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oll. And three tenth - deals of this is the burnt-offering of every ! Lev. XVI, 25. And the fat of the flour for a meat-offering, mingled month throughout the months of sin-offering shall he burn upon with oil, for one bullock; and two the year..

the altar. tenth-deals of flour for a meat- 2 Chron. xxix, 35. And also Deut. xxxiii, 10. They shall offering, mingled with oil, for one the burnt-offerings were in abun- teach Jacob thy judgments, and ram; And a several tenth-deal of dance, with the fat of the peace Israel thy law: they shall put inflour, mingled with oil, for a offerings, and the drink-offerings cense before thee, and whole meat-offering unto one lamb, for for every burnt-offering. So the burnt sacrifice upon thine altar. a burnt-offering of a sweet savour, service of the house of the LORD a sacrifice made my fire unto the was set in order.

2 Chron. viii, 12. Then Solomon

offered burnt-offerings unto the LORD.

LORD on the altar of the LORD Ezek. xlv, 24, 25. And he shall SALT INDISPENSABLE.

which he had built betore tuo prepare a meat-offering of an

Lev. II, 13. And every oblation porch. epliah for a bullock, and an epbah of thy meat-offering shalt thou for a ram, and an bin of oil for an

season with salt; neither shalt PEACE-OFFERING. eplah. In the seventh month, in thou suffer the salt of the coveile fifteenth day of the mouth, nant of thy God to be lacking young men of the children of

Exod. xxiv, 5. And he sent shall he do the like in the feast from thy meat-offering with all Israel, which offered burnt-offerof the seven days, according to thine offerings thou shalt offer ings, and sacrificed peace-offerthe sin-offering, according to the salt.

ings of oxen unto the LORD. burnt-offering, and according to the meat-offering, and according

Lev. 111, 1-16. And if his obleLEAVEN AND HONEY FORBIDDEN. to the oil.

tion be a sacrifice of peace-offerEzek. xlvi, 5, 7, 11. And the offer the blood of my sacrifice whether it be a male or femalo, he

Exod. xxiii, 18. Thou shalt not ing, if he offer it of the herd; meat-offering shall be an ephali with leavened bread; neither shall shall offer it without blemish for a ram, and the meat-offering the fat of my sacrifice remain un- before the Lord. And he shall for the lambs as he shall be able to all the morning.

lay lis hand upon the head of his give, and an hin of oil to an ephah. And he shall prepare a meat

Exod. xxxiv, 25. Thou shalt not offering, and kill it at the door of off-ring, an ephal for a bullock, offer the blood of my sacrifice the tabernacle of the congregaand an ephah for a ram, and for

with leaven; neither shall the tion; and Aaron's sons, the priests, the lembs according as his hand sacrifice of the feast of the pass shall sprinkle the blood upon the

altar round about. And be shall shall attain unto, and an bin of over be left unto the morning. oil to an ephah. And in the Lev. il, 11. No meat-offering. offer of the sacrifice of the peacefeasts, and in the solemnities, the which ye shall bring unto the offering, an offering made by fire meal-uffering shall be an ephah to LORD, shall be made with leaven: unto the Lord, the fat that covera bullock, and an ephan to a ram, for yo eliall burn no leaven, nor eth the inwards, and all the fat and to the lambs as lie is able to any honey, in any offering of the that is upon the inwards, And the

two kidneys, and the fat that is give, and an hin of oil to an LORD made by fire. ephah,

Lev. vi, 17. It shall not bo

on them, which is by the finals, baken with leaven: I have given and the caul above the liver, DRINK OFFERING, it unto them for their portion of with the kidneys, it shall he také my offerings made by fire; it is burn it on the altar upou the

away. And Aaron's sons shall Num. xv, 5, 7, 10-13. And the most holy, as is the sin-offering, burut-sacrifice, which is upon the fourthi part of an hin of wine for and as the trespass-offering. a diink-fk-ring shalt thon pre

wood that is on the fire: it is an pare, with the burnt-ofiering or

offering made by fire, of a sweet

4th. sacrifice, for one lamb. And for

savour unto the LORD. And if his a driuk-off ring thou shalt offer DIFFERENT KINDS OF oflering, for a sacrilice of peacethe third part of an bin of wine,


offering unto the LORD, be of the for a sweet savour unto the LORD.

