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laid those Conquerors of the Worirfshjde?

a Necessity of destroying their Cfc^r T2fa pie and Nation. • • - * j

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To conclude. From this Revk^tf the Bible, every serious impartial Mind will be ready to allow, that there is nothing contain'd in it deserving that Sneer and Contempt, with which raw and shallow-Thinkers are apt to treat it. As the oldest: History of the most ancient People, ic is venerabk upon account of -.its Antiquity. As it delineates the merciful Judgments of God, and abounds with all those Precepts of Morality which relate to the Duty of Man, it must appear to be a sacred and a divine Book to every unprejudiced Reader. And, to those who truly believe the Contents of it, and know by Faith hovv to apply them, it will ever be an inexhaustible Fountain of spiritual Consolation;4 ■

Here, we see that God, of his infinite Goodness, created Man in a State of Innocence and Purity, and gave him to understand that nothing but his own wilful Disobedience could ever occasion his Ruin. That, Man j notwithstanding this fair Warn

istg did disobey; and thereby, not only forfeit his own Happiness, but, by a kind of Contagion, propagate his Sin and Misery, among his unhappy Progeny. No Circumstance of which Proceeding appears, in the least, to impeach God's Benignity, but only to demonstrate the Weakness and Depravity of Man. The Certainty of which Truth the wife Son of David discover'^ when all the rest of his Searches were vain and fruitless. Lo! ibis only have I found, Ecclef. that God made man upright, but they have V1K 29* Jbught out many inventions.

Nor has Man any Reason to complain that he was not created in such a State of Perfection, as to have been incapable of Falling. Since absolute Perfection is an incommunicable Property of the very and eternal God alone. Who was sufficiently gracious to Man, in creating him with Faculties capable of distinguishing between both poftlive and moral Good and Evil and with a free Will to choose accordingly. The Possibility of offending in the Creature, is implied in the Existence of Mercy in the fupream Being; there is so close a Connection between them, that the one cannot subsist without the other.

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But further, to convince Mankind that they are not the only Creatures i^fcidealt with, we read of a Fall of Angjdnawsbov though in a Class, weknow not how much, John viii. superior to ours, abode not in the /jrjWL^and jtde 6. consequently kept not their first eftattiihtt. aPcuii.4. left their own habitation, and art -re/eroed in everlasting chains, under darkness* unto the judgment of the great day* Whofe pre? sent Situation appears to be, ac least, as much more deplorable than ours, ; as in their primitive Condition; they excelled uj< For no sooner was Man fallen, but he was rais'a" from Despair-fey the comfortable Prospect of a futufC{R}%OK£MJtiu The Promise of whos^ Conyng^fer the Salvation of Mankind, was the Object of Faith to them tha,t lw'd: b^osfi^hjscTiniepas the Performance is to tho& who havebeen bora since. And, as it isre#eaiy thatlGxxlcreated the World, and sent our Saviour into it, in the Fu/ness of Xinte, it mu&be an Instance of Weakness or Presumption in ^ny one to ask, Why God did noitidojblJtb these things sooner; since we mayjfcjsttre. his Wisdom best knew the proper Time* . jlAforvboth, and conclude that his Gmal&efc >* • ^derermin'd him to employ themaccordingly.

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3£rfj b£i0 (7 & CTjcjr 10 |^fa 49* > LAbdtbccaose, to fonie, it may seem umaccountable at least, if not partial, m Oody to have ^hosen one particular Branch of Manjchtd, for his favourite People, ;ex«--' •tf elusive of all the rest; theTenour of the Scripture plainly shews us, that God's Fav ■* "• vour was not merely arbitrary, in this Casey but rather attending upon Merit; the most Virtuous and Pious generally enjoying the greatest Share of it; And tho' the Posted' rity of righteous Abraham, multiplied exceedingly, accordmg^oj Gods Promise; yet we find them evep ^rdwn'd with Sue-' cess, or crofs'd by Calamities, in Propor-" tion, as they observ'd otippos'd the divine Law. The whole Scheme of God's entering into a Covenant ^tli them, among other Types and Shadowings, possibly containing a Representation'i and Sample,' of that eternal and immutable Method, Dy which he wi]l always proceed in his Dealings with the Sons of Men, [viz ) That he Will confer the greatest Tokens of Love; and Esteem upon those, who are the most diligent in seeking after, and studious in performing his Will. God is no. refpefter Actsx. of persons; but, in every nation, he that K.k? feareth.

sedreth Him and worketb rfthteaytSmfiihtt accepted of ,lniO d.<r*f gnishon aalk From the sacred Volumes we T&fiwxse learn this ever-seafoaable Lclfon ;- TJhaqav tional Crimes, such, as a Nogtect^jof the true Worship of God (the" Harbinger of all Kinds of Vice and Immorality) Isuxurjr, and corrupt Practices in all Shapes^ jihsr* der to support it, are, at the long,Rub, constantly and /unavoidably-attended with national Ruin and; Destruction.;And^ at the same Time, we must confess, t&ar the People upon whom these Judgmcats were executed, richly de/etVwi- them; Jbecause they would take no Warning; though God was continually raisings Uf^l^ind sending Prophets among them}- who in his Name pointed out the Danger they we're ttt, and, in the most pressing Manner, increased and exhorted them to avoid it bj Repentance. "«.H .,->> J, t»a\>/

In a Word, "the whole Design of the Bible, both in the Old and New Testaments, in a wonderful Variety-of Precept and Example, gives us to understand, that the being born under'and belongingvto the very best Laws, and the most excellenfcEsta


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