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produce alarm and uncertainty at the setile- and judgment; all his commandments are mients. The mission among the Cherokeessure.' Ps. cxi. 7 ;-concluding with fervent had proceeded without disturbance. in prayer. The attention and devotion of the transmitting these reports from Bethlehem, auditory was great. in Pennsylvania, one of the Missionaries • The great church of Bridgetown was, observes :-O how much do we wish that on this awful day, so much crowded, that it peace may be soon restored between Great could hardly contain the people, who, at Britain and the United States, as also be- eleven o'clock in the forenoon, with lantween the belligerent powers in Europe ! thorns in their hands, took refuge in the And how consoling it is that we feel aud en- house of prayer; so great was the consterjoy, amidst the present calamities on earth, nation of all the inhabitants." true spiritual union with all children of God,

2. Surinam. An attempı has been made of every nation and party, and that prace, to renew the mission among the Arawack which ile world can neither give nor take Indians, on the river Corentyn. The Misaway!"

sionaries employed on this service, reached IV. WEST-INDIES.

their destination in June, 1812. In the folo 1. Barbadoes.-A letter from Sharon, in lowing September they were well in health, that island, dated May 30, 1812, states as and occupied with forming their settlements. follows:

The baptized Indians were diligent in their “ Amidst all causes for complaint which atiendance on Divine Worship. The spirit of might be mentioned, we have also great the men who have hazarded their lives in season to be humbly thankful to the Lord this perilous undertaking, will be seen from Sur any mercies, and we yet perceive, that the following extract of one of their lelthe Gospel is not preached in vain. As a proof of this assertion, I may quote, that * We have settled in the midst of a thick on Sunday service is in general well at- forest, which cannot be converted into a tended by a serious congregation of Ne. fruitful field, without persevering and great groes, both belonging to us, and strangers. exertions. Yet, by the Lord's blessing, we It is true, that in the week-days our own hope, that in a reasonable time, we shall people do not come to church as much as

reap the fruits of our labour with thankful we could wish; but when we consider the hearts, tarned truly by the sweat of the great distance of some, and the peculiar si- brow, in this extremely hot climate. You luation of others, we should not bastily would, indeed, nut guess, that we were an. pronounce this seeming neglect to arise from pointed and ordained 10 a clerical office, if indifference to their souls' concerns. I as. you were to see us in our daily work, digging sure you, that I bave frequently conversed and delving, felling trees, and cutting our with some of our Negrocs concerning the way through bushes. The underwood is exa slate of their souls, when they have spoken ceedingly thick and interwoven, but paAs freely and experimentally of the Lord's tience and perseverance will work through it dealings with them, and their desire to live in time. This is all made easy to us by that for Hip in this world, as I have ever heard reflection, that whatsoever we do, we do in the most truly converted persons in Europe the name of our Saviour, whom we delight do; and their life and conversation prove,

O! if our mouths were but soon that it is not mere talk."

opened, and our tongues loosened, to doIt then gives an account of the alarm clare the word of His cross and all-sufficient caused throughout the island, by the extra- atonement to these brown heathen, who now ordinary darkness which occurred on the appear so listless, and indifferent towards it, 30th of April, 1812, in consequence of the that by its power they might be renewed in volcanic eruption of Mount Soutfrier, in St. spirit, and give themselves up to Him, who Vincent's. The darkness continued from has also for them suffered the bitter agony of six in the morning till past noon, attended an ignominious death, to redeem them froin with showers of dust.

the slavery of sin." “ About one, a little light from the sun's The mission among the free Negroes at rays appeared, to the great confort of every Bambey seems to languish for want of aid juman being in the island. About three from Europe. The Negroes, also, are said o'clock many Negroes, from far and near, to be adverse to restraint and good counsel. assembled together in our church, forming Some encouraging hopes, however, were afa large congregation, to whom a discourse forded, by several of tnem owning their dewas delivered on the Scripture-text for the section, she wing contrition, and desiring to day : • The works of His hands are verity bé again restored tv spiritual life.

to serve.

