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Amos v, 12. For I know your knowledge, and by him actions are before the eyes of the LORD, manifold transgressions and your are weighed.

and he pondereth all his goings. mighty gins. ....

2 Sam. xii, 9. Wherefore hast Isa. xxvi, 7. The way of the Amos ix, 4. ... Though they thou despised the commandment just is uprightness: thou, most go into captivity before their of the LORD, to do evil in his upright, dost weigh the path of enemies, thence will I command sight? Thou hast killed Uriah the just. the sword, and it shall slay them: the Hittite with the sword, and

Isa. xxxvii, 17. Incline thine and I will set mine eyes upon them hast taken his wife to be thy wife, ear, O Lord, and hear, open thine for evil, and not for good. and hast slain him with the sword eyes, O LORD, and see; and hear Jonah ill, 10. And God saw their of the children of Ammon.

all the words of Sennacherib, works, that they turned from their 2 Sam. xvi, 12. It may be that which hath sent to reproach the *evil way.....

the LORD will look on mine living God. Nahum 1, 7. The Lord is good, a affliction, and that the LORD will

Isa. lix, 15. Yea, truth faileth; strong hold in the day of tronble; requite me good for his cursing and he that departeth from evil and he knoweth them that trust this day.

maketh himself a prey: and the in him.

Neh. ix, 9. And didst see the LORD saw it, and it displeased Zech. xii, 4. ..... I will open affliction of our fathers in Egypt, him that there was no judgment. mine eyes upon the house of Ju- and heardest their cry by the Red

Jer. xvi, 17. For mine eyes are dah, and will smite every horse of sea.

upon all their ways: they are not the people with blindness.

Job xiii, 27. .... And lookest hid from my face, neither is their Mal. iii, 16. Then they that narrowly unto all my paths, thou iniquity hid from mine eyes. seared the LORD spake often one to settest a print upon the heels of

Jer. xxxii, 19. ..... For thine another; and the LORD hearkened, my feet.

eyes are open upon all the ways and heard it, and a book of re- Job xiv, 16. For now thou num- of the sons of men: to give every membrance was written before berest my steps: dost thou not one according to his ways, and him for them that feared the watch over my sin?

according to the fruit of his doLORD, and that thought upou his

Job xxxi, 4. Doth not he see my

ings. Dame.

ways, and count all my steps? Jer. xlviil, 30. I know his wrath, Matt, vi, 4. That thine alms may

Job xxxiii, 27, 28. He looketh saith the LORD: but it shall not be be in secret: and thy Father, upon men; and if any say, I have so; his lies shall not so effect it. which seeth in secret, himself sinned, and perverted that which shall reward thee openly.

Lam. lii, 59, 60, O LORD, thou was right, and it profited me not; hast seen my wrong, judge thon 1 Çor. viii, 3. But if any man Ile will deliver his soul from my cause. Thou hast seen all love God, the same is known of going into the pit, and his life their vengeance, and all their him. shall see the light.

imaginations against me. Gal. iv, 9. But now, after that ye Job xxxiv, 21, 25. For his eyes Hosea v, 3. I know Ephraim, have known God, or rather are are upon the ways of man, and he and Israel is not hid from me..... known of God, how turn ye again seeth all his goings. Therefore to the weak and beggarly ele- he knoweth their works, and he not in their hearts that I remem

Hosca vii, 2. And they consider ments, whereunto ye desiau again overturneth them in the night, so ber all their wickedness: now to be in bondage? that they are destroyed.

their own doings have beset them 2 Tim. il, 19. Nevertheless the

P3. xxxi, 7.

Thou bast about; they are before my face. foundation of God standeth sure, known my soul in adversities. having this seal, the Lord know

Matth. vi, 8, 31, 32. Be not yo cth them that are his. . ...

Ps. xxxv, 21, 22. Yea, they therefore like unto them: for your opened their mouth wide against Father knoweth what things yo

me, and said, Aba, aha! our eye have need of before ye ask him. AND OF HUMAN ACTIONS AND

hath seen it. This thou hast CIRCUMSTANCES.

Rev. 111, 15. I know thy works, seen, O LORD: keep not silence: 0 that thou art neither cold nor hot: Gen, xvi, 13. And she called the LORD, be not far from me.

