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committed, and such person or persons Colledge, ur Hall, and in the presence of as shall sue for the same by Action of the Fellows, and Scholars of the fam2,

Debt, Bill, Plaint, or Information in the greater part of them ihen resident, sube any of His Majesties Courts of Record, Scribe unto the Nine and thirty Articles where in no Essoign, Protection ,or Wager of Religion, mentioned in the Statute of Law shall be allowed) And 10 be dis made in the thirteenih year of the Reign abled from taking, or being admitted in- of the late Queen Elizabeth, and unto the do the Order of Priest, by the Space of Said Book and declare his unfeigned afsent me whole year next following.

and consent unto, and approbation of the Provided that the Penalties in this Said Articles, and of the fame Book and A& shall not extend 10 the Forreigners or to the use of all the Prayers, Rites and ces Aliens of the Forreign Reformed Chur. remmies, Formas and Orders in the said ches, allowed, or to be allowed by the Book prescribed and contained, according Kings Majesty, His Heirs and Success to the Form aforesaid; And that all such fors, in England.

Governours, or Heads of the said ColledProvided always, That no Title to con- ges and Halls, or any of them, as are, or fer, or present by lapse, shall accrue by any Jhall be iz holy Orders, foall once at leaf avoidance, or deprivation ipfo facto by in every quarter of the year (not having vertue of this Statute, bui after six lawful impediment) openly and publickly mnunihs after notice of such voidance, or read the Morning Prayer, and service in deprivation , given by the Ordinary to and by the said Book appointed to be read the Patron, or such sentence of depri- in the Church, Chappel, or other publick varion openly and publickly read in the place of the same colledge or Hall, upon Parish Church of the Benefice Parsonage, pain to lose, and be suspended of and from or Vicarage, becoming void, or where all the Benefits and Profits belonging to of the incumbent shall be deprived by tbe Same Government or Hendship, by the vertue of this A&t.

Space of six months by the Visitor or Visitor And be it further Enacted by the Aut of the Same Colledge or Hall. And if any z hority aforefaid, That no Form, or Ort Governour or Head of any Colledge or der of common Prayers, Administra Hall, fufpended for not subscribing unte 32. in of Sacraments, Rites or Ceremonies the said Articles and Book, or for not shall be openly used in any Church, Chapy reading of the Morning Prayer and Ser pel, or other publicķ Place of or in any vice as aforesaid, Mall not at or before the Colledge, or Hall in either of the Vniver'd end of fox months next after such sities, the colledges of Westminster, fufpenfion , Subscribe unto the said Ar Winchester, or Eaton, or any of them, ticles and Book, and declare his consent viher then what is prescribed and appoint- thereunto as aforesaid, or Read the Mort ed to be used in and by the said Book . ning Prayer and Service as aforesaid,

And that the present. Governour, on then such Government or Headship Shad. Head of every colledge and Hall in the be ipfo facto void. Said Universities, and of the said Col. Provided always, That it all and mety ledges of. Westminster, Winchester,and be lawful to use the Morning and Even Eaton, within one month after the Feast ing Prayer,and all orker Prayers and Sert of Saint Bartholomew, which shall be in vice prescribed in and by tke faid Bout, in the year of our Lord, One thousand fix the Chappels, or other publick places of the dundred fixiy and two; And every Goveo respective Colledges and Halls, in boils rnour or Head o' any of the said colledges, the Universities, in the Colledges of Westor Halls, hereafier to be elected or appoint- minster, Winchester, and Eaton, and ed, wiihin one mont's next after his E- in the convocations of the Clergies of eilection or collation, and Admission ther Province, in Larine ; Any thing in anto the fame Government or Headship, this Act contained to the contrary notshall openly and publickly in the Church, withstanding, Couppel, or other publick place of the fine and be it further Engated by the Au

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thority aforesaid, Tvai no per fon all be, or ed and prescrived, according to the form be received as a lecturer,or permitted

suf- aforesaid; And that all and every fuchs fered,on allowed to Preach as a Lecturer, person and persons who shattireglect or or to Preach, or Read any Sermon or Le- refuse to do the same, shakes from thence&ture in any Church, Chappel,or other place forin be disabled to Preach the said, oraof Publick wership, within this Realm of ny other Lccture or Sermon in the said, England, or the Dominion of Wales, or any other Church, Chappel or place wf Town of Berwick xpon Tweed, unless Publick worship, until such time as he he be first approved and thereunto Licen- they shall openly, publiekly, and Solemnsed by the sichbishop of the Province, or ly Read the common Prayers and Service Bifhop of the Diocess,or. (in case the See appointed by the said book, and conform be void) by the Guardian of the Spiritu- in all poinıs to the things therein appointed jalties, under his deal, and shall in the and prescribed, according to the purport, presence of the fame Archbishop, or Bi- true intent and meaning of this A&t. hop, ir Gvardian, Read the Nine and Provided always, that if the said Sera zbirty Articles of Religion, mentioned in mon or Lecture be to be preached or the Statute of the Thirteenth year of tbelate in any Cathedral or Collegiate Church or

