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Day of Midian, Josh. 7. 22. turn their 'Hands against each other, and like as the Moabites Ammonites and the Children of Mount Seir, 2 Chron; 20.23. helped to destroy one another, so shall these lift up every one his Hand againft his Brother, and turn his Sword against his Fellow. Even as the Lord hath said, Ezek. 38. 21. I will call for a Sword against him throughout all my Mountains, every Man's Sword shall be against bis Brother. And I will plead against him with Pestilence and with Blood, and I will rain upon him and upon bis Bands, and upon the

' many People that are with him, an overflowing Rain, and great Hailftones, Fire, and Brim, stone. And (Rev. 19. 20.) the Beast and false Prophet that wrought Miracles before him, with which he had deceived them that had received the Mark of the Beast, and them that worshipped bis Image, were both of them taken and cast alive into the Lake burning zvith Fire and Brimstone. And the Remnant (v. 21.) were fain with the Sword of him that Sate upon the Horse, which proceedeth out of his Mouth, and all the Fowls were filled with their Flesh. This is what St. Paul foretold concerning this Lying Deceiver, 2 Thefl. 2.8. That the Lord Shall consume him with the Breath of bis Mouth, and destroy bim with the Brightnes of bis Coming. When he shall deseend with the Power and Majesty of an Everlasting Kingdom, which shall’ descend with him upon the Earth, then shall all the Glorious Promises made to the Church be plentifully fulfilled ; then shall the Sons and



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Disciples of the Cross receive double ar the Lords Hand for the Shame which they have suffered for his fake, and instead of Confusion they shall rejoyce in their Portion, and in their Land they shall possess the double. He will give them Beauty for Ashes, the Oil of Joy for Mourning, the Garment of Praise for the Spirit of Heaviness. Everlasting Joy shall be up

on them. Yea the Lord shall send fortb 8re the his Spirit *, and renew the Face of the Earth . Original. Psal. 104. 30. which is that Restitution

all things which Godbath Spoken by the Mouth of all bis Holy Prophets ever since the World began. Acts. 3. 21.

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N D now perhaps it may be asked, The Cona

clufion, as the Difciples asked our Blessed

with some Lord, Mat. 24. 3. tell us; when fball these Thoughts Fbingsı be? To which Question our Lord concerning has upon another. Occafion, Atts. I. 7 the signs

the given us this short Answer, what it is not for fi make


Times. us to know the Times and the Seafons, which the Fatber. hath put in bis own Power. And it multi be acknowledged; that no one thing has given so fatal an Advantage to the Enemies of Prophetical Truth, as the valt. Prefum ption of some Men, who upon very slender Grounds have dared as in the Name of the Lord to confine the Completion of some very great Revolutions to a very narrow Compass of Time, and that with as much Confidence, as if their Comments , had been as Divine and Authentick as the Prophecies themselves which they pretended to explain. The Miscarriages of fuch Pere fons have so prejudic'd the Men of free thinking and Philosophy, as to make them (generally speaking) entirely neglect the Prophetical Writings; yea, not only neg. lect but ridicule them, and think all that can be said for them, to be sufficiently.answered with that bitter Sarcasme of a cér: tain Great Man, that the Book of Revelations either found people mad or left them fo ; which


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however sometimes true it may be in Fact,is dire&ly contrary to the Declaration made by the Spirit of God Himself (if they will allow this Book to be Divine) who begins it with the Promise of a Blessing, a special Blefsing to the study of it; Blessed is be that read eth, and they that bear the Words of this prophecy, and keep those things that are written therejn. Rev. 1. 3. in

Now though our Blessed Saviour condemns a too positive Curiosity in things of this nature, yet does he by no means discourage the modest and humble Enquirer, having himself vouchsafed, Mat. 24. Mark. 13. and Luke, 21. to give us some Marks and Tokens whereby to judge of the near approach of that Time; at least with as much Certainty as we can judge of the near approach of Summer, when we see the tender Branches of the Fig-tree begin to bud and put forth its. Leaves, or judge of the Weather by the appearance of the Sky. Learn (saith he to his Disciples, Mat. 24. 32, 33) a Parable of the Fig-tree : when his Branch is yet tender, and putteth forth his Leaves, ye know that Summer is nigh: So likewise ye when ye shall see all these things (meaning the Signs and Tokens afore-mention'd) know that it (the great Desolation) is near, even at the doors. So Mat.16. 2, 3.. When it is Evening, ye say it will be Fair Weather: For the Sky is Red. And in the Morning it will be Foul Wear ther to Day: for the Sky is Red and Lowring. O ye Hypocrites, ye can discern the Face of the sky, but cannot ye discern the Signs of the Times?



Omitting therefore all Chronological Difquisitions, which at the best are attended with infinite Uncertainties, we will take a short view of those Criteria, or Tokens, which our Blessed Lord has given us.

Thè first is Mat. 24. 6. Ye. shall bear of Wars, and Rumours of Wars, Nation shall rise against Nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom, there shall be Famines, and Pestilences and Earthguakes in divers Places. Upon this let any inquisitive Christian look a little into the face of the present Times, and let him seriously tell me, did he ever meet with such a state of Affairs in any period of History, as that which at this timetembarrasses the Princes and Potentates of Europe. I mean in relation to the different Interests and Pretensions,upon which

the present War is grounded, which by some surprizing Springs and Motions have úpon such different Grounds engaged fo many States and Kingdoms, that there is hardly a Neutral Power left to be the Mediator or Guarantee of the so much expected and desired Peace. I cannot upon this Head forbear to mention the visible Weakness and Declension of the Empire, as also their present Differences with the Court of Rome, do which may possibly hasten the Compleet metro tion of Daniel's Prophecy of the Ten Toes of his Image, Dan. 2. 41. which will be an indisputable Proof of the near Approach of the grand Revolution. As for the other Instances, viz. Pestilences and Famines, by the Mercy of God thcy have not yet been so universal; and O may the same 7 which is


muchool creared since the year 1789 in Frame Flanden,

bende between the

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