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the captivity to the completion of the restoration, we must reckon from the 11th year of Zedekiah to the 4th year of Darius, which was also just 70 years ” 1

Let us now collect together the sum total of years of each of the preceding tables

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1. From the Creation to the Flood..
2. From the Flood to the death of Terah, and Abra-

ham's departure from Haran.
3. Affliction and Bondage .
4. From the Exodus to the end of the reign of Saul.
5. From the death of Saul, to the Babylonish cap-

6. Babylonish Captivity.
7. Interval between the end of the Babylonish Cap-

tivity, and the commencement of Daniel's 70
prophetic weeks...

473 3530 70 3600

79 | 3679

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At this point, we enter upon the second division of our Golden Chain of measurement, in determining the age of the world, viz,


It will be seen that our deductions, as founded upon Sacred Historic chronology, furnish an aggregate number of 3679 years, from the Creation, down to the commencement of the 70 prophetic weeks of Daniel. Of prophetic chronology, the numbers upon which we are dependent to complete the 6000th year, as the period within which all God's purposes in relation to this world will be accomplished, are the following

1. Prid. Con. Vol. ii., p. 146. Also Haber's hon, on the Proph. p. 16, 17.

Daniel's 70 weeks, or 490 years from which deduct

A. D. 37,
Commencement of 1260 days. in A. D.
The 1260 days of Daniel and St. John..
Excess of 1290 days of Dan. xii., over 1260.
Excess of 1335 of Dan. xii., over 1290..

453 533 1260

30 45

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as the period when, in the time of the 7th angel, Rev. xvi. 17, who pours out the last vial of judgement into the air, “a great voice out of the temple of Heaven, from the throne,” will be heard, “saying, IT IS DONE !”


1868 1842

Which leaves


In 26 short years, therefore, if the above prophetic numbers can be demonstrated to have their support in Scripture, that blessed period, the consummation of the devout believer's faith and hope will have arrived, when he who is “the Alpha and Omega,” from his high and holy throne will proclaim, “BEHOLD, I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW.” 1

But, these prophetic numbers, if viewed in their relation to the events with which they stand connected, past, present, and future, all conspire to admonish us upon whom the ends of the world are come,'

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19 2 that

1. Rey, xxi. 5.

2. 1 Cor. x. 11.

THE GREAT DAY OF CRISIS, both to the Church and to the world, is “just at hand,” No-we are not to calculate upon 26 years additional probation, under the present existing economy of the Gospel ! Look to 1847! May Heaven prepare s all to meet undismayed, the terrors, and to share triumphantly, in the glories of "THAT DAY!" 1

Perhaps, however, some one will ask, if, upon a peradventure, an error in the department of historic chronology as above, should have escaped observation, what then becomes of all these deductions ? To this I reply, that, confident as I feel in the correctness of the historico-chronological depart nent of my work, as herein exhibited ; if the great Head of the Church has sent forth the Spirit of his grace, to reveal to the faithful a knowledge of Prophetical numbers, ’ and these prophetical numbers, as interpreted in the sequel are in accordance with “Holy Scripture;" then, I ask but a single admission, in order to demonstrate that, independently of immutable accuracy in giving the length of each link in the first half of our golden chain; the crisis, in A. D., 1847, and the “finis iing of the mystery of God," 3 in A. D., 1868, is established upon grounds of equal certainty. Prophecy points out to us the things that shall be HEREAFTER, * even to the last act of the Almighty's government and providence over the wor .5 The admission that I ask, is, that the present, is the year of our Lord, 1842, from the

1. Thess. v. 1-4; 2 Pet. iii. 10; Rev. iii., 3; xvi., 15.
2. See p. p. 142–151.

4. Rev. i., 19.

5. Isa. xxviii., 21, 22,

3. Rev. X.,


NATIVITY. The following passage, the inaccuracies of Scriptural computations of Historical Chronology to the contrary notwithstanding, will fully explain our meaning. O that it was inscribed upon our hearts as with the finger of God, and with the pen of a diamond forever! “We have also A MORE PROPHECY, whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in A DARK PLACE.” I

On entering upon the department of prophetic chronology, our first business will be to determine upon the mode of measuring time prophetically. The question here presenting itself is, whether prophetic numbers are to be understood literally, i. e., a day for a day—or as expressing time indefinitely or (which is the system we shall adopt) whether these numbers are not to be understood MYSTICALLY, I. e., days, weeks, months, &c., as denoting days, weeks, and months of years.

Nor let any suppose that “the ancient of days, though his throne is in the heavens, and eternity his mantle, cannot condescend to stoop to the measures of time. Indeed, so far from this, "as if the Lord intended to prove his jealousy for his own predictions, he commands the prophet Ezekiel to record with the utmost fidelity the very day of the commencement of the 70 years captivity, as predicted by Jeremiah (xxv. 11.) Son of man, write thee the name of the day, even of this same day; the king of Babylon set himself against Jerusalem this same day.(ch. xxiv., 2.)

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1. 2 Pet., i. 19.

2. Dan. vii., 9, 12, 22.

Now, see the wisdom of God in all this --- at the expiration of the 70 years captivity as predicted by Jeremiah, and recorded by Ezekiel, Daniel, who “understood by books the number of the years whereof the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish 70 years in the desolations of Jerusalem, set his face unto the Lord his God.” (Dan. ix., 12.)

Equally defined are other, yea, and the major part of all the predictions of God's word.

The prophecy of the deluge, as given to Noah (Gen. vi., 3.) was limited to 120 years.

The predicted affliction of the children of Israel was included within a specific number, viz., 430 years.'

Still, of those predictions which have been fulfilled, there are several, the time of the fulfillment of which was concealed.

Of these, however, there is not one having the least connexion with those upon which we rely, in conducting our present inquiries.

With these latter predictions, however, a change now takes place in the character of the prophetic numbers. The successive evolutions of prophetic time are hidden under certain mystic forms. These, the Prophet Daniel tells us," none of the wicked shall understand ; but THE WISE SHALL UNDERSTAND.” (ch. xii., 10.)

1. Gen. xv., 12 – 14. Acts vii., 6, 7. Exod. xii., 40 --42. Gal. iii., 17.

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