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Memoirs of the Life and Writings have remarked: the most material

of W. Couper, Esq. With an ek is in page 4, where it is said, “The gant Portrait ani Vignette. Foolscap, Account of Mr. Newton's Brother Svo, 45.; Ditio, 12m0, 35. is appended to this Memoir.” The

fact is, it may be so in binding ; for THOUGH Mr. Hayley's elegant with that and Guion's Poems, these Work, in two volumes quarto, did Memoirs will form a Third Volume not come under our Review, as be- of Mr. Cowper's Works, either in ing not strictly a religious publica. foolscap 12mo ur 8vo. tion, yet we liave repeatedly made inention of it as a respectable literary production; and particularly A Treatise on the Fuith and Influence valuable for the number it contains of Mr. Cowper's own Letters. But

of the Gospel. By the late Rev. A. two volumes in quarto are within

Hall, late Minister of the Associate the reach of very few, compara

Congregation, Wells Street, London. tively, who admire Mr. Cowper's

J2m0, 388 p. character and writings, particularly In an Advertisement to this va. his religious friends, who will be luable work, written by the Editor, doubtless highly gratified to find' the Rev. James Peddie, of Edinthe present beautiful little volume burgh, we are informed, that the expressly adapted for their use, author of this treatise was a respec. and containing a fuller account of table Minister of the Secession : his remarkable experience and re- first, at Torpichen, in Scotland ; ligion than any similar work. The and afterwards in Wells Street, Ox, owlines of this, it may be proper ford Street, London. He has been to observe, appeared in our Maga- for a long time known to the relizine; and the additions may be fully gious public by several judicious relied on for their authenticity. and esteemed works; particularly

This book, however, is not con. by two volumes on Gospel Wor. fined 10 Mr. Cowper's Lite; it con. ship, An Essay on Fellowship, A tains a masterly review of his writ- View of the Constitution of the ings, interspersed with anecdotes Gospel Church ; and two Sermons, ald observations, that will even in- entitled, “ Grace and Holiness;' terest those who have perused the which were published during his larger critique of Mr. Hayley, who life. passed over some of Mr. Cowper's Though the present volume productions very slightly; particule makes its appearance for the first larly his translations from Madame time, after the lapse of more than Guion; which are here, therefore, twenty-five years since the author's the more particulatly considered. death, the public are assured that The work concludes with an Elcgy it is printed from a manuscript in on Mr. Cowper, which would not his own hand-writing, and evidently have disgraced his own pen, written prepared for the press.

It was des by the Rev.Mr. Beck. The whole posited by him in the hands of his is beautifully printed on fine wove intimate friend, the Rev. Mr. Patwriting paper; and the embellishi- tison, the Editor's predecessor in ments, a neat portrait, apparently office, probably with a view to its copied from the elegant sketch publication in Edinburgh ; but the taken by Mr. Laurence; and a vign- death of the Author, which hapette, exhibiting the Bouquet (ur pened soon after, and then of that summer-house) in which mir.Cow. venerable minister of the gospel to per wrote many of his composi- whose care he had entrusted it, octions.

casioned all thoughts of its publiTwo or three slight erruta we cation to be laid aside. Through the politeness of Mr. Pattison's fa- We can only add our cordial re. mily, in whose custody it has ever commendation of this valuable since remained, several of the Edi. work to the careful perusal of the tor's brethren in the ministry were people of God, as a work which favoured with a perusa] of it ; and is evidently the production of a it now appears, in consequence of clear and distinguished inind, aidest the opinion which they have been by close study of the Scriptures; pleased to express, that it is in no and, we hope, by that divine respect inferior to the Author's Spirit, of whom the faith of God's others works; and that its publica elect is the peculiar approbation. rion might be of use for exhibiting clear and evangelical views of points which have occasioned inuch

Andrew Dunn: a Nirrative, cri. disputation in the house of God.

ginally ruluressed to the Roman 4.2Our reiders will be able to form

Tholic's of Ireland; but equally a general idea, by. running over

udupied to Members of the same Comwith the eye the contents of the

murion in this Country. By a Friend several chapters: - Chap. I, com

to Primitite Christianity. Third prizes, a summary view of the duce

Edition, With a Short Preface, by trines proposed in the Scriptures,

the Rea W. Cooper.

