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HE gofpel religion is very precious, being inwardly felt and ex-
perienced in the life and power of it; but a bare profeffion of it, out
of the life and power of godliness, is of no value in the fight of God, nor
is it of any profit or advantage to the foul.





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CHRIST, which is the true faving
Knowledge of Chrift, and which not,
4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Queries con-
cerning Chrift, and his Appearances,
15. Concerning Chrift, 24. What
it is to be United to Chrift, 41. What
is the true Confeffion of Chrift, 43.
Which died at Jerufalem the Quakers
own, 104. The Way of knowing
Chrift's Spirit, -113. Chrift Jefus the
Redeemer and Saviour, 154. A few
Words concerning the true Chrift, and
how it may be known which is he, 242.
Of the Flesh and Blood of Chrift, in
Anfwer to T. Hickes,.250, &c. Con-
cerning Chrift's Righteoufnefs, 318.
517. Concerning Chrift, 453. Con-
cerning the Spirit of Chrift, 496. The
Law of Chrift, 509. His Miniftry or
Priesthood, 515. Of the true Know-

ledge of Chrift, ibid. Concerning the
Offering of Chrift without the Gates
of Jerufalem, 615. The Mystery of
Chrift, and of his Enlightening,.
Quickening, Circumcifing, and Bap-
tizing, from fome Scriptures, 642.
CHURCH, fome Propofitions concerning
Church Worships and Ordinances, 28..
Concerning the Primitive Church, and
the Apoftafy, 39. Queftions and An-
fwers concerning the Church of the
New Covenant, 64. Queries concern-
ing the Falfe Church, 67. Of the
true and falfe Church, 72. Of the
Church in its first and pure State, 75.
in its declining State, 80. In its declin-
ed and fallen State, 83. In its Reco-
very, 85. What is the true Church,
206. Concerning the true Church,
290. 312. 320. Some Queries con-
cerning the State of the Church, as it
was in the Apostles Days and was to be
afterwards, 360.
COVENANT of Life opened, 87. Quef-
tions and Answers concerning the
Church of the New Covenant, 64..
Queries concerning the New Covenant,
96. 125. Concerning the New Co-
venant, 146. 350. 470. Knowledge
of it, 213. Fear of it, 214. Con-
cerning the Old and New Covenant,

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fages of Scripture, Phil. iii. 3. Heb.
vi. 4, 5. John x. Ifaiah liv. lviii. p.
129. 131. 2 Pet. i. 18, 19. Rom.
ix. 18. John xvii. 3. I Cor. xii. 3.
John vi. 45. 1 John v. 12. John vi.
55, 56. Pfal. xxxvi. 9. Ifa. lv. 1,
2, 3. John iv. 14. 1 John i. 2, 3.
Matt. xi. 28, 29, 30. 1 John v. 20.
2 Cor. iv. 6. 2 Cor. iii. 14. John
viii. 31, 32. Rom. vi. 14. Ifa. iv. 5.
Ifa. xii. 1, 2, 3. Rev. iii. 18. 1 John
ii. 27. Pfal. lxxxv. 9. Rev. iii. 20.
See Obfervations on the above Paffages,

pages 233 to 241. Pfal. xlvi. page
289. Some Queries on Chap. xxix
and xxx, of Deut. compared with
Rom. x. p. 362. Some Queries on
Col. i. 27, 28, 29. page 365. Ob-
fervations on 2 Peter iii. 14, 15,
16. page 431. Queries on Rom. vi.
vii. and viii. page 437. Query on
Matt. vi. 33.

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PERSECUTION, concerning, 60. Some
Queries concerning Compulfion in Mat-
ters of Religion, 660.
PRAYER, concerning it, 108. What
is true Prayer, 209. The Author's
Experience of, 220. How God teacheth
to Pray, 403. 406.
the pure heavenly Light, 123.
PROMISES, Concerning applying them,
PROPHECY, Confiderations of the more
fure Word of Prophecy, 185.


QUAKERS, what they have witnessed,
24. What their Religion is, 59.. 163.
How they were vifited, 168. Brief
Account of them, 259. A few Words
concerning the Doings and Sufferings of
the People called Quakers, 266. Con-
cerning God's gathering them Home to
himself, 526. What they fought after,


REFORMATION, concerning the Time
and Work of it, 493.
REGENERATION, concerning, 208.
RELIGION, of Certainty, and rightly
grounded Affurance in Matters of Re-
figion, 57:
REPENTANCE, What is true Repen-
tance, 210.
RIGHTEOUSNESS, concerning, 139.
Of Man's Righteoufnefs, 151. How
to learn Righteousness, 243.


SABBATH, or Gofpel-Reft, concerning,

SALVATION, how witneffed, 207.
SCRIPTURES, Quakers own them, 105.
Concerning Understanding them aright,
201, 202. Whether the Scripture be
the Sun or Fountain, 203. Whether

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