I would thou wert cold or hot. naine of the LORD that spake unto her. Thou God seest me: for sbe from heaven upon the children of Ps. 1il1, 2, 3. God looked down

IIIS IMMUTABILITY. said, Have I also here looked after

men, to see if there were any that Num. xxiii, 19. God is not a man, him that seeth me.

did understand, that did seek that he should lie; neither the son Gen. xxxi, 42. . God hath God. Every ono of them is gone of man, that he should repent: seen mine amiction and the labour back; they are altogether become hath he said, and shall be not do of my hands, and rebuked thee filthy: there is none that doeth 1 or hath he spoken, and shall he yesternight. good, no, not one.

not make it good. E.cod. ii, 25. And God looked Ps. Ixix, 19. Thou hast known 1 Sam. xv, 29. And also the upon the children of Israel, and my reproach, and my shame, and Strength of Israel will not lie nor God had respect unto them. my dishonour: mine adversaries repent; for he is not a man, that

he should repent. Exod. ill, 7. And the LORD said, are all before thee. I have surely seen the affliction of Ps. cii, 19, 20. For he hath Job xxiii, 13. But he is in ono my people which are in Egypt, looked down from the height of mind, and who can turn him? and ... for I know their sorrows. his sanctuary; from heaven did the what his soul desireth, even that

Deut. it, 7. For the LORD thy LORD behold the earth; To hear he doeth. God hath blessed thee in all the the groaning of the prisoner, to

P3. xxxii, 11. The counsel of the works of thy hand: he knoweth loose those that are appointed to LORD standeth for

ever, the death. thy walking through this great

thoughts of his heart to all genewilderness.

Ps.cxxxix, 3. Thon compassest rations. 1 Sam. il, 3. Talk no more my path and my lying down,

Ps. cxix, 89-91. For ever, O 80° exceeding proudly; let not and art acquainted wită all my LORD thy word is settled in hea arrogancy come

of your ways.

ven. Thy faithfulness is unto all mouth: furthe LORD is & God of Prov. v, 21. For the ways of man 'generations; thou hast established

the earth, and it abideth. They on high? even against the Holy | man look to his Joker, and his continue this day according to One of Israel.

eyes shall have resplex tu ili uvly thine ordinances: for all are thy Job iv, 17. Shall mortal man be

One of Isracl. servants.

more just than God? shall a man Isa. xxix, 19. 23. The meek also Isa. lix, 1. Behold, the LORD'S be more pure than his Maker? shall increase their joy in the LORD, hand is not shortened, that it can

Job xv, 15. Behold, he putteth and the poor among men skall renot save; neither his ear heavy, no trust in his saints; yea, the joice in the Holy One of Israel. that it cannot hear.

heavens are not clean in his But when he seeth his children, Micah 11, 7. O thou that art sight.

the work of mine hands, in the named The house of Jacob, is the Job xxv, 5. Behold even to the my name, and sanctify the Holy

midst of him, they shall sanctify Spirit of the LORD straitened? are moon, and it shineth not; yea, the One of Jacob, and shall fear the these his doings? .

stars are not pure in his sight. God of Israel. Mal. III, 6. For I am the LORD, Job xxxiv, 10. Therefore hearI change not; therefore ye sons of ken unto me, ye men of under-reproached and blasphemed; and

180. XXXVII, 23. Whom hast thou Jacob are not consumed.

standing: Far be it from God, that against whom hast thou exulted James 1, 17. Every good gift he should do wickedness; and thy voice, and lifted up thine eyes and every perfect gift is from from the Almighty, that he should on ligh? even against the Holy above, and cometh down from the commit iniquity.

One of Israel. Father of lights, with whom is no Ps. xii, 6. The words of the

Isa. xlix, 7.

Thi variableness, neither shadow of LORD are pure words: as silver LORD, the Redeemer of Israel, and

saith the turning.

tried in a furnace of earth, puri- his Holy One, to him whom man fied seven times,

despiseth, to him whom the nation

P3. xxil, 3. But thou art holy, abhorreth, to a servant of rulers, MORAL ATTRIBUTES. O thou that inhabitest the praises kings shall see and arise, princes IIOLINESS. of Israel.

also shall worship, because of the Escod. xv, 11. Who is like unto P8. Ixxi, 22. I will also praise Lord that is faithful, and the Holy thee, O LORD, among the gods? thee with the psaltery, even thy One of Israel, and he shall choose who is like thée, glorious in holl-truth, O my God: unto thee will i thee. ness, fearful in praises, doing sing with the harp, o thou Holy