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Ar Paramaribo, the prospect was much of the poor Negioes are then given, and more encouraging.

they are accompanied by the following re“ The number of new people has in- mark on the part of the Missionaries :creased this year, more than at any former We were greatly affected by the willing period; and our hearts are filled with hum. spirit prevailing in our congregation, and ble joy and thankfulness, wlienever we meet had encouraging proofs of the truth of the in the presence of our Saviour, and receive frequent declaration of the Negroes, that tlie renewej assurances, that the word of His word of God, preached in this place, is 10 cross, which we preach in weakness, is ac- them a most precious treasure, and their aš. companied with power and the demonstra- sembling themselves together to hear it and tion of His Spirit in the hearts of our enjoy Christian instruction and fellowship, hearers."

their chief delight.” Again :

The church has since been so far ad“ We have much cause to extol the saving vanced, that it was used for public worsliip name of our God and Saviour, He is with in the Passion Week of 1813. Though en. us, and blesses our ministry. More Negroés larged by one-third, throughout the whole are awakened from the sleep of sin by the week the auditory was so numerous that power of the Gospel, and the new people many were obliged to stand before the doors amount now to thirty-eight. On every

and windows. On Good Friday evening, monthly prayer-day, some are added to the 2000 Negroes were present. church by holy baptisın, and others are ad- " Our prayers were fervent to the Lord: mitted partakers of the Lord's Supper on that, by His Spirit, He might cause the word communion-days. Since the beginning of of the Cross to be the power of God unto this year, thirty-eiglit adults and twelve salvation to many of their souls, and graut children have been baptizer, and forty-five them faith in their crucified Redeemer. persons added to the communicants. Nine “ On Maunday Thursday, 111 brethren were excluded, but we had the satisfaction and 175 sisters were present at the celebrato re-adınit fourteen, who returned and tion of the Lord's Supper. showed sincere repentance. Seventeen have “ Three adules were baptized on Easter departed this life, rejoicing in hope of the Monday, and 18 were added to the class of salvation of their souls, ihrough the merits new people, who seemed to have been of our Saviour. We are now under the awakened ing the Passion-Week, and pressing necessity of enlarging our church, led to serious concern for the salvation of which for these inany years has needed re- their souls." pair, and is much too small for the increas. " At the close of the year 1812, our ing number, both of the congregation and congregation of Christian Negroes at Paraother hearers, who constantly attend Divine maribo, consisted of 400 communicants ; worship."

42 baptized adults, not yet admitted to the “ We look with confidence to the wil. Lord's Supper; 65 baptized children: in lingness of our brethren und friends in Ea- all, 507 persons, besides candidates and rope, and (since we are now British sub- catechumens." jects) in England, to help us, and request 3. Jamaica.-The following are extracts them berewith most carnestly to consider of letters received from the Missionaries in

ie work of our Lord in this country also, this island :and to assist us by such donations as they Bogue, April 5, 1812.--Being Sunday, may have ability and willingness to bestow I went, in the inorning, as usual, to Eliin, apon us. We shall hardly be able to com- where I had an attentive auditory. In the plete it under 3001. sterling, or near 10,000 evening, the meetings were well attended guilders paper currency.

at the Bogue. Since the last baptism at " You will rejoice to hear, with what Easter, we have the satisfaction 10 see many cheerfulness our chapel-servants and negro Negroes coming to inquire when they may assistants proposed to lend a helping hand be baptized; which gives us a good oppor. in this work. They offered to encourage tunity to speak with them of the necessity the whole congregation to take share not of conversion, and a total clange of heart, oni; in bringing the building materials, &c. to be wrought by the Lord and His Spirit, to the spot, but in giving their mite towards before baptist can be of any avail to it. We have lately bad several instances of them." their willingness to do all in their power to “ June 13 --The nicctings both at Elim support the mission."

and here (the Bugue), continued to be well beveral striking instances of the liberality attended by botb the members of the con:

gregation and strange Negroes. Both in the much in price, planted plenty of a certain classes, and when we spoke with the indi. fruit, growing in the ground, which a storm viduals, we feli niuch encouraged by the cannot carry away, the poor people would proofs we had of a work of the Holy Spirit absolutely be in danger of starving." in their souls."