1 2m0, 1.1. as matters of faith to the children

8vo, fine papir, 25. of men;

II. Treats of the nature and foundation of the faith The narrative before us is briefly of the gospel; Ill. Shews the to this effect: Andrew Dunn, a necessity of believing the gospel; poor mail, but of good natural ca- IV.States the various kinds in pacity, and who had been taught to which - taith is cominonly distin- read, entertains doubts as to several guished; V. Proves that the points of the Roman Catholic ReHoly Ghost works saying faith by ligion; and expresses a great desire means of the word ; - VI. Dis.

to read the Scriptures. By the beplays the excellency of the faith of nevolence of a charitable lady, he the gospel; and the last chapter obtains a New Testament; and se. of the first part shews, That the riously begins to read. His doubts faith of the gospel admits of vari- increase; and he holds repeated ous degrees. The object of the conversations with his confessor second part of the Treatise is to il. Father Dominic, who endeavours, lustrate the influence of faith on in vain, to silence his doubts-by the the character and general conduct authority of the church ; and at of the saints. He shews-this in- last falls into a passion with him fuence of faith on our enjoying for not believing. Andrew conChrist, by vital union to his per- verses with his family, some of son ; on our regeneration, by the whom hear him with attention, belief of the truth; and on our jus- particulaily his youngest daughter; tification. Had the worthy Anthor while others conclude him to be lived, he would have followed out disorilered in his mind. At length his plan, by shewing the influence he begins family-worshi; ; i. which of faith in our adoption, in pro. he is afterwards joined by several moting true holiness, comfort, of his neighbours. He is provihope, patience, and victory over dentially saved from fire, and from the world; and in enabling the the malice of J. Nowlan, who, from saints to resist the Devil, depart in a persecutor, becomes his friend; peace, and enhance the glories of and his family afterwards worship the world to come. The illustra- with Andrew's. The narrative tion of these would have been slice concludes with the miserable death ceeded by two additional chapters: of Father Dominic, and the happy - the one illustrating the office of departure of James Nowlan. . faith in the life, walk, profession, Upon the whole, we have read and religious duties of believers; this little history with much plea. and the other, pointing out the gs. stre; and do not hesitate to pro. nuine works of untcigned faith. nounce it the labour of a very able

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and ingenious pen. The incidents the Doctor ; and know of no baok are natural, the characters are more suitable to put into the hands well drawn, the dialogue admirably of young converts than this. Here supported ; and the whole is not are also some Forms of Prayer for only instructive, but entertaining the use of those who may not be In addition to this, we have the able to collect for themselves out pleasure to add, that the author's of the foregoing materials. His Die views appear to be perfectly evan. rection for Daily Communion with gelical ; and that while he success. God, contain some admirable re. fully, combats the errors and su. marks; shewing how to begin, how perstitions of Popery, he strongly to spend, and how to close the day enforces vital and primitive Chris- with God. tianity. We, therefore, cordiaily unite with Mr Cooper, and recom. mend this little volume to all who The Seaman's Preacher : consisting have the opportunity of introducing ir, either into Popislı families, or

of Nine short and plain Discourses among those who are in danger of

on Jonah's Voyage. Addressed to being seduced into their errors and

Mariners, in the year 1672. Ву superstitions.

John Ryther, Minister of the Gospel in Wupping. A new edition, re

vised ari corrected, with a Preface The Evidences of Christianity

by the Rev. John Newton, Rector

of St. Mary, Woolnoth, &C. and briefly stated, and the New

the Recommendation of several other Testament proved to be Ge

Muisters. 1200, 15. 6d. nuine. By P. Doddridge, D. D. A Net Edition; in which, the In our Magazine for April last Greek, Latin, and other Quotati. (p. 167) we announced the Public are translated.