Jer. 11, 5. For Israel hath not wonders? One of Israel.

been forsaken, nor Judah of his

P8. Ixxxix, 18. For the LORD is God, of the LORD of hosts; though Lev. xi, 44, 45, For I am the our defence; and the Holy

One of their land was filled with sin LORD your God: ye shall therefore sanctify yourselves, and ye shall Israel is our King.

against the Holy One of Israel. be holy; for I am holy: . . . . For

Ps. xcvii, 12. Rejoice in the Ezek. xxxix, 7. So will I make I am the Lord that bringeth you LORD, ye righteous; "and give my holy name known in the midst up out of the land of Egypt, to be thanks at the remembrance of his of my people Israel; and I will not your God: ye shall therefore be holiness.

let them pollute my holy name any holy, for I am holy.

Ps. xcix, 3,5. Let them praise more: and the heathen shall know Lev. xix, 2. Speak unto all the thy great and terrible name; for that I am the Lord, the Holy One congregation of the children of it is holy. Exalt ye the LORD our in Israel. Israel, and say unto them, ye God, and worship at his footstool;

Hosea “xi, 9. I will not execute shall be holy: tor I the LORD your for he is holy.

the fierceness of mine anger, I will God am holy.

Ps. cxix, 140. Thy word is very not return to destroy Ephraim: for Lev. XX, 26. And yo shall be pure: therefore thy servant loveth I am God, and not man; the IIoly holy unto me: for I the Lord am

One in the midst of thee; and I holy, and have severed you from P3. cxlv, 17. The LORD is right will not enter into the city. other people, that ye should be eous in all his ways, and holy in

Hab. i, 13. Thou art of purer mine. all his works.

eyes than to behold evil, and canst Lev. xxi. 8. Thou shalt sanctify

Prov. xxx,5. Every word of God | not look on iniquity. him therefore; for he offereth the is pure: he is a shield unto them

John xvii, 11. ... Holy Father, bread of thy God: he shall be holy that put their trust in him.

keep through thine own namo unto thee: for I the LORD, which Isa, 1, 4. They have for those whom thou hast given me, sanctify you, am holy.

saken the LORD, they have pro- that they may be one, as we are. Josh. xxiv, 19. And Joshua sala voked the Holy One of Israel unto

James 1, 13. Letno man say, unto the people, Ye cannot serve anger. .

when be is tempted, I am tempted the LORD: for he is an holy God;

Isa. v, 16. But the LORD of hosts of God: for God cannot be tempted he is a jealous God; he will not shall be exalted in judgment,

and with evil, neither tempteth he any forgive your transgressions nor God, that is holy, shall be sancti

man. your sins. fied in righteousness.

1 Peter 1, 15, 16. But as he which 1 Sam. II, 2. There is none holy Isa. x, 20. And it shall come to hath called you is holy, so be yo as the LORD: for there is none be- pass in that day, that the remnant holy in all manner of conversa. sides thee; neither is there any of Israel, and such as are escaped tion; Because it is written, Be ye rock like our God.

of the house of Jacob, shall no holy; for I am holy. 1 Sam. vi, 20. And the men of more again stay upon him that

1 John 1, 6. . . . . God is light, Beth-shemesh said, who is able smote them; but shall stay upon and in him is no darkness at all. to stand before this holy LORD the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, God? and to whom shall he go up in truth.

Rev. iv, 8. And the four beasts

had each of them six wings about from us?

18a. xii, 6. Cry out and shout, him; and they were full of eyes 2 Kings xix, 22. Whom hast thou thou inhabitant of Zion: for great within: and they rest not day and reproachel and blasphemed? and is the Holy One of Israel in the night, saying, iloly, holy, holy, agunst whom hist inou exalted midst of thee.

Lord God Almighty, which was, thy voico, and lifted up thine eyes Isa. xvil, 7. At that day shall a 'and is, and is to como.

Rev. xv, 4. Who shall not fear not hurt nor destroy in all my Jch vill, 3. Doth Gol pervert thee, O Lord, and glorify thy holy mountain, saith the LORD. ja igien? or civih tle Almighty name? for thou only art holy....

pervert justice? IIOUSE.

