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whom therefore the success of the whole count Ranzau, and the doubtful cou. underiaking in a great measure de- rage of colonel Eichstädt, filled her pended.

mind with anxiety and apprehension. “ The seventeenth day of the year Night at last approached, and the ball 1772 was fixed for the execution of this coinmenced. It was afterwards obdreadful plan-a plan by which the served, as something very extraordinary, confort and the friends of an unhappy that not one of the foreign ministers, monarch were violently torn from him; except the British ambassador, was preby which he was irrevocably confined sent. Queen Matilda indulged, with the under the rigour of a much inore cruel most unlulpecting and careless gaiety, guardianship than that to which he her passion for lively amusement; and, at had hitherto submitted; by which one o'clock in the morning, the closed the his whole power was transferred into ball, by dancing with prince Frederic: the hands of his step-brother, a prince and the principal leaders of her party whom both his heart and head rendered had the honour of playing with the wholly unworthy of the charge-a plan king: These were the lait joys of the deby which a young and amiable princess, voted vi&tims! The ball was concluded, who deserved a better fate, was for ever and every one betook himself to rest. deprived of the pleasures of a queen, a In the mean time, such preparations wife, and a mother; which polluted the were made, as soon rouled them to Danish foil with the blood of an inno. unexpected horrors. cent man, and destroyed the peace of " The clock ftruck three-the dread. many worthy citizens- a plan which ful hour fixed upon by the conspirators furnished the Danish nation, hitherto ' for the execution of their designs. A unacquainted with disloyalty and re- dead filence reigned throughout the bellion, the molt horrid example of palace. Colonel Köller then went these crimes; and dishonoured the an- round to the different posts, collected nals of the country, by recording the his principal officers, and carried them most shocking instance of implacable to the guard-room. He there declared revenge to be met with in history. to them, that, by express orders of the

“ The regiment commanded by co- king, he demanded their assistance in lonel Köller, the most zealous and the taking the reigning queen, and all her boldest of the confpirators, was, on the adherents, into custody; and command16th of January, ordered to be upon ed them to follow him to the queen guard in and about the palace; and on dowager. The horrid importance of the same evening a grand ball was given this business, the dreaded authority of at court. In the whole garrison of the colonel, the affected dignity and Copenhagen, this was the only regiment well-simulated coolness with which he from which the queen dowager and her pronounced his fort harangue, fo stunadherents could expect support to her ned the officers, that not one dared to designs; and the ball gave her the most ask him to produce his orders to them. favourable opportunity to prepare every Had but one of them had sufficient thing for their execution. Juliana faw, courage and prefence of mind to have at one view, every advantage to be de: made fo natural a demand, the daring rived from so fortunate a concurrence colonel would have appeared before his of circumstances, and determined not officers, not as an obedient and loyal to lose one of them : The therefore pre- subject, but as a nefarious confpirator, viously concerted every measure with convicted of the most impudent false. the conspirators; and awaited, with the hood; they would, as their duty remost anxious impatience, the decisive quired, have secured his person; and moment of action. To her ardour the the whole plot must have miscarried. day seemed to pass heavily; the hour But Köller was no less fortunate than of complete revenge was in prospect; he was bold. They followed him to but, should her measures miscarry, the the queen dowager, where count Ranfaw nothing but the most inevitable zau at the same time arrived, accomruin before her eyes. The mean and panied by one Guldberg, formerly a timid character of her fon, the unruly schoolmaster, who had been employed zeal of colonel Köller, the levity of in drawing up the plan of the conspiracy,