“ Nov. 11.-Respecting the mission, I "Sept. 15.--Being prayer-day, four adults may truly say, that the Lord blesses our received holy baptism. An unusual number feeble endeavours to make known His naine of Negroes attended at this solemnity, and among the beathen. Since Easter last, 41 the Lord gave me grace to speak, from the persons have been baptized here and at the fulness of any heart, of His desire, thal 1106' Bogne; and 56 have becomes candidates. any should perish, but all conse to the know- A goud number were admitted to the Lord's ledge of the truth, repent, and believe the Supper

. New people frequently apply for Gospel, llat thus they might altain remis- baptism and church-fellowship. sion of sins in fiis blood. Several came “ Anong the new-comers was a Negro, afterwards, and desired their names to be who lives 12 miles from Carmel. He said: writlen down, expressing their determina- Massa, I would have you to know, that I tion to give their liearts to the Lord Jesus, want to come to you, and to be baptized. and become members of His churchi.

I am a Mahometan; and in my country we “ 16th. At the class of the new people also believe in Moses. But I think my 23 were present, 11 belonging to this estate, faith is not the right one.


I wish to come anıl 11 to Elim. It is pleasing to see the to Jesus Christ. I have one wise, and she eagerness with which they come to this is of the same mind. We have prayers 10meeting. We are chiefly occupied in it with gether, and always pray to Jesus Christ. asking questions, and explaining texts of Did we not lire so far off, we should have Scripture, which they have learnt to repeat, come before now, and begged you to baptize especially such portions as refer to holy baptism. They are all anxious that they may 4. Antigua --A letter from this island, not come behind, in giving proper answers,

dated St. John's, Dec. 25, 1812, acknowand therefore never stay away, but from the ledges the receipt of seven boxes of Bibles most urgent necessity. We find, that the and Testaments, from the British and Fo. way here adopled makes more lasting im- 'reign Bible Society. The writer adds :pressions upon their minds, than any dis- To see that worthy and benevolent Socourse delivered to them."

ciety extending its generosity so far, as 10 “ Dec. 31. - We met to conclude the send such a large quantity of Bibles and year, in fellowship with our negro congre. Testaments for the use of the Negroes in this gation, when we thankfully remembered all island, is more than we could ever have exthe mercy, grace, and favour, which the pecied. We beg them to accept our warmest Lord has bestowed on us in the year past, thanks for the same ; and no doubt, the beand craved Ilis pardon of our manifold sins nefit and blessing attending the distribution and failings. We felt His peace, and could of these precious volumes will be great. firmly trust, that He will continue to bless Nay the Lord himself be their reward, and us, and to cause His work 10 flourish in this bless all those abundantly wlio contribute island also. During the past year 16 have to support such a highly beneficial institu

baptized, and 6 admitted to the Lord's tion. Supper. Our congregation, reckoning all “ About a fortnight ago I visited a malethe new people who constantly attend and factor in gaol, who was condemned to be come to speak with us, consists of 207 per- banged, and found a fellow-prisoner with sons."

him, to whom a Testament had been given, “ Carmel, March 15, 1813.-The great reading it to him and others. This was storm, which we experienced last summer, made ihe blessed means of bringing the poor has njost materially affected the condition criminal to irne repentance. He cried to of the Negroes, by destroying all their pro- 'the Lord Jesus for mercy, and died as a pevision-grounds. Whenever we go to visit nitent sinner, trusting in the merits of his them in their buts, they cry out, • Massa, Saviour. hunger kill we;' and indeed they look so " At another time, I visited a sick man lean and emaciated, that we cannot behold who had received a Testament. He said, them without piry. It will be full two with a food of tears, I have read in this montlis before the plantains and the Indian Testament, and in every page of it I read corn become fit to cat. Were it not for our my own condemnation. This gave ine a coffee planters, who, wheu coffee sell so desirable opportunity of making him sensi

ble, that he might also find in it that atone- turn to be at home, and Brother Light's to ment for sin, by which he may be pardoned visit sone distant plantations. The meeting and justified before God."

