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annul it? and his hand is stretch- ( not be afraid? shall there be evil, be smitten? Then the prophet ed out, and who shall turn it in a city, and the Lord hath not forbure, and said, I know that back? done it?

God hath determined to destroy Isa. xxxvII, 26. Ilast thou not Hab. I, 12. . ..O LORD, thou thee, because thou hast done this, heard long ago, how I have done bast ordained them for judgment; and hast not bearkened unto my it; and of ancient times, that I and, o mighty God, thou hast es- hear; for it came of God, that he have formed it? now have I tablished them for correction. brought it to pass, that thou shouldest be to lay waste defenced the LORD of hosts that the people sought after the gods of Edom.

Hub. ii, 13. Behold, is it not of might deliver them into the han is

of their enemies, because they cities into ruinous heaps.

shall labour in the very fire, and Jer. xxvii, 6, 7. And now have the people shall weary themselves

Isa. xix, 14. The Lord bath I given all these lands into the for very vanity?

mingled a perverse spirit in the hand of Nebuchadnezzar the king Acts v, 38, 39. And now I say caused Egypt to err in every work

midst thereof: and they have of Babylon, my servant; and the unto you, Refrain from these men, beasts of the field have I given and let them alone : for if this thereof, as a drunken man stag. bim also to serve him. And all counsel or this work be of men, it gereth in his vomit. nations shall serve him, and his will come to nought: But if it be Jer. 111, 3. For through the anger son, and his son's son, until the of Gud, ye cannot overthrow it; of the Lord it came to pass in Je very time of bis land come; and lest baply ye be found even to rusalem and Judah, till he had then many nations and great fight against God.

cast them out from his presence, kings shall serve themselves of

that Zedekiah rebelled against the him.

Deut. ii, 80. But Sihon king of king of Babylon. Jer. 11. 20-23. Thou art my Hesbbon would not let us pass by battle-axe and weapons of war: bim: for the LORD thy God har

LESSONS. for, with thee will I break in dened his spirit, and made his Gen. xxiv, 49. 50. And now, it pieces the nations; and with the heart obstinate, that he might de- ye will deal kindly and truly with will I destroy kingdoms; And liver him into thy hand, as ap- my master, tell me: and if not, with thee will I break in pieces peareth this day.

tell me; that I may turn to the the lorse and his rider; and with

Josh. xi, 19. 20. There was not a right hand, or to the left. Then thee will I break in pieces the city that made peace with the Laban and Bethuel answered and chariot and his rider; With thee children of Israel save the Hivites, said, The thing proceedeth from also will I lreak in pieces man the inhabitants of Gibeon; all the LORD: we cannot speak unto an't woman; and with thee will other they took in battle: For it thee bad or good. break in pieces old and young; was of the Lord to harden their and with thee will I break in hearts, that they should come LORD God of Israel saith, I said

1 Sam. ii, 30. Wherefore the pieces the young man and the against Israel in battle, that he indeed, that thy house, and the maid; I will also break in pieces might destroy them utterly, and house of thy father, should walk with' thee the shepherd and his that they might have no favour, before me for ever: but now the flock; and with thee will I break but that he might destroy them, Lord saith, Be it far from me; for in pieces the liusbandman and his as the LORD commanded Moses. them that honour me I will honyoke of oxen; and with thee will i break in pieces captains and Judges ix, 22, 23. When Abime- our, and they that despise mo rulers.

lech had reigned three years over shall be lightly esteemned. Lam. il, 17. The Lord hath done rit between Abimelech and the Rehoboam, the sun of Solomon,

Israel, Then God sent an evil spi- 1 Kings xil, 23, 24. Speak unto that which he had devised; die bath fulfilled his word that lie men of Shechem; and the men of king of Judah, and unto all the had commanded in the days of Shechem dealt treacherously with house of Judah and Benjamin, Abimelech.

and to the remnant of the people, Lam. Ili, 38 Out of the mouth stirred up an adversary unto So- shall not go up, nor fight against