Job xxxvi, 3. 1 till fetch my THINGS PERTAINING 1 Chron. xxix, 3. Moreover, be- knowledge from afar, and will


cause I have set my affection to ascribo righteousness my

the house of my God, I have of Makor. 1. PERSONS.

mine own proper good, of golul Ps. Ix, 4. For thou hast main

and silver, which I have given to tained my right and my cause; TIIE SPIRIT. Isa. Ixill, 10. But they rebelled, above all that I have prepared for right.

the house of my God, over and thou satest in the throne judging and vexed his lloly Spirit. the holy bouse.

Ps. xl, 7. For the righteous JESUS

LORD loveth righteousness; his Acts iv, 30. By stretching forth


countenance dotu behold the upthine hand to heal; and that signs


right. and wonwers may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus.

P3. XXXVI, 6. Thy righteousness Ps. Xsviil, 2. Hear the volco of my supplications when I cry unto is like the great mountains; tly

thee, when I lin up my hands to- judgments are a great deep: o ANGELS. ward thy holy oracle.

LORD, thou preservest man and

beast. Mark vill, 38. Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me, and


P3. xlviil, 10. According to thy of my words, in this adulterous

13. CV, 42. For he remembered name, o God, so is thy praise unto and sinful generation, of him also his hols promise, and Abraham

the ends of the earth; thy right shall the Son of man be ashamed, his scrvant.

hand is full of righteousness. when he cometh in the glory of

Ps. Ixxi, 19. Thy righ'cousness his Father, with the holy angels.


also, o God, is very high, who Luke 1, 72. God remembered his bast dono great things: O God, PRIESTS.

wlio is like unto thce? holy covenant. Exod. xxii, 31. . . . . Ye priests

Ps. Ixxxix, 14. Justice and judgshall be holy men unto me.


ment are the habitation of thy Rom. vii, 12. Wherefore the law throne: mercy and truth shall go PROPIETS.

is holy, and the commandment before thy face. Luke 1, 70. As he spake by the boly, and just, and good.

Ps. xcil, 15. To shew that tho mouth of his holy prophets, which

LORD is upright: he is my rock, have been since the world began.


and there is no unrighteousness Rom. I, 2. (Which he had pro- in him. PEOPLE. mised afore by his prophets in the

Ps. xcix, 4. The king's strength Deut. vil, 6. For thou art an holy scriptures.)

also loveth judgment; thou dost holy people unto the LORD thy

establish equity, thou executest God.


jndgment and righteousness in 2 Tim. 1, 9. Who hath saved us, Jacob. 2. PLACES. and called us wità an holy call

P3. cxix, 137, 142. Righteous art TURONE. ing.

thou, O LORD, and upright are thy Ps. xlvii, &. God reigneth over

judgments. Thy righteousness is

SABBATU. the heathen: God sitteth upon the

an everlasting righteousness, and throne of his holiuess.

Exod. xxxi, 14. Ye shall keep thy law is the truth. the sabbath therefore; for it is

P3. cxxix, 4. The LORD is rightIIgaven. holy unto you.

cous: he hath cut asunder the Ps. xx, 6. Now know I that the


cords of the wicked. LORD savetlı his anointe.. he will hear him from his holy heaven

Isa. xlv, 21. ... And there is PS. cal, 9. He sent redemption

no God else besides me; a just with the saving strength of his unto his people; he hath com: God, and a Saviour; there is none right hand.

besides me.
holy and reverend is his namo.

Jer. ix, 24 But let him that Ps. xxiv, 3. Who shall ascend DIIS JUSTICE.

glorieth, glory in this, that he un.

derstandeth and knoweth me, that Into the hill of the LORD? and who

Deut. x, 17. For the LORD your I am the LORD which exercise shall stand in his holy place. God is God of gods, and Lord of loving-kindness, judgment, and

lords, a great God, a mighty, and righteousness, in the earth: for in HILL

a terrible, which regardethuot these things I delight, saith the P3. 111, 4. I cried unto the LORD persons, nor taketh reward.

LORD with my voice, and he heard me

Deut. xxxil, 4. .... A God of Jer. xii, 1. Righteous art thou, out of his holy bill. Selah.

truth, and without iniquity, justO LORD, when I plead with thee; and right is he.

yet let me talk with theo of thg II ABITATION.

2 Chron. xix, 7. . There is judgments. . Ps. Ixviii, 5. A father of the no iniquity with the Lord our Jer. I, 7. All that found them fatherless, and a judge of the God, nor respect of persons, nor have devoured them; and their ad. widows, is God in luis holy habita- taking of gifts.

versaries said, We offend not, be. tion.

