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in his Law doth he (c) ME- (c) Isai. XXVI. 9. With my Soul

have I desired thee in the Night; DITATE Day and Night.

And he shall be like a (a) yes, with my Spirit within me, will Tree planted by the Rivers (d) John xvis. I am the Vine, of Water, that bringeth forth ye are the Branches; he that abidhis Fruit in his Season; bringeth forth much Fruit: For

ech in me, and I in him, the same his Leaf also shall not wi- without me ye can do nothing: ther, and whatsoever he doth (e) 1 Tim. iv. 8. But Godliness shall (e) prosper.

is profitable unto all things; having SALVATION (f)belongeth promise of the Life that now is, aná

that come. unto the Lord Thy Bles- (f) Matt: 1. 21. And thou shalt SING is upon thy People :

call his Name Jesus, for hc siall Thou haft put c Gladness

save his People from their Sins. in my Heart, more than in the time that their (8) Corn (8) Matt. 6. 33: Seek ye first the and their Wine increased.

Kingdom of God, and his RIGH. Let all d those that put shall be added unto you.

TEOUSNESS, and all these things their Trust in thee (b) RE

(b) John xvII. 13. And these Joice, let them ever thout

things I speak in the World, that for Joy, because thou defend- they might have my Joy fulfilled eft them ; let them also that in themselves. Chap. xvi. 22. And love thy Name be joyful in your Heart shall rejoice; and your

joy no Man taketh from you. thee.

Thou, Lord, wilt bless the RIGHTEOUS; with thy Favour wilt thou compass him, as with a Shield.

(i) Prov. XVIII. 10. The Name The e Lord also will be a of the Lord is a strong Tower; the (1) Refuge for the Oppref- Righteous runneth into it, and is fed, a Refuge in times of safe. Trouble :

(k) Ifai.XXVI. 3. Thou wilt keep

him in perfect Peace, whole Mind And they that know thy is stayed on thee, because he TRUSTName will

their (k)

ETH in thee. Heb. xvii. s. Lec
Trust in thee; for thou, cousness, and bc content with such

your Conversation be without CoveLord, hast not forsaken them things as ye have; for he hath said, that seek thee.

I will never LEAVs thee, nor FOR

SAKE thee.
Lord, thou hast (1) heard

(1) John xiv, 13, 14. And whatthe Desire of the Humble : soever ye shall ask in my Name, Thou wilt prepare their that will I do, that the Father may Heart, thou wilt cause thine shall ask any thing in my Name, i

be GLORIFIED in the Son. If ye Ear to hear.

will do it.

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me ;

his only

For the righteous Lord (m) John xiv.21. He that hath loveth RIGHTEOUSNESS ; his my COMMANDMENTS, and keep

eth them, he it is that LOVETH Countenance doth (m) be

and he that Loveth me, shall hold the Upright:

be LOVED of my Father ; and I Thou shalt keep them, O will LOVE him, and will manifest Lord; thou shalt preserve my self to him.

(n) Matt. xxvIII, 20. Lo, I am them from this Generation with you alway, even unto the End for ever.

of the World. Ifai. LVII. 15. Thus For (12) God is in the faith the high and lotty One that

inhabiteth Eternity, whose Name Generation of the Righ- is Holy ; I dwell in the high and TEOUS.

holy Place, with him also that is of Lord, i who shall abide a CONTRITE and HUMBLE SPIRIT; in thy ) TABERNACLE? and to revive the Heart of the con

to revive the Spirit of the Humble, who thall dwell in thy holy trite Ones. Hill ?

(0) John XIV. 2. In my Father's He that walketh upright it were not so, I would have told

House are many MANSIONS ; if ly, and worketh Righteouf- you. I go to prepare a Place for ness, that speaketh the Truth you. in his Heart.

(P) John 111. 16. God so LOVED

the World, that he gave Thou k wilt not (P) leave begotten Son, that whosoever bes their Soul in Hell, but wilt lieveth in him should not PERISH, shew them the Path of Life: but have everlasting Life.


(9) 2 Cor. iv. 6. God, who hath For in thy Presence is fulness commanded Light to shine out of of Jor; at thy right Hand DARKNESS, hath shined into our there are pleasures for ever- Hearts, to give the Light of the

Knowledge of the Glory of God in more.

the Face of Jesus Chrift. They · Shall BEHOLD thy () 1 John 111. 2. Now are we (1) Face in Righteousness, the Sons of God, and it doth not and shall be satisfied with yet appear what we shall be ; but

we know that when we shall apthy (r) LIKENESS.

pear, we shall be LIKE him as he is. The m Lord is their (s) Rev. xx11.4., And they shall see

his Face. Phil. iii. 20,21. Our SHEPHERD, and they shall Conversation is in Heaven, from not want.

whence also we look for the SaHe makech them to lie viour, the Lord Jesus Christ, who

Thall change our vile Body, that it down in green Paftures; he

may be fashioned like unto his glo

rious Body, according to the work. ing whereby he is able even to subduc all things unto himtelf.