1 Kings xi, 14. And the LORD saying. Thus saith the LORD, Ye of the Most High proceedeth not loinon, iladad the Edomite: he your brethren the children of Isevil and good?

was of the king's seed in Edom. rael: return every man to his Dan. iv, 15, 24, 25. Nevertheless, 1 Kings xii, 15. Wherefore the house; for this thing is from me. leave the stump of his roots in king hearkened not unto the They hearkened therefore to the the earth, even with a bind of people; for the cause was from the

word of the LORD, and returned Iron anil brass, in the tender grass LORI), that he might perform his to depart, according to the word of the field; and let it be wet with

of the LORD. saying... the dew of heaven. This is the

Esth. iv, 12-14. And they told to interpretation, o kins, and this is

2 Kings xxiv, 20. For through the decree of the Most High; the anger of the Lord it came to Mordeca! Esther's words. Then which is come upon my lord the pass in Jerusalem and Judah, un- Mordecai commanded to answer king: That they shall drive thee til he had cast them out from his Esther, Think not with thiyselt from men, and thy dwelling shall presence, that Zedekiah rebelled that thou shalt escape in the be with the beasts of the field.. against the king of Babylon.

king's house more than all the

Jews. For if thou altogether

2 Chron. x, 15. So the king holdest thy peace at this time, Dan. xi, 22. And with the arms of a flood'still they be overflown hearkened not unto the people : then shall their enlargement and from before him, and shall be

for the cause was of God, that the deliverance arise to the Jews brukea; yea, also the prince of the LORD, might perform his word, from another place; but thou and

which be spake by the hand of thy father's house shall be decovebunt. Joel I, 15. Alas for the day! for the son of Nebat. Ahijah the Shilonite to Jeroboain stroyed: and who knoweth whe

ther thou art come to the kingdom the day of the LORD is at hand, and as a destruction from the Al

2 Chron. xxv. 16, 20. And it for such a time as this? mighty shall it come.

came to pass, as he talked with Job xxii. 28. Thou shalt also de

him, that the king said unto bim, cree & thing, and it shall be estabAmos ill, 6. Shall a trumpet be Art thou made of the king's coun- Tished unto thee; and the ligbt blown in the city, and the people sel? forbear; why shouldst thou I shall shine upon thy ways.

old. ..::

Ps. IV, 22, 23. Cast thy burden and he that remaineth in Jerusa-, ordained you, that yo should go upon the LORD, and he shall sustainlem, shall be called holy, even and bring forth fruit, and that your theo: be shall never suffer the every one that writion among fruit should remain; that whatsorighteons to be moved. But thou, the living in Jerusalem.

ever ye shall ask of the Fatlier in o God, shalt bring them down into

Jer. 1. Before I formed thee in my name, he may give it you. the pic of destruction: bloody and the belly I knew thee; and before John xvii,6, 9. I have manifested deceitful men shall not live out thou camnest forth out of the womb thy name unto the men which thou hult their days; but I will trust in i sauctified thee, and I ordained gavest me out of the worlu: tlino theo.

thee & prophet unto the nations. they were, and thou gavest them Jer. xviii, 7-10. At what instant

Matth. xxil, 14. For many are me; and they have kept thy word, I shall speak concerniog a nation, called, but few are chosen.

I pray for them: I pray not for the and conceruing a kingdom, to

Matth, xill, 10, 11. And the dis-worki, but for them which thou pluck up, and to pull down, and to

hast given me; for they are thine. ciples came, and said unto him, destroy it; If that nation, against wliy speakest thou unto them in