flock, male or female; he shall And thou shalt bring for a drink

BURNT-OFFERING. offer it without bleinish. If he offering half an hin of wine, for Exod. xxix, 18, 25. And thou offer a lamb for his offering, then an offering made by fire, of a shalt burn the whole ram upon shall he offer it before the Lord. sweet vuur uuto the Load. the altar: it is a burnt-offering And he shall lay his hand upon Thus shall it be done for one

unto the LORD: it 13 a sweet the head of his offering, and kill bullock, or for one ram, or for a savour, an offering made by fire it before the tabernacle of the lamb, or a kid. According to the unto the LORD. And thou shalt congregation: and Aaron's song number that ye shall prepare, so

receive them of their hands, and shall sprinkle the blood thereof suall ye do to every one, accord. burn them upon the altar for a round about upon the altar. And ing to their number. All that are burnt-ofilering, for a sweet savour he shall offer. of the sacrifice of bora of the country shall do before the LORD: it is an offering the peace - offering, an offering these things after this mariner, is made by fire unto the LORD. inade by fire unto the LORD; the offering un vffering made by fire, Lev. vi, 9. Command Aaron and it shall be take off hard by the

fat thereof, and the whole rump, of a sweet savour unto the LORD.

bis bons, saying. This is the law back - bone; and the fat that Vum xxviii, 7, 14.

And the of the burnt-offering: It is the covereth the inwards, and all the drink-ff ring thereof shall be the burnt-offering, because of the

fat that is upon the inwards. fourth part of an lin for the one burning upon the altar, all night And the two kidneys, and the fat lamb: in the holy place shalt thou unto the morning, and the fire of that is upon them, which is by cause the strong wine to be the altar shall be burning in it.

the flanks, and the ciul above the poured unto the LORD for a drink. Lev. ix, 16. 20. And he brought liver, with the kidneys, it shall ho (ffering And their drink-offer- the burnt-offering, and offered it take away. And the priest shall inys sb 1l be half an bin of wine according to the manner. And burn it upon tho altar: it is the anto a bullock, and the third partWey put the fat upon the breasts, food of the otlering made by fire of an bina into a ram, and a and he burnt the fat upon the unto the LORD. And if his offerfourth part of an hin unto a lamb: altar.

ing be a goat, then be shall offer 639

ft before the LORD. And he shall shall be eaten; it shall be burnt prlest, who shall offer that which lay his hand upon the head of it, in the fire.

is for the sin-offering

first, and and kill it before the tabernacle

Lev. 1x, 15. And he brought the wring off his head from his neck, of the congregation: and the sons people's 'offering, and took the but shall not divide it asnnder, of Auron shall sprinkle the blood goat which w the sin-offering And he shall sprinkle of the blood thereof upon the altar round for the people, and slew il, and of the sin-off-ring upon the side about. And he shall offer thereof offered it for sin, as the first.

of the altar; and the rest of the his offering, even an offering Num. vii, 16. One kid of the bottom of the altar: it is a siu.

blood shall be wrung out at the made by fire unto the LORD; the fat that covereth the inwards, and goats for a sin-offering.

offering. And he shall off-r the all the fut that is upon the in.

2 Chron. xxix, 21--24. And they second for a burnt-offering, acwards, And the two kidneys, and brought seven bullocks, and seven cording to the manner: and the the fat that is upon them, which rams, and seven lambs, and seven priest shall make an atonement is by the flanks, and the caul he-goats, for a sin-offering for the for him, for his sin which he halb above the liver, with the kidneys, kingdom, and for the sanctuary, sinned, and it shall be forgiven it shall he take away. And the and for Judalı; and he command- him. But if he be not able to priest shall burn them upon the ed the priests, the sons of Aaron, bring two turtle doves, or two altar: it is the food of the offers to offer them on the altar of the young pigeons: then be that ing made by fire, for a sweet Lord. So they killed the bullocks, sioned shall bring for his offering savour. All the fat is the Lord's. and the priests received the blood, the tenth part of an ephah of fine

