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Because that there I do appear,

As on the waves at first;
And all shall find I'm coming near,

Por so the end will burst.
So Peters here let all appear,
· And launch into my Word,
That with the Seas I've now compard,

And then you'il find your Lord
Will so appear, my Word will bear

To keep you in the end ; Unfathom'd deep my footsteps are

That no man out can find,
Unless you launch into the deep

Of all I've said before,
And then I say, you need not sink,

My Words will bear you here.
For on the Seas I say I'll come

To prove my every Word; Because that there'my steps are hid,

And men know not their Lord.
For in my Bible all do sink,

As Peter did before;
But now you'll find me on the brink,

To bring you safe on shore.
So where is Faith you need not doubt

If you your LORD can see,
That in the depth of all my Words

I am coming now to ye;
For in the depth of all my Words

I now to man appear;
And if a Peter's Faith you've got,

And find a Peter's fear,
You all shall find me in the deep

To bring you safe on shore.
A Peter's Faith shall never sink,

Though men may make him fear;
The boisterous waves may come in man,

Where Satan swells the tide;
That is I mean the hearts of men,

For so 'tis here applied.
And Satan's rage doth swell
As furious as the boisterous waves,

The seas resemble hell,
When all his angry waves arise,

For Satan is the same;
And therefore men must now grow wise,

If they will know my Name;
That on the Seas I must appear

For to fulfil my Word,
And tell believers not to fear,

For they shall find their LORD
Now in the storm to keep from barm, he rage of folk

For boisterous waves they'll see; i Min berusete
Because I know the rage of Hell
In man will surely be;

cannot Hduce the Women
on he did he

No other way, to thee I say,

He can his rage invent;
As he can't make thçe disobey,

Now man is his intent
To swell with pride on every side

And toss their mountains high,
Till on the Seas I do appear,

I know a Peter's cry
Will be in thee; thy heart I see,

Like Peter it will sink,
When thou dost launch into the Seas,

For now thou 'rt near the brink
I say of all to hear thy call,

And prove thy Lord thou see:
u It is his Voice, I tell them all,

That now doth visit me."
Eut men will say another way,

My Voice cannot be here;
There's some infusion in the way,

And thou 'It begin to fear,
That now like man I may become

To leave thee in the dark;
But mark the Rock that there doth stand,

Then who can miss the mark:
That in the mysteries of the Foll

The Rock did then appear;
And I did die to ransom all,

Aud now the Light see clear.

For now I tell thee, as deep as the ocean is hid from man, so deep are my words and ways hid from man's understanding; and as wide as the ocean is from shore to shore, so wide are my ways from the ways of men, and my thoughts from their thoughts of the Creation, and of man's Redemption ; for the depth of my decrees no man ever understood.”

Since my book was put into the printer's hands, the 25th April, I had two Newspapers brought to me on thie 30th, which I am ordered to have copied out and put in print, that the world may judge for themselves, how the signs of dangers

were placed from the weather.-I shall give the exBook

planation that was given to me from the Newspa

pers; but first I must call my readers to the 15 and hopheus 16 pages of the Sealed Prophecies, printed in 1803, 15-16 ba how the mark was set in the dark for man. But that