Rom. I, 6, 7. Among whom are from their evil, I will repent of parables? He answered and said ye also the called of Jesus Christ: the evil that I thought to do unto

unto them, Because it is given To all that be in Rome, beluyed ut them. And at what instant I shall unto you to know the mysteries of God, called to be saines: Grace to speak concerning a nation, and the kingdom of heaveu, but to you, and peace, from Gol our Fa. them it is not given,

ther, and the Lord Jesus Christ. concerning a kingdom, to build, and to plant it; If it do evil in my Matth. xx, 16. So the last shall hm ix,10 14,16. And notoulythis;

but when Rebecca also had consight, that it obey not my voice, be first, and the first last: for many then I will repent of the good be called, but few chusen. ceived by one, even by our father wherewith I said I would benefit Matth. xxiv, 22. And except

Isanc, (For the children being not them.

those days should be shortened, yet born, neither having done any Zeph. ii, 1, 2. Gather yourselves there should no flesh be saved good or evil, that the purpose of together, 'yei, gatlier Together, o but for the elect's sake those days stand, not of works, but ot him nation not desired; before the de- shall be shortened.

that calleth,) It was said unto her, creg bring forth, before the day Matth. XXV, 34. Then shall the The elder stall serve the younger. pass as the chaff, before the fierce King say uuto them on his right As it is written, Jacob have I anger of the LORD come upon you, hand, Come, ye blessed of my fa- loved, but Esiu' have I bated. before the day of the Lorj's anger ther, inherit the kingdom pre- What shall we say them? Is there come upou you.

pared for you from the foundation unrighteousness with God? God

of the world. PRESUMPTION.

forbid. So then it is not of him 2 Kings xvill, 25. Am I now first shall be last; and the last first. neth, but of God that she weth

Mark x, 31. But many that are that willeth, nor of him that runcome up without the Lord against this place to destroy. 11? The LORD Mark xiii, 20. And except that mercy.

1 Cor. I, 26-29. For ye see your said to me, Go up against this the Lord had slıortened those days, land, and destroy it.

no flesh should be saved: but ior calling, brethren, how that not Isa xxxvi, 10. Am I now come

the elect's sake, whom he bath many wise men after the flesli, not up without the Lord against this chosen, he ható shortened the many mighty, not many nuble, are days.

called: but God hatlı chosen the land to destroy it? The LORD said unto me, Go up against this land, asked him, saying, What might found the wise; and God bulb

Luke vili, 9, 10. And his disciples foolish things of the world to conand destroy it.

this parable be? And he suid, chosen the weak things of the 2nd,—TIE DIVINE GOVERN- Unto you it is given to know the world to confound the things

mysteries of the kingdom of God; which are mighty; and base things MENT IN SPIRITUAL

but to others in parables; that see- of the world, and things which are THINGS.

ing they might not see, and lear, despised, hath God chosen, yea,

ing they miglt not understand. and things which are not, to bring TUB DIVINE DECREES AND

Luke x, 22. All things are deli- to nought things that are: That CIIOICE. vered to me of my Father: and no no flesh should glory in his pre

sence. Exod xxxil, 32, 33. Yet now, if man knoweth who the Son is, but thou wilt forgive their sin—; and the Father; and who the Father

1 Cor 11, 7, 8. But we speak the if not, blot me, I pray thee, out of is, but the Son, and he to whom tue wisdom of God in a mystery, even thy book which thou hast written. Suu will reveal him.

the hidden wisdom, which God ur. And the LORD said unto Muses,

daine l betore the worlat uuto our Wuosoever hath sinned against avenge his own elect, which cry of this world knes: for bad they

Luke xviil, 7,8. And shall not God glory; Which none of the prioces me, him will I blot vut of my day and night unto him, though known it, they would not have book.

be bear long with them? I tell you crucified the Lord of glory. E.cod. xxxiil, 19. And he said, I that he will avenge them speedily. will make all' my goodness pass Nevertheless, whien the Son of he hath' chosen us in him beforo

Eph. 1, 4-6, 10-12. According as belore thee, and I will proclaim man comethi

, shall be find faith on the foundation of the world, that the name of the LORD) before thee; the eartlı? and will be gracious to whom i

we should be holy and without

John vi, 44, 45. No man can come blame before him in love: llaving will be gracivus, and will show to me, except the Father, which predestinated us unto the adupmercy on whom I will slow mercy. hattı sent me, draw him: and I will tion of children by Jesus Christ lo