for reading and contemplating ihe account " Internally we liave had a very blessed of the last hours of our Divine Redeemer, year, and the work of the Lord has in- previous to His death on the cross, was apcreased, for which we bring our warmest pointed for one o'clock, as the Negroes' thanks and praise to Him alone. Many, noon-time was to last from twelve to two. O who hari lived in cold indifference and gone I wish my dear Brother L. had been there astray, for a longer or shorter time, have re- to have witnessed what I did, during those turned as penitent sinners to the good Shep- two hours. I thought I saw an almost litera! herd, who came to seek and 10 save the lost, fulfilment of Isaiah l:. 1-11. Again a considerable number, who but lately “ As I sat in my room, having a good were slayes of sin and Satan, and seemed view of the roads leading from different quite unconcerned about their soul's salva- plantations, I could see the people running tion, begin to pay attention to the word of in companies, at various uistances; and as God, and ask what they must do to be it occurs with persons, when they are in easaved.

ger haste after any thing from which they " More than 200 of our congregation expect much pleasure, one may see the beat here at St. John's have finished their course of the mind in the altitude of the body, so happily, and are now delivered from all sin, it was here. They took every sliort cul, the pain, and misery. Some of them lived in young and stout passing before the lame and extreme poverty, and died for want of nou- intirm, and the latter pressing on with all rishment.

their might, stretching their heads and arms " In extemals, we liave had a very heary forward, every effort bespeaking the eager. rear, The oldest people say, that they never ness of iheir very souls, to be present at a De member such distress before. If bodily place, where they might bear the marvel-, sufferings and famine cause the inhabitants, lous history, how Jesus, the Son of God, or at least a part of then, to turn to the gave himself a sacrifice for sinners. When Lord and receive His word, and to feel hun. I considered that many, if not all of these ger and thirst after righteousness, then the poor people, had just thrown down their gracious. aim of the present afflicting dis- hoes, left their noups' morsel, and foregone pensation will be obtained.”

their little rest in the middle and heat of " June 22, 1813.-The work of the Lord the day, of which they stood so much in in this island continues to increase, and we need, for the support of their bodies under hase abundant cause to be thankful for His hard labour, I broke out almost involuntarily mercy, patience, and long-suffering towards in this ejaculation : 0 Lord Jesus! feed us, a poor, detective people; for this we these poor hungry souls with the precious account our salvation."

word of Thy sufferings and death. O ena. “ From Easter 1812 to Easter 1813, ble Thy poor unworthy servant to give them there have been baprized, or received into their meat in due season!'- As I went tuthe congregation (baving been baptized as wards the chapel, I beheld still many comchildren), at St. John's, 195 adults; at ing at a distance. The chapel was soon Gracehill, 97; at Gracebay, 18; total $10, filled, and the last comers had tu stand beFor the first time have been adinitted to the fore the doors and windows.When I beLord's Supper, at St. Jolin's, 152; at Grace- gan to read, the most eager attention was bill

, 54; at Gracebay, 20 : total 226. Ous sisible in every countenance. It was, in-. fervent wish and prayer is, that they all may deed, an hour of blessing for both speaker pruve faithful followers of Jesus, and walk and hearers. — I stood afterwards at my worthy of their holy and heavenly calling." door, to see how the people returned to

“ Gracehill, April 23, 1813.-We haye their homes, and was much affected by the just had a most blessed celebration of the devout, . quiet manner, in which so large a Passion-week and Easter-holidays, both lere congregation separated, the very counteand at St. John's and Gracebay. Very nences of many bespeaking that humble, great numbers have again attended the read- bruken, aud contrite spirit wbich accompaing of the last discourses of our Lord, and nits a true conviction, that our sins have 1ste history of His sufferiogs and death, both crucified the Lord of glory. at the chapels, and on several estates, which • In the evening, the chapel was again we visit for that purpose.

crowded, and when at the words, lle bowed * I account last Good-Friday one of the His head and gave up the glost, the con. happiest days of my ministry. It was my gregation fell on their knees, such an awful CORIST. OBSERY. No. 147.

