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gregation of the children of Israel, , upon the tip of the right ear of thereof, and put it on the four and the stranger that sojourneth him that is to be cleansed, and horns of it, and on the fonr corners among them seeing all the people upon the thumb of his right hand, of the settle, and upon the border were in ignorance. And if any and upon the great toe of his right, round about : thus shalt thou soul sin turough ignorance, then foot. And the priest shall pour of cleanse and purge it. Thou shalt he shall bring a she-goat of the the oil into the palm of his own take the bullock also of the sinfirst year for a sin offering. And left hand. And the priest shall offering, and he shall burn it in the priest shall make an atone- sprinkle with his right finger some the appointed place of the house, ment for the soul that sinneth of the oil that is in his left hand without the sanctuary. And on ignorantly, when he sinneth by seven times before the LORD. And the second day thou shalt offer a ignorance before the LORD, to the priest shall put of the oil that kid of the goats without blemish make an atonement for him; and is in his hand upon the tip of the for a sin-offering; and they shall It shall be forgiven him.

right ear of him that is to be cleanse the altar, as they did

cleansed, and upon the thumb of cleanse it with the bnllock. OF THE PRIESTI.

his right hand, and upon the great when thou hast made an end of

toe of his right foot, upon the cleansing it, thou shalt offer a Lev. iv, 24. Speak unto the place of the blood of the trespass young bullock without blemish, children of Israel, saying, If a Offering. And the rest of the oil and a ram out of the flock without soul shall sin through ignorance that is in the priest's hand he blemish. And thou shalt offer against any of the commandments shall put upon the head of him them before the LORD, and the of the LORD, concerning things that is to be cleansed, to make an priests shall cast salt upon them, which ought not to be done, and atonement for him before the and they sball offer them up for å shall do against any of them: If LORD.

burnt - Offering unto the LORD. the priest that is anointed do sin

Seven days shalt thou prepare according to the sin of the people; SACRIFICES OF DEDICATION every day a goat for a sin-offering: then let him bring, for his sin


they shall also prepare a young which he hath sinned, a young

bullock, and a ran out of the bullock without blemish unto the Lev. xvi, 16, 33. And he shall flock, without blemish. Seven Lord for a sin-offering. And he make an atonement for the holy days shall they purge the altar, shall bring the bullock unto the place, because of the uncleanness and purify it; and they shall condoor of the tabernacle of the con- of the children of Israel, and be secrate themselves. And when gregation before the Lord; and cause of their transgressions in all these days are expired, it shall be, sball lay his hand upon the bul- their sins, and so shall he do for that upon the eighth day, and so lock's head, and kill the bullock the tabernacle of the congregation forward, the priests shall make before the LORD.

that remaineth among them in the your burnt-offerings upon the al

midst of their uncleanness. And tar, and your peace-offerings, and AT THE CLEANSING OF LEPERS. he shall make an atonement for I will accept you, saith the Lord Lev. šiv, 32. This is the law of make an atonement for the taber

the holy sanctuary, and he shall GOD. him in wliom is the plague of lepo nacle of the congregation, and for rosy, whose hand is not able to the altar, and he shall make an

OF TIE PRIESTHOOD. get that which pertaineth to his atonement for the priests, and for cleansing all the people of the congregation. thing that thou shalt do unto

Exod. xxix, 1-3. And this is the Lev. xiv, 19-29. And the priest

Exek. xlv, 18. Thus saith the them, to hallow them, to minister shall offer the sin-offering, and Lord God, in the first month, in unto me in the priest's ofice: make an atonement for him that the first day of the month, thou Take one young bullock, and twÓ is to be cleansed from his unclean- shalt take a young bullock' with rams without blemish, And unness; and afterward he shall kill out blemish, and cleanse the sanc-leavened bread, and cakes un, the burnt-offering. And the priest tuary.