and sprinkled it on the altar: like- four for å sin offering: he shall Lev. ix, 18. He slew also the wise, when they had killed the put no oil upon it, neither shall bullock and the ram for a sacri- rams, they sprinkled the blood he put any frankincense thereon; Ace of peace-offerings which was upon the altar: they killed also for it is a sin off-ring. Then shall for the people: and Aaron's sons the lambs, and they sprinkled the he bring it to the priest, and the presented unto him the bloou, blood upon the altar. And they priest shall take his bandful of which he sprinkled upon the brought forth the he-goats for the it, eren a memorial thereof, and altar round about.

sin-offering before the king and burn it on the altar, according to Deut. xxvii, 7. And thou shalt the congregation; and they laid the offerings made by fire unto offer peace-offerings, and shalt their hands upon them: And the the Lord: it is a sin offering. If a eat there, and rejoice before the priests killed them, and they soul commit a trespass, and sin LORD thy God.

inade reconciliation with their through ignorance, in the holy 1 Sam xvi, 5. And he said, blood upon the altar, to make an things of the Lond; then he shall Peaceably: I am come to sacrifice atonement for all Israel: for the bring for bis trespass unto the untothe LORD; sanctify yourselves, king, commanded that the burnt. Lord a ram without blemish out and come with me to the sacrifice offering and the sin-offering shoule? of the flocks, with thy estimation And he sanctified Jesse and his be made for all Israel.

by shekels of silver, after the sons, and called them to the sacri- Ezek. xliii, 19. 25. And thou shalt shekel of the sanctuary, for a fice.

give to the priests the Levites trespass-offering. And he shall

that be of the seed of Zadok, make amends for the harm that SIN OFFERING.

which approach unto me, to he hath done in the holy thing, Exod. xxx, 10. And Aaron shall minister unto me, saith the Lord and shall add the fifth part there make an atonement upon the Gop, a young bullock for a sin- to, and give it unto the priest horns of it once in a year with the offeringSeven days shalt thou and the priest shall make an blood of the sin offering of atone prepare every day a goat for a atonement for him with the ram ments; once in the year shall be sin-offering: they shall also pre- of the trespass offering, and it mako atonement upon it through pare a young bullock, and a ram sball be forgiven him. And if a out your generations: it is most out of the flock, without blemish.

soul sin, and commit any of these holy unto the LORD.

Ezek. xlv, 22, 23. And upon tbat things wbich are forbidden to be Lev. vi, 25--30. Speak unto day shall the prince prepare for done by the commandments of

the LORD; though he wist it not, Aaron, and to his sons, saying himself, and for all the people of This is the law of the sin-offering the land, a bullock for a sin-oiler- yet is be guilty, and shall bear In the place where the burnting And seven days of the feast his iniquity. And he shall bring

a ram without blemish out of the off-ring is killed shall the sin- die shall prepare a burnt-ofering offering be killed before the LORD: to the LORD, seven bullocks and lock, with thy estimation, for a it is most holy. The priest that seven rams without blemish daily trespass-offering, unto the priest:

and the priest shall make an offereth it for sin shall eat it: in the seven days; and a kid of the

atonement for him concerning his the holy place shall it be eaten, goats daily for a sin-offering.

ignorance wherein he erred, and in the court of the tabernacle of the congregation. Whatsoever shall TRESPASS OFFERING.