Prov. xvi,3,4. Commit thy works raise hiin up at the last day. It is himself, according to the good unto the Low, and thy thoughts written in the prophets, And they pleasure of his will, to the praise shall be established 'The LORD shall be all taught of God. Every of the glory of his grace, wherein hath made all things for himselt; man therefore that hath beard, he hath made us accepted in the yea, even the wicked for the day and hatli learned of the Father, Beloved: That in the dispensation of evil. cometh unto me.

of the fulners of times, jie might Isa. iv, 3. And it shall come to John Xv, 16. Ye have not chosen gather together in one all things pass, that he that is left in Zion, I me, but I have chosen you, and in Cbrist, both which are in bea


ven, and which are on earth, even against another, the judge shall obtained it, and the rest were In him: In whom also we have ob judge him; but if a mnan sin against blinded. tained an inheritance, being pre- the LORD, who shall entreat for

2 Cor. iv, 3. But if our gospel bo destinated according to the pur- him? Notwithstanding they bid, it is hid hei hat are lost. pose of bim who worketh all hearkened not unto the voice of

2 Tim. ili, 8, 9. Now as Jannes things after the counsel of his own their father, because the LORD

aud Jambres withstood Moses, so will; That we should be to the wond slay them.

do these also resist the truth: praise of his glory, who first trust. 2 Sam. xxiv, 1. And again the men of corrupt miods, reprobate ed in Christ.

anger of the LORD was kindled concerning the faith. But they Eph. ii, 10. For we are his work- against Israel, and he moved shall proceed no further: for their manslılp, created in Christ Jesus David against then to say, Go, folly, shall be manifest unto all unto good works, which God bath Dumber Israel and Judah.

men, as theirs also was. before ordained that we should

Job xvii, 4. For thou hast bid walk in them.

their leart from understanding: Eph. ili, 10, 11. To the intent therefore shalt thou not exalt Ps. Ixxxi, 11, 12. But my people that now, unto the principalities them.

would not hearken to niy voice; and powers in heavenly places,

and Israel would noue of me. Isa. vi, 9, 10. And he sald, Go, I gave them up unto their own

So might be known by the church and tell this people, Ilear ye in hearts' lust; and they walked in the manifold wisdom of God, AC- deed but understand not; and see their own counsels. cording to the eterual purpose ye indeed, but perceive not. which he purposed in Christ Jesus Make the heart of this people fat, Prov, v, 22, 23. His own iniquiour Lord,

and make their ears lieavy, and ties shall titke the wicked himself, Phil. iv, 3. And I entreat thee shut their eyes; lest they see with and he shall be holden with the also, true yoke-fellow, help those their eyes, and hear with their cords of his sius. le shull die women which laboured with me ears, and understand with their without instruction; and in the in the go-pel, with Clement also, heart, and convert, and be healed. greatness of his fully hu shall go and with other my fellow-labourers, whose names are in the

Isa xxlx, 10. For the Lord hath

astray. book of life.

poured out upon you the spirit of Isa. Ixiii, 17. O LORD, why hast 2 Tim 1, 9. Who hath saved us, deep sleep, auid hath closed your thou maile us to err from thy and called us with an boly calling: rulers, tlie seers hath he covered.

the prophets and your ways, and liardened our heart

from thy fear? Return for thy not according to our works, but

servants' sake, the tribes of thino according to his own purpose and Isa. xliv, 18. They have not inheritance. grace, which was given us in known nur understood: for he Chrisi Jesus before the world be hath shut their eyes, that they their delusions, and will bring

Isa. Ixvi, 4, 5. I also will choose gan.

cannot see; and their hearts, that their fears upon them; because 2 Tim. ii, 10. Therefore I endure they cannot underslaud.