leavened tempered with oil, and shall offer the burnt-offering and

wafers unleavened anointed with the meat-off ring upon the allar:


oil; of wheaten tlour shalt thon and the priest shall make

Exod. xxix, 36, 37. And thou make them. And thou shalt atonement for him, and he shall shalt offer every day a bullock for put them into one basket, and be clean. And if he be poor, and

a sin-offering for atonement: and bring them in the basket, with the cannot get so much; then he shall take one lamb for a trespass-ff-r.

thou shalt cleause the altar, when bullock and the two rams.

thon hast made an atonement for ing to be waved, to make an atoneit, and thou shalt anoint it, to the bullock for the sin-off-ring:

Lev. vill, 14-19. And be brought ment for him, and one-tenth deal of fine flour mingled with oil for a sanctify it. Seven days thou shalt and Aaron and his sons land their

an atonement for the , meat-offering, and a log of oil; and sanctify it; and it shall be an

hands upon the head of the bulAnd two turtle - doves, or two

lock for tbe sin-off ring. And he altar most holy : whatsoever young pigeons, such as he is able

slew it; and Moses took the blood, toucheti: the altar shall be holy. to get; and the one shall be a sin

and put it upon the horns of the off ring, and the other a burnt

altar round about with his finger, off ring. And he shall bring them Ezek. xlili, 18-27. And he said and purified the altar, and poured on the eighth day, for his cleans- unto me, Son of man), thus sai h the blood at the bottom of the altur, ing, unto the priest, unto the door the Lord (01), These are the ordinan/ sanctified it, to make recincilof the taberuacle of the congregi- nances of the altar in the day ition upon it. And he took all tin, before the LORD. And the when they shall make it, to offer the fat that was upon the inuariis, priest shall take the lamb of the burnt - offering thereon, and to and the caul abore the liver, and trespass-offering, and the log ot sprinkle blood i hereon. And thou the two kidneys, and their fat, and oil, and the priest shall wave them shalt give to the priests the Le-Moses burred it upon the altar. for a wave-offering before the vites that be of the seed of Zadok, But the bullock, and his hide, his Lord. And he shall kill the lamb which approach unto me, to minis-flesh, and his tung, he burnt with of the trespass-offering, and the ter unto me, saith the Lord God, fire without the camp; as the LOR

Moses, priest shall take some of the blood a young bullock for a sin-offering commended

And of the trespass-offering, and put it And thou shalt take of the blood brought the ram for the burut


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offering, and Aaron and his sons the inwards, and the canl above | Moses burnt the head, and the laid their hands upon the head of the liver, and the two kidneys, pieces, and the fat. And he washthe ram. And be killed it; and and the fat that is upon them, and ed the inwards and the legs in Moses sprinkled the blood upon the right shoulder, for it is a ram water, and M0828 burnt the whole the altar round about.

of consecration: And it ought of ram upun the altar: it was a burntLev. ix, 7-14. And Moses said the flesh of the consecrations, or sacrifice for a sweet savour, and

an offering made by fire into the unto Aaron, Go unto the altar, of the bread, remain unto the and offer thy sin-offering, and thy morning, then thou shalt burn the LORD; as the Lord commanded burnt-offering, and make an atone remainder with fire: it shall not Moses. And he took the fat, and ment for thyself, and for the be eaten, because it is holy. the rump, and all the fat that was people: and offer the offering of

Lev. 1, 6, 8, 9, 11--13. And he upon the inwards, and the caul the people, and make an atone- shall flay the burnt-offering, and above the liver, and the two kidment for them; as the LORD com. cut it into his pieces. And the peys, and their fat, and the right

shoulder. Aaron therefore went priests, Aaron's sons, shall lay the manded.