Neh. ix, 33. lIowbeit thou art cause they have sinned against

just in all that is brought upon the Lord, the habitation of jus MOUNTAIN .

us; for thou hast dono right, but tice. ..... Isa. lxv, 25. ..... They shall I wo bave done wickedly.

Ezek. xvill, 29. Yet saith the house of Israel, The way of the oath which I sware unto Abraham Ps. IxXXV, 10. Mercy and truth Lord is pot equal. O house of thy father.

are met together. .... Israel, are not my ways equal? are Gen. xxxii, 10, I am not wor hy Ps. Ixxxvi, 15. But thou, O Lord, not your ways unequal?

of the least of all the mercies, and art a God full of compassion, . Zeph. iii, 5. The just LORD is' in of all the truth, which thou hast and plenteous in mercy and truth the inidst thereof, he will not do showed unto thy servant; for with

Ps. Ixxxix, 1, 5, 14, 34. I will iniquity: every morning doth he my staff I passed over this Jordan, sing of the mercies of the LORD bring his judgment to light, he and now I am become two bands

for ever: with my mouth will I faileth not; but the unjust know- Exod. xxxiv, 6. And the LORD make known thy faithfulness to oth no shame.

passed by before him, and pro- all generations. And the heavens Acts x, 34, 35. Then Peter opened claimed, The Lord, the LORD God, shall praise thy wonders, O Lord; his mouth, and said, of a truth I merciful and gracious, long-suffer thy faithfulness also in the conperceive that God is no respecter ing, and abuudant in gooduess and gregation of the saints. Justico of persons: But in every nation truth.

and judgment are the habitation he that feareth him, and worketh Deut. vii, 9. Know therefore that of thy throne: mercy and truth righteousness, is accepted with the LORD thy God, he is God, the shall go before thy face. My him.

faithful God, which keepoth cove- covenant will I not break, nor * Rom. I1, 2, 3, 11. But we are sure naut and mercy with then that alter the thing that is gone out of that the judgment of God is ac- love him and keep his command- my lips. cording to truth against them ments, to a thousand generations, P3. xcii, 15. To show that tho which commit such things. And Deut. ix, 5. Not for thy right- LORD is upright: he is my rock, thirkest thou this, () man, that eonsness, or for the uprightness of and there is no unriglileousness judgest them which do such things, thine heart, dost thou go to pos- in liim. and doest the same, that thou sess their lind; but for the wick- Ps.xcvi, 13. Before the Lord; for shalt escape the judgment of God? | edness of these nations the Lord he cometh, for he cometh to judge For there is no respect of persons thy God doth drive them out the eartlı he shall judge the with God.

from before tree, and that he may world with righteonsness, and tho Rom. 111, 5, 6. But if our unright- perform the word which the Lorv people with his truth. teousness commend the right sware unto thy fathers, Abraliam,

Ps. xcviii, 3. Ile hath rememeousness of God, what shall we Isaac, and Jacob.

bered his mercy and his truth tosay? Is God unrighteous who Deut. xxxii, 4. He is the Rock, ward the bouse of Israel. taketh vengeance? (I speak as a his work is perfect; for all his ways man) God forbid; für ihen low are judgment; a God of truth and his mercy is everlasting, and his

P3. c, 5. For the LORD is good; shall God judge the world? without iniquity, just and right is truth endureth to all generations.

Ephes. vi, 9. .... Neither is he. there respect of persons with him. 1 Kings vill, 15, 20, 24. And he

Ps. cvill, 4. For thy mercy is tleb. vi, 10. For God is not un- said, Blessed be the LORD God of great above the heavens, and thy righteous, to forget your work and Israel, which spake with his truth reacheth unto the clouds. labour of love, wliich ye have mouth unto David my father, anil Ps. cxvii, 2. For his merciful shewed toward his name, in that hath with his band' fulfilled it, kindness is great toward ns: and ye have ministered to the saints, saying, and the Lord bath per- the truth of the Lord endureth and do minister.

formed his word that he spake: for ever. Praise ye the LORD. 1 Peter 1. 17. And if ye call on David my father, and sit on tho my God; I will exalt thee, I will and I am risen up in tlie roum of

130. XXV, 1. O Lord, thou art the Father, who without respect throne of Israel, as the Lord pro- praise thy name: for thou hast every man's work, p:iss the line of mised, and have built an house done wonderful things; they coun

for the name of the LORD God of sels of old are fuitiluluess and your sufourning here in fear.