wist it not; and it shall be for

given him. It is a trespass-offertouch the flesh thereof shall be Lev. v, 6-12, 15--19. And he ing: he hath certainly trespassed holy: and when there is sprinkled shall bring his trespass-offering against the LORD. of the blood thereof upon any gar- unto the LORD, for his sin which Lev. vi, 1-7. And the LORD ment, thou shalt wash that where- which he hath sinned, a female spake unto Moses, saying, If a on it was sprinkled in the holy from the flock, a lamb, or a kid of soul sin, and commit a trespass place. But the earthen vessel the goats, for a sin-offering: and against the LORD, and lie unto his wherein it is sodden 'shall be the priest shall make an atone- neighbour in that wbich was debroken: and if it be sodden in a ment for him concerning his sin. livered him to keep, or in fellowbrasen pot, it shall be both scour. And if he be not able to bring a ship, or in a thing taken away by ed, and rinsed in water. All the lamb, then he shall bring, for his violence, or bath deceived his males among the priests sball eat trespass which he hath commit- neighbour; Or have found that thereot: it is most boly. And noted, two turtle doves, or two which was lost, and lieth concernsin-offering, whereof any of the young pigeons, unto the LORD; ing it, and sweareth falsely; in blood is brought into the taber- one for a sin-offering, and tho any of all these that a man doeth, Dacle of the congregation, to re- other for a burnt-offering. And singing therein; Then it shall be, concile withal in the holy place, I he shall bring them unto the because he bath singed, and is


SACRIFICES. gullty, that he shall restore that, and offered burnt-offerings unto : shalt do thereto coor:ling to the which he took violently away, or the LORD, on the morrow after meat-offering of the morning, aud the thing which he bath deceit- that day, eren a thousand bul. according to the drink - offering fully gotten, or that which was locks, a thousand rams, and a thereof, for a sweet savour, an of delivered him to keep, or the thousand lambs, with their drink-fering made by fire unto the Lord. lost thing which he found, Or all offerings, and sacrifices in abun- This shall be a continual burnt-ofthat about which he hath sworn dance for all Israel.

fering throughout your generafalsely; he shall even restore it in

2 Chron. i, 6. And Solomon

tions, at the door of the tabernacle the principal, and shall add the

of the congregation, before the went up thither to the bracen alfifth part more thereto, and give it unto him to whom it apper

tar before the LORD, which was at LORD; where I will meet you, to the tabernacle of the congrega

speak there unto thee. taineth, in the day of his trespass

Num. xxvii1, 3, 4, 6, 8. And thou offering. And he shall bring his tion, and offered a thousand burntofferings upon it.

shalt say unto them, This is the trespass-offering unto the LORD, a ram without blemish out of the

2 Chron. V, 6. Also king Solo-shall off-r unto the LORD; two

offering made by fire which yo fock, with thy estimation, for a mon, and all the congregation of lambs of the first year without trespass-offering, unto the priest: Israel that were assembled unto spot, day by day, for a continual And the priest shall make an him before the ark, sacrificed

burnt - Offering. The one lamb atonement for him before the sheep and oxen, which could not LORD, and it shall be forgiven him, be told nor bumbered for multi-) and the other lamb shalt thou

shalt thou offer in the morning, for any thing of all that he bath tude.

offer at even, It is a continual done, in trespassing therein. 2 Chron, vll, 5. And king Solo- burnt-offering, which was ordained

Lev. vii, 1-6. Likewise this 18 mon offered a sacrifice of tirenty in mount Sinai for a sweet savour, the law of the trespass-offering; and two thousand oxen, and an a sacrifice made by fire unto the it is most holy. In the place bundred and twenty thousand LORD. And the other lamb shalt where they kill the burut-offering sheep: 80 the king and all the thou offer at even: as the meat-ofshall they kill the trespass-offer people dedicated the house of fering of the morning, and as the iug: and the blood thereof shall he God.

drink-offering thereof, thou shalt sprinkle round about upon the al- 2 Ohron. xv, 11. And they or offer it, a sacrifice made by fire, of tar. And he shall offer of it all the fered unto the Lord the same time, a sweet savour unto the LORD. fat thereof; the rump, and the fat of the spoil which they had Ezra jii, 4. They kept also the that covereth the inwards, And brought, seven hundred oxen and feast of tahernacles, as it is writthe two kidneys, and the fat that seven thousand sheep.