And that which reunto the altar, and slew the call parts, the head, and the fat, in maineth of the flesh and of the of the sin-off-ring which was for order upon the wood that is on

bread shall ye burn with fire. himself. And the sons of Aaron the fire which is upon the altar. Lev. ix, 19. And the fat of the brought the blood unto him; and But his inwards and his legs shall bullock and of the ram, the rump, he dipped his finger ln the blood, he wash in water; and the priest and that which covereth the and put it upon the horns of the shall burn all on the altar, to be invards, and the kidneys, and the altar, and poured out the blood at a burnt-sacrifice, an offering made caul above the liver. the bottom of the altar: But the by fire, of a sweet savour unto the fat, and the kidneys, and the caul LORD. And he shall kiu it on the IMPOSITION OF HANDS. above the liver, of the sin-offering, side of the altar northward before he burnt upon the altar; as the the LORD: and the priests, Aaron's shalt cause a bullock to be brought

Exod. xxix, 10, 15. And thou LORD commanded Moses. And sons, shall sprinkle his blood before the tabernacle of the con. the flesh and the hide he burnt round about upon the altar. And gregation: and Aaron and his with fire without the camp. And he shall cut it into his pieces, sons shall put their hands upon he slew the burnt-offering; and Aa- with his head and his fat; and the the head of the bullock. ron's sons presented unto bím the priest shall lay them in order on shalt also take one ram; and

Thou blood, which he sprinkled round the wood that is on the fire which Aaron and his sons shall put their about upon the altar. And they is upon the altar. But he shall hands upon the head of the ram. presented the burnt-offering unto wash the inwards and the legs him, with the pieces thereof, and with water, and the priest shall

Lev. I, 4. And he shall put his the head; and he burnt them upon bring it all, and burn it upon the hand upon the bead of the burntthe altar. And he did wash the altar: it is a burnt-sacrifice, an offering; and it shall be accepted Inwards and the legs, and burnt offering made by fire, of a sweet for him, to make atonement for them upon the burnt-offering on savour unto the Lord.

him. the altar.

Lev. iv, 8--10. And he shall take Lev. iv, 33. And he shall lay his Lev, xvi, 3, 6, 11. Thus shall off from it all the fat of the bullock hand upon the bead of the sinAaron come into the holy place; for the sin-offering; the fat that offering, and slay it for a sin-offerwith a young bullock for a sin- covereth the inwards, and all the ing in the place where they kill offering, and a ram for a burnt-fat that is upon the inwards. the burnt-offering. offering. And Aaron shall offer and the two kidneys, and the fat his bullock of the sin offering that is upon them, which is by the the other ram, the ram of conse

Lev. viii, 22. And he brought which is for himself, and make flanks, and the caul above the cration: and Aaron and his sons an atonement for himself, and for liver, with the kidneys, it shall be laid their hands upon the head of his house. And Aaron shall bring take away. As it was taken of

the ram. the bullock of the sin-offering from the bullock of the sacrifice which is for himself, and shall of peace-offerings; and the priest make an atonement for himself, shall burn them upon the altar of

POURING OUT OF THE BLOOD. and for bis house, and shall kill the burnt-offering.

Exod. xxix, 12. And thou shalt the bullock of the sin-offering

take of the blood of the bullock, which is for himself.

Lev. vi, 30. And no sin offering, and put it upon the horns of the

whereof any of the blood is altar with thy finger, and pour all 6th.

brought into the tabernacle of the the blood beside the bottom of the

congregation to reconcile withal aliar. THE RUBRIC.

in the holy place, shall be eaten; PREPARATION AND OFFERING OF it shall be burnt in the fire.

Lev. 1, 5. And he shall kill the

bullock before the LORD; and the THE VICTIM.