when I called, none did answer, all things for the elect's sukes,

Jer. vi, 21, 22, 30. Therefore when I spike, they did not lear: that they may also obtain the sul thus saith the LORI), Behold, I but they did evil before mine vation which is in Christ Jesus will lay the stumblingblocks be- eyes, and choose that in which ! with eternal glory.

fore this people, and the fathers delighted not. llear the word of Titus 1, 1. Paul, a servant of and the sons together shall fall the 1.OKD. Se that tremble at his Goil, and an apostle of Jesus upon them; the neighbuur and word; Your bretlıren that hated Christ, accoriling to the faith of his friend shall perish. Thus you, that cast you out for my Gou's elect, and the acknowlerlg. saith the LORD, Behold, a people name's sake, sud, Let the LORD ing of the truth which is after god-, cometh from tie north country, be glorified: but he shall appear liness.

ani a great nation shall be raised to your joy, and they shall be 1 Pet. 1 2. Elect according to the from ihe sides of the earth. Reo ashamed. foreknowledge of God the Father, probate silver shall men call them,

Ezek. xx, 24-26. Because they througlsanctification of the Spirit, because the LORD batb rejecies had uot executed my judgments, unto obedience and sprinkling of them.

but had despised my statutes, and the blood of Jesus Christ: Gruce John vi, 63, 66. And he said, had polluled my sabbatlıs, and unto you, and peace, be multiplied. Therefore said I unto you, that their eyes were after their fathers'

Rev. xiii, 8. And all that dwell no man can come unto me, except iduls. Wber-fore I guve them upon the earth shall worship him

it were given unto him of my also statutes that were not good, whose names are nut written in Father. From that time many of and judgments whereby they the book of life of the Lamb slain his disciples went back, und walks should not live: And I polluted from the foundation of the world. ed no more with him.

tuem in their own gifts, in that Rev. xx, 15. And whosoever was John xvii, 12. While I was with they caused to pass throu;ll the not found written in the book of them in the world, I kept them in fire all that openetli the womb, life was cast into the lake of fire. thy name; those that thivu guvest to the en i that they might know

ibat I might make them desolate, Rev. xx1, 27. And there shall in me I have kept, and none of them 10 .wise eller into it anything is lost, but the sun of perdition; that I am the Lord. that defileth, neitier whatsoerer that the scripture might be ful- 2 Cor. xili, 5-7. Examine yourworketh abomination or maketh Billed.

selves whether ye be in the faith; a lie; but they which are written

prove your own selves: know yo

Rom. ix, 22. What if God, will not your own selves, how that in the Lamb's book of life. ing to show his wrath, and to Jesus Christ is in you, except yo

make his power known, enduredbe reprobates? But I trust that The DITINE REJECTION. with much long-suffering the ye shall know that we are not Deut. xxix, 4. Yet the LORD vessels of wrath titled to destruc-l reprobates. Now ! pray to Gud hath not given you an heart to tiun.

that ye do no evil; not that we perceive, and eyes to see, and Rom. xi, 7. What then? Israel should appear approved, but that ears w hear, anto this day.

hath not obtained that which he ye should do thit which is honest, 1 Sam. Ii, 25. If ono man sin seeketb tor; but the election halbidough we be as reprovales.

2 Thess, 11, 11, 12. And for this the number of the children of wonders may be multiplied in the cause God shall send them strong Israel be as the sand of the sea, a land of Egypt. And Moses and delusion, that they should believe remnant shall be saved; For he Aaron did all these wonders & lie: That they all might be will finish the work, and cut it before Pharaoh: and the LORD damned who believed not the short in righteousness; because a hardened Pharaoli's heart, so that truth, but had pleasure in uno short work will the Lord make he would not let the children of righteousness.

upon the earth. And as Esaias Israel go out of his land. 1 Peter il, 8. And a stone of said before, Except the Lord of

