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divided by lot, one sort with | David, and the captains of the The seventeenth to Joshhekashah, another; for the governors of the host, separated to the service of he, his sons and his brethren, were Banctuary, and governors of the the sons of Asaph, and ot Heman, twelve: The eighteenth to Hahouse of God, were of the sons of and of Jeduthun, who should pro- nani, he, his sons and his brethEleazar, and of the

sons of phesy with harps, with psalteries, ren, were twelve: The nineteenth Ithamar. And Shemalah the son and with cymbals: and the num- to Mallothi, he, his sons and his of Nethaneel the scribe, one of the ber of the workmen, according to brethren, were i welve: The twenLevites, wrote them before the their service, was; of the sons of tieth to Eliathah, he, his sons and king, and the princes, and Zadok Asaph; Zaccur, and Joseph, and his brethren, were twelve : The the priest, and Abimelech the son Nethaniah, and Asarelah, the sons one and twentieth to Hoihir, he, of Abiathar, and before the chief of Asaph, under the hands of his song and his brethren, were of the fathers of the priests and Asaph, which prophesied accord- twelve: The two and twentieth to Levites: one principal household ing to the order of the king. of Giddalti, he, his song and his being taken for Eleazar, and one Jeduthun: the sons of Jeduthun; | brethren, were twelve: The three taken for Ithamar. Now the Gedaliah, and Zeri, and Jeshaiah, and twentieth to Mahazioth, he, first lot came forth to Jeholarib, Hashabiah, and Mattithiah, six, his sons and his brethren, were the second to Jedaiah, The third under the hands of their father twelve: The four and twentieth to Harim, the fourth to Seorim, Jeduthun, who prophesied with a to Romamti-ezer, he, his sous and The fifth to Malcbijah, the sixth harp, to give thanks and to praise his brethren, were twelve. to Mijamin, The seventh to the LORD. Of Heman: the sons of Hakkoz, the eighth to Abijah, Heman; Bukkiah, Mattaniah, UZ- COURSES OF THE The ninth to Jeshuah, the tenth ziel, Shebuel, and Jerimoth, Hato Shecaniah, The eleventh to Danlah, Hanani,Eliathah, Giddalti,

PORTERS. Eliashib, the twelfth to Jakim, and Romamti-ezer, Joshbekasbah,

1 Chron. xxvi, 1-3, 6-9, 11, 21-25. The thirteenth to Huppah, thé Mallothi, Hothir, and Mahazioth? Concerning the divisions of the fourteenth to Jeshebeab, The All these were the sous of Heman porters: Of the Korhites was Mefifteenth to Bilgah, the sixteenth the king's seer in the words of shielemiah the son of Kore, of the to Immer, The seventeenth to God, to lift up the born. And God sons of Asaph. And the sons of Hezir, the eighteenth to Aphses, gave to Heman fourteen sons and Meshelemiah were Zechariah the The nineteenth to Pethahiah, the three daughters. All these were first-born, Jediael the second, Zetwentieth to Jehezekel, The one under the hands of their father badiah the third, Jathniel' the and twentieth to Jachin, the two for song in the house of the LORD, fourth, Elam the fifth, Jebohanan and twentieth to Gamal, The with cymbals, psalteries, and the sixth, Elioenai the seventh. three and twentieth to Delalah, barps, for the service of the house Also unto Shemaiah his son were the four and twentieth to Maaze of God, according to the king's sons born, that ruled throughout lah. These were the orderings of order to Asaph, Jeduthun, and the house of their father, for they them in their service, to come Heman. So the number of them, were mighty men of valour. The into the house of the LORD, ac- with their brethren that were in

sons of Shemaiah; Othni, and Recording to their manner, under structed in the songs of the LORD, phael, and Obed, Elzabad, (whose Aaron their father, as the LORD even all that were cupning, was