type is not yet ended; for there are many marks

that are hid in the dark from man; for as they love to be in the dark, in the dark they shall go. But they that wish to come to the light, to the light let them come; and they shall know the marks that were set from the weather, and the shadows of this year. For as the muddy water was seen to thee, that came down as a flood after thou hadst opened thy Prayer Book to the Psalms and the Prayers on the Seas, thou sawest the foods come down the day that alludes to April; and so the dangers must come from the weather, as the type stood from the weather. Therefore I told thee, that dangers were began, whatever men discerned ; and every shadow of what I said would appear has begun. Now' mark my strict command to thee to have the words of the Newspapers-copied out, and put in print in thy Book; therefore I ordered thee to begin thy Book before the news arrived, that the unbelieving world might know thou walkest by faith and not by sight; and put in print that every shadow shall take place this year. Before the news came to thee, that di the signs were set of the weather for land and sea ; so they began to tumble down by the weather ; so land and sea sustain the loss. But I know the many sudden deaths that have happened, and the sickness thou art daily hearing of, is unnoticed by the world, as they say “this is common;" so they must wait until they see the deaths do follow more than common. Then the living may lay it to heart; for all men must know the events of this year were foretold from the weather; and from the weather let all men look for the effects. So those that have eyes to see may see ; and they that have hearts to understand, let them understand, that the truth stands before them; for I now tell thee, if men are not brought in by Faith, secing and believing from the truth standing before them, they will all fall back; and all the pains thou hast taken, in sealing the people, will be labour lost, and thou wilt spend thy time to waste. Therefore I have now given my strict command, that no one shall have a Šeal from thee who hath not read my Words, which are given to thee ; and let them judge for themselves. I have already told thee, and I now tell thee again, it is to try the hearts of men, and to prove the wisdom of men, whether they can see the justice of my ways and my decrees, in Creation and Preservation, that I have ordered all to be put in print, for men to search the Scriptures, and see the truth of my Bible, and the depth of my wisdom in all things, that I know men have taken in question, and blame their MAKER to this day, as Adam did. Therefore I am come in the SPIRIT to throw open my Bible unto all men that will hear and judge for themselves. But they that will not judge for themselves shall now be judged of the LORD. But I shall reason with man in the Spirit, that will now reason with Me, by bringing forth arguments, and shewing their strong reasons wherein they condemn this' wisdom as not consistent with the wisdom of a God. But he that doth not read to judge for himself, can bring forth no arguments at all ; then they cannot judge for themselves, and they stand condemned to be judged of the LORD, that I have called and no man answered, then they shall call and I will not answer." Here I shall insert the words of the Newspapers : An Extract from the Morning Chronicle,

April 28th, 1804. « We are sorry to find that the disaster, which has befallen the West India Fleet, that lately sailed from Cork, on the Coast of Portugal, is more considerable than was at first supposed. No less than 37 are upon Lloyd's Book's, besides the Apollo Frigate ; and it is feared that there are a few more, the names of which are not yet ascertained. The crews of several have perished : the particulars may be expected by the Lisbon Mail, which has arrived, but the Letters not yet delivered.

Another Extract from the Morning Chronicle,

April 30, 1804. Friday arrived at Falmouth, the Walsingham Packet from Lisbon, and brings further particulars of the heavy loss which the West India Merchants have sustained by the storm of the ed inst, which drove their feet upon the Portuguese coast, between Cape Mandeigo and Aveiro, What business they had in this latitude, will, it' is said, become a subject of enquiry. Of 68. vessels, of which the convoy consisted, not more than 20 are yet known to have escaped'; these were seen steering after the tempest had subsided for the Westward, under the protection of the Carysfort. The rest are supposed to have perished altogether, in conjunction with the Apollo Frigate, the commander of which, captain Dixon, and all the company on board, consisting of a large body of soldiers, were too tally lost, excepting about a hundred of the crew, which were fortunate enough to escape.

Now I must call my readers to the pages hereafter mentioned of my Sealedi Prophecies; and the land marks in my fifth Book, at the bottom of page 196:

The path is straít, the ocean now is wide,
And if you wish to reach your native shore,
See every landmark that is plac'd before,
And then safe harbours you will surely gain:

Deep is this paralyle I give to men. Now I inust direct my readers to refer to the places in my Books, as here put down. The first book, page 18.---Second book, pages 85, 92, and 94.--Third book, pages 83, 85, 102, and 108.---Fourth book, pages, 150, 166, 174, 181, and 191.

Then I must refer my readers to the second Book of Letters, page 68; and to read the letter through. Then to the 113th page of the Disputes with the Powers of Darkness.---" I have promised three years of good harvests, if I find friends to carry on my work, and if they will not draw back, I shall not draw back.” Then turn to the 125th page of the saine book.

Now I shall give the answer of the Spirit to these pages.

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