Queen Elizabeth, with Declaration of Chappel, it shall be Szuffcient for the Said his unfeigned affent to the same ; and, Lecturer openly at the time aforesaid, 10 That every person and persons who now is, declare his affeni and confent to all things or hereafter fhall be Licensed, Assigned, cont sined in the said Buok, according to Appointed, o Received as a Lecturer, the form aforesaid. 10 Preach upon any day of the week in any And be it further Enacted by the Church, Chappel, or place of Publick wor- Autho ity aforesaid, That if any person Jháp within this Realm of England, or pla- who is by this Ad disabled to preach any ces aforesaid, the first time he preacherh Lecture or Sermon, Mail during the time (6 fore bis Sermon) shall openly, pul·lick- that he shall continue and remain fu disly, and folemnly Read the cominon Pray- alled, Preach any Sermon or Lecture ers and Service in and by the said Book That ihen for every such offence the perappointed to be Read fur ibat time of the son and perfons so offending Mall Gafferi day, and then and there publickly and v- three moneths Imprisonment in the Compenly declare his affent unto, and approba- mon Gual without Bail or Mainprize, ind fion of the said Broks and to the use of all that any two fustices of the Peace of any the Prayers, Rites and ceremonies, Forms County of this Kingdom and places on and Orders therein containeá and preseri. foresaid, and the Mayor or other chief Mabed, according to the Form before appoin- gistrate of any City, or Tuwon Corporate

ted in this Act; And also shall upon the within the same ,upon Certificate from the first Le&ure-day of every monih after- Ordinary of the place made to him or thein wards, fo-long as he continues Lecturer, of the offence committed, skall and are or preacher there, at the place appointed hereby required to commit the person or for his said Leiture or Sermon, before bis perfons so offending to the Goal of the Said Lecture or Sermon zopenly, publiekly, County, City; or Town Corporate accordand folemnly. Read the common prayers, ingly. and Service in and by the faid book ap- Provided always, and be it further Epointed to be Read for that time of the day nacted by the Authority aforesaid, That at which the said Lecture or Sermon is to at all and every time and times, when any be preached, and after. Such Reading Sermon or Le&ture is w be Preached; thereof Jhalt openly and publickly, be the common Prayers and Service in and fore tbe Congregation there allembled, de- by the said Book appointed to be read for clare his unfeigned assent and consent une that time of the day, shall be openly,, pub. to, and approbation of the said Book, and to lickly, and folemnly Read by some Priest, the use of all the Prayers, Rites and Cere- or Deacon, in the Church, Chappel, or monies, Forms and Oiders therein contain place of Publick worshifa, where the said


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Sermon or Lecture is tv ve Preached, be-me Authority aforesaid, I wat a true Prina fore such Sermon or Lectare be preach- ted copy of the said Book, Entituled, ledand that the Lectures then to Preach The Book of Common-Prayer, and AdThall be present at the Reading thereof.

minittration of the Sacraments, and Provided revertheless, Trat this Alt other Rites and Ceremonies of the Shall not extena to the University Churches Church, according to the use of the in the Universitizs of this Realm, or ei- Church of England; cogether with the ther of them, whers or at such times as a- Pfalter or Plalms of David, Pointed as ny Sermon or Lecture is Preached or they are to be sung or faid in ChurRead in the same Courches or any of ches; and the Form and Manner of

ihem, for or as the publick Vniversity Ser Making, Ordaining, and Consecracing srun or LeEt ure; but tbarthe Same Ser- of Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, shall nions and Lectures may be Preached or at the cost and

charges of the Parishioners Read in such fort and manner as the fame of every Pariso-Church, aná appelry, have been heretofore Preached or Read; Cathedral Church, Colledge, and Hall, be

This A&t ,or any thing berein contained to attained and gotten before the Feast day of zhe contrary thereof in any wise notwith-S: Bartholomer, in the year of our Lord, Atanding

One tbousand six hundred sixty and iwo, And be it further Enacted by the Au- upon pain of forfeiture of Three pounds zhority aforesaid, That the several good by the moneth, for so long time as they shall

Laws, and Statutes of this Realm, which then after be unprovided thereof, have been formerly made, and are now ir, very Parish,or Cioappelry, Cathedral Church foice for the uniformity of Prayer, and colledge, and Hall, making default therein Administration of the Sacraments, wi:b- Provided always, and be it Enacted by in this Realm of England, and places the Authority aforesaid, That the Bishop's aforesaid, shall stand in full force and uf Hereford, S.Davids, Asaph, BanStrength to all intents and purposes gor, and Landaff