Israel. Who last kept with thy truth. 1 John I, 9 If we confoss our servant David my father that sins, he is faithful an. I just to for- thou promise Ist liim: thon spick the Redeemer of Israel, and

Isa. xlix, 7. Thus saith the LORD give us our sins, and to cleanse us est also with thy mouth, and hast irom all uurigliteousness.

fulfilled it with thine hand, as it Holy One; to him whom man Rev. xv, 3. And they sing the is this day.

(lespiseth, to him whom the nation

abhot th, to a servant of rulers, song of Moses the servant of God, Ps. xix, 9. The fear of the LORD kings shall see and arise, princes and the song of the Lamb, saying. is clean, enduring for ever: the alsv shall worship, because of the Great and marvellous are thiy judgments of tlie Lord are true Lord that is faithful, and the lloly works, Lord God Almighty; just and righteous altogether. and trne are thy ways, thiou King

One of Israel, and he shall choose

Ps. xxxiii, 4. For the word of the thee. of saints. LORD is right; and all his works

Jer. 1, 12. Then said the Lord are done in truth, IIIS TRUTII.

unto me. Thou hast well scen; P8. XXXVI, 5. And thy for I will hasten my word to perASSERTED AXD IXSTANCED.

faithfulness reachcth unto

tlio orm it. Gen. xxiv, 7. The Lord God of clouds. heaven, which took me from my 7 8. xl. 10. I bare not hid thy the oath which I have givorn unto

Jer. xi, 5. That I may perform father's house, and froin the land righteousness within my licart; I unto me, and that sware unto me, and thy salvation; I have not co! it is this day, Then answered I, of my kindred, and which spike rive decliured thy full fulniss your fathers, to give them a land

nowing witli milk and honey, as 61 ying, Unto thy seed will I sive cealed thy loving-kindness and and said, So be it, O Lord. this lind; he shall send his angel thy truth from the great congrebefore thee...... Gation.

Jcr. xxxix, 16. Go and speak to Gen. XXVI, 3. Soj urn in this Ps. Ivil, 3, 10. ... God shall send Ebed-melech the Ethiopian, say. land, and I will be with thee, and forth his inercy and his, Thus saith the LORD of lusts, will bless thee; tor unto thre, and for thy mercy is great unto the the God of Israel, Beloki, I will unto thy merl. I will give all these heavens, and thy truth unio the bring my words upon this city countries and I will periorm the clouds.

for evil, and rrot. for goud; and


they shall be accomplished in that THE DIVINE ANGER he is a jcalous God; he will not day before thee.

AGAINST SIN-THE RESULT forgive your transgressions nor Jer. II, 29. And the land shall


your sins. tremble and sorrow: for every


2 Sam. xxii, 8. Then the earth purpose of the LORD shall be per

shook and trembled; the foundaformed against Babylon, to make

Exod. xx, 5. Thou shalt not bow tions of heaven moved and shook, the land of Babylon a desolation down thyself to them, nor serve because he was wroth. without an inhabitant. them: for I the LORD thy God am

Ezra viil, 22. The hand a jealous God, visiting the iniquity that which he had devised; he unto the third and fourth genera- and his wrath is against all them Lam. il, 17. The LORD hath done of the fathers upon the children of our God is upon all them for

good that seek him; but his power hath fulfilled his word that he hadtion of them that hate me. commanded in the days of old: he

that forsake him. hath thrown down, and hath not worship no other god: for the all his belly, God shall cast the

Ecod. xxxiv, 14. For thou shalt

Job xx, 23. When he is about to pitied; and he hath caused thine LORD, whose name is Jealous, is enemy to rejoice over thee; he hath set up the horn of thine ada jealous God.

fury of his wrath upon him. .... versaries.

