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faid? And the came tole Words might fin his Faces

19 In the eighteenth Year of the Reign of * Jofiah was this Passover kept.

20 After all this, when Josiah had prepared the Temple, Necho King of Egypt came up to fight against Carchemish by Euphrates : and Josiah went out against him.

21 But he sent Ambassadors to him, saying, What have I to do with thee, thou King of Judah? I come not against thee this Day, but against the House wherewith I have War: for God commanded me to make haste : forbear thee from meddling with God, who is with me, that he destroy thee not.

22 Nevertheless Josiah would not turn his Face from him, but disguised himself that he might fight with him, and hearkened not unto the Words of Necho from the Mouth of God, and came to fight in the Valley of Megiddo.

23. And the Archers shot at King Josiah ; and the King said to his Servants, Have me away, for I am sore wounded.

24 His Servants therefore took him out of that Chariot, and put him in the second Chariot that he had ; and they brought him to Jerusalem, and he died, and was buried in one of the Sepulchres of his Fathers : and all Judah and Jerusalem mourned for Josiah. 25 * And Jeremiah la- * fer. xxii. 10 Weep ye not for the

Dead, neither bemoan him, but weep mented for Jolian, and an mic fore for him that GOETH AWAY : for mented for Josiah, and all the Singing-men, and the Singing- he shall return no more, nor see his women, spake of Josiah in native Countrey. their Lamentations to this Day, and made them an Ordinance in Israel : and behold, they are written in the Lamentations.

26 Now the rest of the Acts of Josiah, and his Goodness, according to that which was written in the Law of the LORD, · 27 They are written in the Book of the Kings of Israel and Judah.

CHA P. XXXVI. i Jehoahaz fucceeding, is deposed by Pharaoh, and carried in

to Egypt. 5 Jehoiakim reigning ill, is carried bound into Babylon. 9 Jehoiachin succeeding, reigneth ill, and is brought into Babylon. 11 Zedekiah fucceeding, reigneth ill, and deSpiseth the Prophets, and rebelleth against Nebuchadnezzar, * Towards the latter End of Josiah’s Reign, Zephaniah began to prophesy who is supposed to be the Great-grandson of King Hezekiah,

14 Jerus

14 Jerusalem, for the Sins of the Priests and People, is

wholly destroyed. Ver, 1 THEN the People of the Land took Jehoahaz,

1 the Son of Josiah, and made him King in his Father's stead.

2 Jehoahaz was twenty and three Years old when he began to reign, and he reigned three Months in Jerusalem.

3 And the King of Egypt put him down at Jerusalem, and condemned the Land in an hundred Talents of Silver, and a Talent of Gold.

4. And the King of Egypt made Eliakim his Brother King over Judah, and turned his Name to Jehoiakim. And Necho y took Jehoahaz his Brother, and carried him to 'Ja. xxii. 11 Thus saith the LORD

touching Shallum the Son of Josiah Egypt, and he died there. King of Judah, which reigned instead of Josiah his Father, which went forth out of this place. He ihall not return thither any more.

12 But he thall die in the place whither they have led him Captive, and shall see this Land no more. 5 2 Jehoiakim was twenty fer. xxvi. 1 In the Beginning of

Í the Reign of Jehoiakim the Son of and five Years old when ne Jolah King of Judah, came this began to reign, and he reign- Word from the LORD, saying, ed eleven Years in Jerusalem: 2 Thus faith the LORD, Stand in and he did that which was speak unto all the Cities of Judah,

· the Court of the Lord's House, and evil in the sight of the LORD. which come to worship in the Lord's

House, all the WORDS that I command thee to speak unto them ; DIMINISH not a WORD: ' 3 If so be they will HEARKEN, aod TURN every Man from his EVIL War, that I may repent me of the Evil which I purpole to do unto them, because of the evil of their DoINGS.

4. And thou shalt say unto them, Thus faith the LORD, if ye will not hearken unto me, to walk in my Law, which I have set before you.

S TO HEARKEN to the WORDS of my Servants the PROPHETS, whom I sent unto you both rising up early and sending them.

