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We proceed now to his works. Certainly, the Son himself informs us how perfectly he représents the Father in this respect; saying in general, that what things foever He doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise. The Father created the univerfe : the Son laid the foundation of the earth, and the heavens are the quorks of his hands. All things were made by Him, and without Him was not any thing made that was made.

The Father preserveth the world by his providence: The Son upholdeth all things by the word of his power. -The Father hath set up the princes and magiftrates, who hold authority amongst men ; all the powers that be are ordained of God: "Tis by the Son that kings reign, and princes decree justice.The Father saved and redeemed the Church : The Son is our righteousness, our wisdom, our redemption.—The Father hath elected us; so likelike hath the Son. I know (faith He) whom I have chofen.-The Father loved us, and delivered up his Son to death for us : The Son


himself a ransom for our fins. If the Father raised up the Son; the Son also raised again his own temple, when the fury of the Jews had beaten it down.--If the Father quicken the dead; even f the Son quickeneth whom he will :-and the last judgment, the punishment of the wicked in hell, the glory of the faithful in heaven, and whatever refers to it, all is the work both of the one and of the other. It is the fame with all the actions and operations of the Divine Nature : if we read the scriptures with attention, we shall not see any of them attributed to the Father, which are not likewise ascribed to the Son. And as for that right, and sovereign authority over all things, which accrueth unto God from these transcendently great qualities and ope

rations ;

rations; this glory also shineth in the person of the Son, as it doth in the person of the Father. If the Father be the judge of the earth, king of ages, and monarch of the world; the Son is, in like manner, the Lord of glory; the head of the armies in heaven; the prince of men and an-" gels; the judge of all flesh. If the name of the Father be great and dreadful; that of the Son is above every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come.

If all creatures, fuperior and inferior, owe supreme homage to the Father, and cast themselves down before Him, adoring his majesty with the profoundest reverence of which they are capable; so it is clear, that before Jesus every knee shall. bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth ; the Father himself prcclaiming, when He bringeth him into the world, Let all the Angels of God worship Him."

Thus ye fee, dear brethren, that the Lord Jesus is truly the image of his Father, fince he possesses, and perfectly discovers in himself, the nature, the properties, and the works of the Father-an admirable, a singular, a truly Divineimage ; poffefsing the whole form of its original, without any variation ; faithfully and naturally representing all its features in their true and just greatness, measure, and nature. It is confefied, there are among men, sons that bear some resemblance to their Fathers : but there are none, in whom such resemblance is comparable with that of the Son of God to his Eternal Father. If our Sons represent our nature and manners, it is always with some difference, which a cleara lighted eye will easily observe; and after all, here are none who entirely express the lives of their. fathers, with every one of their actions K 3


and operations ; so that this relationship has furnished our illustration of a perfect image, only by comparison, and for want of a better. Whereas the Son of God is a complete image both of the nature and the acts of his Father; all the works of the one, whether small or great, (if we may so speak on these lofty subjects) being also the works of the other : and fince it is in Him that God manifefteth himself to us, it becomes us to have Him ever before our eyes, and to seek the true knowledge of God in Him alone, for there we shall see Him as he is.

But shall this view of the Divine glory be idle and speculative? It must not, it cannot be. God doth not set before us this full-wrought table of his perfections, exhibited to the life in his Christ, that we should unprofitably feed our eyes therewith; but that we should imitate him, each according to the ability given him; fhould express in our fouls fome draughts of that perfect goodness and fanctity, which shine fo gloriously in him; and become every one of us, progreffively, a pure and lively image of our Lord. Consider how he was obedient to the Father, charitable to men, lending help to the afflicted, compassionate to finners, mild and kind to enemies. There is, Christian, the pattern of your life. Follow these facred examples. Serve God, like him; patiently bearing all that he layeth on you, marching courageously where he calleth you. Love men, as he loved them; chearfully employing all that you are, or can do, for their edification; communicating your goods to the poor, your light to the ignorant, your affistance to the oppreffed. Let not their evil withhold you from being good. If they offend you, pardon them, and pray for them. Be of


one mind with the Lord, who said, they know not what they do. Be not irritated by their malice, nor seduced by their flattery, so as to be turned aside from the duties which ye owe them. Finally, dread not the hatred of men, nor the powers of this world. Let us not disturb the work of his grace by fears and diffidence; but assured of his infinite goodness and power, let us rely on his promises, and rest upon his good providence, quietly and comfortably to finish this short journey which we have begun; waiting till this holy and merciful Lord, after having afforded us guidance and consolation in this desert, shall raise us up on high to the mountain of his holiness; where at a distance from evils, from dangers, and from fears, we shall glorify him eternally, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, the true and only God, blefled for ever.

WE present to our readers the following communication which we have just received. We think it needless to solicit for it a good reception. Let it fpeak for itself. But this we must say, that we should rejoice to receive future and frequent. favors from the fame quarter.



1 John iii. 6. Whosoever abideth in him, finneth not ; whosoever.

finneth, hath not seen him, neither known him. ABUNDANT and diversified are the testimonies of God's word, that Jesus Christ alone,

is the object of divine complacence, and the only one, among men, to whom he has given unqualified approbation; This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. As this declaration, completely strips men of all ground of boasting in themselves, so it graciously opens a door of hope, to the most guilty; for God FULLY PLEASED, was in Christ Jesus, reconciling the world to himself; and he made Him, who knew no fin, to be fin for us, that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. In the Gofpel, this precious truth is exhibited, and by this truth, the Eternal Spirit produces in the heart, that faith which is connected with salvation, and accompanied by those fruits of righteousness, which abound in the believer, to the glory of God. The same grace which thus discovers a righteousness to trust in, even that one obedience revealed in the Gospel, must in the very nature of things, engage our heart and attach our affections to the commandments of that law, of which it is fo glorious so complete a fulfilment. But then, if this testimony were admitted, there would be nothing left to encourage the efforts of pride, or vigorous strivings of self-sufficiency; this would link all into the common line of condemnation in themselves, and shut them up to the necessity of obeying the divine injunction, that according as it is written, he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.

A wilful rejection of this truth and its consequences, has led many to avow the sentiment, and profefs the attainment of that, which denominates this paper. One of them once told me, “ on the fifteenth day of August, nine years

ago, on a Sabbath-day, about three o'clock in “the afternoon, fix weeks after I was justified,


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