Lev. vii, 17, 29, 30. But the re- priests, Aaron's sous, shall bring Exod. xxix, 13, 16, 17, 22, 34. And mainder of the flesh of the sacri- the blood, and sprinkle the blood thou shalt take all the fat that tice on the third day shall be round about upon the altar that covereth the inwards, and the burnt with fire. Speak unto the is ty the door

of the tabernacle of caul that is above the liver, and children of Israel, saying, He that the congregation. the two kidneys, and the fat that offereth the sacrifice of bis peace

Lev. Iv, 34. And the priest shall is upon them, and burn them upon offerings unto the LORD, shall the altar. And thou shalt slay bring his oblation anto the LORD take of the blood of the sin-offerthe ram, and thou shalt take his of the sacrifice of his peace-offering with his finger, and put it blood, and sprinkle it round about ings. His own hands shall bring upon the horns of the altar of upon the altar. And thou shalt the offerings of the LORD made burnt-offering, and shall pour out cut the ram in pieces, and wash

by fire; the fat, with the breast, all the blood thereof at the bottom the inwards of him, and his legs, it shall he bring, that the breast of the altar. and put them unto his pieces, and may be waved for a wave-offering Lev. xvil, 6. And the priest anto his head. Also thou shalt before the LORD

shall sprinkle the blood upon the take of the ram the fat and the Tev. vill, 20, 21, 25, 82. And he altar of the LORD at the door of rump and the fat that coveretb I cut the ram into pieces; and the tabernacle of the congregation, and barn the lat for a sweet Aaron's and his sons: it is a thing his sons eat: with unleavened savour unto the LORD.

most holy of the offerings of the bread shall it be eaten in the

LORD made by fire. And that holy place; in the court of the SYMBOLIC JESTURES.

which is left of the meat-offering tabernacle of the congregation Exod. xxix, 24. And thou shalt shau de Aaron's and his sons': it is they shall eat it. The priest that put all in the bands of Aaron, and of the Lord made by fire.

a thing most holy of the offerings offereth it for sin shall eat it: in in the hands of bis sons, and shalt

the holy place shall Il be eaten, in wave them for a wave-offering

Lev. vi, 18, 29. All the males the court of the tabernacle of the before the LORD.

among the children of Aaron congregation.

stall eat of it. It shall be a Lev. viii, 27-29. And he put all statute for ever in your genera- the sacrifice of his peace-offerings

Leu.vii, 15, 16, 18. And the flesh of upon Aaron's bands, and upon tions concerning the offerings of for thanksgiving shall be eaten his sons' hands, and waved them the Lord made by fire: every one the same day that it is offered; he for a wave - offering before the that toucheth them shall be holy. shall not leave any of it until the LORD. from off their hands, and burnt All the males among the priests morning. But it the sacrifice of

his offering be a yow, or a volunthem on the altar npon the burnt- shall eat thereof: it is most holy. offering: they were consecrations Lev. vil, 6. Every male among tary offering, it shall be eaten the for a sweet-savour; it is an offer the priests shall eat thereof: it same day that he offereth his ing made by fire unto the Lord. shall

be eaten in the holy place: the remainder of it shall be

sacrifice; and on the morrow also And Moses took the breast, and it is most holy

eaten. And if any of the flesh waved it for a wave-offering be- Lev. xxii, 10-18. There shall of the sacrifice of his peacefore the LORD: for of the ram of no stranger eat of the holy offerings be eaten at all on the consecration it was Moses' part: thing: a sojourner of the priest, third day, it shall not be accepted, as the LORD commanded Moses. or an hired servant, shall not neither shall it be imputed unto

Lev. ix, 21. And the breasts eat of the holy thing. But if him that offereth it: it shall be an and the right shoulder Aaron the priest buy any soul with his abomination, and the soul that waved for a wave-offering before money, he shall eat of it, and he eateth of it shall bear his ini the LORD; as Moses commanded. that is born in his house: they quity.

shall eat of bis meat. It the THE CARCASE SOMETIMES BURNT priest's daughter also be married

Lev. xix, 5-8. And if ye offer & WITHOUT THE CAMP, unto a stranger, she may not eat sacrifice of peace-offerings unto Exod. xxix, 14. But the flesh of an offering of the holy things the LORD, ye shall offer it at of the bullock, and bis skin,

end But if the priest's daughter be a your own will. It shall be eaten his dung, shalt thou burn with widow, or divorced, and have no the same day ye offer it, and on

child, and is returned unto her fa. the morrow: and if ought remain fire without the camp: it is a sin- ther's house, as in her youth, she until the third day, it shall be offering.