brethren were strong men,) Elihu, God of Israel had commanded two hundred fourscore and eight. and Semachiah. All these of the him. And the rest of the sons of And they cast lots, ward against sons of Obed-edom: they, and their Levi were these: or the sons of ward, as well the small as the sons, and their brethren, able men Amram; Slubael: of the sons of great, the teacher as the scholar. for strength for the service, were Shubael; Jehdeiah. Concerning Now the first lot came forth for threescore and two of Obed-edom. Rebabiah: of the sons of Rehabiah, Asaph to Joseph: the second to And Mesbelemiah had sons and the first was Isshiah. Of the Izha- Gedaliah, who, with his brethren brethren, strong men, eighteen. sites, Sbelomoth; of the sons of She- and sons, were twelve: The third Hilkiah the second, Tebaliah the lomoth; Jahath. And the sons of to Zaccur, he, his sons and his third, Zechariah the fourth : all Hebron; Jerlah the first, Amariah brethren, were twelve: The fourth the sons and brethren of Horah the second, Jahaziel the third, Je- to Izri, he, his song and his breth were thirteen. As concerning tho kameam the fourth. Of the song ren, were twelve: The fifth to sons of Laadan; tle sons of tho of Uzziel; Michab: of the sons of Nethaniah, he, his song and his Gershonite Laadan, chief fathers, Michah; Shamir. The brother of brethren, were twelve: The sixth even of Laadan the Gershonite Michah was Isshiah: of the sons of to Bukkiah, he, his sons and bis were Jebieli. The sons of Jehieli Isshiah; Zechariah. The sons of brethren, were twelve: The Zetham, and Joel his brother, Merari were Mahli and Mushi: the seventh to Jesharelah, he, his sons

which were over the treasures of sons of Jaaziah; Beno. The sons of and his brethren, were twelve: the house of the LORD. Of the Merari by Jaaziah; Beno, and Sho- The eighth to Jeshaiah, he, his Amramites, and the Izharites, ham, and Zaccur, and Ibri. Orsons and his brethren, were the Hebronites, and the Uzziel Mabli

came Eleazar, who had no twelve: The ninth to Maltaniali, ites: And Shebuel the son of Gersons. Concerning Kish: the son of he, his sons and his brethren, were shom, the son of Moses, was ruler Kish was Jerabmeel. The sons twelve: The tenth to Shimoi, he, of the treasures. And his brethalso of Mushi; Mahli, and Eder, his sons and his brethren, were ren by Eliezer, Rehabiah his son, and Jerimoth. These were the sons twelve: The eleventh to Azareel, and Jeshaiah his son, and Joram of the Levites, after the house of he, his sons and his brethren, were his son, and Zichri his son, and their fathers. These likewise cast twelve: The twelfth to Hashabiah, Shelomith his son. lots over against their brethrenthe he, his sons and his brethren, weré 2 Chron. xxix, 12--15. Then tho sons of Aaron, in the presence of twelve: The thirteenth to Shubael, Levites arose, Mahath the son of David the king, and Zadok, and he, his sons and his brethren, weré Amasai, and Joel the son of a zaAhimelech, and the chief of the twelve: The fourteenth to Matti- riah, of the sons of the Kohathfathers of the priests and Levites, thiah, he, his sons and his breth-ites: and of the sons of Merari; even the principal fathers over ren, were twelve: The fifteenth to Kish the son of Abdl, and Azariah against their younger brethren.

Jeremoth, he, his sons and his the son of Jehalelel: and of the COURSES OF THE SINGERS.

brethren, were twelve : The six- Gershonites; Joah the son of Zim

teenth tó Hananiah, he, his sons mah, and Eden the son of Joah: 1 Chron. xxv, 1-31. Moreover and his brethren, were twelve: And of the sons of Elizaplan ;


selves. . . .

Shimrl, and Jefel: and of the song | their possession among the chil- 1 signed them of Pharaoh, and did of Asaph; Zechariah, and Matta- dren of Israel. But the field of eat their portion which Pharaoh nlah: And of the sons of Heman; the suburbs of their cities may gave them; wherefore they sold Jehlel, and Shimei: and of the not be sold; for it is their perpet- not their lands. And Joseph made sons of Jeduthun; Shemaiah, and ual possession.

it a law over the land of Egypt Uzziel. And they gathered their brethren, and sanctified them-children of Israel, that they give

