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you up, take no thought before. Mount of

Etat. 33. hand what ye thall fpeak, neither do ye premeditate: but whatsoever shall "be given you in that hour, that speak

Minift. 4. c m Luk. xxi.



66 ye: * For I will give you a mouth 15. Luk. xxi,
"and wisdom, which all your adver-
"faries fhall not be able to gainfay,

nor refift, for it is not ye that fpeak, 11. Mar, xiii, "but the holy Ghost.

*" And there fhall many be offend- 10. Mat. xxiv. ed, and fhall betray one another, and shall hate one another. "the brother shall betray the brother

" Luk. xxi.“ 16, 17.


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"Now 12. Mar xiii.

to death, and the father the fon: and
"children fhall rife up against their
parents, and fhall caufe them to be
put to death. And ye fhall be hated 13.
"of all men for my name fake.


*But 18. Luk. xxi.

"there fhall not an hair of your head

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• Luk. xxi.“ perish, But he that fhall endure 13. Mar. xiii.



to the end, the fame fhall be


"And many falfe prophets fhall rife, 11. Mat. xxiv. "and (hall deceive many. And because

"iniquity fhall abound, the love of "many thall wax cold. But he that 13. "fhall endure to the end, the fame fhall "be faved. And this gofpel of the 14. kingdom fhall be preached in all the world, for a witnefs unto all nations, ▸ Mar. xiii." and then shall the end come.

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ye therefore shall fee the abomination "of defolation, fpoken of by Daniel "the prophet, ftand in the holy place, "And when ye fhall fee Jerufalem 20. Luk. xxi • "compaffed with armies, then know

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Mount of


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Minift. 4.

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that the defolation thereof is nigh, Anno Mar. xiii. 14. then let them that be in Judea, flee Mat.xxiv, P(let him that readeth understand) tat. 33. to the mountains: And let him that 15, 16, 17. is on the house top not go down in- Luk. xxi. to the house, neither enter therein to 21. take any thing out of his house. And let them which are in the midft

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Luk. xxi. 21. cc

Mat. xxiv. 18." of it depart out.

Luk, xxi. 22,


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* 9 Neither let him Mar. xiii.

which is in the field, return back to 16. take his clothes. For thefe be the Luk.xxi.21. ૮ days of vengeance, that all things

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which are written may be fulfilled.


But wo unto them that are with Mat. xxiv. ૮૬ child, and to them that give fuck 19.


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Mar. xiii.


Mat. xxiv. 20." in thofe days. But pray ye that Mar. xiii. your flight be not in the winter, neiMat. xiii. 19.ther on the fabbath day. *For in 18. thofe days fhall be affliction, fuch as 'Mat. xxiv. 66 was not from the beginning of the 21: "creation which God created, unto Luk. xxi. 24." this time, neither fhall be. And they fhall fall by the edge of the fword, and fhall be led away captive "into all nations: and Jerufalemn fhall "be trodden down of the Gentiles, un

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66 til the times of the Gentiles be ful

Mar. siii. 20. filled. And except that the Lord "Mat, xxiv, "had fhortned thofe days, no fleth 22, 23° "(hould be faved: but for the elects "fake whom he hath chofen, he hath "fhortned the days. And then, if any "fhall fay to you, Lo, here is Chrift, LL or lo, he is there; believe him not. "For there fhall arife falfe Chrifts," Mar. xiii, and falfe Prophets, and fhall fhew 22

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Etat. 33. Minift. 4.



* Mat.xxiv. 25.

*Mat. xxiv.



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great figns and wonders, infomuch Mount of that (if it were poffible) they fhall deceive the very elect. **But take But take 23. Mar. xiii. 66 ye heed: behold I have foretold you "all things. Wherefore if they fhall 26. Mat. xxiv, fay unto you, Behold, he is in the "defart, go not forth: behold, he is "in the fecret chambers, believe it not. "For as the lightning cometh out of 27, "the eaft, and thineth even unto the "weft: fo fhall alfo the coming of the "fon of man be. For wherefoever the 28. "carcafe is, there will the eagles be ga"thered together.