shall eat or her father's meat; but burnt in the fire. And if it be eaten Lev. iv, 11, 12. And the skin or there shall no stranger eat thereof, at all on the third day, it is abou the bullock, and all bis flesh, And if a man eat of the holy thing minable; it shall not be accepted. with his head, and with his legs unwittingly, then 1:e shall put the Therefore erery one that eateth and lits inwards, and his dung, Afth part thereof unto it, and it shall bear his iniquity, because Even the whole bullock shall he shall give it unto the priest with he hath profaned the hallowed carry forth without the camp the holy thing. And they shall thing of the LORD; and that soul unto a clean place, where the not profano the holy things of the shall be cut off from among his ashes are poured out, and burn children of Israel, which they people him on the wood with fire: where offer unto the LORD; Or suffer Lev. xxii, 29, 30. And when yo the asses are poured out shall be them to bear the 'iniquity of will offer a sacrifice of thanksbe burnt

trespass when they eat their giving unto the LORD, offer it at Lev. xvi, 27. And the bullock holy things: for I the LORD do your own will. On the same day for the sin-offering, and the goat sanctify them.

it shall be eaten up; ye shall for the sin-offering, whose blood

1 Sam. 1x, 12, 13. And they an- leave none of it until the morrow was brought in to make atone- swered them, and said, He is; I am the LORD. ment in the holy place, shall one behoid, he is before you: make Lev. xxiv, 9. And it shall be carry forth without the camp; and baste now, for he came to-day to Aaron's and his sons'; and they they shall burn in the fire their the city; for there is a sacrifice of shall eat it in the holy place for skins, and their flesh, and their the people to-day in the bigh it is most holy unto him of the dung

place. As soon as ye become offerings of the LORD rnade by Heb. xill, 11. For the bodies of into the city, ye shall straightway fire by a perpetual statute. those beasts, whose blood is find him, before he go up to the brought into the sanctuary by the high place to eat: for the people

7tb. high priest for sin, aro burnt will not eat until he come, be- SACRIFICES OFFERED FOR without the camp.

cause he doth bless the sacrifice;
and afterwards they eat that be

PARDON OF SIN, AND PORTION OF SOME SACRI- bidden. Now therefore get you

THEREFORE AN OCCASION FICES AND HOLY THINGS up; for about this time ye shall

find him

Lev. iv, 31, 35. And he shall take Exod. xxix, 33. And they shall 1 Cor. x, 18. Behold Israel after away all the fat thereof, as the fat eat those things wherewith the the flesh.

is taken away from off the sacri

Are not they which atoneinent was made, to conse- eat of the sacrifices partakers of

fice of peace-off-rings; and the

priest shall baru crate and to sanctify them: but a the altar?

upon the altar

for a sweet savcur onto the LORD; stranger shall not eat thereof because they are holy. WHEN AND WHERE TO BE EATEN.

and the priest shall make an

atonement for bim, and it shall be Lev. 11, 3. 10. And the remnant Lev. vi, 16, 26. And the re-forgiven him. And he shall take of the meat - offering shall be mainder thereof shall Aaron and I away all the fat thereof, as the fat

of the Jamb is taken away from Ace made by fire unto the LORD, | sufficlent to burn, nor the beasts the sacrifice of the peace-offerings; and their sin-offering before the thereof sufficient for a burnt-offerand the priest shall burn them LORD, for their ignorance: And it ing. upon the altar, according to the shall be forgiven all the congregaofferings made by fire unto the tion of the children of Israel, and figure for the time then present,

Heb. 1x, 9, 10. Which was a LORD: and the priest shall make the stranger that sojourneth an atonement for his sin that he among them; seeing all the people and sacrifices, that could not make

in which were offered both gifts hath committed, and it shall be were in ignorance.

him that did the service perfect, forgiven him.