Num. XXXV, 2--8. Command the unto this day, that Pharaoh should

have the fifth part; except the unto the Levites, of the inherit- land of the

priests only, which beLEVITES ance of their possession, citles to

came ng Pharaoh's. dwell In; and ye shall give also Ezra vil, 24. Also we certify HAD NO INHERITANCE. unto the Levites suburbs for the you, that, touching any of the

Num. xvill, 20. And the LORD cities round about them. And the priests and Levitos, singers, por. spake unto Aaron, Thou shalt cities shall they have to dwell in; ters, Nethipims, or ministers of have no inheritance in their land, and the suburbs of them shall be this house of God, it shall not be neither shalt thou have any part for their cattle, and for their lawful to impose toll, tribute, or among them: I am thy part and goods, and for all their beasts. custom, upon them. thine inheritance among the chil- and the suburbs of the cities, dren of Israel.

which ye shall give unto the LeDeut. 2, 9. Wherefore Levi hath of the city and outward a thou

ALLUSIONS IN EZEKIEL. vites, shall reach from the wall no part nor inheritance with his sand cubits round about. And ye ye shall divide by lot the land for

Ezek. xlv, 1-6. Moreover, when brethren; the LORD is his Inherit- shall measure from without the inheritance, ye shall offer an obance, according as the LORD thy city on the east side two thousand lation unto the Lord, an holy por: God promised him.

cubits, and on the south side two tion of the land: the length shall Deut. xlv, 27. And the Levite thousand cubits, and on the west be the length of five and twenty that és within thy gates; thou side two thousand cubits, and on thousand reeds, and the breadth shalt not forsake him; for he hath the north side two thousand cu- shall be ten thousand. This shall no part nor inheritance with bits; and the city shall be in the be holy in all the borders thereof thee.

midst: this shall be to them the round about. Os this there shall be Deut. xviii, 1,2. The priests, the suburbs of the cities. And among for the sanctuary five hundred in Levites, and all the tribe of Levi, the cities which ye shall give un- length, with five hundred in shall bave no part nor inherit' to the Levites there shall be six breadth, square round about; and ance with Israel: they shall eat cities for refuge, which ye shall fifty cubits round about for the the offerings of the LORD made by appoint for the man-slayer, that suburbs thereof. And of this fire, aud his inheritance. There he may flee thither: and to them measure shalt thou measure the fore shall they have no inherit- ye shall add forty and two cities. length of five and twenty thouance among their brethren: the So all the cities which yo shall sand, and the breadth of ten thouLORD is their inheritance, as he give to the Levites shall be forty sand: and in it shall be the sand hath said unto them.

and eight cities: them shall yetuary and the most holy place. Josh. xlil, 14, 33. Only unto the cities which ye shall give shall be be for the priests, the ministers of

give with their suburbs. And the The holy portion of the land shall tribe of Levi he gave none inber of the possession of the children the sanctuary, which shall come Itance; the sicrifices of the LORD of Israel: from them that have near to minister unto the LORD: God of Israel made by fire are many ye shall give many; but and it shall be a place for their their inheritance, as he said unto from them that have few ye shall houses, and an holy place for the them. But unto the tribe of give few: every one shall give of sanctuary. Levi Moses gave not any inherit his cities unto the Levites accord-twenty thousand of length, and

And the five and ance: the LORD God of Israel was ing to his inheritance which he the ten thousand of breadth, shall their inheritance, as he said unto inheriteth.

also the Levites, the ministers of them. Josh. xvill, 7. But the Levites

Joshua xxi, 1-3, 41, 42. Then the house, have for themselves, have no part among you; for the

came near the beads of the fathers for a possession for twenty champriesthood of the LORD' is their of the Levites unto Eleazar the bers. And ye shall appoint tho inheritance : and Gad, and Reu- prlost, and unto Joshua the son of possession of the city five thouben, and half the tribe of ManagNan, and unto the heads of the sand broad, and five and twenty seh, have received their inherit- fathers of the tribes of the chil- thousand long, over against the ance beyond Jordan on the east, I dren of Israel; And they spake oblation of the holy portion: it which Moses, the servant of the unto them at Shilob, in the land shall be for the whole house of LORD, gave them. of Canaan, saying, The LORD com