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The papers

and in writing out the necessary orders. ward completely overturned his resoldIn the mean time, colonel Eichstädt had tion; he yielded, and led the queen and armed his dragoons, and surrounded the her fuite into the chamber of the sleepair palace, in order to prevent the entrance 'ing monarch. The curtains of his bed of any person, and to receive the pri- were furiously torn open ; he awoke foners. The different parts were toon suddenly, and started ! no time was distributed among the conspirators. left him to recover from his fright, Ranzau was appointed to arrest the Ranzau denounced ruin and death; queen, Köller to secure count Struen- placed every image of terror before the fee; and the rest of the officers were eyes of the monarch; and his fruitful ordered to take count Brandt, and the brain fupplied him with new images of other principal leaders of the party, in- unreal horror: he painted the rage of . to cuftody. Köllerimmediately halten- a rebellious nation, conspired to thake ed to the apartments of the first mini- off the yoke to which the queen and fter; the officers dispersed to their dif- Struensee had subjected them, crying ferent posts; and queen Juliana, count aloud for justice, and determined to be Ranzau, and Guldberg, who carried a satisfied with nothing less than the death candle before them, went to the cham- of the victims they demanded. • What ber of the king. To their great disap- a dreadful misfortune! whither shall I pointment they found the door locked, flee?' cried the king, talf dead with and not one of the keys and picklocks, fear'; • help me, advise me, tell me with which they were provided, would what I shall do.'— Sign there orders,' open it. The loss of a moment was of returned Ranzau, with double fury consequence to the undertaking. Ran • this alone can save the king, his royal zau flew to the apartment of the page, palace, and his people.' who was in waiting, entered the room lay ready upon the table, and the queen with great noise, pretended to be in the held the pen, the instrument of the deutmost consternation, and ordered him itruction of the king's best friends, and to repair immediately to the cham- of her complete revenge. The king ber of the king. The frightened, page took it with trembling hand; but the hastened to allift his master, and met inoment he espied, upon the first paper, queen Juliana, prince Frederic, and the name of his queen, Matilda, he Ranzau at the door, who ordered him threw it away with vehemence: it was to open it immediately. The unusual as if this name, which had fo long hour of the night, the known charac- seemed wholly indifferent to him, at ters of the persons he law, and the anxi once roused the dorinant powers of his ous impatience he perceived in them, mind. He endeavoured forcibly to rise, raised his fufpicions, and he refused to but was as forcibly prevented ; another comply. The queen was in inexpres- torrent of menaces and terrors sible confternation; the prince trem- poured out upon him. Ranzau accubled; and Ranzau, and Guldberg, mulated the most horrid falsehoods : whose candle fell from his shaking • The people, cried he, are at the hands, did not venture to take the keys gates of the palace, fire and sword in from the page by force : he was strong their hands, and direful vengeance in and resolute, and they wished to make their hearts : escape will soon be in no noise. Ranzau therefore endeavour- vain ; the palace will soon be in flames, ed to effect that by fear, which he could and the monarch the first victim of their not by persuasion : he told him that the fury.' The king's courage could not rewhole town was up in arms; that the pel this fecond attack ; fear overpowrebels were ready to penetrate into the ered him, tears ran down his cheeks, palace; that the guards could not with- his hand trembled, he guided the pen stand their fury, and that no time was without knowing it, signed the orders, to be loit, if they wished to save the and Ranzau hurried to see them exe. life of the monarch. The queen and cuted. her son joined in affecting the utmost " Colonel Köller had, in the mean folicitude for the safety of the king. time, proceeded to the apartment of The page was first moved, then alarm- Struensee, without waiting the king's ed; the promise of a considerable re- orders to arrest him. Having left the



officers who accompanied him, in 'an daring enemy; to have called in the adjoining room, he entered the cham- assistance of the officers that accompabei alone in which the minister lay: nied him; and to have required him, Struensee was roused by the noise with in their presence, to produce the royal which the colonel approached; he knew orders, Köller would not have had the him immediately; and, equally fright. fame success then, which crowned his ened and astonished, he asked him, by effrontery in the guard-room, and would whose authority he dared to enter his probably have been the victim of his chamber at fo improper an hour :-'I own temerity. The eldest brother of will tell you that immediately,' cried the minister, count Brandt, general Köller; rise this instant.” He then Göhler and his lady, colonel Falkenseized him by the throat, and look fohiold, the royal physician Berger, him so long and so violently, that re- general Gude, governor of Copenhagen, bistance was in vain: the courage of baron Bülow, the secretary of state Zö. Struensee was soon overpowered; he ga, and many other friends of Struensurrendered, and was carried to the see, were then apprehended, and quietly prison ready prepared for him in the carried to different prisons. citadel. Had this unfortunate minister But the most dreadful scene of all possessed sufficient presence of mind, by was still to be acted. the least resistance, to have detained his [To be concluded in our next.]