Erod. xiv, 4, 8, 17. And I will stumbling, and a rock of offence, Sabaoth had left us a seed, we had harden Pharaoh's heart, that lie even to them which stumble at been as Sodoma, and been made shall follow

alter them; and I will the word, being disobedient; like unto Gomorrha.

be honoured upon Pharaoh, and whereunto also they were ap- Rom. xi, 4--6. But what saith upou all his host; that the Egyppointed.

the answer of God unto him? I tlans may know that I am the Jude 4. For there are certain have reserved to myself seven LORD. And they did 80. And men crept in unawares, who were thousand men, who have not the LORD hardened the heart of before of old ordained to this con- bowed the knee to the image of Pharaoh king of Egypt, and he demnation, ungodly men, turning Baal. Even so then at this pre- pursued after the children of the grace of our God into lascivi. sent time also there is a remnant israel: and the children of Israel ousness, and denying the only according to the election of grace. went out with an high hand. Lord God, and our Lord Jesus and if by grace, then is it no And I, behold, I will bärden the Christ.

more of works; otberwise grace is hearts of the Egyptians, and they

no more grace. But if it be of shall follow them: and I will get ILLUSTRATIONS.

works, then is it no more grace; me honour upon Pharaoh, and

otherwise work is no more work. upon all his host, upon bis Gen. XXV, 22, 23. And the chil

chariots, and upon bis horsemen. dren struggled together within 2 Tim. II, 20. But in a great ber: and she said, if it be so, why house there are not only vessels

Ps. cv, 25. He turned their am I thus? And she went to en- of gold and of silver, but also of heart to hate his people, to deal quire of the LORD. And the wood and of earth; and some to subtilely with his servants. LORD said unto her, Two nations Lonvur, and some to dishonour. Rom. ix, 17, 18. For the scripture are in thy womb, and two manner

saith unto Pharaoli, Even for this of people shall be separated from

same purpose have I raised thee thy bowels and the one people Exod. iv, 21. And the LORD up, that I might shew my power shall be stronger than the other said unto Moses, Wlien thou in thee, and that my name might people; and the elder shall serve goest to return into Egypt, see be declared throughout all the the younger.

that thou do all those wonders earth. Therefore liath he mercy 1 Kings xix, 18. Yet I have left before Pliaraoh which I have put on whom he will hare mercy, and me seven thousand in Israel, all in thine land: but I will barden whom he will he burdeneth. the knees which have not bowed his heart, that he shall not let the unto Laal, and every mouth which people go.

MEANS AND END. hath tot kissed hiin.

Erod. vii, 3, 4, 13. And I will Isa. I, 9. Except the Lord of barden Pharaoli's heart, and Isa. x, 21. The remnant shall hosts had left unto us a very small multiply my signs and my won-retuin, eten thie remnant of remnant, we should have been as ders in the land of Egypt. But Jacub, unto the miglity God. Sodom, and we should have been Pharaoh shall not learken unto

Jer. xxxi, 3. The LORD hath like unto Gomorrah.

you, that I may lay my hand upon

Egypt, and bring furth mine appeared of old unto me, saying, Isa. x, 22, 23. For though thy armies, and my people the chil- Ya, have I loved thee witu an peuple israel be as the sand of dren of Israel, out of the land of everlasting love, therefore with the sea, yet a remnant of them Egypt by great judgments. And loving-kinduess liave I drawnthee. shall return: the consumption he hardened Pharaoli's heart, Acts ii, 89. For the promise is decreed shall overflow with right that he hearkened not unto them; unto you, and to your children, eousness. For the Lord God of as the LORD bad said.

and to all that are afar off, eren hosts shall make a consumption, eveu determined, in the midst of hardened the heart of Pharaoh, shall call.

Exod. ix, 12, 16. And the LORD as many as the Lord our God all the land.

and lie hearkened not unto them; Acts xiii, 38, 39. Be it known Jer. xviii, 2-6. Arise, and go as the LORD had spoken unto unto you therefore, men and down to the potter's house; and Moses. And in very deed for brethren, that through this man there I will cause thee to hear this cause have I raised thee up, is preached unto you the forgivemy words.