24110, cation of the First of these Dis

courses singly, which was to be We are hapry to see a

tollowed by the others progressive. edition of this invaluable work ly, at 4d. each; but this was found printed in so ne:at a forin ; and to too expensive for wide circulation. ihose who are desirous of having The nine discourses are, therefore, a summary view of the evidences of here printed in one small volume, Christianity, we know not of any at is. od. uniform with the Village work of its size that we can more

Sermons. The subjects are the fol. safely, or more strongly recom. lowing: - · The Terror of the Stormenú.

The present Bishop of iny Ocean; Prayer, the Natural London, we understand, has di- Effect of Fear; The Guilty Prorected this work to be read by every phet sleeping; The Sleepy Pro. person intending to take holý phet called to Prayer ; Prayer and orders. It is also a suitable prezent Praise for delivering Mercy; Sin, to young persons, whose minds have the Cause of all Calamities; Hid. been injured by the publications den Sins sonight and discovered ; of our inodern infidels.

The Guilty Person detected; The
Improvement of Jonah's Lot, and

Sequel to his Voyage. All which A Method of Prayer, with Scripture. subjects are founded on Jonah i.

Expressions, proper to be used under 4–7. Each Sermon is followed by Cach Head; 10 which also are pre- an appropriate Hymn; and the vofized, Directions for Daily Commu- lume concludes with a Selection of nion with God. By the late Rev. suitabie Prayers for Seamen. Upon Mat. Henry. 12 mo, 25.6d, boards. the whole, the public are much in.

debted to the editor (Rev. S. Pal. Dr. Watts calls this, A judi- mer) for this new edition of so usecious Collection of Scriptures, pro. ful and excellent a work; of which per to the several parts of that it is quite enough to say, that it is duty. We perfectly agree with strongly recommended, not only by




the venerable Mr. Newton, but also Etat de la Question concernant la
by the Rev. Dr. Rutledge, Mr. Conformite et la Difference qu'il
N. Hill, Dr. Ryland, Mr. Lowell, a entre les Protestants et les Catho.
Mr. Lambert, Mr. J. Townsend, liques Romains, &r. 12mo, 15.6d.
Mr. Bogue, and Mr. Fuller. A 1893.
Few copies are printed on fine pa. State of the Question concerning the
per, 8vo, for the use of officers, &c.

Religious Agreement and Difference
among whom, as well as the coin.
mon sailors, we sincerely wish them

of Protestants and Roman Catholics;

with a Reply 10 a very ensnuring an extensive circulation.

Paniphlet, &c.

This small and cheap volume

comes from the hand of the Rev. The Divine Logos, or Jehovah El.. E. Gibert, of Guernsey, whose for.

him the only proper Object of Chris-, on the Authenticity and tian Worship. By John Bentley. Divinity of the New Testament, 12m9, P.p. 164.

we had the pleasure to recommend, The author of this little treatise in our Magazine for May and June, seeins to be a zealous Trinitarian; 1801. For reasons similar to what and though a layman, thinks it his were then alleged, we wish to introduty to come forward to sound the duce the present publication to the alarm, and call upon those who are notice of those, among our readers, advocates for revealed truth, to who are acquainted with the French rally under the banner of their God language; and more especially to and Saviour. He lainents the inthose who have a view to the ad diference to be found among many vancement of the gospel in France. of our public teachers as to this The author, who before laboured doctrine ; and particularly mentions to stem the torrent of Infidelity, his disappointment in hearing one now aims to secure his readers from wio endeavoured to lessen its im- the natural consequence of its reportance in the esteem of his all, action, the flood of superstition. ditors, under the idea of Christian It appears, that the Popish Clergy Forbearance. He is no railer, how. are not only diligent in restoring ever, against the clergy; and thinks their Ritual among persons who had that, bad as the world is, it would lapsed into scepticism, but likebe worse without them. He does wise in gaining converts from Pro. not think the doctrine of the Tri. testantisin. M. Gibert withstands nity to be of a merely speculative their efforts; first, By clearly deIdture. " The term speculative fining, and solidly refuting the divinity," he observes, “may suit points of doctrine which the Romodern indifference; but was 1117- man Catholics have added to those known to Moses, the prophets, and of the primitive church; and next. the apostles; the only distinction By exposing the specivus pleas and they inade was, between sacred groundless assertions which have truths and destructive érrors.” He been industriously, though privery justly founds his arguments vately, circulated among his Pro. for this doctrine on the sacred testant neighbours, in order to se: Scriptures; and, if we cannot agreeduce them from scriptural truth. with himn in every thing; we cer- The former part of his book, actainly can the whole. The cordingly, furnishes a very concise, more learned reader, who has pe. yet comprehensive, investigation rused the labours of Owen, Buil, of the errors of Popery. The latter Allix, Taylor, Jones, and Simpson, part, though less interesting to peron the subject, will not here find sons unacquainted with the pamph. inuch addition to his knowledge; let referred to; supplies ani useful but it is well worthy the perusal Appendix, which comprizes variof those who have not time to read ous arguments in defence of the works of a larger magnitude on this Protestant faith, not included in the important and highly essential doce preceding. The only occasion for trine.