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This was one of the most splendid

levees which this country has seen for HE 8th, there was a levee, for years. The taste and magnificence of

the first time, at Carleton-house, the heir apparent, the royal dignity by order of his royal highness the prince which he maintains on occasions of of Wales. The company began to af- ftate, compared with the social affabisemble soon after one o'clock, but the lity which recommends his private mana levee did not open till two. The per- ners, have been long the praise of Eusons of distinction present were, their rope. Every foreigner has borne tefti royal highnesses the dukes of York, mony to his polished deportment, and Clarence, and Cumberland; the duke given him the distinction of the best of Orleans, the other foreign nobility, Bred man in Europe ; and this courtand all the foreign ambassadors and en- day manifested the love and opinion of voys; the archbishop of York; speaker the world. Both houses of parliament of the House of Commons; master of adjourned over the day to do honour the Rolls; attorney general; bishops of to his first resumed levee; and CarleLondon, Winchester, Down, Kilmore, ton-house presented an assemblage of Peterborough, Salisbury, Gloucester, all that is illustrious among the ancient Bangor, Llandaff

, &c. all his majesty's families, as well as of all that is facabinet ministers, many of the officers, voured among the present race; for lords of the king's and queen's hous. both the opposition and the ministry holds, a most numerous appearance of crouded to the circle. members of both houses of parliament, the lord mayor, recorder, and several aldermen of London, and a number of Sir Joshua Reynolds has formally naval and military officers. The duke notified his resignation of his situation of Cumberland went in state, as did as president of the Royal Academy, to the speaker of the House of Commons. the council of that feminary. From 'The prince was in great fpirits and the firit institution of the Academy, in good humour during the whole of the 1768, Sir Joshua has held the chair ; time, and paid equal attention to all and by his great mental talents as a his visitors.

fcholar and an artist, has excited both




the respe&t and admiration of all Eus fue, between a Mr. Harding and a rope.

Mr. Beamish, both ftudenrs of the MUSICAL PHENOMENON. College of Physicians at Edinburgh, An infant, little more than four Mr. Beamish was unfortunately thot years old, is just brought up from Wars through the body, and died she same wickfire, whose mutical talents exceed morning about ten o'clock. He receiv. every thing that has hitherto been ed his mortal wound from the first fire known. Till about nine months ago, of his antagonist, and fell without dis the boy was fo difpleased with all notes charging his pistol. Mr. Harding and of meloly, that he constantly burft into his second hurried immediately off the tears when either his father or mother ground, and are supposed to have failed played upon any instrument, or fung. for the continent. The coach which Bui, in May Jait, all on a fudden, he bore them to the place carried back the became as passionately enamoured of expiring Mr. Beamilla, with his friend. those sounds to which he had before in.

SUICIDES. variably fewn such figns of aversion.

The roth, at half past nine o'clock, He already plays on the piano forte and organ, in perfect time, and fine talte, a young woman, of the name of Finch, Several of Handel's and Corelli's dif- niece to Mr. Finch, tobacconist, at No. ficult fugues, and that with a discrimi. 268Wapping, took the fatal resolution native touch, and expression of counte- lowing a quantity of arsenic, which me

of putting an end to her life, by swalnance, which strongly mark his singular genius. He is already, grounded by hood. What renders this more re

procured of a chemist in the neighbourhis father in all the principles of the keys, concords, difcords, &c. and is markable, is, her prevailing on the allowed by Clementi, and the other cook close adjoining, to accompany her

'fervant maid of Mr. Huddy, a paftry. profesors who have heard him, to be in the fatal resolution : they took two the most extraordinary musical prodigy

ounces between them; in consequence they ever beheld. The father's name is Appleton ; he is a maltfter, not far in violent convulsions till twelve o'clock

of which Mifs Grace Finch struggled diftant from Birmingham, and is come to London for the express purpofe of profervant of Mr. Huddy continued in

at night, and then expired. The maid curing the ableft maliers for his little

a most miferable state till eleven on Warwickshire Apollo. Their majefties have expressed a desire to hear hin Tuesday, when she also expired. The

maid servant of Mr. Finch finding some fome evening at Buckingham-houfe.

of the dregs in the glass, which was

mixt with brandy, unluckily drank it The question,“ Whether a payment up; but it is supposed the will recover. made in bank-notes can legally be

A young gentleman of the west of sieemed a payment made in money?" England, who would have inherited, at was, on the 5th, argued and determined his father's death, a very confiderable in the court of King's Bench. family estate, not himself lately through