ten, and ofered the daily burnt-ofis on them, which is by the flanks, and the call that is above the 2 Chron. asix, 33, 31. And the ferings by number, according to liver, with the kidneys, it shall he consecrated things were six hun

the custom, as the duty of every take away: And the priest shall dred oxen, and three thousand day required. burn thein upon the altar for an sheep. But the priests were too off ring matie by fire unto the few, so that they could not flay all Ezek. xlvi, 13-15. Thou shalt LORD: it is a trespass-offering the burnt offerings; wherefore daily prepare a burnt-offering Every male among the priests their brethren the Levites did unto the LORD of a lamb of the shall eat thereof; it shall be eaten help them, till the work was end-first year without blemish: thoa in the holy place: it is most holy, ed, and until the other priests had shalt prepare it every morning.

sanctifed themselves : for the And thou shalt prepare a meat-of

Levites were more upright in fering for it every morning, the INSTANCES OF SACRIFICES.

heart to sanctify themselves than sixth part of an ephah, and the 1 Sam. xi, 15. And all the people the priests.

third part of an hin of oil, to temwent to Gilgal; and there they Exra viii, 85. Also the children

per with the fine flour, a meat-ofmade Siul king before the LORD of those that had been carried fering continually, by a perpetual in Gilgal; and there they sacrificed away, which were come out of the ordinance, unto the LORD. Thus sacrifices of pe:lce offerins before the Lord; and there Saul and all unto the God of Israel, twelve captivity, offered burnt-offerings shall they prepare the lamb, and

the meat - offering, and the oil, the men of Israel rejoiced greatly. bullocks for all Israel, ninety and

every morning, for a continual 2 Sam. vi, 13. And it was so,

six rams,
seventy and seven

burnt-offering that, when they that bare the ark' lambs, twelve he-goats for a sin.

THE DOUBLE SACRIFICE OF THE of the Lord had gone six paces, offering: all this was a burnthe sacrificed oxen and fatlings. offering unto the LORD.

SABBATH. 1 Kings vill, 5, 62. 63. And king

Num. xxviii, 9, 10. And on the Solomon, and all the congregation


sabbatli-day two lambs of the first of Israel, that were assemblou PERIODS AND OCCASIONS

year without spot, and two tenthunto him, ucere with him before

deals of four for a meat- ff ring,

OF SACRIFICE. the ark, sacrificing sheep and

mingled with oil, and the drink-ofoxen, that could not be tuld por THE DAILY SACRIFICE.

feriug thereof. This is the burntnumbered for multitude. And the king, and all Israel with him, of that which thou shalt offer upon his drink-offuring.

Exod. xxix, 38-42. Now this is offering of every sabbath, besides

the continual burut-offering, and fered sicrifice before the LORD. the altar; two lambs of the first And Solomon offered a sacrifice year, day by day continually. The of peace offerings, which he of: one lamb thou shalt offer in the

MONTALY SACRIFICE AT NEW tered unto the Lord, two and morning, and the other lamb thou

Mvox. twenty thousand oxen, and an shalt offer at even: And with the hundred and twenty thousand one lamb a tenth-deal of flour

Num. xxviii, 11, 14, 15. And in

the beginnings of your months yo shpep. So the king and all the mingled with the fourth part of shall offer a burnt-offering unto children of Israel dedicated the an hin of beaten oil; and the the LORD; two young bullocks, house of the LORD.

fourth part of an bin of wine for a and one ram, seven lambs of the 1 Chron. xxix, 21. And they sac- drink - offering. And the other first year without spot; And their rificed sacrifices unto the Lord, lamb thou shalt roffer at even, and drink offerings shall be ball an



hin of wine onto a bollock, and | Arst-fruits, when ye bring a new mingier with oil, three tenththe third part of an bin unto a meat-offering unto the LORD, after deals unto every bullock of the ram, and a fourth part of an hin your weeks be out, ye shall have thirteen bullocks, two tenth-deals unto a lamb: this is the burnt-of-an holy convocation; ye shall do to each rain of the two rams, fering of every month throughout no servile work. But ye shall And a several tenth-deal to each the months of the year. And one offer the burnt - offering for a lamb of the fourteen lambs; And kid of the goats for a sin-offering sweet savour unto the LORD; two one kid of the goats for a sinunto the LORD shall be offered, young bullocks, one ram, seven offering, besides the continual besides the continual burnt-offer- lambs of the first year, and their burnt-offering, his meat-offering, ing, and his drink-offering. meat - offering of four miugled and his drink-offering. And on

