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BEHOLD, thy light is come; arise, and shine !
Jehovah sheds on thee his beams divine.
For deep obscurity the earth shall cover,
And lowering clouds o’er all the nations hover;
Yet shall the Great Jehovah shine on thee;
On thee his glory manifest shall be;
And in thy rays shall all the nations tread,
Kings in the light thy rising beams shall spread.
Lift up thy eyes on every side, and see-
All these are gathered, lo, they come to thee:
From lands remote thy sons shall find a guide,
Thy daughters shall be carried at the side: 6
Surprise and pleasure shall the sight impart,
Joy shall enlarge thy palpitating heart,
When the sea's wealth shall at thy feet be laid,
And nations' riches to thy eyes displayed.
The laden camels shall appear in hosts,
From Midian, Ephah, and the distant coasts;
From Sheba shall they carry gold and spice;
Jehovah's praise shall from their voices rise.

The flocks of Kedar shall be brought to thee,
Nebaioth's rams thy willing offerings be;
Accepted, these shall on my altar lie,
And I my glorious temple yet will glorify.


Say, who are these that like a cloud

appear, And like the doves their winged progress steer? Surely the isles my bidding shall abide, The ships of Tarshish first shall stem the tide, To bring thy sons and daughters from afar; Along with them shall they their treasures bear: And thou thy God Jehovah's name shall own; For Israel's Holy One to thee hath favour shown. The stranger's sons shall rear thy battlement, Their kings to thee their offerings present; For in my wrath I drove thee from

my But now in

will I show thee

Thy gates continually shall open stay,
Yea, they shall not be shut by night or day,
That thou the stores of nations may’st obtain,
And kings may enter with their glorious train.
Whoso will not serve thee, kingdom or nation,
Shall be condemned to utter desolation.
The pride of Lebanon shall come to thee;
The pine, the box, yea, every precious tree
Together in my sanctuary shall meet,
To glorify the place whereon I rest my feet.

All thy oppressors' sons to thee shall bow,
Thy scorners to thy feet shall homage show;

Jehovah's city, shall become thy name,
The Sion which the Holy One doth claim.
In place of being left as desolate,
And hated, so that none passed through thy gate,
An everlasting joy I make of thee,
That future generations yet may see;
And thou shalt feed upon the milk of nations;
The breasts of kings shall give thee consolations;
Thou shalt Jehovah as thy Saviour know,
And Israel's Mighty One redemption will bestow.

Thy God in place of brass shall give thee gold;
Instead of iron, silver shall be told;
I brass in lieu of wood on thee bestow,
And for thy stones will mines of iron show:
Justice and peace shall govern every hand,
Nor violence be heard throughout the land,
Nor in thy borders grief or desolation:
Praise shalt thou call thy gates; thy walls shall be


No more the sun by day shall give thee light,
Nor yet the brightness of the moon by night;
On thee Jehovah shall for ever shine,
And the Almighty's glory shall be thine:
To thee the sun shall never set again,
Nor shall the moon before thy presence wane;
Thine are Jehovah's everlasting rays,
For I have ended thy affliction's days.
Thy people shall become a righteous band,

And they for ever shall possess the land. The branch I planted shall my glory show; The little sprout shall to a thousand grow; The feeble troop a nation shall present: Jehovah in his time shall forward the event.


JEHOVAH's Spirit on my head is poured,
For I have been anointed by the Lord,
That to the meek glad tidings I impart,
And that I may bind up the broken heart,
That I should sever every captive's tie,
And give the bounden perfect liberty;
That I proclaim God's acceptable year,
And that his day of recompense is near;
That I may comfort the afflicted ones,
And joy impart to Sion's mourning sons;
And for their ashes give a glorious crown;
In place of sorrow, gladness to pour down;
For heaviness of heart, garments of praise;
That they as upright trees their heads may raise,
And tend to glorify Jehovah's ways.
Thy future sons shall raise thy old foundations,
And shall restore the ancient desolations;
Your flocks and herds shall be by strangers fed,
The alien's sons your crops and vineyards spread:
But ye the priestly offices shall claim;
The Ministers of God, shall be your name;

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