, and their Succeffors, whatsoever, for the establishing and con- Thall take such order among themselves, firming of the faid Book, Entuled; The for the souls health of the Flocks commitBook of Common-Prayer, and Admi- ted to their charge within wales, That nistration of the Sacraments, and other the Book hereunto annexed be truly and Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, exa&tly Translated into the Brittilh or according to the use of the Church of Welsh Tonguez

, and that. tbe fame fol England; togecher with the Pfalter or Tranflated, and being by them, or any Psalms of David, Pointed as they are three of them at the least, viewedyperused, to be sung or faid in Churches, and and allwed, be imprinted to such number the Form and Manner of Making, or at least, so that one of the said Books, so daining, and Consecrating of Bishops, Translated and Imprinted, may be had

Priests, and Deacons, herein before men for every Cathedral, Collegiate, and Pazimed, to be joyned and annexed to this rish-Church, and Chappel of Eafe in

Az aná shall be upplied, practifed, the said, respective Diocesses, and places and

put in ure for the punishing of all of- in Wales, where the Welth is commonly fences contrary to the frid Laws, with re- Spoken or used, before the first day of mtion to the Book aforesaid, and no etber. May, Cre thousand fax bundred fixiy

Provided always, and be it further E-five; and, that from and after the Imprint nafted by the Authority aforesaid, That in ing and puolilning of the suid Buck for all those Prayers, Litanies and Colleets, Tranflated the whole Divine Service shall ubicka do any way relate to the King, be used and said by the Ministers and CuQueen or Royal Progeny, the names be alo routes, throughout all Wales, within the sered and changed from time to time, and Said Diociles where the wellh Tongue is Witted to the present occafwn, according to commonly ased, in the Brittilh or Well 3ne direction of Lawful Authority. Tongue, in such manner and Form as is Provided also, and ke it Enalted by prescribed according to the Book hereunio


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incarnered to be usea in ihe Englilh Tongue, Thewed forih in any cour of Record as ojien leds differing nothing in any order or Forin as they shall be thereunto lawfully requiAd from the Said English Book : for which red: And also there Mall be delivered and Book, Go Tranfited and Imprinted, the true and.perfe&t Copies of this Axt, and the Church-wardens of every the said Pan of the fame Book into the respective Courts the rishes, shall pay out of the Parish-money at Westminster, and into the Tower of y the in their hands, for the use of the respe- London, to be kept and preserved for ever -d as Etive Churches, and be allowed the same among the Records of the said Courts, and nur on their Accompt; and, that the faid Bi- tbe Records of the Tower, 10 be also predrer of shops, and their Successors, or any three of ced and shewed forıh in any Court, as need

ring them at the least, shall set and appoint the hall require ; which faid Books Sw1o be exthal Price for which the said Book shall be emplified under the great Seal of Engo Enes sold; And one other Book of Common land, Mall be examined by such perfons as el, Prayer in the English Tongue shall be the Kings Majestyßball af point under the , be bought and bad in every Church through- great Seal of England for that purpose, Fayed out Wales, in which the Book of Common and fhall be compared with the Original id

, Prayer in Welsh is to be had, by force of Book hereunto annexed, and fhall have 12, this sit, before the first day of May, power to correct and amend in writing any und One thousand fix bundred fixty and four, Error committed by the Printer in the that and the Same Book to remain in such con- Printing of the same Bock, or of any thing venient places, within the said Churches, therein contained and shalla

Icertifie in writo vid that such as underst and them may resort ing under their Hands and Seals, or the Freit at all convenient times to read and per- Hands and Seals of any three of them, nt. doy use the same ; and also such as do not un- the end of the Same Book, that they have bopi derstand the faid Language,, may by con- examined and compared the same Book, and ano ferring both Tongues rogerber, ibe founer find it to be a true and perfe&t copy; which Fors, attain to the knowledge of the English Said Books and every one of them so exemvel

, Tongue; Any thing in this. A&t to the con- 1 plified under the great Seal of England, as eri trary notwithstanding : And untıll Print- aforesaid, shall be deemed,taken, adjudged Ilsed Copies of the faid. Book fo to be translated and expaunded to be good, and available in

ve may be had and provided, the form of the Law to all intents and purposes whatby common Prayer established by Parliament soever, and shall be accounted as good Rese before the making of this A&t, shall be usedcords as this Book it self hereu.nto annexed;

as formerly in such parts of Wales, wbere Any Law or Custom to the contrary in any el the English Tongue is not commonly un- wife notwithstanding. derstood.

