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rable time made Religion the great businefle o their lives; apprehending the chief happineffect man to confift in recomciliation with God, pardes offin, in agracious frame of heart, in communion with God, and a faithful serving of him: wbether they have set their affections on things above, have had their conversation in Heaven, beve pressed earnestly after the Glory of the other world, bave laid hold on eternal life, bave been treafuring up for eternity, have improved their Talents for God, bave been serviceable to him in their generation. 1. If their consciences ( upon a serious search ) can bear witneffe chai (through Grace ) it has been thus (in some good measure) with them, then rhey have great reason to encourage their hearts in the Lord, and to awaken all the powers of their Soules coblesse bis holy Name for working fogts cious a frame of heart in them. And let them ftill seek to the same feantain of Gtace, that he would please co perfoet holisee more and more in them, till he bring them into the City of the li ving God, the Heavenly Ferufalene, to an inns mcrable company of Angels, to the general Aljembly and Church of the fir At-born, to the Spirits of juft men made perfect, and 10 Felus the Medmlour of the new Covenant, Heb.12.22.

· But if the case has not been thas ( in any conß. derable degree and measure) with them, but upon a serious search chey find chey have been ign

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rant and mistaken abort, or too negligent and carelesje of the great things that concern their falvation, then let chem bewail cheir sad condition, and crý mightily co God co give them his holy spirii

, co enlighten their minds, to corrince them throughly of their firs, of che danger, folly, and pollution of them; to give them a hears to repent in good carneft; to beston upon them a broken and a contrite Spirit ; to dissolve their lony hearts into that Godly forrów which worketh repentance 10 sal: vation, never to be repented of, and which bring. eth forth fruits meet for repentance ; to discover to them their great need of a Saviour ; to draw their foules effettually unto him, that they may close with him sincerely and resolvedly for those ends and purposes for which he came ipto the world; namely, co procure our pardon by his Merits, and to fančtifie

our natures by his Grace and holy Spirit ; io morti- fie our corruptions to deliver us from Satans power, and to bring us back again anto God. And for the better information of their minds in the things they should know and believe in order to their fala vacion; and to direct cheir practise, I must refer them to the three first chapters of the first part of this Treatise, and the second and third Chapters of the second part ; which I desire them heedfully to mind and ponder upon.

Besides these. Directions already mentioned, there are some others also very requisire for fick persons co mind and regard. As,

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1. They

565 sons use to be much breded and remen

564 Directions to the Sick Chery Chap:19. Directions to the sick.

I. They should fettle their efates andera
affairs (if they have not already done i,

prudence they should in time of healthy loan
their minds may be free and vacants for in
exercises, and not disturbed with carti s

V. Let them ( in the interruals of sharper pains) look over their life past

, and recollezt Gods wonderful favours and bleffings beftowed upon them, to ftir up their hearts to praise and magniße his would read over the history of their hfe part

, voke them to send up lome such thankful ejacular tions as these? Blesed be the Lord in all my life time I never broke a bone, never fell into the

and businesses. And those that have et holy Name. How many are there that if they
facrifices offer'd in a right manne metod may find matter enough of praife, and to pro-

chem not forget to be charitable

, and our fomething to pious nfeis; knowing eheran

right end) God is well-pleased.

It. If they remember any wrong,

injustice they have done to their neigtown hands of robbers, nerver into publiek shame, or noi. those with whom they have had dealing for diseases: I have not begg'd my bread: God

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mike' restartition of labour co give chembrie

Etron as they are able; that the fins remain ioc on their Comfelexces.

IT. If they bec variance with any, kad seekreconciliation, and freely and bestilling those that hade done them wrong, rememe how much they stand in need of forgiven out God.

IV. Let then give good conse to thaken them, and the friends that come to wielkie and exhort them earnestly co mind the parts orit their falvation intime of health, and so

gave me a right shape of body; the right afe of my understanding, careful and pious Parents, good and bountifal friends, a religious education, de livered me in fuch and fuch a danger, beard my prayers in fauch particular presures of my spirit, &c. o what shall I render to the Lord for all his benefits towards me!

