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Just heav'ns! is thus thy pride imperial gone? Is this poor heap of dust the King of Babylon?

II. 3:

Is this the Man, whose nod
Shook kingdoms: whose inexorable rod
Levellid majestic cities? Where He trod,

Famine pursued, and frown'd;

Earth figh’d, and, all around,
Saw her fair fields transform'd to desarts dry;

While, at his crouded prison's gate,
Grasping the keys of Fate,

Stood stern Captivity.
Vain Manl behold thy righteous doom;
Behold each neighb'ring monarch's tomb;
The trophied arch, the breathing bust,

The laurel, shades their sacred duft:
While thou, vile Out-cast, on this hostile plain,
Moulder'st, a vulgar corse, amid the vulgar lain.

D 2

20. Thou shalt not be joined with them in burial, because thou hast destroyed thy land, and pain thy people: the feed of evil doers shall never be renowned.

21. Prepare Naughter for his children for the iniquity of their fathers; that they do not rise, nor polless the land, nor fill the face of the world with cities.

22. For I will rise up against them, saith the Lord of hosts, and cut off from Babylon the name, and remnant, and son and nephew, saith the Lord.

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No trophied arch, no breathing buft,
Shall dignify thy trampled duft: -

No laurel Aourish o'er thy grave.
For why, proud King, thy ruthless hand

Hurld Desolation o'er the land;
And crush'd the subject race, whom kings are born to save:

Eternal Infamy shall blast thy name, And all thy sons shall share their impious Father's shame.

III. 2.

Rise, purple Slaughter! furious rise;
Unfold the terror of thine eyes;

Dart thy vindi&tive shafts around:
Let no strange land a shade afford,

No conquer'd Nations call them Lord;
Nor let their cities rise to curse the goodly ground.

For thus JEHOVAH swears; no Name, no Son,
No remnant, shall remain of haughty Babylon.

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23. I will also make it a polésson for the bittern, and pools of water : and I will sweep it with the besom of destruction, saith the Lord of hosts.

24. The Lord of hosts hath fworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, fo fall it come to pass ; and as I bave purposed, so Mall it stand:

25. That I will break the Asyrian in my land, and upon my mountains tread him under foot: then shall bis yoke depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their boulders.

26. This is the purpose that is purposed upon the whole carth: and this is the hand that is stretched out upon all she nations.

27. For the Lord of hofts hath purposed, and who shall disannul it? and his hand is stretched out, and who fall turn it back?

III. 3:

Thus faith the righteous Lord:
My Vengeance shall unsheath the flaming sword ;
O’er all thy realms my Fury shall be pour’d.

Where yon proud City stood,

I'll spread the stagnant flood;
And there the Bittern in the sedge shall lurk,

Moaning with fullen strain:
While, sweeping o'er the plain,

Destruction ends her work.
Yes, on mine holy mountain's brow,
I'll crush this proud Assyrian foe.
Th’irrevocable word is spoke.

From Judah's neck the galling yoke,
Spontaneous falls, she shines with wonted state;
Thus by MYSELF I swear, and what I swear is Fate.


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