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PLATE XV. (Crustacea, Plate XLI.)

Hexapus serpes (Fabricius).


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Natural size of female specimen, from which the enlarged details are drawn.

The figure is in dorsal view, the right cheliped wanting. Pl. 2. Dorsal view of pleon clasped against the sternum, with ventral view of

the third maxilliped and parts of limbs of the left side. The right eye, raised a little out of its orbit. a.s., a.i., m., m. Part of underside of head, showing first and second antennæ of

the left side, tips of the eyes, and the mandibles. m. Right mandible, seen from the inner dorsal side, with its palp brought into

view. In the preceding figure this mandible is on the left, in ventral view. mx. 1, mx. 2. First and second maxille. mxp. 1, 2, 3. First, second, and third maxillipeds. prp. 1, prp. 4. The left cheliped or first peræopod, and terminal part of the fourth,

in this species the last, peræopod. plp. Pleopod from the second segment of the female pleon.

Crustacea. Plate XLI.

Plate XV.

Ann. S. Afr. Mus. Vol. VI.

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prp. 1.

Del.T.R.R. Stebbing.

West, Newman lith.


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