Ezra iii, 5. And afterward with oil, three tenth-deals unto the second day ye shall ofer offered the continual burnt-offer- one bullock, iwo tenth-deals unto twelve young bullocks, two rams, ing, both of the new-moons, and

ono ram, À several tenth-deal fourteen lambs of the first year, of all the set feasts of the LORD unto one lamb, throughout the without spot: And their meatthat were consecrated, and of seven lambs; And one kid of the offering, and their drink-offerings,

goats, to make an atonement for for the bullocks, for the rams, every one that willingly offered a

you. Ye shall offer them besides and for the lambs, shall be accordo free-will-offering unto the LORD.

the continual burnt-offering, and ing to their number, after the

his meat-offering, (they shall be manner; And one kid of the goats SACRIFICES AT THE PASSOVER.

unto you without blemish,) and for a sin-offering, besides the their drink-offerings.

continual burnt-offering, and the Lev. ii, 12. As for the oblation

meat- offering thereof, and their of the first-fruits, ye shall offer


drink - offerings. SACRIFICES IN THE SEVENTI third day eleven bullocks, two

on the them unto the LORD; but they shall not be burnt on the altar for


rams, fourteen lambs of the first a sweet savour.


year, without blemish: And their Lev. xxiii, 7, 8, 18, 19. In the Num. xxix, 2-6. And ye shall meat - offering, and their drinkfirst day ye shall have an holy offer a burnt-offering for a sweet offerings, for the bullocks, for the convocation; ye shall do no ser- savour unto the LORD; one young rams, and for the lambs, shall be vile work therein. But ye shall bullock, one ram, and seven according to their number, alter offer an offering maile by fire lambs of the first year, without the manner; And one goat for a unto the LORD seven days: in the blemish: And their meat-offering sin-offering, besides the continual seventh day is an holy convoca- shall be of four mingled with oil, burnt - offering, and his meattion; ye shall do no servile work three tenth-deals for a bullock, offering, and his drink -offering. therein. And ye shall offer with and two tenth-deals for a ram,

And on

the fourth day ten the bread seven lambs without And one tenth-deal for one lamb. bullocks, two rams, and fourteen blemish of the first year, and one throughout the seven lambs; And lambs of the first year, without young, bullock, and two rams: one kid of the goats for a sin blemish: Their meat-offering, and they shall be for a burnt-offering offering, to make an atonement

their drink - offerings, for the unto the LORD, with their ineat- for you: Besides the burnt-offer. bullocks, for the rams, and for off-ring, and their drink-offerings, ing of the month, and his meat-the lambs, shall be according to even an offering made by fire, of offering, and the daily burnt- their number, after the manner; sweet savour unt) the LORD. offering, and his meat-offering, and one kid of the goats for a Then ye shall sacrifice one kind of and their drink-offerings, accord- sin-offering, besides the continual the goats for a sin-offering, and ing unto their manner, for a sweet burnt-offering, his meat-offering, two lambs of the first year for a savour, a sacrifice made by fire and his drink-offering. And on sacrifice of peace-offerings. unto the LORD.

the flith day pine bullocks, two

rams, and fourteen lambs of the Num. xxvIII, 19-31. But ye shall


first year, without spot: And offer a sacrifice made by fire, for a burnt-offering unto the LORD;