The court said, that the judges had the head. This ralh action was ocnot yet gone to the extent of deciding casioned by the loss of a considerable that the tender of a deht in bank notes

fum of money, a few days preceding, at was a good tender, unless the party ac- pass dice, in a certain notorious gamcepted them as casli. A payment, how. bling-house in Piccadilly. ever, made in bank notes might cer

Mr. Blanket, fecond mate of the tainly be deemed a payment made in Swallow packet, in the service of the money, and might be fo ftiled in a deed East India Company, and nephew to capor other instrument by which any fum tain Blanket, of his majesty's navy, lately is stated to be given or paid. Bank dispatched himfelf with a pistol. What notes were unquestionably called mo could have driven him to this dreadful ney, and so considered by the world.

act, no one can tell.

He had company DUELLING.

to dine with him on Monday, and apA point of honour was lately termi- peared, as usual, cheerful and easy. nated, near Dublin, by a melancholy But the company had not been long




gone, when taking up a candle, he went twenty-one. He has been groom to a
into his bed-chamber, and inmediately gentleman fixty years,
after the report of a piltol was heard. At Burton fair, the beginning of
His wife, a mot amiable woman, was this month, a young woman, of the pa-
the firft who ran to the room, whence rifh of Swadlincote, whose husband
the report had reached her, and there fome time ago abiconded, and who, on
the beheld her bulband weltering in his that account, has been force chargeable
blood. The light was beyond exprel. on the parishi, was publicly fold in the
fion shocking, and the lufferings of market-place, by the Swadlincote parish
Mrs. Blanket are indescribable. Mr. officers, to a man of Creadley, for the
Blanket had put the pistol into his sum of two shillings, deuucting the
mouth, but had not pointed it in such a price of the halter, in which the woman
manner as to make the shot produce was delivered, in the way which has
instantaneous death. He lived for been lately practised. After entering
about a quarter of an hour in most ex-

the transaction in the toll-book, the Cruciating agony, and then died.

parties returned home, seemingly well


Wives are now transferable like bank The th, at a public house in stock. A purchase of this kind was Thames-street, a porter to a cheese- lately made at Charley-Wood, Herts, monger, rather intoxicated, ftabbed the by the clerk of an eminent brewer. The landlord, dangerously in the belly ; price was a guinea; and the lady, witte then walked out, and wounded two her child into the bargain, was immewatchmen before he could be secured. diately taken poffefTion of, and conveyed The instrument used was a limalt pen- to the habitation of her new gallant. knife. He was committed to Wood. A young couple, foine thoit time Street Compter.

lirice, went to be married at Ashton

under-Line: when the cereniony was DEPRAVITY.

about to commence, the lady walked As a degrading improvement upon out of the church; the gentleinan, witte the sale of wives, a child of four year's much apparent eagerness, followed her, of age was this month played for at and in the most tender manner intreated cards, at a public house in Bow, five her to return and make him happy, to Thillings against the infant. It was which she at length confented. When won by a person who had cohabited with again in the chwch, and at the altar, ide the mother, for some months past, and intended bridegroom, whom nothing whom he had purchased of her husband, but lex talionis would content, made a in the fashionable manner, for half that most obsequious bow, killed his fair one

a good day, and marchied caralierly off. JEALOUSY. A man of the name of John Wil. liams, who courted a girl of Dewlish, stone at his majesty's carriage, as men

Frith, the poor maniac, who threw a in Devon fire, having observed her in tioned in our lat, continues calin and company with another man, was seized with so horrid a fit of jealousy, that he ferene in general; but oecafionally fliews allured her into the fields, when he the itrongest marks of insanity, and Krangled the unfortunate girl with his particularly after having been seen by handkerchief. He afterwards conveved any of the persons attending the gaol of the body to a cow-house, and concealed Newgate. A physician has been ordered it under some itraw; but being disco

to attend him daily, and to make his vered the following 'morning, he was

regular report of what he may obferve. apprehended; since which, he has con

PUGILISM. filled the fact.

Asin our laft Number, we relu&tant. MATRIMONY !

ly gave the articles of agreement for a Lately was married, at Presbury, new contest between Humphries and Peter Hackerley, aged seventy-three, tó Mendoza, we here with pleafure fay, Elizabeth Kitchen, of Newton, aged that the magistrates have properly in




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