censure that strikes us in this pube Dr. Pike, of Enfield, is about it lication, arises from numerous and publish a Tract for Children, en. gross mistakes of the press; a few titled, “ Principles of Religion :" of which only are noticed in the in Two Parts. Adapted for dif. list of errala. This is a growing ferent ages and capacities. evil in modern books, and loudly The fifth Volume of Dr. Dod. calls for reprehension. The same

dridge's Works is now in the press. serious piety, and love of evange. This will coniplete all his Works, lical truth, which characterize' M.

except Gibert's writings in general, can

the 'Family Expositor, not fail to give pleasure in a peru- Volumes more.

which will be comprized in Five

We understand, sai of his present performance.

that but very few copies of the Expositor, more than shall be sub

scribed for at the commencement LITERARY NOTICES.

of the Sixth Volume, will be printThe Rev. Mr: Jefferson, of Ba- ed.. This circumstance shoi:ld be singstoke, has in the press a vo. known to the Public, that none lume of Sernions and Essays, on

may have just cause to complain, Sacred, Moral, and Literary Sub- if in future they should not be able jects; which may be expected in to obtain a fine paper copy. the course of the present month.


WILLIAM BURTWELL but prayed to the Lord to grant hint

resignation to his will'; and praised Was born at Billericay, in Essex, him that, in his merty, he had of respectable parents, who gave afflicted him. He enjoyed much him a good education, and put him of the divine presence till his death, apprentice to a painter; but being which was June 16, 1803. of a roving disposition, he entered

We rejoice tu hear that his exem. into the army, and lived a very dis- plary behaviour under his afilic. solute life, despising the gospel, tions, with his frequent admonitions, and taking pleasure in wickedness.

have induced most of his relations About three years ago, the Lord to attend the preaching of the Gos. was pleased to afflict him with the

pel. dropsy, while he lived at Homerion : here he was recommended to the norice of, and visited by, the Mem.

MISS BARLOW bers of the Homerton Benevolent So.

Died October 6, 1803, aged Twenty. ciety, who foud hin quite ignorant, but desirous of being instructed ; The conversion of a sinner to God and the Lord was pleased to bless is a matter of pleasure to all who the means used to convince him of

really know the bitterness of sin, his lost state as a sinner. The whatever the instrument may be; late Rev. Mr. Eyre visite, i him se. but it is sometimes effected by veral times, and rejoiced to see such means which call forth peculiar a visible display of the grace of joy. For instance, when a numGod. When his old conipanions ber of persons deliberate upon came to see him, he exhorted them the means best calculated to proto fee to Christ; and told them duce that great end ; - when what God had done for his soul. His they unite their property, their disorder was of such a nature, as labours, and their prayers, in the did not permit him to lie down on a use of those means; - and when bed for six months ; during which the Holy Spirit is pleased to ap. tiine he did ivt murmur nor repine ; prove their plan, mit eucois

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