Num. xxix, 8-11. But ye shall drink-offerings, for the bullocks,

their meat - Offering, and their two young bullocks, and one ramo offer a burnt-offering unto the for the rams, and for the lambs, and seven lambs of the first year: LORD for a sweet savour; one

shall be according to their numthey shall be unto you without young bullock, one

ram, and blemish. And their meat-offering seven lambs of the first year; goat for a sin-offering, besides

ber, after the manner, and one shall be of flour mingled with oil: they shall be unto your without the continual burnt-offering, and three tenth- deals shall ye offer blemish. And their meat-offering his meat-offering, and his drinkfor a bullock, and two tenth-deals shall be of four mingled with oil, offering. And on the sixth day for a ram; A several tenth-deal three tenth-deals to a bullock, eight bullocks, two rams, and shalt thou offer for every lamb, and two tenth-deals to one ram, fourteen lambs of the first year, throughout the seven lambs: And A several tenth - deal for one

without blemish; And their meat one goat for a sin-offering, to lamb, throughout the seven lambs;

offering, and their drink-offerings, make an atonement for you." Ye one kid of the goals for 2 sin for the bullocks, for the rams, bhall offer these besides

the offering, besides the sin-offering and for the lambs, shall be accordburnt-offering in the morning, of atonement, and the continual ing to their number, after the which is for a continual burnt | burnt-offering, and the meat-offer- manner, And one goat for a sinoffering. After this manner ye ing of it, and their drink-offerings. offering besides the contiqual sball offer daily, throughout the severf days, the meat of the sacri


burnt-oftering, his meat-offering,

and bis drink-offering. And on fice made by fire, of a sweet Num. xxix, 13-38. And ye shall the seventh day seven bullocks; Bavour unto the LORD: it shall be offer a burnt-offering, a sacrifice two rams, and fourteen lambs of off red besides the continual made by fire, of a sweet savour the first year, without blenish: burnt - offering, and his drink- unto the Lorn; thirteen young And their meat-offering, and their offering And on the seventh bullocks, two rams, and fourteen | drink-offerings, for the bullocks, day ye shall have an holy convo- lambs of the first year; they shall for the rams, and for the lambs, cation; ye shall do no servile be without blemish: And their shall be according to their pumwork. Also in the day of the meat-offering shal. be of flour I ber, after the manner, And one

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goat for a sin-offering, besides the OCCASIONAL SACRIFICES OF THE CONGREGATION.
burnt - offering, his


Lev. iv, 13-21. And if the whole meat - offering, and his drink offering. On the eighth day ye

Like il, 22--24. And when the congregation of Israel sin through shall have a solemn ussembly: ye days of her purification according ignorance, and the thing be vid Bhall do no servile work therein: to the law of Moses were accom- from the eyes of the a-sembly, But ye shall oftera burnt-offering, plished, they brought him to and they have done somewhat a sacrifice made by fire, of a sweet Jerusalem, to present him to the against any of the commandments favour

of the LORD, concerning things unto


LORD: one Lord; (As it is written in the law bullock, one ram, seven lambs of of the Lord, Every male that which should not be done, and the first year, without blemish: openeth the womb shall be called are guilty; When the sin, which Their meat - offering, and their holy to the Lord:) And to offer a they bave sinned against it, is

the congregation drink-offerings, for tbe bullock, sacrifice according to that which known, then for the rain, and for the lambs, is said in the law of the Lord, A shall offer a young bullock ior ile shall be according to their rium- pair ut lurtio doves, or two young sin, and bring hlin before the

tabernacle of the congregation. ber, after the manner, And one pigeons.

And the elders of the congregagoat for a sin-offering, besides

tion shall lay their hands upon the the continual burnt-offering, and FOR SINS OF IGNORANCE.

head of the bullock before the his meat-offering, and his driuk

ON TIE PART OF THE COMMON LORD; and the bullock shall be offering.


killed before the LORD. And the Lev. Iv, 27-29. And if any one priest that is anointed shall bring 1 Kings ix, 25. And three times of the common people sin through

of the bullock's blood to the taberin a year did Solomon offer burnt- ignorance, while he doeth some

nacle of the congregation. And off rings and peace-off-rings upon what against any of the command. the priest shall dip biis finger in the altar which he built unto the ments of the Lord, concerning some of the blood, and sprinkle LORD, and he burnt incense upon things which onght not to be

it seven times before the LORD, the altar that was before the done, and be guilty; Or if his

eren belore the vail. And he LORD: 80 he finished the house.