Deut. xii, 7, 12. And there ye as pertaining to the conscience; Lev. v, 13. And the priest shall eat before the LORD your which stood only in meats and shall make an atonement for him, God; and ye shall rejoice in all drinks, and divers washings, and as touching bis sin that he hath that ye put your hand unto, ye carnal' ordinances, imposed on sinned in one of these, and it shall and your households, wherein the them until the time of reformabe forgiven himand the remnant LORD thy God bath blessed thee. tion. shall be the priesi's, as a meat. And ye shall rejoice before the offering.

LORD your God, ye, and your sons, Heb. x, 1-4, 11. For the law bayLev. xv, 14, 15. And on the and your daughters, and your ing a shadow of good things to eighth day he shall take to him

men-servants, and your maid-ser-come, and not the very image of two turtle doves, or two young vants, and the Levite that is with the things, can never with those pigeons, and come before the in your gates; forasmuch as he sacrifices which they offered year LORD unto the door of the taber: hath no part nor inheritance with by year, continually make the nacle of the congregation, and you.

comers thereunto perfect. Fo: give them unto the priest. And the priest shall offer them, the one

Neh. xil, 43. Also that day they then would they not have ceased

to be offered ? because that the for a sin-offering, and the other offered great sacrifices, and refor a burnt - offering; and the joiced: for God had made them worshippers once purged should priest shall make an 'atonement rejoice with great jog: the wives have had no more conscience of

sins. But in those sacrifices there for him before the LORD for his also and the children rejoiced: so that the joy of Jerusalem was

is a remembrance again made of issue.

sips every year. For it is not Num. XV, 25, 26. And the priest heard even afar ofi.

possible that the blood of bulls shall make an atonement for all

and of goats should take away the congregation of the children THEIR SPIRITUAL INEFFI- sins. And every priest standeth of Israel, and it shall be forgiven


daily ministering and offering them; for it is ignorance: and they

oftentimes the same sacrifices sball bring their offering, a sacri.

180. XI, 16. And Lebanon is not which can never take away sins.




Noah, and to his sons with him, ness of Sinal, in the first month of DIVINE REVELATION. saying.

the second year after they were

come out of the land of Egypt, 2 Kings xxi, 10. And the LORD

TO MOSES IN EXODUS. saying: And the LORD spako spake by his servants the prophets, saying.

Exod. vi, 10; xiii, 1; xiv, 1; XVI, 11; unto Moses, saying. . ,

XXV, 1; xxx, 11, 17, 22; xxxi, 1, 12. Num. X, 1; xill, 1; XV, 1, 17. And lamp unto my feet, and a light and the Lord spake unto Moses, the LORD spake unto Móses, say. saying.

ing. unto my path, P3. cxxxvill, 2. I will worship

Ecod. XXXV, 4. And Moses spake Num. XV, 18, 37. Speak unto the toward thy holy temple, and unto all the congregation of the children of Israel, and say unto praise thy name for thy loving children of Israel, saying, This is them, When ye 'come into the kindness and for thy truth: for the thing which the LORD com- land whither I bring you. And thou hast magnified thy word manded, saying.

the LORD spake unto Moses, gayabove all thy name.

Exod. xI, 1. And the LORD spake ing. Prov. vi, 23. For the command- unto Moses, saying.

Num. xvi, 23, 36, 44; xvil, 1; Tiii, ment is a lamp; and the law is

25; xx, 7; xxv, 10; xxviii, 1. And the light; and reproofs of instruction


LORD spake unto Moses, saying are the way of life.