Israel. manded, by the hand of Moses, to

Ezek. xlvill, 8-20. And by the Ezek. xliv, 28. And it shall be give us cities to dwell in, with the border of Judah, from the east unto them for an inheritance; I suburbs thereof for our cattle. side unto the west side, shall be am their inberitance: and ye shall And the children of Israel gave the offering

which ye shall offer

of give them no possession in Israel; unto the Levites, out of their in- five and twenty thousand reeds in I am their possession.

heritance, at the commandment of breadth, and in length as one of

the LORD, these cities and their the other parts, from the east side BUT HAD LANDS OF THEIR OWN. suburbs. All the cities of the unto the west side: and the sanc

Lev. XXV, 32--34. Notwithstand-Levites, within the possession of tuary shall be in the midst of it. ing the cities of the Levites, and the children of Israel, were forty The oblation that ye shall offer the houses of the cities of their and eight cities with their suburbs. unto the LORD shall be of five and possession, may the Levites re

ese cities were every one with twenty thousand in length, and of deem at any time. And if a man their suburbs round about them: ten thousand in breadth. And purchase of the Levites, then the thus were all these cities.

for them, even for the priests, house that was sold, and the city

shall be this holy oblation; toward of his possession, shall go out in Gen. xlvII, 22, 26. Only the land of the north five and twenty thouthe year of jubilee: for the houses the priests bought he [Joseph]not: sand in length, and toward the of the cities of the Levites are for the priests had a portion as I west ten thousand in breadth, and toward the east ten thousand in thou shalt give me, I will surely out of it. Therefore thou shalt breadth, and toward tlie south give the tenth unto thee.

say unto them, When ye bavo five and twenty thousand in length: and the sanctuary of the how great this man was, unto

Heb. vil, 4, 6, 8, 9. Now consider heaved the best thereof trom it,

then it shall be counted unto Lorn shall be in the midst thereof. whom even the patriarch' Abra- the Levites as the increase of the It shall be for the priests that are ham gave the tenth of the spoils. threshing.floor, and as the insanctified of the sons of Zadok, But he, whose descent is not crease of the wine-press. And yo which have kept my charge, counted from them, received shall cat it in every place ye and which went not astray when the tithes of Abraham, and blessed your household: for it is your Children of Israel went stray, as him that had the promises. And reward for your service in the the Levites went astray. And this here men that die receive tithes; tabernacle of the congregation, oblation of the land that is offered but there he receiveth them, of And ye shall bear no sin by reason shall be unto them a thing most wbom it is. witnessed that'he of it, when ye have heaved from it most holy, by the border of the liveth. And, as I may so say,

the best of it: neither sball yo Levites. And over against the Levi also, who receiveih tithes, pollute the holy things of the border of the priests the Levites payed titles in Abraham.

children of Israel, lest ye die. shall have five and twenty thousand in length, and ten thousand

Deut. xiv, 22-26, 28, 29. Thou

ALSO UNDER THE JEWISH in breadth: all the length shall be

shalt truly tithe all the increase

DISPENSATION. five and twenty thousand, and the

of thy seed, that the field bringeth breadth ten thousand. And they tilhe of the land, whether of the shalt eat before ihe Lord thy God,

Lev, xxvii, 30-35. And all the forth year by year. And thou change, nor alienate the first-seed of the land, or of the fruit of in the place which he shall choose fruits of the land; for it is holy the tree, is the Lord's; it is holy to place his name there, the tithe

unto the LORD. And if a man unto the LORD. And the five

of thy corn, of thy wine, and of thousand that are left in the

will at all redeem ought of his thine oil, and the firstlings of thy breadth, over against the five tithes, he shall add thereto the herds and of thy flocks; that thou and twenty thousand, shall be a

fifth part thereof. And concern- mayest learn to fear the LORD thy profano place for the city, for ing the tithe of the herd, or of the God always. And if the way be dwelling, and for guburbs: anú the flock, even of whatsoever passeth too long for thee, so that thou art city shall be in the midst thereof. under the rod, the tenth shall be not able to carry it; or if the place And these shall be the measures holy unto the LORD. He shall not be too far from thee, which the thereof; the north side four thou- search whether it be good or bad, LORD thy