sin, which he hath sinned, come shall put some of the blood upon

to his knowledge; then lié shall the horns of the altar which is THE SCAPE-GOAT. bring his offering, a kid of the

before the LORD, that is in the Lev. xvi, 5--10, 20-22. 26. And goats, a female without blemish, tabernacle of the congregation, be shall take of the congregation

for his sin which he hath sinned and shall pour out all the blood of the children of Israel two kids And he shall lay his hand upon the at the bottom of the altar of the

burnt-offering, which is at the of the goats for a sin-offering, and head of the sin-offering, and slay one ram for a burnt-offering. All the sin-offering in the place of the door of the tabernacle of the conAaron suull off-r his bullock of burnt-offering

gregation. And he shall take all

his fat from him, and burn it the sin-off ring which is for lim

Num. xv, 27, 28. And if any soul

ipon the altar. And he shall do Fels, and make an atonement for himself, and for his honse.

with the bullock as he did with And

sin through ignorance, then be be shall take the two goats, and shall bring a slie-goat of the first the bullock for a sin-offering, so present them befüre the Lorin at year for a sin-offering. And the shall be do with this; and the the door of the tabernacle of the

priest shall make an atonement priest shall make an atonement congregation. And Auron shall

for the soul that sinneth ignorant- for them, and it shall be forgiven cist luis upon the two goats; ones, when be sinneth by ignorunce them. And be shall carry furth lot for the LORD, and the other before the LORD, to make an

the bullock without the camp, and lot for the scape-goat. And Aaron

atonement for him; and it shall burn him as he burned the first shall bring the poit upon which be forgiven bin.

bullock: it is a sin-olloring for the the Lord's lot tell, and offer him

congregation, for a sin offering: But the goat,


Num. xv, 22-29. And il ye have on wbicu the lot fell to be the Lev. iv, 22-26. When a ruler erred, and not observed all these scape-goat, shall be presented haih sinned, and done somewhat commandments, which the Lord alive before the LORD, to make an through ignorance against any of hath spoken unto Moses, Eren at nement with him, and to let the commandinents of the LORD all that the LORD hath commandbim go for a scipp-goat into the his God, concerning things which ed you by the hand of Moses, wilderness. And when he hath should not be done, and is guilty; from the day that the LORD commade an end of reconciling the Or if bis sin, wherein he hath manded Moses, and henceforward holy place, and the tabernacle of sinned, come to his knowledge; he the congregation, and the altar, shall bring his offering, a kid of it shall be, if ought be committed

among your generations; Then he shall bring the live goat: Add the goats, a male without blemish: by ignorance, without the knowAaron shall lay both his hands And he shall lay his hand upon ledge of the congregation, that upon the head of the live goat, the head of the goat, and kill it all the congregation shall offer and contess over him all the in the place where they kill the iniquities of the children of Israel. burnt-offering before the Lord: it offering, for a sweet savour unto

one young bullock for a burntand all their transgressions in all is a sin-offering. And the priest, the LORD, with his meat-offering, their sins, putting them upon the shall take of the blood of the sin- and his drink-offering, according head of the goat, and shall send offering with his finger, and put to the manner, and one kid of the him away by the hand of a fit it upon the horns of the altar of goats for a sin-offering. And the man into the wilderness. And burnt-offering, and shall pour out priest shall make an atonement the goat shall bear upon him all his blood at the bottom of the for all the congregation of the their iniquities unto a land not altar of burnt-offering. And he children of Israel, and it shall bo inhabited: and he shall let go the shall burn all his fat upon the forgiven them; for it is ignorance godi in the wilderness, Aud he altar, as the fat of the sacrifice of and they shall bring their offerils, ibut let go the coat for the scape- peace-offerings; and the priest a sacrifice made by fire unto the gual shall wasia bis clothes, and shall make an atonement for him LORI), and their sin-ofiering before bathe his f1 sb in water and alter as concerning bis sin, and it shall the LORD tur their ignorance: And ward come into the camp. be forgiven him.

it shull be forgiven all the cun643

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