(1) John X. 27, 28. My SHEEP hear my Voice, and I know them, and they follow me. And I give unto them eternal Life, and they shall never perish; neither shall any pluck them out of my Hand. Ifai. xl. Jl. He Ihall feed his Flock like a SherHERD ; he shall gather the LAMBs with his Arm, and carry them in his Bosom, and Mall gently lead those that are with young. & Psalm xi. 7. h PS. XIV.S:

i Ps. xv. 1, 2. * PS. xvi. 10. I PS. xvii. 15. a PS. XXU1B 1, 2, 4, 5,6.


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leadeth them befide the still (t) Rev. XXI. 6. I am Alpha and WATERS.

Omega, the Beginning and the End; Yea, though they walk of the Fountain of the WATER OF

I will give unto him that is athirst, through the Valley of the Life freely. Sy A Dow of DEATH, they power to tread on Serpents and

(u) Luke x. 19. I give unto you shall (2) PEAR no Evil ;

Scorpions, and over all the Power of For thou art (x) with thc ENEMY ; and nothing shall by them ; thy Rod and thy any Means hurt you. Chap. x11. Staff comfort them :

32. FEAR not, little Flock; for it

is your Father's good Pleasure to GOODNESS and Mercy give you the Kingdom. Jhall follow them all the (x) Matt. xxvill. 20. Lo, I am Days of their Life, and they with you alway, even unto the End Shall dwell in the (y) House (y) Rev. 111. 12: Him that overof the Lord for ever.

cometh, will I make a PILLAR in Who n shall ASCEND into

the TEMPLE of my God; and he

shal] the Hill of the Lord ? and

so no more out.

(2) Matt. v. 8. Blessed are the who shall stand in his holy pure in HEART, for they shall sec Place?

God. He that hath clean Hands, deemed with CORRUPTIBLE things,

(a) 1 Pet. 1. 18. Ye were not reand a (3) PURE HEART ; as Silver and Gold, from your VAIN who hath not lift up his Conversation, received by Tradition Soul to (a) VANITY, nor

from your Fathers.

(6) Heb. v i. 14, 16, 17, 18. Surely fworn deceitfully :

blefling, I will BLESS thee; and He shall receive the (b) multiplying, I will multisLY thee. BLESSING from the Lord,

For Men verily twear by the Great

er ; wherein God willing more aand RICH'TLOUSNESS from bundantly to show unto the Heirs of the God of his Salvation. Promise the Immutability of his This is the Generation of Counsel, confirmed it by an Oath;

that by two immutable Things, them that (C) SEEK him, that in which it was impossible for God seek thy Face, O facob. to lye, we might have a strong ConThe (1) Meek will he solation, who have Aled for Re

RUGE, to lay hold upon the Hope guide in Judgment, and the set before us; which Hope we have Meek will he teach bis Way, as an Anchor of the Soul.

All the Paths of the Lord (c) Ifai. LV. 6,7. SEEK ye the are Mercy and Truth, yc upon him while he is near : Le

Lord while he may be found; CALL unto such as keep his (e) Co- the Wicked forsake his Way, and

the unrighteous Man his Thoughts ; and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have Mercy upon


i and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. Heb. xi. 6. He that comech to God, must believe that he is, and that he is a Rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

(d) Matt. v.s. Blessed are the MEEK, for they shall INHERIT the Earth.

(() 1 Pet. 11. 13. And who is he that will harm you, if ye be Followers of that which is good ? Pl. XXIV. 3, to 6. o PS. XXV. 9,10,14.



up upon a Rock.

VENANT, and his Testimo.

(f) Heb. viii. 6,8, 10. He is the nies.


which was established upon terter The Secret of the Lord Promises. Behold, the Bays come, is with them that fear him, when I will make a new Coveand he will shew them his Nant with the Houseot Ifrael, and

the House of Judah : I will put (f) COVENANT.

my Laws into their mind, and In the P time of (8) Trou- write them in their Hearts; and I ble, he shall hide them in will be to them a God, and they shall his Pavilion ; in the Secret be to me a People.