God shall choose

to set sand and five hundred, and the peither shall be change it: and if his name there, when the LORD south side four thousani and five he change it at all, then both it thy God hath blessed thee; Then hundred, and on the east side four and the change thereof shall be shalt thou turu it into money, and thousand and five hundred, and holy; it shall not be redeemed. bind up the money in thine band, the west side lour thousand and These are the commandments, and slialt go unto the place which five hundred. And the suburbs

which the LORD commanded the LORD thy God shall choose: of the city shall be toward the Moses, for the children of Israel; And thou shalt bestow that money north two hundred and fitty, and in mount Sinai.

for whatsoever thy soul lusteth toward the south two hundred Num. xviil, 21, 24-32. And, be- after, for oxen, or for sheep, or for and fifty, and toward the east two hold, I have given the children of wine, or for strong drink, or for bundred and ifty, and toward the Levi all the tenth in Israel for an whatsoever thy soul desiréth; and west two hundred and fifty. And inheritance, for their service which thon shalt eat there before the the residue in length, over against they serve, even the service of the LORD thy God, and thou shalt rethe oblation of the holy portion, tabernacle of the congregation, joice, thou, and thine household. shall be ten thousand eastward, But the tithes of the children of At the end of three years thou and ten thousand westward: and Israel, which they offer as an shalt bring forth all the tithe of It shall be over against the obla- heave-offering unto the LORD, I thine increase the same year, and tion of the holy portion; and the have given to the Levites to in- shalt lay it up within thy gates: increase thereof shall be for food licrit: therefore I have said unto And the Lovite, (because he bath unto them that serve the city. them, Among the children of Is- no part nor inheritance with thee,) And they that serve the city shall rael they shall have no inherit- and the stranger, and the fatherBerve it out of all the tribes of ance. And the LORD spake unto less, and the widow, which are Israel. All the oblation shall be Moses, saying, Thus speak unto within thy gates, shall come, and five and twenty thousand by five the Lévites, and say unto them, shall eat and be satisfied; that the and twenty thousand: ye shall When ye take of the children of LORD thy God may bless thee in offer the holy oblation four. Israet the tithes which I have all the work of thine hand which square, with the possession of the given you from them for your in-thou doest. city.

heritance, then ye shall offer up Deut. xxvi, 11--13. And thou

an heave-offering of it for the shalt rejoice in every good thing SUPPORT OF THE LORD, even a tenth part of the which the LORD thy God hath PRIESTIIOOD.

tithe. And this your heave-offer- given unto thee, and unto thine

ing shall be reckoned unto you as house, thou, and the Levite, and UNDER THE PATRIARCHIAL though it were the corn of the the stranger that is among you. DISPENSATION.

threshing-floor, and as the fulness When thou hast made an end of TITHES.

of the wine-press. Thus ye also tithing all the tithes of thine in

shall offer an heave-offering unto crease the third year, which is the Gen. xiv, 20. And blessed be the the LORD of all your tithes which year of tithing, and hast given it most high God, which hath de- ye receive of the children of Is- unto the Levite, the stranger, the livered thine enemies into thy rael; and ye shall give thereof the fatherless, and the widow, that hand. And he gave him tithes of Lord's heave-offering to Aaron they may eat within thy gates, all.

the priest. Out of all your gifts and be filled; Then thou shalt say Gen. xxvill, 22. And this stone, ye shall offer every heave-offering before ihe LORD thy God, I have which I have set for a pillar, shall of the LORD, of all the best thereof, brought away the hallowed things be God's house, and of all that even the hallowed part thereof, 1 out of mine house, and also havo

given them onto the Levite, and fruits of them, which they shall matrix, and every firstling that unto the stranger, to the father- offer unto the LORD, them have I cometh of a beast which thou less, and to the widow, according given thee. And whatsoever is hast; the males shall be the to all thy commandments which first ripe in the land, which they LORD's: And every firstling of an thou hast commanded me..... shall bring unto the LORD, shall ass thou shalt redeem with a 2 Chron. XXXI,5,6. And as soon