2 D

and heari-neiting sense of the all.aloning affected by it. On Easter Sunday morning. death of Jesus pervaded the assembly, that not only the church, but all the space about some wept aloud.

ir, was crowded with altentive learers. Nine R-flectivg upon this subject, which I adulis were baptized on this festival day." did with humble gratilude to our gracious “ June 230.--Henry departed this life Lord and Saviour, I th ught; What is it in St. John's plantation. He was baprized that makes these poor Negroes, who by na- in 1773, aud admitted to the holy comture are lazy, sensual, and devilish, and by munion in 1774. In 1794, being appointed being long accustomed to walliw in sin an asistant, he approved himself, for 28 without controul, far alienated from God, years, a most faithful aud useful servant of so eager to hear the simple testimony of Je- tie negro congregation. His character was su's sufferings and death, that they readily that of a sin,ple, hun ble fullower of Jesus. forego some of the first and most powerful Some days before his decease, he said to a calls of nature, such as rest and the satisfy- friend : " I will once more go to my wife ing of hunger, while the same subject is, to (who lived on another estate), and thatch one part of the civ lized world, soolishness, her house for her, for in a few days I shall and to another, a rock of offence? I was go home to our Saviour." Having tinished not long left in suspence, how to resulve this The roof, le desired to return home, and question. It is the Lord and liis Spirit that immediately look to his bed. He then perhath opened their heartı! and therefore, as suaded his wife, who had accumpanied him, it was in the days of His fesh, while the to return, lest she should be blamed on his proud and self-righteous Pharisee hated and account. The day following, the overseer despised Jesus and His doctrine, and the wanied to send bim to the sick-house, but worldling could spare no time from his earthly on the road, having desired to rest a little, pursuits to allend to Him who came from he instantly expired without a groan. He Heaven to give us everlasting riches, we are is now in the presence of Him, whom here, repeatedly told, that the common people though unseen, he loved, and served with beard him gladly. Thus it is in this our day.

his whole heart." “ On Easter-Sunday there were as many August.-- At the Lord's Supper on the people at Gracebill, as would have twice 211, 770 communicants were present. On filled our spacious chapel."

communion days we

are engaged from 5. Danish Islands. In the island of St. niorning vill night. Many can cine only on Thomas the Brethren have two Mission that day to speak with us, for during the Settlements, with congregations containing werk days it becomes more and more the 2285 Negroes, of whom 1188 are commiuni- fashion to keep the Negroes at work till cants. In the island of St. Croix there are very late, which prevents many from arthree Settlements, and the congregations tending the evening-service." contain 8443 Negroes, of whom upwards of “ September 22d.-Br ther Huenerbein, 2600 are communicants. In the island of being engaged in visiting the aged and St. Jan are two Set:lements: the congres sick people, called upon a married couple, gations consist of 1461 Negroes, of whom Selli and his wife. The poor man lies in a 677 are communicants,

belpless state, and his blind wife waits upon The following Extracis are taken from the him with the wost failliful attention, cooks Diary of the Alission at Friedensthall, in his victuals, and does all the work of the St. ('roix :

house. Their truly Christian love towards Märch, 1919. - 41 the Lord's Supper each other, their peace and serenity of on the 1911, 739 of our communicants were mind, and joyful expeciation of the near present. Brother Huenerbein, after visiting' approach of that happy moment, when they the sick and agrd at Frieden-field, adwini- shall be released from all earthly fronbles, stered the cominunion 10 94 persuas

and enter into the presence of their God “ The Passion-week was celebrated by us and Saviour, is remarkably edifying. To will particular blessing. On Maunriay visit such people is a real strengihening of Thursday and Good Friday our chuich our hands in our missionary lubours, and, could not contain the number of hearers; blessed be the Lord, this is only one ine and we confidenly trust, that the reading stance among a great many." of the histo'y of our Lo d's bitter sufferings " In 1812, 58 children, and 97 adults, and death for us, which we continued every have been baprized; and 86 admitted to evening throughout the week, may have leit the holy communion. The congregation an'ahiding impression upon the hearts of ar Friedensthall consists, at the cluse of the those present, most of whon seemed much year, of 5161 persons."

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