Provided also, That this A&t or any thing and to the end that the true and perfect tberein contained shall not be prejudicial copies of this set, and the said Book bere- or burtful unto the Kings Profeffour of the unto annexed,may be safely kept,and per- Law within the University of Oxford for, petually preserved, for the avoiding of all or concerning the Prebend of Shipton, disputes for the time to come; Be it therefore within the Cathedral Church of Saruin, ze Enacted by the Antbority aforefrid, Tbat nited and annexed unto the place of the

the refpective' Deans and chapters of every Same Kings Professour for the time being; Tic Cathedral,or collegiate Church,wiihin En- | by the late King James of blefsed memory.

gland, Wales, Mall at their proper cofts Provided always, that whereas the Six and charges, before the twenty fifth day of and thirtieth Article of the Nine and thirty ho

December, One tboufand six bundred Articles agreed upon by the Archbishops, ar fixty and two, obtain under the great Seal and bishops of both Provinces, and the k of England a true and perfect Copy of this whole Clergy in the Convocation holden at

A&t, and of the said Book annexed here- London, in the year of vur Lord; one thoro ei urto, to be by the said Deans and Chapters, \ Sand five hundred foxty two,

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for the avoidi and their Successors, kept and preserved in ling of diverfaties of Opinions, and for suur afery for over, and to be alfo produced and stablishing of consent touching true Re-,




Lug 261, 75 in these words following, viz. Lord Gud One thousand fix hundred (2x1 B

That the Book of Consecration of and two. Archbishops, and Bifhops, and Ordaining of Pricsts and Deacons, lately set

the forth in the time of King Edward, the


Preface. реа Sixth, and confirmed at the same time by Authority of Parliament, doch con

hath been the Wisdom of the kno tain all things necessary to such Consecration and Ordaining, neither hach it firft compiling of Her Publick Liturgy, up any thing that of it felt is superstitious, to keep the Mean between the two Exit and ungodly; And therefore whosoever treams of too much stiffness in refusing, thi are consecrated or Ordered according and of too much easiness in admitting rit to the Rites of that Book since the le- any variation from it. For,

on the bee cond year of the aforenamed King Ed- one side Common Experience theweth ly ward unto this time ; or hereafier shall that where a change hath been made of me be Confecrated or Ordered according things advisedly established (no evident ers to the same Rites, We decree all such to necefsity so requiring ) sundry inconve. Sin be rightly,orderly, and lawfully Confe- niencies have thereupon ensued ; and the crated and Ordered.

those many times more, and greater res It be Enačted, and be it therefore

. En- then the evils that were intended to be lei afted by the Authority aforesaid, That all remedied by such change : So on the thy Subscriptions hereafier 10 be had or made other side, the particular Forms of unto the said Articles, by any Deacon, vine Worthip, and the Rites and Cere. th Priest,or Ecclesiastical person, or other per- monies appointed to be used therein, re sun whatsoever, who by this At, or any o- being things in their own nature indifun ther Law none in force is required to fub- ferent, and alterable, and so acknown ag

Scribe unto the said Articles, shall be con- ledged; it is but reasonable that upon of strued and taken to extend, and shall be weighty and important considerations, ad applied ( for and touching the said. Six according to the various exigency of to and thirtieth Article) unto the Book con- times and occasions, such changes and nu taining the form and manner of Making, alterations Lould be made therein, as Ordaining, and consecrating of Bifhops, to those that are in place of Autho th Priefts, and Deacons in this Att mention- rity should from time to time leem ei ai ed, in fucb fort and manner as the same did the necessary or expedient. According-ti heretofore extend unto the Book set forth in ly we find that in the Reigns of several sh the time of King Edward the Sixth,men- Princes of blessed memory since the Real C tioned in the said Six and thirtieth Aro formation, the Church upon juft and ticle; Any ibing in the said Article, or weighty Consideracions Her thereunto in any Statute, A&, or Canon heretofore moving, hath yielded to make such al- ex hador made to the contrary thereof, in any terations in some particulars as in their pe wise noiwithstanding.

respective times were thought conve- de Provided alfu, That the Book of common nient: Yet so, as that the main Body Prayer, and Administration of the Sacra- and Eslentials of it (as well in the chief ments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of eft materials, as in the frame and order this Church of England, together with the thereof) have still continued the same form and manner of Ordaining, and Con: unto this day, and do yet ftand firm and

fecrating Bishops, Priests and Deacons, unthaken, notwithitanding all the vain heretofore in use, and respectively establishe attempts and impetuous assaults made th ed by Act of Parliament in the Firl and againlt ic, by such men as are given to

Eighth years of Queen Elizabeth, Mall be change, and have always discovered a ato ftit used and observed in the Church of greater regard to their own private of England, until the Feast of Saint Bartho- fancies and interests, then to that duty th lomew, which shall be in the year of our they owe to the Publicko








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