Then I went dowu for to show in thee my power; ness of sins: And by bim all tbat to the potter's house; and, be- and that my name may be de- believe are justified from all bold, he wrought a work on the clared throughout all the earth. things, from which ye could not wheels. And the vessel that he

Ecod. x, 1, 20, 27. And the LORD be justitied by the law of Moses. made of clay was marred in the said unto Moses, Go in unto Acts xviil, 9, 10. Then spake hand of the potter: so he made it Pharaoh: for I lave hardened his the Lord to Paul in the night by again another vessel, as seemed heart, and the heart of his ser- a vision, Be not afraid, but speak, good to the potter to make it. vauts, that I might show these my and hold not thy peace: For I am Then the word of the LORI) carne siges before him. But the LORD with thee, and no man shall set to me, saying, O house of Israel, hardened Pharaoli's beart, 80 on thee to hurt thee; for I have caunot I do with you as this that he would not let the child much people in this city. potter? salth the LORD. Behold, dren of Israel go. But the LORD as the clay is in the poster's hand, hardened Pharaoh's heart, and be after long abstinence, Paul stood

Acts xxvii, 21--26, 30, 31. But, 80 are ye iu mine hand, o house i would not let them go. of Israel.

forth in the midst of them, and Exod. xi, 9, 10. And the LORD' said, Sirs, ye sliould have bear. Rom. ix, 27--29. Esaias also said unto Moses, Pharaoh shall kened unto me, and not bave crieth concerning Israel, Though luot bearked unto you; that my loosed from Crete, and to have





galned this harm and 1059. And


find fault? For who hath resisted now I exhort you to be of good

his will? Nay but, o mani, who cheer; for there shall be no loss

Deut. xxix, 29. The secret

art thou that repliest against God?

Shall say of the ship. For there stood by things belong unto the LORD our um that formed it, why hast me this night the angel of God, revealed belong unto us and to

God: but those things which are thou made me thus? Hath not whose I am, and whom I serve; our children for ever, that we the same lump to make one vessel

the potter power over the clay, of Saying, Fear not, Paul; thou must be brought before Cesar: and, lo, may do all the words of this law.

unto honour, and another uoto God hath given thee all them that Phil. il, 12. Wherefore, my be- dishononr? Ball with thee. Wherefore, sirs, loved, as ye have always obeyed, be of good cheer: for I believe not as in my presence only, but thee to differ from another and

1 Cor. iv, 7. For who maketh God, that it shall be even as it now much more in my absence, what hast thou that thou didst was told nie. llow beit we must work ont your own salvation with be cast upon a certain island. fear and trembling.

not receive ? now, if thou didst And as the shipmen were about

receive it, why dost thou glory, as to flee out of the ship, when they foundation of God standetlı sure,

2 Tim. 11, 19. Nevertheless the if thou hadst not received its had let down the boat into the Bea, under colour as though they having this seal, The Lord know

Srd.—MAN'S RESPONSIBI. would have cast anchors out of eth them that are his. And, let

LITY. the foreship, Paul said to the every one that nameth the name

SUFFICIENT INSTRUMENTALITY centurion and to the soldiers, of Christ depart from iniquity. Except these abide to the ship, 2 Pet. 1, 10, 11. Wherefore the ye cannot be saved. rather, brethren, give diligence to

Isaiah lv, 1. Io every one that Rom. viii, 28--30. And we know make your calling and election thirsteih, come ye to the waters, that all thinys work together for sure: for if you do these things ye and he that hath no money; come good to them that love God, to shall never fall: For so an entrance ye, buy and eat; yen, com', buy them who are the called accórd- shall be ministered unto you abun- wine and milk without money, and ing to his purpose. For whom he dantly into the everlasting king, without price. did foreknow, he also did predes-dom of our Lord and Saviour