be thine: every one that is clean lamb; and if thou wilt not redeem as

it, then thou shalt break his neck: the commandment came in thine house shall eat of it. abroad, the children of Israel Deut. xxvi, 1, 2, 4. And it shall and all the first - born of man brought in abundance the first be, when thou art come in unto among thy children shalt thou fruits of corn, wine, and oil, and the land wlrich the LORD thy God redeem. honey, and of all the increase of giveth thee for an inheritance, Exod. xxil, 29, 30. Thou shalt the field; and the tithe of all things and possessest it, and dwellest not delay to offer the first of tlay brought they in abundantly. And therein, That thou shalt tako of ripe fruits, and of thy liquors: concerning the children of Israel the first of all the fruit of the the first - born of thy sons shalt and Judab, that dwelt in the cities earth, which thou shalt bring of thou give unto me. Likewise of Judah, they also brought in thy land, that the LORD thy God shalt thou do with thine oxen, the tithe of oxen and sheep, and giveth thee, and shalt put it in a and with thy sheep: seven days the tithe of holy things which were basket, and shalt go unto the it shall be with his dam; on the consecrated unto the LORD their place which the Lond thy God eighth day thou shalt give it God, and laid them by heaps. shall choose, to place his name me, Nen. x, 38. And the priest the the basket out of thine hand, and openeth the matrix is mine; and

there. And the priest shall take · Exod. xxxiv, 19, 20. All that Bon of Aaron shall be with the set it down before the altar of the Levites, when the Levites take

every firstling among thy cattle, LORD thy God. tithes; and the Levites shall bring

whether ox or sheep, that is male. up the tithe of the tithes unto the Neh. x, 35, 37. And to bring the But the firstling of an ass thou house of our God, to the cham- first-fruits of our ground, and the shalt redeem with a lamb: and if bers, into the treasure-bouse. first-fruits of all fruit of all trees, thou redeem him not, then shalt

year by year, unto the house of thou break bis neck. All the Heb. vil, 5. And verily they that the LORD : And that we should first-born of thy sons thou shalt are of the sons of Levi, who re- bring the first-fruits of our dough, redeem; and none shall appear ceive the office of the priesthood, and our offerings, and the fruit of before me empty. bave a commandment to take all manner of trees, of wine, and tithes of the people according to of oll, unto the priests, to the ling of the beasts, which should

Lev, xxvii, 26, 27. Only the firstthe law, that is, of their brethren, chambers of the house of our be the Lord's firstling, no man though they come out of the loins God; and the tithes of our ground shall sanctify it; whether it be os of Abraham.

unto the Levites, that the same
Levites might have the tithes in if it be of an unclean beast, then

or sheep: it is the LORD's. And all the cities of our tillage. Mal. Iil, 8-11. Will a man rob

be shall redeem it according to God? Yet ye have robbed me.

Prov. iii, 9, 10. Honour the thine estimation, and shall add & But ye say, Wherein have we LORD with thy substance, and fifth part of it thereto: or if it be robbed thee? In tithes and offer with the first-fruits of all thine in- not redeemed, then it shall be sold ings. Ye are cursed with a curge: crease: So shall thy barns be filled according to thy estimation. for ye have robbed me, even this with plenty, and thy presses shall

Num. lii, 13. Because all the whole nation. Bring ye all the burst out with new wine.

first-born are mine;' for on the tithes into the storehouse, that Ezek. xx, 40. For in mine holy day that I smote all the first-born there may be meat in mine house, mountain,'. there will I ac- in the land of Egypt, I hallowed and prove me now herewith, cept them, and there will I re- unto me all the first-born in Israel, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will quire your offerings, and the first both man and beast; mine they pot open you the windows of fruits of your oblations, with all shall be: I am the Lord. heaven, and pour you out a bless your holy things. ing, that there shall not be room