6 Then will I make this House like SHILOH, and will make this city a Curse to all the Nations of the Earth.

7 So the PRIESTS, and the PROPHETS, and all the people heard Jeremiah Speaking these Words in the House of the LORD.

8 Now it came to pass, when Jeremiah had made an end of Speaking all that the Lord had commanded him to speak unto all the People, that the PRIESTS, and the PROPHETS, and all the People took him, saying, Thou lhalt surely DIE

12 Then (pake Jeremiah unto the PRINCES, and unto all the People, faying, The Lord sent me to PROPHESY all the words that ye have heard.

13 Therefore now, AMEND your Ways and your Doings, and obey the Voice of the LORD your God, and the LORD will repent him of the Evit that he hath pronounced against you.

14 As for me, Behold, I am in your Hand; do with me as seemeth meet unto you.

17 Then

19 Then certain of the ELDERS spake to all the People, saying,

18 MICAH the Morafthite prophesied in the Days of Hezekiah, saying, Thus faith the LORD of Hosts, Zion shall be PLOWED like a Field, and JiRUSALEM shall become H&APs.

19 Did Hezekiah and all sudah put him at all to Death: did he por FEAR the LORD, and BESOUGHT the LOẠD, and the LORD repented him of the Evil which he had pronounced against them! Thus might we procure great Evil against our SOULS.

20 And there was also a Man that PROPHESIED in the Name of the LORD, URIJAH, who PROPHESIED against this City, and against this Land, according to all the Words of Jeremiah.

21 And when Jehoiakim and all the PRINCES heard his Words, the King sought to put him to Deach ; but when URIJAH hcard is he was afraid, and ded into Egypt.

22 And Jehoiakim the King sent Men into Egypt.

23 And they fee forth URIJAH out of Egypt, and brought him unto Je. hoiakim, who slew him, and cast his dead Body into the Grave of ihe common People.

24 Nevertheless, the Hand of Ahikam was with Jeremiah, that they Thould not put him to DEATH.

fer. xxxvi. And in the fourth Year of Jehoiakim, this Vord came une, to Jeremiah from the LORD, saying,

2 Take thee a Roll of a Book, and write therein all the WORDS that I Have SPOKEN unto thee against Israel, and againt JUDAH, and against all the Nations, from the Day I spake unto thee, from the Days of Jofiah, evca unto this Day.

į It may be that the House of Judah will hear all the Evil which I purpole to do unto them; that they may return every Man from his EVIL Way, ihat I may forgive their Iniquity and their Sin.

4 Then Jeremiah called Baruch, who wrote all the Words of the LORD, which he had spoken unto him, upon a Roll of a Book.

s And Jeremiah commanded Baruch, saying, I am shut up, I cannot go into the House of the LORD.

Ś Therefore go thou and read in the ROLL the Words of the Lord in the Ears of the People in the Lord's House upon the Fafting day.

7 It may be they will present their SUPPLICATION before the LORD, and will return every one from his EVIL War; for great is the ANGER and the Fuay that the LORD hath pronounced against this people.

& And BARUCH did according to all that Jeremiah the Prophet commanded him, reading in the Book the WORDS of the LORD in the Lord's HOUSE.

9 And in the fifth Year of Jehoiakim they proclaimed a fast before the LORD.

1o Then read Baruch the WORDS of Jeremiah in the House of the LORD.

it Whea Michaiah had heard out of the Book all the WORDS of the LORD,

12 Then he went down into the King's House, into the Scribes Chamber, and lo, all the PRINCES fat cherë.

13 Then Michaiah declared unto them all the words that he had heard.

14 Therefore all the Princes feat Jehudi unto Baruch, saying, Take la thine Hand the ROLL.

IS And they said unto him, Read it. So Baruch read it.

16 When they had heard all the Words, they were AFRAID, and said unto Baruch, We will surely tell the King of all these Words.

17. And they asked Baruch, saying, Tell us now, how didft thou write all there Words at his Mouih?

18 Theo Baruch answered them, He pronounced all these Words unto me, and I wrote them. .


19 Thea

19 Then said the PRINCES unto Baruch, Go hide thee, thou and Jeremiah, and let no Man know where ye be.

20 And they went in to the King into the Court, but they laid up the Roll in the Chamber of Elifhema the Scribe, and told all the WORDS in the Ears of the King.