(g) John xvi. 33. In the World of his Tabernacle Shall he

ye Ihall have TRIBULATION; hide them; he shall set them be of good cheer, I have overcome

the World. Verse 22. And ye now

therefore have Sorrow ; but I will The 9 Lord will give see you again, and your Heart STRENGTH unto his People, thall REJOICE, and your Joy no the Lord will bless his Peo- Man takech from you.

() John xiv. 27. PEACE I leave ple with (b) PEACE.

with you, my PEACE I give unto How 5 great is his (i) you; not as the World giveth, give GOODNESS, which he hath unto you. Let not your Heart laid up for them that fear Ephef. 1.2. Grace be unto you,

be troubled, neither let it be afraid. him; which he hath wrought and PEACE from God our Father, for them that trust in him, and from the Lord Isus Chrift. before the Sons of Men :

(i) 1 Cor. 11. 9. Eye hath nod

seen, nor Ear hcard, neither have He shall keep them in the entered into the Heare of Man, the Secret of his presence from things which God hath prepared for the Pride (k) of Man, he them that love him.

(k) Matt. X. 28, 29, 30. FEAR Shall keep them secretly from not them which kill the Body,but are the STRIFE of Tongues.

not able to kill the Soul; but rather The (1) Eye fof the Lord FEAR him, which is able to destroy

both Soul and Body in Hell. Are is upon them that fear him, not two Sparrows fold for a Farupon them that hope in his thing ? and one of them shall not MERCY.

fall to the Ground without your

Father; but the very Hairs or your To deliver their Soul Head are all numbered. from Death, and to keep ,() Pet. 111. 12. The Eyes of

l them alive in (m) FAMINE : and his Ears are open unto their

the Lord are over the RIGHTEOUS, There ! is no WANT to PRAYERS. them that FEAR him ; for (m) Matt. vi. 25, 26. Take no though the young Lions do Thought for your life, what ye lack, and suffer Hunger, they nor yet for your Body, what you

fhall eat, or what ye fall drink; shall

put on : Is not the Lire more than Meat, and the Body than Raiment ? 'Behold the Fowls of the Air, for they low oot, neither do thcy reap, nor gather into Barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them : Are ye not much better than they? P Pf. xxvII. So

9 PS. XXIX. II. · Pf. XXXI. 19, 20.
! Pf. xxx111. 18, 19. PS. XXXIV. 9, 10.


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that seek the Lord shall want no good thing.

The (12) Angel u of the () H:6. 1. 14. Are they not all Lord encampeth round about ministring Spirits, fent forth to mi

nister for them who shall be Heirs them that fear him, and he of Salvation. delivereth them.

The Eyes of the Lord are upon the RIGHTEOUS, and his Ears are open unto their CRY:

And the Lord HEARETH, delivereth them out of all their Troubles. The Lord is nigh unto

(o) [ai. LVII. 15. Thus faith them that are of a BROKEN the high and lofty One, that inhaHEART, and saveth such as biteth Eternity, whose Name is hobe of a (0) CONTRITE SPI- ly; I dwell in the high and holy

Place, with him also that is of a

contrite and humble Spirit, to reMany are the Afflictions vive the Spirit of the humble, and of the Righteous, but the to revive the Heart of the contrite Lord delivereth him out of Ones. James iv. 6, 10. God refift

ech the PROUD, but giveth Grace them all.

tinto the HUMBLE. Humble your The Lord redeemeth the selves in the Sight of the Lord, and Soul of his Servants, and he shall lift you up. none of them that TRUST in him shall be defolate. His Mercy is in the Hea- (P) John IV. 14. Whosoever drink

eth of the Water that I shall give vens, and his Faithfulness

him, shall never thirst : But the reacheth unto the Clouds. Water that I shall give him, shall

How excellent is thy lov- be in him a Well of Water springing Kindness, O God; there- ing, up into EVERLASTING LIFE.

John vil. 37, 38, 39. Jefus stood fore the Children of Men put and cried, saying, if any Man their TRUST under the Sha- THIRST, let him come unto dow of thy Wings.

and drink : He that believeth on

me, as the Scripture hath said) They shall be abundantly out of his Belly Tall flow Rivers fatisfied with the Fatness of of living Watcr. But this spakc he thy House, and thou shalt of the Spirit, which they that be .

lieve on him should receive. Rev. make them drink of the (P) XXII. 17. And the Spirit and the River of thy PLEASURES: Bride fay, Come. And let him For with thee is the Foun- that heareth say, Come : And let

him that is athirst come : And TAIN of LIFE; and in thy whosoever will, let him take the Light Mall they fee Light. Water of Life freely. * Psalm Xxxtv.:,15,17,18,19, 22. * Pl. XXXVI. 5,8,9.



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