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2 SAM. vii, 1-15. 1 CHRON. xvii. 1-14.

Moreover THE Moreover, I declare Lord declareth unto unto thee that the thee, that the LORD Lord will build thee a will make thee a house: house: And it shall when thy days shall come to pass, when be expired, and thou thy days shall be ershalt be with thy fa- pired to go unto thy thers, I will raise up fathers, that I will thy seed after thee, raise up thy SEED which shall issue from after thee, which shall thy bowels, and I will be of thy sons, and I establish his kingdom; will establish his kinghe shall build a house dom; He shall build for iny name, and I

me a house, and I will will establish the establish his throne throne of his kingdom for ever; I WILL BE for ever ;-I WILL TO HIM A FATHER, BE TO HIM A FA- AND HE SHALL BE THER,

To Me A Son:SHALL BE To Me And my mercy will I A Son: (whosoever not withdraw from [shall be concerned] Him, as I withdrew in injuring Him, even it froin him who was I will chastise them before thee :-But I with the rod of men, will establish Him in



2 SAM. vii. 1-15,

1 CHRON. xvii. 1-14. and with the stripes my house and in my of the sons of Adam) kingdom for ever ;

And my mercy and his throne shall shall not depart from be confirmed for ever. Him, as I withdrew it from Saul, whom I withdrew before thee;

But thy house and thy kingdom shall be established before Me* for ever; thy throne shall be confirmed for



1 CHRON. xxii. 7-13. 1 CHRON. xxviii. 2-9.

And David said And king David unto Solomon: My said, Hear me, my son, I thought in my brethren, and my peoheart to build a house ple : I thought in my for the name of THE heart to build a house LORD


God: But of rest for the ark of

And the context .לפניך instead of the printed לפני read

* So render the Septuagint and Syriac versions, supported by some MSS. of Kennicott and De Rossi, which

, requires, and the parallel passage justifies, the alteration.



made great

ту пате,

1 CHRON. xxii. 7-13. 1 CHRON. xxviii. 2-9.

ORACLE OF the covenant of the THE LORD came to Lord, and for the me, saying: Thou footstool of our God; hast shed blood in and had prepared to abundance, and hast build ; But God said great wars ;

wars ;. unto me, Thou shalt Thou shalt not build not build a house for a house for my name,

name, because because thou hast thou art a man of shed much blood up- war, and hast shed on the earth in my blood : sight.

And the LORDGOD Behold a son shall of Israel chose me be born to thee, who

out of all


father's shall be a man of rest, house to be king over and I will give him Israel for ever; (for rest from all his ene- He hath chosen Jumies round about ; for dah to be leader, and his name shall be So- among the house of lomon ; and I will Judah, my father's give peace and quiet- house, and among my ness unto Israel in his father's sons he predays; He shall build ferred me to make a house for my name;

me reign over all And he shall be to me Israel ;) for He said & Son, and I will be unto me, Solomon, thy


I CHRON. xxii. 7-13. 1 CHRON. xxviii. 2-9. to him a Father: And son, he shall build

my I will confirm the house and

house and my courts, throne of his king- because I have chosen dom over Israel for him to be to Me a

son, and I will be to Now, my son, THE him a Father: and I LORD shall be with will confirm his kingthee, and thou shalt dom for ever, if he prosper, and thou

be strong to do my shalt build the house commandments and of the Lord thy God; my judgments, according as He hath this day. spoken concerning And know thou, thee: (Only THE Solomon, my son, the Lord give thee wis- God of thy Father, dom and understand and serve Him with ing, and give thee a perfect heart, and charge concerning Is- with a willing mind; rael, to keep the law forthe Lord searchof the Lord thy God: eth all hearts, and then shalt thou pros- understandeth all the per, if thou take heed imaginations of the to observe the sta- thoughts: if thou tutes and the judg- serve Him he will be ments which

TIE found by thee; but if LORD

commanded thou forsake Him,

1 CHRON. xxii. 7-13. 1 CHRON. xxviii. 2-9. Moses concerning Is- He will cást thee off rael.) Be strong and for ever. of good courage, fear not, nor be dismayed.

REMARKS. If we carefully compare these two prophecies and their respective accompaniments together, we shall find that they differ from each other in several material particulars : viz. the persons to whom they were immediately addressed; the times and circumstances in which they were delivered ; and the subjects of each : For, 1. The former prophecy was delivered hy THE ORACLE OF THE LORD" or “ THE ORACLE OF GOD" to Nathan the prophet, in order to be communicated to David ; whereas the latter, was delivered by " THE ORACLE OF THE LORD'or - God" immediately to David himself; and so Solomon states, alluding thereto; 56 As THE 56 Lord spake unto David my Father," 1 Kings v. 5, and again, viii. 18.—But not to insist on this, which may perhaps be a difference more in appearance than in reality, because Nathan might have communicated


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