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11. Joh. xvii.

Anno are mine, and I am glorified in them. Mount of Ætat. 33. "And now I am no more in the world, Olives. Minift. 4. but thefe are in the world, and "come to thee. Holy Father, keep "through thine own name thofe whom "thou haft given me, that they may "be one as we are. While I was with 12. them in the world, I kept them in thy name: thofe that thou gavest me "I have kept, and none of them is "loft, but the fon of perdition; that "the fcripture might be fulfilled. And 13. now come I to thee, and these things "I fpeak in the world, that they "might have my joy fulfilled in them"felves. I have given them thy word; 14. " and the world hath hated them, be"cause they are not of the world, even "as I am not of the world. I pray not is. "that thou shouldest take them out of "the world, but that thou fhouldest

keep them from the evil. They are 16.
66 not of the world, even as I am not
"of the world. Sanctifie them through 17.
"thy truth: thy word is truth. As 18.
"thou haft fent me into the world,
" even fo have I alfo fent them into the
"world. And for their fakes I fancti- 19.
"fie my felf, that they alfo might be
"fanctified through the truth. Neither 20.
pray I for thefe alone, but for them
alfo which shall believe on me through
their word: That they all may be 21,
one; as thou Father art in me, and
"I in thee; that they alfo may be one
in us that the world may believe

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Mount of

"that thou haft fent me.

And the Anno

"glory which thou gaveft me, I have at 33.

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Joh. xvii. 22, given them: that they may be one, 23. even as we are one. I in them, and "thou in me, that they may be made "perfect in one, and that the world



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may know that thou haft fent me, "and haft loved them, as thou hast "loved me. Father, I will that they "alfo whom thou haft given me, be "with me where I am, that they may "behold my glory which thou hast


given me for thou lovedft me be-
"fore the foundation of the world.
25." O righteous Father, the world hath
66 not known thee; but I have known
<c thee, and thefe have known that thou
26." haft fent me. And I have declared

66 unto them, thy name, and will de-
"clare it: that the love wherewith
"thou haft loved me, may be in them,
66 and I in them.

Minift. 4.



Ætat. 33. Minift. 4.


Jefus paffes over the Brook Cedron,
and goes to the Garden of Geth-
femane. He foretels his being
feized that night, is in agony, he
is feized by the guard, Judas be-
ing at the head of them. Peter
cuts off the Ear of the High Priest's
Servant, for which Jefus rebukes
him, and heals the wound: He is
carried before the High Prieft.
Peter thrice denies him.

HEN Jefus had spoken thefe 1. Joh. xviii. words, he went forth with his


disciples over the brook Cedron, where

was a garden, into the which he entred Garden.


• Mar. xiv, and his difciples. Then faith Jefus 31. Mat. xxvi, 27, 28, 29. unto them, "All ye fhall be offended "because of me this night: for it is " written [Zach. xiii. 7.] I will fmite "the Shepherd, and the sheep of the "flock fhall be fcattered abroad. But 32. "after I am rifen again, I will go be"fore you into Galilee. Peter answer- 33. ed and faid unto him, Though all men Shall be offended because of thee, yet will Mat.xxvi. I never be offended. * Jefus faith un- 30. Mar xiv, to him, Verily I fay unto thee, That this day, even in this night, before the cock crow twice, thou shalt deny me thrice.

34, 35.

T 4



Ætat. 33.

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But he fpake the more vehemently, If Anno Mar. xiv. 31. I should die with thee, I will not deny Minift. 4. thee in any wife. Likewife faid they Mat. xxvi. 36. all. Then cometh Jefus with them Mar. xiv. unto a place call'd Gethsemane, and Luk. xxii. faith unto the difciples, Sit ye here, 40.




Luk. xxii. 40. while I go and pray yonder. Pray that * Mat. xxvi. 37: ye enter not into temptation. *d And Mar. xiv. he took with him Peter, and the two 33.


Mar. xiv. 33. fons of Zebedee, James and John,


and began to be fore amazed, and to Mat.xxvi. Mat. xxvi. 38. be very heavy. Then faith he unto 37them, My foul is exceeding forrowful, Mar. xiv. even unto death: tarry here, and watch

Mar. xiv. 35 with me.


And he went forward a Mat. xxvi. Luk. xxii. 41. little about a ftones caft, and kneeled 39. Mar. xiv. 35. down, and prayed, that if it were Luk. xxii. poffible, the hour might pass from him. 41, 42. 36. And he faid, Abba, Father, all things are poffible unto thee; take away this cup from me nevertheless not what I



Luk. xxii. 43. will, but what thou wilt. And there

appeared an angel unto him from hea44. ven, ftrengthening him. And being in an agony, he prayed more earnestly: and his fweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground. 45.8 And when he rofe up from prayer, Mat.xxvi, and was come to his difciples, he found 40.

h Mat.xxvi.

Mar. xiv. 37. them fleeping for forrow, And faith Mar.xiv.37. unto Peter, Simon, fleepeft thou? couldft 40, 41. 38. not thou watch one hour? Watch ye and Luk. xxii. pray, left ye enter into temptation; the 46, Spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is


Mat. xxvi. 42. weak. *He went away again the fe- Mar. xiv. cond time, and prayed, faying, O my 39.



Father, if this cup may not pass from Garden. Minift. 4. **And when he returned, he found 40. Mar. xiv. Atat. 33. me, except I drink it, thy will be done. them afleep (for their eyes were heavy)?

k Mat.xxvi.



neither wift they what to answer him.

* And he left them, and went away 44. Mat. xxvi. again, and prayed the third time, fay

Mat. xxvi. ing the fame words, 'And he cometh 41. Mar. xiv. the third time, and faith unto them, Sleep on now, and take your reft: it is enough, the hour is come; behold the Son of man is betrayed into the hands of "Mar. xiv. finners. m Rife, let us be going: 46. Mat. xxvi. behold, he is at hand that doth betray




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43. Mar. xiv.

* And Judas alfo which betrayed him, 2. Joh. xviii. knew the place: for Jefus oftimes reforted thither with his difciples. Ju-3. das then having received a band of men, and officers from the chief Priefts and Pharifees, cometh thither with lanthorns "Mat.xxvi; and torches, and weapons. * " And 47,48, 49. immediately while [Fefus] yet fpake, Luk. xxii. cometh Judas, one of the twelve, and with him a great multitude, with fwords and ftaves, from the chief Priests, and the Scribes, and the Elders. And he 44. that betrayed him, had given them a token, faying, Whomfoever I fhall kifs, that fame is be; take him, and lead him away fafely. And as foon as he was • Mar. xiv.come he goeth straightway to Jefus, 45. and faid, Hail mafter, and kiffed him. Luk. xxii. *P But Jefus faid unto him, Friend, 48. Luk. xxii. Mat.xxvi. wherefore art thou come? Fudas, be- 550.Matxxvi. 50. trayeft thou the fon of man with a kiss?48.Luk.xxii.




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* Jefus


49. Mat. xxvi.

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