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corresponding region on the other side Jordan. In the middle, west of the Jordan, were established the other half tribe of Manasseh and Ephraim; and west of the Jordan, the tribe of Gad; the southern part of the country west of the Jordan, was allotted to the tribes of Benjamin, Judah, Dan, and Simeon; and that on the west of the river, to Reuben.

When our blessed Saviour, the beloved Son of God, appeared in the scene of mortal life, to act the most gracious and important part, the promised land was distinguished by four divisions. Galilee comprehended the northern part of the country; Samaria, the central region; Judea, the southern; and the country beyond Jordan, the western districts.

North-west of Galilee, towards Phenicia and the coast of the Mediterranean, was Galilee of the Gentiles, so called, because in that region. were the twenty towns given by Solomon to Hiram, and those were inhabited by a mixed population of Phenicians and Greeks.

Though Galilee was regarded with contempt by the people of Jerusalem and Judea, because it was inhabited principally by Israelites, intermingled with foreigners; yet it was ennobled by the frequent presence of the Saviour, by his wise discourses, and wonderful works. In Galilee were Nazareth, (where Jesus passed the greater part of his early life,) Capernaum, Cana, Nain, Tiberias, Bethsaida, Chorazin, the lake called Gennesaret, from a town of that name, or the lake of Tiberias, or the sea of Galilee. In Samaria, were the city called Samaria, Sichem,


Sychar, and, on the sea-coast, Cesarea, and the mountains Gerizim and Ebal. In Judea, were

Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho; and on the coast, Joppa. In the country beyond Jordan, were Cesarea Philippi, Gadara, Dalmanutha, Girgesa, Magdala, Bethabara.

Jerusalem, as it was built at different times, stood upon several hills. On one of which, Sion, were situated in ancient times, the palace of David, and the tabernacle. On another, named Moriah, was raised the magnificent temple of Solomon, and, afterwards, that of Herod. The city consisted of three divisions; Sion, the City of David, and Salem. Around Jerusalem were Siloam, Bethpage, Bethany, the Valley of Hinnom, Gethsemane, Emmaus, Mount Calvary, and the Mount of Olives, separated from the city by the brook Kedron.


THE Bible holds forth to view the most won derful manifestation of the glory and the grace of the Maker of all things; the Judge of all men. No other book has conveyed to the human mind, such pure, rational, sublime, delightful, and encouraging ideas of the great First Cause; of his perfections and attributes; of his general government of the Universe which he formed, and which he sustaineth by his continually operating energy; of his moral government of all accountable beings; of his providential care exercised over all the animals of this globe, and especially over the human race. No other book has given such elevated representations of the dignity and destination of man; such cheering promises, such transporting assurance of future immortal existence. No other book has afforded such authentic, instructive information of the state of mankind in the earliest ages of the world. No other book has ineulcated such admirable precepts of piety, justice, temperance, and benevolence. We see, therein, the Patriarchal, the Mosaic, the Prophetic revelations, gradually preparing the way for the completion of the wise and gracious plan, in the dispensation of peace and love, published by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. With what joy, what gratitude, should we receive this inestimable gift of our heavenly Father. The voice of Eternal Truth hath declared, that these glad tidings of great joy shall resound through

out the whole earth; that this celestial light shall disperse every cloud of error, and enlighten every human mind; that the purifying influence of these blessed doctrines shall work general reformation, and produce general peace and happiness. Let us all look forward with joy to that happy period. Let us all endeavour to contribute, in some degree, towards hastening its approach, by reforming ourselves, by dif fusing around us the rays of good example. And let children remember that even they may lend their little aid to this most important end; by acquainting themselves with that word of God, by learning those precepts of heavenly wisdom, and by treasuring them up in their heart, so as that they may become their rules of life.

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