Lev. Iv, 1; V, 14; vi, 1, 8, 19, 24;

Num, xxx, 1. And Moses spako

anto the heads of the tribes conProv. xxii, 20. Have not I writ. vii

, 22, 28; vifi, 1; xii, 1; xiv, 1. And ten to thee excellent things in the LORD spake unto Moses, say-cerning the children of Israel, counsels and knowledge? ing.

saying. This is the thing which

the LORD hath commanded. John xvi, 12. I have yet many

Lev. xvi, 1. And the LORD spake things to say unto you, but ye can- unto Moses, after the death of the

Num. xxxi, 25. And the LORD not bear them now,

two sons of Aaron, when they spake unto Moses, saying. 1 Cor. xiv, 36, 37. What! came offered before the LORD, and died,

Num. xxxiii, 50. And the LORD the word of God out from you? or Lev. xvii, 1; xviii, 1; xix, 1; XX, 1; spake unto Moses in the plains of came it unto you only? If any xxi, 16; xxii, 1, 17, 26; 'xxiii, 1, 9, 23, Moab, by Jordan near Jericho, man think himself to be a prophet, 26, 33; xxiv, 1, 13, xxv, 1. And the saying. or spiritual, let him acknowledge LORD spake unto Moses, saying. Num. Xxxlv, 1, 16. And the that the things that I write unto

Lev. XXVI, 46. These are the

LORD spake unto Moses, saying. you are the commandments of the statutes and judgments and laws

Num. XXXV, 1, 9. And the LORD Lord.

which the LORD made between spake unto Moses in the plains of 1 Thess, ii, 13. For this cause him and the children of Israel in Moab, by Jordan near Jericho, also thank we God without ceas- mount Sinai by the hand of saying. And the LORD spako ing, because, when ye received Moses.

unto Moses, saying. the word of God which ye heard

Lev xxvil, 1, 84. And the LORD

Num. XXXVI, 13. These are the of us, yo received it not as the spake unto Moses, saying. These commandments and the judge word of men, but (as it is in truth) are the commandments, which ments which the Lord commandthe word of God, which effec- the LORD commanded Moses for

ed by the hand of Moses unto the tually worketh also · in you that the children of Israel in mount children of Israel in the plains of believe. Sinai,

Moab by Jordan near Jericho 2 Tim. iii, 16. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and


IN DEUTERONOMY. is profitable for doctrine, for re

Num. 1, 1, 48. And the LORD

Deut. 1, 1--3. These be the words proof, for correction, for instruc spake unto Moses in the wilder which Moses

spake unto all Israel tion in righteousness.

ness of Sinai, in the tabernacle of ou this side Jordan in the wilder2 Pet. I, 19-21. We have also a the congregation, on the first day ness, in the plain over against the more sure word of prophecy; of the second month, in the second Red sea, between Paran, and whereunto ye do well that ye take year after they were come out of Tophel, and Laban, and Hazeroth, heed, as unto a light that shineth the land of Egypt, saying. For and Dizahab. (There are eleven in a dark place, until the day the LORD had spoken unto Moses, days' Journey from Horeb, by the dawn, and the day-star arise in saying.

way of mount Seir, unto Kadeshyour hearts: Knowing this first, Num. iii, 5, 11, 14, 44. And the the fortieth year, in the eleventh

barnea.) And it came to pass in that no prophecy of the

scripture LORD spake unto Moses, saying: month, on the first day of the is of any private interpretation. And the LORD spake unto Moses month, that Moses spake unto the For the prophecy came not in old in the wilderness of Sinai, saying children of Israel, according unto time by the will of man; but holy And the LORD spake unto Moses, all that the LORD had given him men of God spake as they were saying. moved by the Holy Ghost.

in commandment unto them. Num. iv, 21; v, 1, 5, 11; vi, 1, 22; viii, 1, 5, 23. And the LORD spake law which Moses set before the

Deut. iv, 44, 45. And this is the INSTANCES. unto Moses, saying

children of Israel. These are the GOD TO Noah

Num. ix, 1, 9. And the LORD testimonies, and the statutes, and Gen. ix, 8. and God spake unto spake unto Moses in the wilder- the judgments, which Moses


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