Num. xvili, 15-18. Every thing

Ezek. xliv, 30. And the first of that openeth the matrix in all enough to receive it. And I will all the first-fruits of all things, and flesh, which they bring unto the rebuke the devourer for your every oblation of all, of every sort LORD, whether it be of men or sakes, and he shall not destroy of your oblations, shall be the beasts, shall be thine: neverthethe fruits of your ground; neither priest's: ye shall also give unto less the first-born of man shalt shall your vine cast her fruit be the priest the first of your dough, thou surely redeem, and the firstfore the time in the field, salth that he may cause the blessing to ling of unclean beasts shalt thou the LORD of hosts. rest in thine house,

redeem. And those that are to be Luke xi, 42. But woe unto you, Rom. xi, 16. For if the first fruit redeemed, from a month old shalt Pharisees! for ye tithe mint and be holy, the lump is also holy: and thou redeem, according to thino rue, and all manner of herbs, and if the root be holy, so are the estimation, for the money of five pass over judgment and the love branches.

shekels, after the shekei of the of God: these ought ye to have

sanctuary, which is twenty gerahs. done, and not to leave the other


But the firstling of a cow, or the undone,

Exod. xiil, 2, 11--13. Sanctify firstling of a sheep, or the firstFIRST-FRUITS

unto me all the first-born, what- ling of a goat, thou shalt not re

soever openeth the womb among deem; they are holy: thou shalt Exod. xxiil, 19. The first of the the children of Israel, both of man sprinkle their blood upon the first-fruits of thy land thou shalt and of beast: And'it shall be, altar, and shalt burn their fat for bring into the house of the LORD when the Lord shall bring thee an offering made by fire, for a thy God. Thou shalt pot seethe into the land of the Canaanites, sweet savour

unto the LORD. And a kid in his mother's milk.

as he sware unto thee and to thy the flesh of them shall be thine, Num. xvill, 12, 18. All the best fathers, and shall give it thee, as the wave- breast and as the of the oil, and all the best of the That thou shalt sei apart untó right shoulder are thine. wino, and of the wheat, the first I the Lord all that openeth the Deut. xv, 19. All the firstling males that come of thy herd and / of Israel. This is the portion of children of Israel, which they of thy flock thou shalt sanctify the anointing of Aaron, and of bring unto the priest, sball be his. unto the LORD thy God. ...

the anointing of his sons, out of And every man's hallowed things Neh. x, 36. Also the first-born of the offerings of the Lord made by shall be bis whatsoever any man our sons, and of our cattle, (as it is fire, in the day when he presented giveth the priest, it shall be his. written in the law,) and the first them to minister unto ihe LORD

Num. xviii, 8-11. And the LORD lings of our herds, and of our in the priest's office; Which the spake unto Aaron, Behold, I also flocks, to bring to the house of LORD commanded to be given have given thee the charge of our God, unto the priests that them of the children of Israel, in mine heave-offerings of all the minister in the house of our God.

the day that he anointed them, by hallowed things of the children of

a statute for ever throughout their Israel; unto thee have I given PORTIONS OF THE SACRI. generations. This is the law of them by reason of the anointing,

the burnt-offering, of the meat and to thy sons, by an ordinance FICE.

offering, and of the sin-offering, for ever. This shall be thine of E.cod. xxix, 26-28, 31, 32. And and of the trespass-offering, and the most holy things, rescrved thou shalt take the breast of the of the consecrations, and of the from the fire: every oblation of ram of Aaron's consecration, and sacrifice of the peace-offerings theirs, every meat - offering of wave it for a wave-offering before Which the LORD commanded theirs, and every sin-offering of the LORD: and it shall be thy part. Moses in mount Sinal, in the day theirs, and every trespass-offering And thou shalt sanctify the breast that he commanded the children of theirs, which they shall render of the wave - offering, and the of Israel to offer their oblations unto me, shall be most holy for shoulder of the heave - offering, unto the LORD, in the wilderness thee, and for thy sons. In the which is waved, and which is of Sinai.

most holy place shalt thou eat it; beaved up, of the ram of the con

Lev. viil, 31. And Moses sala every male shall eat it: it shall be secration, even of that which is unto Aaron and to his sons, Boil holy unto thee. And this is thine; for Aaron, and of that which is the flesh at the door of the taber- the heave-offering of their gift, for his sons. And it shall be Aaron's and his sons' by a statute there eat it with the bread that is children of Israel: I have given

nacle of the congregation; and with all the wave-offerings of the for ever from the children of in the basket of consecrations, as

them unto thee, and to thy sons, Israel; for it is an heave-offering: I commanded, saying, Aaron and and to thy daughters with thee, and it shall be an heave-offering his sods shall eat it.