Jer. xxvi, 3. If so be they will tinate to be conformed to the Jesus Christ.

hearken, and turn every man from image of his Son, that he might be the first-born among many


his evil way, that I may repent

me of the evil which I purpose to brethren. Moreover, whom be Matt, x1, 25-27. At that time Je do ninto thein because of the evil did prelestinate, them he also sus answered and said, I thank of their doings. called; and whom he called, them thee, O father, Lord of heaven and lie also justified; and whom he earth, because thou hast hid these

Ezck. xvIII, 23, 24, 31, 32. Have I justified, them he also glorified. things from the wise and prudent, any pleasure at all that the wicked

Gal. i, 14--16. And profited in and last revealed them unto babes. shund die? saith the Lord God; the Jews' religion above many Even so, Father; for so it seemed and not that he should return

from his ways, an i live? But my equals lu inire own nation, good in thy siglit. All things are being more exceedingly zealous delivered unto me of my Father: when the righteous turneth away of the traditions of my fathers, and no man knoweth the son but from his righteousness, and comBut when it pleased God, who the Father; neither knoweth any mitteth iniquity, and doeth acseparated me from my mother's man the Father, save the sun, and cording to all the abominations womb, and called me by his he to whomsoever the Son will that the wicked man doeth, shall grace, To reveal his Son in me, reveal him.

he live? All his righteousness that that I might preach him among

Luke x, 20, 21. Notwithstanding, tioned: in his trespass that he hath

he hath done sball not be menthe beattien; immediately I con- in this rejoice not, that the spirits trespassed, in his in that he has ferred not with flesh and blood.

Phil. 11, 13. For it is God which rejoice, because your names are sluned, in them shall he die. Cast worketh in you both to will and written in heaven. In that hour away from you all your transgresto do of his good pleasure. Jesus rejoiced in spirit, and said, I sions, whereby yo have tians. 1Thess. 1. 3-5. Remembering heaven and 'earth, that thou hast heart and a new spirit: for why

thank thee, o Father, Lord of gressed; and make you a new without ceasing your work of

will faitli, and labour of love, and

hid these things from the wise patience of hope in our' Lord and prudent, and hast revealed For I have no pleasure in the Jesus Christ, in the sight of God them unto babes: even so, Fatlier; death of him who dieth, saith the and our Father; Knowing, breth- for so it seemed good in thy sight. Lord God: wherefore turn your.

selves, and live ye. ren beloved, your election of God. Rom. viii, 31. What shall we

Ezek. xxxiii, 10-16. Therefore, For our gospel came not unto then say to these things? If God so thou son of man, speak unto the you in word only, but also in be for us, who can be against us? house of Israel, Thus ye speak, power, and in the lloly Ghost, 1 John iv, 19-21. We love him, saying, if our transgressions and and in much assurance; as ye because he first loved us. If a

our sins be upon us, and we pino know what manner of men we man say, I love God, and hateth away in them, how should we then were among you for your sake. his brother, he is a liar: for he

lise? Say unto them, As I live, 2 Thess. Ii, 13, 14. But we are that loveth not his brother whom saith the Lord Gov, I have no bound to give thanks alway to he hath seen, bow.can be love pleasure in the death of the wickGod for you, brethren, beloved of God whom he hath not seen? | ed; but that the wicked Turn from the Lord, because God hath from

And this commandment have we bis way and live: turn ye, turn the begivning chosen you tu sal from him. That be who loveth ye from your evil ways; for why Vation through sanctification of God love his brother also.

will you die, O bouse of Israel? the Spirit, and belief of the truth;

HUMILITY. Whereunío he called you by our

Therefore, thou son of man, say

unto the children of thy people, gospel, to the obtaining of the Rom. ix, 19-21. Thon will say The righteousness of the righteous story of our Lord Jesus Christ. then unto me, Why doth be yet shall not deliver biin in the day

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