 1876.

3. The Koran, commonly called the Alcoran of Mo-

hammed, translated into English immediately from

the Original Arabic, with Explanatory Notes, taken

from the most approved commentators : to which is

prefixed a Preliminary Discourse. By George Sale,

Gent. London: 1734.

4. Selections from the Kur-ân, by Edward William

Lane. New Edition, with an Introduction by Stanley

Lane Poole. London: 1879.

5. Corani Textus Arabicus, recensuit Gustavus Fluegel.

Editio stereotypa tertium emendata. Lipsiæ : 1869, 356



IV.-1. Chroniques Dauphinoises. Documents inédits relatifs

au Dauphiné pendant la Révolution. Par Cham-

pollion-Figeac. Grenoble: 1880.

2. Nouvelles Excursions Dauphinoises. Par le Baron

de Raverat. Lyon : 1880.

3. La Terreur Blanche dans le Midi. Par E. Daudet.

Paris : 1880.

4. Pie VI, dans les prisons du Dauphiné. Par Mlle, de

Franclieu. Grenoble : 1880.

5. Histoire de la réunion du Dauphiné à la France.

(Ouvrage couronné par l'Académie.) Par J.-J.

Guiffrey. Paris, Académie des Bibliophiles: 1878.

6. Vizille et ses environs. Précis historique. Par

Auguste Bourne.

Grenoble: 1878,


V.-1. La Nuova Italia ed i Vecchi Zelanti. Del Sac.

C. M. Curci. Firenze: 1881.

2. La Gerarchia Cattolica per l'anno 1881. Rome.



VI.- Le Comte de Circourt, son temps, ses écrits. Madame

de Circourt, son salon, ses correspondances. Notice

biographique offerte à leurs amis par le Colonel

Huber-Saladin. Paris: 1881,


VII - 1. Ballads and other Poems. By Alfred Tennyson.

London : 1880.

2. The Works of Alfred Tennyson, Poet Laureate.

London: 1881,


VIII.-1. Lectures on the Recent Progress of the Theory of

Vision. By Professor Helmholtz. Translated by Pye

Smith, M.D, F.R.C.P. ("Popular Lectures on Scien-

tific Subjects.') London : 1873.

2. Eyesight, Good and Bad. A Treatise on the Exer-

cise and Preservation of Vision. By Robert Brudenell

Carter, F.R.C.S. London: 1880,


IX.- Colonel Gordon in Central Africa, 1874–79. From Ori-

ginal Letters and Documents. Edited by George

Birbeck Hill, D.C.L. London : 1881,


X.- Statistical Abstract of the United Kingdom in each of the

last Fifteen Years, from 1866 to 1880. Twenty-

eighth Number. Presented to both Houses of Par-

liament: 1881,

. 562



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