"But in thofe days, after that 24. Mar. xiii, tribulation, the fun fhall be darkned,

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"and the moon fhall not give her light:
.. And the ftars of heaven fhall fall, 25.
"and the powers that are in heaven
"fhall be fhaken. And there shall be
figns in the fun, and in the moon, and
"in the ftars; and upon the earth di-

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25. Luk. xxv.

ftrefs of nations, with perplexity, "the fea and the waves roaring, mens 26. 66 hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after thofe things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven fhall be fhaken. And 30. Mat.xxiv. then shall appear the fign of the fon


"of man in heaven: and then fhall all

Mar. xiii. the tribes of the earth mourn, and 66 they shall see the son of man coming Luk.xxi.27.❝ in the clouds of heaven, with pow* And then 27. Mar. xiii. "er and great glory. *. "fhall he fend his angels, and fhall ga❝ther together his elect from the four

c Mat. xxiv.


Mount of Olives. Mar. xiii. Luk. xxi.




"winds, from the uttermoft part of Anno the earth to the uttermoft part of tat. 33. Minift. 4. "heaven. And when these things be

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* b


Now Mar. xiii.
And 28.
fhoot Luk.xxi.29.

gin to come to pafs, then look up, "and lift up your heads; for your re29." demption draweth nigh. And he Mat. xxiv. 32. "fpake to them a parable, * Luk. xxi. 29.❝ learn a parable of the fig-tree: 30." all the trees; When they now forth, ye fee and know of your own "felves, that fummer is nigh at hand. Mar. xiii. "So likewife ye when ye fee these 28, 29. things come to pass, know ye that "the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.


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Mat. xxi.

32, 33.


32, 33.

Mat. xxiv. 34. "Verily I fay unto you, This gene- Mar. xiit "ration fhall not pafs, till all thefe 30, 31. 35." things be fulfilled. Heaven and Luk. xxi. "earth fhall pass away, but my words "fhall not pafs away. But of that d Mat.xxiv, day and that hour knoweth no man, 36. no not the angels which are in heaMat. xxiv. 36. "ven, neither the fon, but the father

Mar. xiii. 32.

Luk. xxi. .34.

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"And take heed to your felves, " left at any time your hearts be overcharged with furfeiting, and drunkennefs, and cares of this life, and fo that day come upon you unawares. 35. For as a foare fhall it come on all "them that dwell on the face of "the whole earth. Watch ye therefore, and pray always that ye may be accounted worthy to efcape all thefe things that fhall come to pafs, and to "ftand before the fon of man. * Watch Mar. xiii. therefore,for ye know not what hour the 33.


Mat. xxiv. 42.







37. Mar. xxiv.

"Lord doth come. But as the days of Mount of Acat. 33. "Noe were, fo fhall alfo the coming Olives, Mimift. 4. «of the fon of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood, they "were eating and drinking, marrying

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and giving in marriage, until the day
that Noe entred into the ark, and 39.
"knew not until the floud came, and
took them all away; fo fhall alfo
-46 the coming of the fon of man be.
Then fhall two be in the field, the 40.
one shall be taken, and the other
" left. Two women fhall be grinding 41.
at the mill, the one fhall be taken,
66 and the other left. But know this, 43.
"that if the good man of the houfe

had known in what watch the thief
"would come, he would have watch-
"ed, and would not have fuffered his
"houfe to be broken up. Therefore be 44.
ye alfo ready for in fuch an hour

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as you think not, the fon of man

cometh. For the fon of man is as 34. Mar. xiii. a man taking a far journey, who left

his house, and gave authority to his 66 fervants, and to every man his work, " and commanded the porter to watch. "Who then is a faithful and wife 45. Mat. xxiv, fervant, whom his Lord hath made



ruler over his houfhold, to give them

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meat in due feafon? Bleffed is that 46,
fervant, whom his Lord when he
"cometh, fhall find fo doing. Verily,47
"I fay unto you, that he fhall make
"him ruler over all his goods. But 48.
"and if that evil fervant fhall fay in


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