21 So the King lent Jehudi to fer the Roll, and Jehudi read it in the Ears of the King, and in the Ears of all the Princes which stood beside the King

22 Now the King fat in the Winter. house, in the ninth Month; and there was a Fire on the Hearth.

23 And it came to pass that when Jehodi had read three or four Leaves, he cut it with the Penknife, and cast it into the Fire, until all the ROLL was consumed.

24. Yet they were not AFRAID, nor rent their Garments, neither the King, nor any of his Servants that heard all these WORDS.

26 But the King commanded Jerahmeel, and Seraiah, and Shelamiah, to take Baruch the Scribe, and Jeremiah the Prophet; but the LORD HID them.

27 Then the Word of the LORD came to Jeremiah, saying,

28 Take thee again another Roll, and write in it all the former WORDS that were in the firft ROLL.'

29 And thou shalt lay to Jehoiakim, Thus faith the Lord, Thou haft burnt this Roll, saying, why haft thou writien, saying, The King of Babylon shall certainly come and destroy this Land, and thall cause to cease from thence Man and Beast ?

30 Therefore thus faith the LORD of Jehoiakim King of Judah, He shall have none to fit upon the Throne of David, and his dead Body shall be cast out in the Day to the Heat, and in the Night to the Frost.

31 And I will punish him and his Seed, and his Servants, for their Iniquity, and I will bring upon the Men of Judah all the Evil that I have PRONOUNCED against them, but ibey HEARKNED not.

32 Then took Jeremiah ANOTHER ROLL, and gave it to Baruch, who wrote therein from the Mouth of Jeremiah all the Words of the Book which Jehoiakim had burnt, and there were added besides unto them, many LIKE WORDS.

II. KING S, CHA P. XXIV. Fehoiakim first fubdued by Nebuchadnezzar, then rebelling against him, procureth his own Ruin. 5 Jehoiakim fucceedeth him. 7 The King of Egypt is vanquished by the King of Babylon. 8 Jehoiakim his evil Reign. 10 Jerusalem is

taken and carried Captive into Babylon. 17 Zedekiah is · made King, and reigneth ill, unto the utter Destruction of

Judah. P'er, ITN his Days Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon came

I up, and Jehoiakim became his Servant three Years: then he turned and rebelled against him.

2 And the LORD sent against him Bands of the Chaldees, and Syrians, and Moabites, and of the Children of Ammon, and sent them against Judah to destroy it, according to the



I up, and rebelled againfi m Bands of the

Word of the LORD, which he spake by his Servants the Prophets.

.3 Surely at the Commandment of the LORD came this upon Judah, to remove them out of his fight for the Sins of Manasseh, according to all that he did.

4 And also for the INNOCENT Blood that he shed (for he filled Jerusalem with innocent Blood) which the LORD would not pardon.

5 Now the rest of the Acts of Jehoiakim, and his Abominations, and all that he did, are they not written in the Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Judah ? · 6 So Jehoiakim slept with his Fathers : and Jehoiachin his Son reigned in his stead.

8 Jehoiachin was eighteen Years old when he began to reign, and he reigned in Jerusalem three Months.

9 And he did that which was evil in the fight of the LORD, according to all that his Father had done.

10 At that Time the Servants of Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon came up against Jerusalem, and the City was besieged.

11 And Nebuchadnezzar came against the City, and his Servants did besiege it.

12 And Jehoiachin the King of Judah went out to the King of Babylon, he and his Mother, and his Princes, and his Officers : and the King of Babylon took him in the EIGHTH Year of his Reign.

13 And he carried out thence all the Treasures of the House of the LORD, and the Treasures of the King's House, and cut in pieces all the Vessels of Gold which Soiomon King of Israel had made in the Temple of the LORD, as the LORD had Said. .

14 And he carried away all the Princes, and all the mighty Men of Valour, even ten thousand Captives, and all the Craftsmen and Smiths : none reinained save the poorest fort of the People of the Land.

15 And he carried away Jehoiachin to Babylon, his Wives, and his Officers.

16 And all the Men of Might, even seyen thousand, and Craftsmen, and Smiths a thousand, all that were strong, and apt for War, were brought Captive to Babylon.

17 And the King of Babylon made Mattaniah bis Father's Brother King in his stead, and chạnged his Name to Zedekiah.

fiff? ! 8 Zede

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