VI. Let them decline ( as much as they can ) the visits of vain and worldly persons, who (by their carnal and frothy discourses) are like to disturb and hinder them in their preparations for death, and those piritual meditations and exer

their hearts on this world, on the pleasures or wifesíthey should be employ'd in. Those fits ofic, which will not avail them in the that vific fick perfons, or attend about them to God, how to lay a good fomodation agais of vain, worldly, needlese bufinesses; but of

Ihould not talk to them ( as 'eis too common)

of death : Ler them advise them now to lieto

time to com.. "The moords of fuck and dying



fons are to be much breded - and remem bred.

V. Let them ( in the intervals of fharper pains) look over their life past, and recollect Gods wonderful favours and blessings beftowed upon them, to ftir up their hearts to praise and magnifie his holy Name. How many are there that if they would read over the hiftory of their life past, may

find matter 'enough of praife, and to provoke them to fend up lome such thankful' ejacular tions as there? Blesed be the Lord in all my life time never broke a bome, never fell into the hands of robbers, never into publiek same, or noi. for diseases: I have not begg’d my bread: God gave me a right shape of body; the right afe of my understanding, carefrel and pious Parents, good

end boumifri) friends, a religious education ; delivered me in such and such a danger, heard my brayers in such particular presures of my spirit, &c. o what shall I render to the Lord for all his benefits towards me!

VI. Let them decline ( as much as they can ) he vifits of vain and worldly perfons, who (by

heir carnal and frothy discourses) are like to tiffurb and hinder them in their preparations for feath, and chose piritual medications and exerisési they should be employ'd in. Those hat visit fick perfons, or attend about them hould hoc talk to chem ( as 'cis too common) of vain, worldly, needlelle businesses; but of



567 Affli&tions alone are not enough to evidence a

Directions tothe Sick. Chept Chap.19. Directions to the sick. things that concern the welfare of the s And to this Head I may also refer this men man to be blessed and in a happy condition, except more, that ac such a serious time do out, they prove teaching, Janctifyed afflictions. E. frothy books should be read to chem, orhis vidences of Grace and the favour of God consist ( as is by many used to make them moremy) in inward impreffions, not outward dispensations. such Treatises as may better them to GAAT 'Tis not said, Blesed is the man whom thon chaand further them in the way to Heaven Toftenest and delivereft out of trouble, but whom ditate and seriously ponder on the few Lloy thom corecteft and teacheft. When God cakes treated of in the next Chapter will notter way the disease, and does not take away the

guilt and dominion of lix, does not pardon and fanctifie che sick person, 'cis not a compleat deli

vice of their spiritual guides, while the verance, but only a reprieval from present exeunderstandings; before cheir Spirits are in a thouldst desire: The bleffing of affliction is Di

VII. Let chem consult with, and taket forme ftrength of body, and the right in that there is no converfing with them

, VIII. Let chem coolider Gods ain 2

cution. Bare deliverance is not the blessing thou

vine Instruction. Therefore those who are put

God inco the School of affliction should seri

which in chat School chey ought to learn. And

Joza in sending sicknelle upon them : Leroully apply themselves to learn those lessons This . fic!l not only for such as it, and consider sphat Gw cuey are such as these

the under fickneffe, but cals them to: lee chember

1. obediential fxbmission to the will of God. Aaron held his peace, Lev.10.3. We may in


chem consider

undct ony ocher affli en to the voice of tkw We must not dispute our Crafe, but take it up. what duties to perform, what Graces to exable lawful means ( as I said before) for deliver

ons they are especially to mortife, what fast deed and ought to seek unto the Lord, and to means for the removing of their fickaele, with resignation of our felves to his holy will. And (though they may and oughe rouler ance from a sicknes, or other affliction; but yet

Pacience is not a Stupidity,

insensiblenesle of Gods hand , buc a calmnesse of mind upon wife and holy grounds: And therefore, if the suckaessa

ing to the Lord for his blessing thereupon


lec chem not forget co pray as carnefly rom Gods hand, but a

the man whom thos correcteft and teachel, Mns lends upon us, prove either very long, or te.

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