Lev. XXVI, 27, 28. And if ye will Job xxi, 17, 20, 30. . . . . God dis

not for all this bearken unto me, tributeth sorrows in his anger. Lam. iil, 23. They are new every but walk coutrary unto me; Then His eyes shall see his destruction, morning: great is thy faithful. I will walk contrary unto you also and he shall drink of the wrath of in fury.

the Almighty. That the wicked Ezek. xii, 25. For I am the

Num. xil, 9. And the anger of is reserved to the day of destructhat I shall speak shall come to them, and he departed. LORD: I will speak, and the word the LORD was kindled against tion they shall be brought forth

to the day of wrath. pass; it shall be no more prolonged: for in your days, rebellious Num. xxv, 11. Phinehas, the son

Ps. 11, 5, 12. Then shall he speak house, will I say the word, and of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the unto them in his wrath, and vex will perform it, saith the Lord priest, hath turned my wrath them in his sore displeasure. Kiss God.

away from the children of Israel, the son, lest he be angry, and ye

while he was zealous for my sake perish from the way, when his Dan. iv, 37. Now I Nebuchad

among them, that I consurned wrath is kindled but a little. pezzar praise, and extol, and not the children of Israel in my Blessed are all they that put their honour the King of heaven, all jealousy.

trust in him. whose works are truth, and his

Deut. vli, 21. Thou shalt not be

Ps. V, 5, 6. The foolish shall not ways judgment: and those that walk in pride he is able to abase.

affrighted at them: for the Loro stand in thy sight: thou hatest all Micah vii, 20. Thou wilt perform God and terrible. thy God is among you, a mighty workers of iniquity. Thou shalt

destroy them that speak leasing: the truth to Jacob, and the mercy to Abraham, which thou hast

Deut. xxix, 19, 20. And it come the LORD will abhor the bloody

and deceitful man. sworn unto our fathers from the

to pass, when he heareth the

words of this curse, that he bless days of old.

Ps. vii, 11. God judgeth the himself in his heart, saying, I shall righteous, and God is angry with Acts ill, 18. But those things, have peace, though I walk in the the wicked every day. which God before had shewed by imagination of mine heart, to add the mouth of all his prophets, that drunkenness to thirst. The LORD

Ps. xi, 5. The LORD trieth the Christ should suffer, he hath so will not spare him, but then the righteous: but the wicked, and fulfilled. anger of the Lord and his jealousy him that loveth viclence, his soul

hateth. Rom. 111, 3, 4. For what if some shall smoke against that man, and did not believe? shall their unbe all the curses that are written in

Ps. xxi, 9. Thou shalt make lief make the faith of God without this book shall lie upon him, and them as a fiery oven in the time effect? God forbid: yea, let God the LORD shall blot out his name of thine anger. .... be true, but every man a liar, as from under heaven.

P3. xxxviii, 3. There is no soundit is written, That thou mightest Deut. xxxii, 21, 22, 34, 35, 43. They ness in my flesh because of thino be justified 'in thy sayings, and have moved me to jealousy with anger; neither is there any rest in mightest overcone wheu thou that which is not God; they have my bones because of my sin. art judged. provoked me to anger with their

Ps. Ixxvi, 7. Thou, even thoa, 1 Cor. 1, 9. God is faithful, by vanities: and I will move them to whom ye were called unto' the jealousy with those which are not art to be feared; and who may fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ a people; I will provoke them to stand in thy sight when once thou our Lord.

anger with a foolish nation. For a art angry?

fire is kindled in mine anger. Is not Ps. Ixxviii, 49, 58. He cast upon 1 Thess. v, 24. Faithful 18 he that this laid up in store with me, and them the fierceness of his anger, calleth you, who also will do it. sealed up among my treasures? wrath, and indignation, and

2 Thess. fil, 3. But the Lord is To me belongeth vengeance and trouble, by sending evil 'angels faithful, who shall stablish you, in due time for the day of their him to anger with their high

recompence; their foot shall slide among them. For they provoked and keep you from evil. 2 Tim. il, 13. If we believe not, things that shall come upon them ousy with their graven images.

calamity is at hand, and the places, and moved him to jeal. yet he abideth faithful; he cannot make haste. Rejoice, 0 ye nations, deny himself.

Ps. Ixxix, 5. How long. LORD? with his people; tor he will aveuge wilt thou be angry for ever? shall Titus 1, 2. In hope of eternal the blood of his servants, and will thy jealousy burn like fire? life, which God, that cannot lie, render vengeance to his adverpromised before the world began. saries, and will be merciful unto sumed by thine anger, and by thy

P3. XC, 7, 11. For we are conHeb. x, 23. Let us bold fast the his land, and to his people.

wrath are we troubled, Who profession of our faith without Josh. xxiv, 19. And Joshua said knoweth the power of thine anger? wavering; (for he is faithful that unto the people, Ye cannot serve even according to thy fear, so is promised.)

the LORD: for he is an holy God; thy wrath.

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