by a statute for ever, every one from the children of Israel of the

that is clean in thy house shall sacrifice of their peace-offerings, Lev. x, 12-18. And Moses spake eat of it. even their heave-offering unto the unto Aaron, and unto Eleazar and LORD. And thou shalt take the unto Ithamar, his sons that were

Deut. xvill, 3. And this shall be ram of the consecration, and left, Take the meat-offering that

the priest's due from the people, seethe his flesh in the holy place. remaineth of the offerings of the from them that offer a sacrifice, And Aaron and his sons shall eat LORD made by fire, and eat it whether it be ox or sheep; and the flesh of the ram, and the bread without leaven beside the altar; they shall give unto the priest that is in the basket, by the door for it is most holy. And ye shall

the shoulder, and the two cheeks,

and the maw. of the tabernacle of the congrega- eat it in the holy place, because it tion.

is thy due, and thy cons' due, of Lev. VII, 7-10, 31--38. As the sin- the sacrifices of the Lord made 1 Cor. ix, 13. Do ye not know offering is, so is the tiespa-s-offer. by fire: for so I am commanded. that they which minister about ing; there is one law for them: the And the wave-breast and beave- holy things live of the things of priest that maketh atonement shoulder shall ye eat in a clean the temple and they which wait therewith shall have it. And the place; thou, and thy sons, and thy at the altar are partakers with the priest that offereth any man's daughters with thee: for they be altar? burnt - offering, even the priest thy due, and thy sons' due, which shall bave to himself the skin of are given out of the sacrifices of FINES IN MONEY. the burnt-offering which he hath peace-offerings of the children of

Num. V, 8. But if the man have offered. And all the meat-offer- Israel. The heave-shoulder and no kinsman to recompense the ing that is baken in the

oven, and the wave-breast shall they bring, trespass unto, let the trespass be all that is dressed in the frying- with the offerings made by fire of recompensed unto

the LORD, even pan, and in the pan, shall be the the fat, to wave it for a wave to the priest, besides the ram of priests that offereth it. And every offering before the LORD; and it the atonement, whereby an atone meat-offering mingled with oli, shall be thine, and thy sons' with ment shall be made for him. and dry, shall all the song of Aaron thee, by a statute for ever; as the have, one as much as another. LORD hath commanded! And 2 Kings xil, 16. The trespassAnd the priest shall burn the fat Moses diligently sought the goat money and sin-money was not upon the altar; but the breast of the sin-offering, and, behold, it brought into the house of the shall be Aaron's and his sons'. was burnt: and he was angry with LORD: it was the priests.' And the right shoulder shall ye Eleazar and Ithamar, the sons of give unto the priest for an heave- Aaron which were left alive, say

REDEMPTION MONEY. offering of the sacrifices of your ing, Wherefore have ye not eaten

Num. iii, 46-51. And for those peace - offerings. He among the the sin-offering in the holy place, that are to be redeemed of the sons of Aaron that offereth the seeiug it is most holy, and God two hundred and threescore and blood of the peace-offerings, and hath

glven it you to bear the inl- thirteen of the first-born of the the fat, shall have the right shoul- quity of the congregation, to make children of Israel, which are more der for his part. For the wave- atonement for them before the than the Levites; Thou shalt even breast and the leave - shoulder LORD? Behold, the blood of it was take five shekels apiece by the have I taken

of the children of not brought in within the holy poll; after the shekel of the sancIsrael from off the sacrifices of place: ye should indeed have tuary shalt thou take them: (the their peace - offerings, and have eaten it in the holy place, as I shekel is twenty gerahs:) And given them unto Aaron the priest, commanded.

thou shalt give the money, whereand unto his sons, by a statute Num. V, 9, 10. And every offer- with the odd number of them is for ever, from among the children ing of all the holy things of the I to be redeemed, uuto Aaron, and

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